Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?

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Jay Foreman

13 kun oldin

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Huge thanks to John Davies and Alexander J Kent, authors of 'The Red Atlas: How the Soviet Union Secretly Mapped the World'. You can view images of Soviet maps and purchase reprints at redatlasbook.com
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JAY FOREMAN jayforeman
MARK COOPER-JONES markcooperjones
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Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 12 kun oldin
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iamthewallrus 18 soat oldin
@Paul Sangiorgio men men men men
Tsass0 2 kun oldin
@Skeptikalz and write very good adds for Skillshare
Todd Howard
Todd Howard 2 kun oldin
who cares what they have just came to drop a dislike, i h 8 stup i d videos with clickbaity titles, just pause em as soon as the load dislike usually block the channel and move on
yfelwulf 7 kun oldin
@Jimbob Robob Exactly how would control hundreds of millions of people even the Germans found it near impossible.
yfelwulf 7 kun oldin
@Influence08 Australia never entered Europe other than providing pilots.
Rumpel Pumpel
Rumpel Pumpel Soat oldin
"dont watch it now! - watch it later" ... okay you got my full attention back xD sorry
mladenenglang 4 soat oldin
Soviet invasion? Never existed in plans. Plan of Marshall-yes. And this propaganda still goes on. read Uk's newspapers!
Salmon RushDie
Salmon RushDie 5 soat oldin
These fellows appear hungry &/or sleep-deprived.
Oscar Wind
Oscar Wind 5 soat oldin
They are in fact not wrong right wrong not even close to not being right not wrong about the Gorbachev thing.
Глад Валакас ФЭК
Глад Валакас ФЭК 5 soat oldin
Justin Bael
Justin Bael 7 soat oldin
Russia really have some weird habits lately and map making isn't one of them
TheClunkingFist 10 soat oldin
There are a lot of Russian names in your patreon list...
TheClunkingFist 10 soat oldin
"Don't look at it now, look at it later!" Crickey, you made me jump.
Da5id C
Da5id C 13 soat oldin
Very few people knew very little about? So the rest of us knew all about them?
Kaney590 Gaming
Kaney590 Gaming 16 soat oldin
christopher morrison
christopher morrison 16 soat oldin
Just found this completely by accident. This is great. Would suggest you should be writing and appearing on broadcast tv but you are clearly wayyy too good for it in every manner.
EK X 20 soat oldin
Mark ♥
asdf lkjh
asdf lkjh 20 soat oldin
What we take down depends upon the military needs...so...
Tom O shea
Tom O shea Kun oldin
At one time in history Ireland was the best mapped country in the world ,the British mapped every inch of Ireland to help with the occupation of Ireland
Itza_me Kun oldin
No-one guessing the maps at 5:19, ok New York Manhattan? Portsmouth & Isle of Wight Paris? London (tube) Prague?
marzmi Kun oldin
Co on powiedział? 0:50
Vasili Kun oldin
Vladimir Makarkin
Vladimir Makarkin Kun oldin
Понимать надо. Люди работают.
Trickster Rickster
Trickster Rickster Kun oldin
Thank you UZpost algorithm, you have blessed me with another godlike channel. Satan bless the bots
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Kun oldin
Google maps be like: I still have to learn much.
Cleen Rock Dog
Cleen Rock Dog Kun oldin
I like how you acknowledge the Russian achievements and contrbutions that mostly everyone else prefers to deny and ignore...i.e. periodic table and WW2 👍
Jay Straw
Jay Straw Kun oldin
6:14 what about when the CIA invaded in 1979? Whose maps were used then?? ...also this is absolutely brilliant, I can't believe I'm just finding this show now.
Orwell 1984
Orwell 1984 Kun oldin
Winning World War 2. Sarcasm, please say that was sarcasm..
G H Kun oldin
Maybe they did invade not physically but culturally. You can't deny how communism is an upwards trend since then.
MagicEve 12 soat oldin
I'd love to see it
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Kun oldin
and I genuinely recommend it!) Thank you thank you thank you please! :)

Kaspar Nick Born
Kaspar Nick Born Kun oldin
The Siegfried-Maps of my native country Switzerland are still the best!
Утерянный В Тумане
Утерянный В Тумане Kun oldin
2:24 Guys, you should have put pencil in there. Missed opportunity.
Hairysteed Kun oldin
_"...always within 10,000 miles from a Russian spy"_ - ...or anyone
Iain Killion
Iain Killion Kun oldin
I'm sure the Soviet military had more detailed maps than the USGS, thats like saying an F1 car has more horsepower than a Prius
D Legionnaire
D Legionnaire Kun oldin
Ireallyshouldntbehere ltd
Ireallyshouldntbehere ltd Kun oldin
Cold war map off is my preferred name for arctic navigation.
v.0 Kun oldin
Jay Foreman: "Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?" Russia: "xexexe"
James Burton
James Burton Kun oldin
Jay Foreman: "Why does Russia have the best maps of Britain?" Russia: "Why don't you call yourself Hayley Cropper any more?"
Thecoolyoyo Kun oldin
I like your new haircut jay :)
Piotr Lenar
Piotr Lenar Kun oldin
This "Polish map" isn't from cold war era, rather it was made for polish pilots during WWII.
Mccdtk Kun oldin
Russia didn't even come up with vodka
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ Kun oldin
2:58 diskette.
WookiesInOnesies Kun oldin
So if someone would have asked me last week if i liked maps i would have said 'hell no!'. Yet i seem to have binged loads of videos on this channel over the last few days. The comedy mixed with facts and the ad skits are strangely intriguing. I may have become a map facts fan. Good Job with these videos! 😊
C H Kun oldin
Epic Franek
Epic Franek Kun oldin
I'm polish No joke
Jacob Jørgensen
Jacob Jørgensen Kun oldin
Poland allied during the Cold War? You mean soviet puppet?
TechnocraticDreadnought 2 kun oldin
6:06 but do not forget, that china, the ccp, is the bigger problem.
Captain Calculus
Captain Calculus 2 kun oldin
There is a great 1970s Russian map of Wellington NZ. It has every building in all the Quarters and the Parliamentary Precinct, all the companies that were in that building, and even little notes on what you could buy from shops at every location. Someone in the Soviet Embassy really really liked maps and spent a lot of time doing it, and updating it.
Tsass0 2 kun oldin
U are so very good at those adds :)
Max Headrom
Max Headrom 2 kun oldin
You know there's a mistake at the start, right? Two, if you consider that you did not mention Dostoievski.
John Murphy
John Murphy 2 kun oldin
This is by far one of the most interesting you tube video I have watched and that has changed my option on the entire soviet union 10/10.
Ania Wilkosz
Ania Wilkosz 2 kun oldin
As a Pole, I felt weird when you suggested that our air force could invade GB. We always liked you, guys! The Soviets wouldn't let us be nice to you :c
Derek McManus
Derek McManus 2 kun oldin
Are these Soy Boys gay lovers?
Jade Nagi
Jade Nagi Kun oldin
Boooooooooo. You suck.
Derek McManus
Derek McManus 2 kun oldin
They don't
StickTheGlue 2 kun oldin
They do say the Russians have the best spies in the world. They even managed to get one into extremely high up in the Japanese forces during WW2 who told them they had no intention of invading through China. Freeing up a LOT of specially trained and equipped troops to stall and then drive back the German advance in the middle of the Russian winter
Justin Webber
Justin Webber 2 kun oldin
I never thought anyone could make maps fun, well done.
Stig Martin
Stig Martin 2 kun oldin
Is this what BeardyMan does in his off time from creating epic tunes? 😂👍
Stig Martin
Stig Martin Kun oldin
@Jay Foreman well shaft me sideways with a rubber duck, that’s awesome! And also nice to meet you Jay as a very new subscriber to your channel, I apologise for not even being aware BeardyMan had a brother! 🙈
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman Kun oldin
Beardyman (Darren Foreman) is my brother, and he made the Map Men theme music for us.
Carlos C
Carlos C 2 kun oldin
Its the MAP, it’s the MAP, It’s the MAP, it’s the MAP, ‘tis the phucking map KOmrad
MoyBoy 2 kun oldin
Yo I’ve only just realised the ‘intro song’ is different every episode - pretty epic if u ask me
Женя Волков
Женя Волков 2 kun oldin
Anna Rakovska
Anna Rakovska 2 kun oldin
i was singing along to the intro only to realise that there is no extra "men" in the end! am i hallucinating or did you remove it? if yes, pls get it back on!!! :(
Cian MacGana
Cian MacGana 2 kun oldin
I never trust English guys who say Russia won the war. Way too beta
MagicEve 12 soat oldin
@Cian MacGana how? we were stuck on the island for two years until the Americans showed up and the Red Army got to Berlin well before the western front did.
dushas Kun oldin
@Cian MacGana =))
Cian MacGana
Cian MacGana Kun oldin
@dushas nah Britain won the war
dushas Kun oldin
pretty sure that's what you call it, when one side has inflicted 85-90% of casualties of the defeated side.
Mungo658 2 kun oldin
sweet surname bro
Pubg-Blsy 2 kun oldin
Winning ww2 ? Debatable
Jan 2 kun oldin
English people really should use Polish spelling, it's far easier! (I'm Polish of course)
Mister NovelBro
Mister NovelBro 2 kun oldin
"Winning WW2" GTFO
Dub Elements
Dub Elements 2 kun oldin
Dendi ?
Rhajdami centoria
Rhajdami centoria 2 kun oldin
sheldon cooper(s) ... it's funny. But i will continue to hate england for what you done in your history. Don't worry guys one day we will come :))) See you later :)
Jade Nagi
Jade Nagi 2 kun oldin
What a ridiculous thing to say.
Jason. 2 kun oldin
They still put planes in our airspace.
Totally not a famous person with a fake name
Totally not a famous person with a fake name 2 kun oldin
should be asking "who gives a fuck?" lnstead
Алексей Сушко
Алексей Сушко 2 kun oldin
Look at Google map and on Yandex map...
The Monster
The Monster 3 kun oldin
U Fucking suck
Michal Jancik
Michal Jancik 3 kun oldin
4:05 Žilina , Slovakia ... 😃
zephyrandboreas 3 kun oldin
Not sure if anyone has ever commented on it, but does anyone think that Jay sounds as if he were the identical voice twin of James Burke? I love it.... I've always really enjoyed James' documentaries. And I love your channel.
HRTBRK 3 kun oldin
The way I was caught out by the “don’t watch it now, watch it later” spooked me😭
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 3 kun oldin
The Soviet maps warmly recommends the 123-metre spire of Salisbury.
-Lightning Will-
-Lightning Will- 3 kun oldin
It's bc they know who to be scared of
daviduribe004 3 kun oldin
lol russia "won" ww2
bouytt guyt
bouytt guyt 3 kun oldin
0:49 excuse me? i am a native polish speaker and have absolutely not an ounce of a clue what you were trying to say
Sergio Juan Membiela
Sergio Juan Membiela 3 kun oldin
OTOH, I did read a story about Western made maps of Moscow being the best ones. That because the Russian messed with their official maps to avoid giving away intelligence (www.nytimes.com/1988/09/03/world/soviet-aide-admits-maps-were-faked-for-50-years.html). IIRC, it ended being so bad that diplomats in Moscow needed to use the maps provided by their own intelligence agencies (mainly the CIA) to do their routine functions, and the maps being leaked to everyone (including Russians with the right connections!) who needed to travel through Moscow.
Generic Rants
Generic Rants 3 kun oldin
Why are people surprised that Russians can make good maps, if it was the US that made these maps of USSR nobody would bat an eye
trololoev 2 kun oldin
sorry, but if USA made good maps even of USA i will be surprised.
some dude
some dude 3 kun oldin
The WWII comment could be debated
icumsriracha 3 kun oldin
Very good.
mrcellophane99 3 kun oldin
Where can we see a Russian map of Area 51 ?
Úna Parkinson
Úna Parkinson 3 kun oldin
Great as always
Sprint955ST 3 kun oldin
Well, either I’m mistaken or I just heard Jay’s distinctive tones doing a voice continuity on top telly channel Dave??!!
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 3 kun oldin
You’re not mistaken, I have done some voiceover work for Dave.
Barry Scott
Barry Scott 3 kun oldin
I'm just glad someone else identified the true victors of the 2nd world war
René Larsen
René Larsen 3 kun oldin
Well Arnold Schwarzenegger let the cartographer go together with Jackie Chan from the jail in Tayna pechati drakona so im sure thats why..
Filu 3 kun oldin
Russian didnt made vodka
Łukasz Pawłowski
Łukasz Pawłowski 3 kun oldin
"Kolczyste" (Colchester) and "Sendłycz" (Sandwich) are my favourite on that map :) . "- Two kolczyste sandwiches pliizzz" would be like "Two spiky sandwiches please" ;) :D
Pelena STRW
Pelena STRW 3 kun oldin
So many subtitles in different languages and no russian...
KJV only
KJV only 3 kun oldin
Turn to Jesus Christ!
KJV only
KJV only 3 kun oldin
Isaiah 13:11 KJV And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible.
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 3 kun oldin
KJV only
KJV only 3 kun oldin
Saint Luke 5:32 KJV I came not to call the righteous, but sinners to repentance. Saint Luke 13:3 KJV I tell you, Nay: but, except ye repent, ye shall all likewise perish.
Ред стоунер
Ред стоунер 3 kun oldin
audrixn 3 kun oldin
0:49 excuse me? i am a native polish speaker and have absolutely not an ounce of a clue what you were trying to say
audrixn 3 kun oldin
@Jay Foreman ohhh, i'll assume that was dobrze zrobione, meaning "well made" or "well done", is that right?
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 3 kun oldin
Dobre zdrobione. (Sorry I did such a terrible job pronouncing it!)
JustAPolishAmerican 3 kun oldin
0:50 What he meant to say: "Dobrze zrobione!" What he actually said: *"DOBRE ŻRONIE!"*
Łukasz Pawłowski
Łukasz Pawłowski 3 kun oldin
If not for subtitles in Polish - I would have had no idea what he had said :) . Not to mention, that they just 1:1 translated English phrase "well done" - which no Polish person would have used in such a situation :D . So..., wcale NIE "dobrze zrobione" ;) Still, they tried - and Polish is no joke for foreigners so props for them! :)
DieMimik 3 kun oldin
As a german I am amused by "Saufend-on-si" bc "saufend" means "getting drunk" in german XD
Łukasz Pawłowski
Łukasz Pawłowski 3 kun oldin
Jawohl! I guess being saufend on see makes one much amused ;) .
JonatasMonte 3 kun oldin
Transliterated. I gotta remember that one.
JonatasMonte 3 kun oldin
0:00 You didn't mention Tolstoy!!!!
J MJ 3 kun oldin
"Polish allies" is a bit of a stretch.
Erik H—N
Erik H—N 4 kun oldin
Thanks again 👍Who’s the jazz pianist on the soundtrack in the end of the video?
William 4 kun oldin
6:25 is an oil field in California near Bakersfield.
Seikleiner 4 kun oldin
Очень нехорошо: выпустили ролик, касающийся России, однако перевели его на все наречия, которые только возможно, кроме русского :(
Seikleiner 3 kun oldin
Thank you very much, I will wait :)
Jay Foreman
Jay Foreman 4 kun oldin
Sorry! I guess the Russian-speaking volunteer is taking longer than everybody else. I’m sure the Russian translation is coming soon. Hopefully no more than just a few days!
Michal Lewandowski
Michal Lewandowski 4 kun oldin
New vid noice one lads. This reminds me of that bimig bang show when Sheldon reviews maps
Jacques Mertens
Jacques Mertens 4 kun oldin
Polish allies? Are you off your trolley? Since when does being occupied by the Russians mean you're on their side?
Jeremiah Carr
Jeremiah Carr 4 kun oldin
Polish Allies SHIT a brick poles if anything hated their soviet oppressors.
Alexandr Moroseac
Alexandr Moroseac 4 kun oldin
Ю ар вэлком!
marlboro9tibike 4 kun oldin
In the soviet russia, you dont need maps, the maps need YOU!
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