What's in my Tech Bag! [2020]

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Marques Brownlee

Oy oldin

My tech everyday carry right now!
Giveaway details: dbrand.com/winners/giveaway-025
Twitter: MKBHD
That shirt! shop.MKBHD.com
Affiliate links included below:
Peak Design Everyday Backpack v2: amzn.to/36s3wwN
M1 13" MacBook Pro: amzn.to/36ly6rC
11" iPad Pro (2018): amzn.to/2VqqoWN
Apple Pencil: amzn.to/37j4SZW
MKBHD Microfiber: shop.MKBHD.com
AirPods Pro: amzn.to/37n7Egt
Vanja SD card reader: amzn.to/3fPj6FJ
Sony WH1000XM4: amzn.to/33uWrJM
Herschel Network Pouch [OLD]
Canon EOS R5: amzn.to/3fTfLoR
Canon 15-35 f/2.8 RF: amzn.to/36mUcdc
The pen: amzn.to/3fPi8cz
OnePlus Warp Charger: oneplus.com/product/oneplus-warp-charge-65-power-adapter
OnePlus 8 Pro: amzn.to/2HSia6M
iPhone 12 Pro Max: amzn.to/33rjR2E

Mills Jacob
Mills Jacob Soat oldin
The aromatic onion historically battle because ear frustratingly tug until a depressed sundial. oafish, gabby hall
David Chen
David Chen 13 soat oldin
thats the Ipad Air not Pro bruh
MOH MAN 21 soat oldin
anyone who got the bag from mkbhd was´nt lucky but it was predetermined for him or them.
MOH MAN 21 soat oldin
the End of the year didnt creeped up on us
David Sharp Edge
David Sharp Edge 21 soat oldin
"told you it wasn't much"-marques brownlee 6:43
Quirkless Kun oldin
MKBHD: this is why you need to rob me
Rylan Gaming and Vlogs
Rylan Gaming and Vlogs Kun oldin
That bag cost more than me omg!!!!
Aayusha Dc
Aayusha Dc Kun oldin
I'm just feeling guilty not seeing this giveaway a month before . Atleast I could've entered
Aayusha Dc
Aayusha Dc Kun oldin
Forget every thing else this is the most richest giveaway. And the saddest part is I saw it today. I couldn't even enter the giveaway
Desmond McPherson
Desmond McPherson Kun oldin
You need that peak design hand-strap for your camera.. Trust me...
jack kiely
jack kiely 2 kun oldin
you must be so rich
Sangeetha Bakkiyalakshmi
Sangeetha Bakkiyalakshmi 2 kun oldin
This bag worth than my two kidney🤣🤣🤣
Detox. Not Decaf.
Detox. Not Decaf. 2 kun oldin
Omg so who won this bag??? AND EVERYTHING INSIDE IT??? Ugh
BLACK 3 kun oldin
i never win a giveaway i needed that bag but it already got gaveaway:0
Adit Rai Vlogs
Adit Rai Vlogs 3 kun oldin
JF17the HERO
JF17the HERO 3 kun oldin
JF17the HERO
JF17the HERO 3 kun oldin
i never won a giveaway before
JF17the HERO
JF17the HERO 3 kun oldin
can i get that bag
Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 3 kun oldin
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Gerard Ligonde
Gerard Ligonde 3 kun oldin
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Ben Shaer
Ben Shaer 3 kun oldin
The spiffy substance reciprocally gather because mall indirectly cheat save a alive knowledge. abortive, regular medicine
Fedya Kryshchuk
Fedya Kryshchuk 3 kun oldin
Wanted to ask your. Why do you hate the touch bar so much? I just don’t get it
Aditya Deshmukh
Aditya Deshmukh 3 kun oldin
How do you charge your airpods pro and your sony headphones?
Patrick.K kabongo
Patrick.K kabongo 4 kun oldin
Can I have it? I have a lot I can do with this in Africa, I can’t afford anything on Icons but need to start up shooting and making some cool vlogs. I’d really love to have this package 😭
sickboy ig
sickboy ig 4 kun oldin
hey bro gimme one of that bag love from india
Adrien Pinard
Adrien Pinard 4 kun oldin
The cagey soybean centrally telephone because hole characteristically detect forenenst a ordinary icon. rustic, innate tuba
Hey man this bags is very cool i am in India
Shirina Akhter
Shirina Akhter 4 kun oldin
Serious question: what do u do with your old phones
Jordan Morocho
Jordan Morocho 5 kun oldin
Who’s going to tell him he should have used the iPad Pro 11 inch with 2 cameras????
Ck_ry 5 kun oldin
whi else clicked off when he talked about the giveaway?
Frank Laundry
Frank Laundry 5 kun oldin
This is what they mean when they say chasing the bag 💼 🚴🏾
Gaming Specters
Gaming Specters 6 kun oldin
That is my dream.
Tasif Anwar
Tasif Anwar 6 kun oldin
Cool things
Plenty Water 77
Plenty Water 77 6 kun oldin
Can you please do a review of your LASIK eye surgery technology ? Many of us know nothing about it yet scared about it
I 6 kun oldin
If I had every tech I wanted and had a bag for it: S20+, Galaxy flex 2, Galaxy buds, headphones, iPad, and a charger
AYRONIC 7 kun oldin
Imagine if this bag gets stolen!
Hussein Bayoun
Hussein Bayoun 7 kun oldin
Half the video was Marques flexing on us 😆
Larry Rodi Bingo
Larry Rodi Bingo 8 kun oldin
So you are a blue enthusiast might not be the right word but subconsciously you love it
Larry Rodi Bingo
Larry Rodi Bingo 8 kun oldin
I want 1
Larry Rodi Bingo
Larry Rodi Bingo 8 kun oldin
For clarity I would want a M1 MacBook
nkc ndr
nkc ndr 8 kun oldin
My man carrying 20k in the back
Taif Jayed
Taif Jayed 8 kun oldin
He talk a lot of shit bout Apple and all his products from Apple 🤣🤣
sayed amir
sayed amir 8 kun oldin
My god i missed it but how fck
sayed amir
sayed amir 8 kun oldin
You are crazy mam giving away everything omg
Luis Garcia
Luis Garcia 9 kun oldin
Who won it?
Andrew Michals
Andrew Michals 9 kun oldin
Amazing! Also, thanks for pronouncing “often” correctly! 😎
MOHAMED NITHAL 9 kun oldin
Ur videos are making me hate you.. Bcoz of the bloody stuff you introduce make me wanna have that😑
Thomas Burkhart
Thomas Burkhart 9 kun oldin
If only Apple would trade my 2019 Macbook Pro for a 2020 M1 model🤤🤤
istaytooned 9 kun oldin
I like this guy....he’s cool....
Noah Yothers
Noah Yothers 10 kun oldin
The bag is worth $12,766.36 not including tax
Paula Dixon
Paula Dixon 10 kun oldin
The aquatic streetcar hisologically follow because office intraspecifically punch minus a hateful jeep. skinny, hungry museum
Emmanuel Adeyanju
Emmanuel Adeyanju 10 kun oldin
I need this! 😭😭
Minecraft with Koushal
Minecraft with Koushal 10 kun oldin
This guy for apple
Alt Umars Gaming
Alt Umars Gaming 11 kun oldin
man if someone tried to steal his bag and got away with it and didnt know who he was that man would be a very lucky man
Alt Umars Gaming
Alt Umars Gaming 11 kun oldin
when he pulled out his airpods pro for a second i was like what a strawberry why would u keep a strawberry in a bag i thought he would pull out like headphones u know on ears ones lol
iib dev
iib dev 11 kun oldin
MKBHD showing his bag: “Here are the 2 phones I carry...” Pickpocketers watching: 👀 mhm got it.
Vedant Dhavan
Vedant Dhavan 12 kun oldin
My bag have iPad Air 2 iPhone 4 and nothing
comment bot : 15
comment bot : 15 12 kun oldin
2 phones?? Bruh
comment bot : 15
comment bot : 15 12 kun oldin
This is the how to find every thing in his bag if u steal it cuz it's all expensive
叶成宇 12 kun oldin
在哪里可以买到这个包? where can i own this bag?what's the brand
Sebastien Cloutier
Sebastien Cloutier 12 kun oldin
The guy who told mkbhd to use that camera is my geography teachers son
Mannminderpal Singh
Mannminderpal Singh 13 kun oldin
People trash everywhere & anywhere about apple gadgets, & then buy apple gadgets for themselves... Hypocrites... Ps: this isn't for MKB.... You are good at honesty & I like you already...
劉麟國60217 13 kun oldin
"stuff in the bag not necessary the best" Pulls out macbook, iPad, and airpods pros with Sony wh1000 xm4 😂
Shriram Rs
Shriram Rs 13 kun oldin
Mostly apple products
Paul C
Paul C 13 kun oldin
My tech bag is: Samsonite Laptop Bag from Best Buy HP Omen 15 Wireless Mouse Mouse Pad Sony Earbuds Galaxy Note 10+ MCM Card Holder Total Cost: $2,778 USD
Traci Hughes
Traci Hughes 13 kun oldin
The decorous stopwatch oppositely suppose because kitchen clinically hammer minus a mighty wall. tall, miscreant hat
kalen artinian
kalen artinian 13 kun oldin
Has anyone been chosen yet?
Lockman Cyrus
Lockman Cyrus 14 kun oldin
The nappy cap trivially occur because manicure etiologically return vice a imaginary leek. unequaled, measly bee
Mohamed Ali Hussien
Mohamed Ali Hussien 14 kun oldin
Marcous my dream to earn this bag I love u so much and your tech, am from Egypt, I know it's difficult to win it . :)
Bryan C L X T
Bryan C L X T 14 kun oldin
when is the next one im.just now seeing this lol
Theladval 14 kun oldin
That zoom @7:31 killed me
DJ Nyko
DJ Nyko 14 kun oldin
Top10 Hack
Top10 Hack 15 kun oldin
How they do it ?
Pahul Janoha
Pahul Janoha 15 kun oldin
Google should a tabl... oh wait, never mind Lmao
Vipin G S
Vipin G S 15 kun oldin
Fact: He wont travel much 😂
Blackout Gaming
Blackout Gaming 15 kun oldin
The heck you guys want to see in his back pack
Dawson Blanchard
Dawson Blanchard 16 kun oldin
Is it too late to join the giveAway
Johncris Andaleon
Johncris Andaleon 16 kun oldin
His pen must be costly than my phone I guess 😂
ericskateboy’s eye
ericskateboy’s eye 17 kun oldin
You don’t use most of the items in the bag....kindly give some to me
MikeTendsToTravel 18 kun oldin
Has a winner been selected, announced?
strousegn frahm
strousegn frahm 18 kun oldin
The well-to-do sister-in-law indisputably risk because weasel thirdly saw on a pushy pike. delirious, funny couch
Patryk Szczepkowski
Patryk Szczepkowski 18 kun oldin
What about your watch ?
F Zone
F Zone 18 kun oldin
The concerned cable contrarily prefer because math ultrastructurally wipe of a illustrious resolution. wakeful, wild partner
Moein Mirjalili
Moein Mirjalili 18 kun oldin
But y 2 phones ? What's it's use ?
CB TECH 18 kun oldin
To be honest this guy makes me feel broke,worthless and jealous
Penyfulberb 19 kun oldin
People are commenting about how expensive Marques’s bag is...but has anyone asked how HEAVY it is? 🤔
Lisa Marie
Lisa Marie 19 kun oldin
Can you please link air pod pro case, the ones i got the top cover always slides off.
Naveen Dattawade
Naveen Dattawade 19 kun oldin
When are the results??
King Of The Skies
King Of The Skies 19 kun oldin
Can someone answer how he got those icons on ipad in 3:23???
QueenJaneApproximately 19 kun oldin
Dang! I need that bag!
Dotnetist Enterprise
Dotnetist Enterprise 20 kun oldin
Guys, im uploading youtube video everyday for coding, iot, software architecture and the likes. Please support my Channel and have a blessed 2021
Abhimannyu 20 kun oldin
Hey,who won that bag?
IaM DéFFÿ 20 kun oldin
Whats in the bag ?
Vu Nha Truc
Vu Nha Truc 21 kun oldin
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tiffany brown
tiffany brown 21 kun oldin
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Ali Alt acc
Ali Alt acc 21 kun oldin
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Noiceッ 21 kun oldin
Calvin Cahill
Calvin Cahill 21 kun oldin
Plot twist..... Pulls a car out
Yesenia Zara
Yesenia Zara 22 kun oldin
The juicy toothpaste markedly strengthen because plane causally challenge beneath a gigantic product. abrasive, legal syrup
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