We Just Bought A Brand New Ford F-150 Raptor, And It Was A PAINFUL Experience: Here's What Happened!

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The Fast Lane Truck

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GIVE THE GIFT OF A TFL T-SHIRT! You know the truck and car lovers on your list want one. (www.duckco.com/tfl-store). Oh boy, this isn't exactly what you want from a brand new truck...In this video, Roman provides a look around TFL's newest purchase - a 2020 Ford F-150 Raptor - and outlines some big pain points we hit, and you may experience if you're looking to buy a Raptor yourself.
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The Fast Lane Truck
The Fast Lane Truck Oy oldin
Correction: The Ford Dealership in Hastings, Nebraska contacted us and said they never had this truck in their possession but that it came from a dealership in Kansas. The dealership we purchased the truck from fixed the Raptor and now the mirror switch works.
Pumpkin King XXIII
Pumpkin King XXIII 12 kun oldin
@Michael Bayliss that’s what I was thinking. In both Texas and Louisiana there is a separate piece of paper where you sign off on how many miles it has on it.
___ 15 kun oldin
@Gregory Perkins crazy how he has a trx too
Kerry Martyn
Kerry Martyn 27 kun oldin
You're to nice to these dealerships. And they fix things for you because they know a million people are watching. Plain ol Joe like me has no chance. Start calling it for the average driver and their families.
King Daniel
King Daniel 28 kun oldin
That's unfortunate but not unheard of when dealers get their inventory from another dealer. I certainly wouldn't say any of those issues are necessarily a deal breaker. Even though it "IS" a 2020 model, I would speak with the sales manager about your experience and see if they try to make it right.
H CB Oy oldin
Lol I was in Lubbock this morning, and your video pop up today funny huh? ^^
2012Edger 2 soat oldin
For the folks giving Roman a hard time for not inspecting everything on the truck before it was purchased- that’s not realistic. Almost no buyer checks everything. You should ask why didn’t the factory find the problem? Most likely the connection came loose. But I do feel for them having to buy a popular truck at the worst time. I want to see the year long comparisons.
Gutie 007
Gutie 007 3 kun oldin
Are ypu for real or a you guys a fricking joke come on
Mark Davey
Mark Davey 3 kun oldin
Dealerships are crooks..nd marking up is bs...u should call out and name the dealership who practices shady deals..that way followers can stay away from them scammers
suphi erman Sevdi
suphi erman Sevdi 4 kun oldin
09:33 you got a little guest 😁🐿️
Nancy Vernon
Nancy Vernon 5 kun oldin
Disgusting, how they took you for a ride, literally! The most surprising thing is they know you have this channel, yet still didn't care how this would make them look in the eyes of those in the market to buy a truck. My second point is, I have a bad gut feeling regarding the faulty door switch for the mirror. It may seem minor now, but is more than likely a symptom of more problems to come. Especially on a truck with only 1,500 miles! Trucks are meant to last, take a beating, handle the wear and tear, yet keep going beyond the 200,000 mile mark while remaining mechanically sound. I get the sneaky suspicion this thing will have a catastrophic mechanical failure before it reaches 35,000 miles! Then, did I see that right? Is it only a 6 cylinder?
claska1972 5 kun oldin
Seems like fraud to sell this as new with that many miles. However seems like you can flip it for 30 k profit and pay for something else. I’m guessing it must have been a demo vehicle.
thedownwardmachine 8 kun oldin
Good thing there are state laws to keep dealerships in business. What would we do without them?
Carlos G
Carlos G 8 kun oldin
Dave Ramsey saying rn sell that crap rn lol 😆
Bob A Booey
Bob A Booey 9 kun oldin
Your mistake was saying thanks, but no thanks and cancelling the deal. If you financed that truck, they have our second key just in case they need to repo the truck. Theres no way in a million years wold I ave driven that truck off the lot.
The Shmoe
The Shmoe 10 kun oldin
u do understand AT MSRP the dealers make no money? Were you born yesterday old timer? And you dont know a scam when one presents itself to u
Devbir Singh
Devbir Singh 10 kun oldin
Damn man that's very unfortunate
Good Ol' Boy
Good Ol' Boy 11 kun oldin
Every time I get depressed and lonely, I'll go to a car lot so a salesman will come out greet me like if I'm lost friend.
Pumpkin King XXIII
Pumpkin King XXIII 12 kun oldin
I remember back in 2019 I was going to buy a raptor. I tried negotiating with the dealer and was stonewalled the entire time. After getting we don’t negotiate on the price on raptors. We get sticker plus on them because they are limited Producion and rare. I said well it’s not to rare, you have ten on the lot. You have about 60 other trucks so 1 in 7 is not all that rare.
Lousybarber 12 kun oldin
Maybe its because I am getting close to retirement but collectively I think we have lost our minds. Vehicles should not cost this much. They are a depreciating asset. They are not even an asset really, more of a liability.
Jan Bloem
Jan Bloem 12 kun oldin
Thís channel should be renamed to : "Trouble For Long.."
M Kaz
M Kaz 12 kun oldin
Shady sales persons always lie.
Stephen Giarratana
Stephen Giarratana 13 kun oldin
Years ago I ordered a brand new Ford-150, navy blue, a truck I wanted since I was a kid. I had the salesman write onto the sales transaction “no more than 100 miles on odometer”. This is reasonable for a custom order vehicle. I placed a deposit of $500.00 during the sale transaction. When my ‘new truck’ finally arrived it had 250 miles on the meter. I held the sales agreement about 4 inches from the salesman’s face, and asked him, “what does this agreement that we made say, in writing?” He would not answer. Told him and everyone in the area could hear me, “you breached your own contract, now the sale is void... “ It took six months to get my deposit back, but I got it back. Listen folks, hold people in any transaction, to their exact words, and get in writing. God bless.
Robert Frisch
Robert Frisch 14 kun oldin
Moral of the story look at it, before you pay. lol
JohnnyLightningV10 17 kun oldin
LOL that thing sat on showroom floor everyone farted in that one.
Reed Jack
Reed Jack 17 kun oldin
Car dealers are all the same. Just remember that. Don't kick a dog for doing dog things. At the same time, don't be afraid to give them the boot. Hold no loyalties when it comes to them because they certainly don't for you.... I don't care if your cousin vinny from childhood works there or not. All snakes. Treat as such.
Luiz Henrique
Luiz Henrique 18 kun oldin
I love this Land Rover Hybrid truck. How much did the dealer charge for the seat impermiabilization, teflon paint protection, electronic anti corrosion module and nitrogen tire inflation??
sipka2 18 kun oldin
I like the Tatraplan picture on the wall. When I was small, I could still see them on the road sometimes.
John Ho
John Ho 20 kun oldin
It was a dealer Demo truck. Meaning the GM or sales manager was driving it. That’s why it had miles on it.
shawn engel
shawn engel 20 kun oldin
Why in the heck wouldn't you look at the truck, take at least 10 minutes?!?!
MetaView7 20 kun oldin
You should make an OBD scan to make sure the mileage in the computer is the same as the dash display.
MetaView7 20 kun oldin
Broken switch? That's Ford.
Ben Covington
Ben Covington 21 kun oldin
That is a House in the South
Serge Basque
Serge Basque 21 kun oldin
For a real compare with the Dodge TRX you have the F-150 Raptor with more hp.
Spencer Bodily
Spencer Bodily 22 kun oldin
I like TFL but all this hate on Ford is getting super annoying
Matthew J
Matthew J 23 kun oldin
No matter how much research you do and verification, they always, always, always ding you, for as much as they can!
Tien Vu
Tien Vu 23 kun oldin
What?! Buy a new car without even checking its mileage?! I have bought 8 vehicles and not gonna spend a dime if my new vehicles crossed 150 miles let alone 1000 miles...
merseybeat1963 24 kun oldin
Sounds like a difficult customer : ( Most dealers are marking this up..they could have made another $10,000 on it but they are honorable..It has 1100 miles on it, so what..it's trivial really..you didn't really ask anything about it..or even look at it.They are to blame ?
Heuy 24 kun oldin
November of 2019 is 2020 model year. It's the showroom truck, that all of the tire kickers want to test drive. Loaded Raptor, top of the line. It bounced around, very few of your farmers and ranchers in Nebraska, Kansas can buy a toy like that. But, will take a test drive on a rainy day.
Benji Jimenez
Benji Jimenez 25 kun oldin
you did buy this truck over the phone...
PLUR WULF 26 kun oldin
Normal usa dealership behaviors. Your lucky they drudgery go race out at the track on first night before giving it to you.
Jeffery Chavez
Jeffery Chavez 26 kun oldin
Bought a new 2020 F150 4x4 I notice a chip in the driver side front fascia. Brought it to their attention and they said Ford doesn’t cover defects. Wow now I have to order the fascia have it painted and installed on my dime They even said looks like it came off the mold defected. I thought the dealership was going to replace it they said no now they are sending the issue to Ford Motor Co. Looks like a lost cause. Thanks Ford
CorraroRaggae 27 kun oldin
It’s time for manufacturers to be able to sell direct to consumers. The dealers are all frauds.
Kerry Martyn
Kerry Martyn 27 kun oldin
You're to nice with the dealerships. Start calling it like it is for the average Joe and their families.
Palanthis 28 kun oldin
I am saying this as someone who drives an F150. Paying $70k+ for anything with a Ford emblem on it is just silly.
Paul Michaels
Paul Michaels 28 kun oldin
Jack asses with C- reviews.
Gerry Freeman
Gerry Freeman 28 kun oldin
Nov19 surely is 20 model year As for a 1000 plus miles that's a demo truck " And should of been sold at a reduced price ' Or at least been informed ' That's sharp practice ' the exact reason dealers get a bad rap '
Ray Gunn
Ray Gunn 28 kun oldin
Simple: It's called supply and demand.
Quagmire Davis
Quagmire Davis 28 kun oldin
Should have checked out everything before signing up papers ...
LexusforMe Two
LexusforMe Two 28 kun oldin
Long story short - you would have been presented papers to sign - you either renegotiate for a demo or walk. Simple process. Buyer beware......trust but verify. This is different - it is a business not his personal car. When it’s your personal car - you verify the car is what they say.
Derek M
Derek M 28 kun oldin
So, it sounds to me like Ford is not only shady but also a pos product. Just look at at your land rover for example. There is a reason I'm only buying Toyota anymore.
G M 28 kun oldin
So post the name of the dealer and the name of the sales person. I certainly wouldn't use the word "nice" because they're fixing the issues.
Frank Velik
Frank Velik 28 kun oldin
Ford ,never again. Return it, an sue, that is what i did. No respect.
KT Omil
KT Omil 28 kun oldin
Ơn the sales contract that you signed would have disclosed the actual Miles when you purchase the car. May be DMV could help.
Dave Osborn
Dave Osborn 28 kun oldin
How are they doing that,really. It’s called capitalism/the free market the dealership owns the trucks if they can get 110/120 kudos
Patrick Snyder
Patrick Snyder 29 kun oldin
Doesn’t matter it’s a Fix Or Repair Daily otherwise known as a FORD
Steve Collyer
Steve Collyer 29 kun oldin
Quality is job one... Or was... Or should be... Oh Ford, c'mon.
Carlos Garcia
Carlos Garcia 29 kun oldin
Haha this was a great story!
Lucas Jackson
Lucas Jackson Oy oldin
I just got my 2019 with the top 802a package with only 7,000 miles for $60,000....mint condition and they even had upgraded wheels and tires! I love it.
Old Soldier
Old Soldier Oy oldin
Americans love their Fords
986C Oy oldin
Ford is about like Land Rover
Mot Kh
Mot Kh Oy oldin
Ford cars are crap 💩 from experience
Michael F
Michael F Oy oldin
I would be just as pissed off if I was in your shoes I hope they get everything fixed for you
Honey Badger
Honey Badger Oy oldin
Lol, I'm not surprised here. I am happy that more people are learning more about the trade secrets of automotive business. Buyers need to be increasingly aware and educated when purchasing an auto. With base prices increasing each year, you want to know what you are purchasing. Find a reputable dealer and repay them with your loyalty.
Bill Bates
Bill Bates Oy oldin
Car salesmen and lawyers. Worst slime there is.
Agent Assfart
Agent Assfart Oy oldin
Good for you guys for sharing your buying and ownership experiences on the vehicles you buy. Hoping companies notice this and use it to make improvements.
Brendon Wolfel
Brendon Wolfel Oy oldin
Dealerships are so sleazy sometimes
Nadun Kiribathgoda
Nadun Kiribathgoda Oy oldin
why do always people try to stick you up?? raptor , LR, whats next. got to say these make killer content
Leach West
Leach West Oy oldin
I just got a trail boss 6.2 and I will never ever buying a truck from classic Chevrolet sugar land,tx lol
Robert Wood
Robert Wood Oy oldin
Try Turdyota . That is painful
K. M.
K. M. Oy oldin
I hate dealing with dealerships.
Ryan Fisher
Ryan Fisher Oy oldin
dream truck.... a dream is what it will be
Gord Vickers
Gord Vickers Oy oldin
Your obvious bias against Ford is boring. Ever since you leaked info and they black balled you, you have been a male Karen towards Ford. This video was awful. Basically you bought a 70K plus truck without even adjusting your mirrors to test drive it or notice the mileage. Then you made a video to whine that it was all someone else’s fault. That’s fairly petty of you. Maybe get past your bias, or let someone else do the reviews. That way they won’t be tainted.
Iceman Oy oldin
Look at my new Ford...it’s a 6 cylinder with piped in exhaust sound😂
Konstantin Dinkov
Konstantin Dinkov Oy oldin
1.Ford 2. Ford dealership Cannot expect less.
Kyle zarnowski
Kyle zarnowski Oy oldin
In wisconsin dealerships arent allowed to sell a truck as "new" if i has 500 miles or more on it
atgvideo1 Oy oldin
Funny I ran into a Chevy pickup ad on a heading about problems on a Ford product. Great timing you think?
Junkyard Dawgs
Junkyard Dawgs Oy oldin
Truck not worth what people are paying!!!
Bob Suruncle
Bob Suruncle Oy oldin
too bad the GM, Ford, and Dodge dont have more control over dealership pricing.
pete hom
pete hom Oy oldin
I'm actually surprised that the stealership did this to you since you're pretty well known in the auto youtube platform.They just don't care who they screw
Sean Gavin
Sean Gavin Oy oldin
Are usually buy vehicles private party because most dealer experiences are terrible
D B Oy oldin
My wife and I were looking at the 2019 Expeditions. We drove 3 limited trim trucks, all had issues. Interior trim coming loose, condensation in the head lamps, tail lamps. Very disappointing in a $70k truck.
kh nns
kh nns Oy oldin
need fed to step in to take down dealer associations .They are not to protect customer but to rip off. Seriously need a bill
hissinggoose Oy oldin
in Canada you can buy a raptor at $8000 less than MSRP right now.
Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021
Coach Bob Kapustka MONSTAR temple gym saga 2021 Oy oldin
Plate [C]
Plate [C] Oy oldin
The future value of the truck when you sell it won't be impacted by the miles that you put on it plus the approximate 1100 miles already on it. The person that will feel the 1100 miles is the very last owner as it will be short of going an extra 1100 miles before it finally quits running. I have bought many vehicles that were dealer transfers or demos and never really cared about the begining miles on them. I got a better price at the beginning and got current market price when I got rid of it. Someone down the road will feel the pain with repair bills that I never had to do. Plate [C]
Jayden C
Jayden C Oy oldin
This is why you never trust the so called experts in most fields especially vehicles as everyone would throughly look over a vehicle no matter the price when buying this shouldn’t make people mad at the dealership people should be mad at this guy and the channel by them openly ruining their reputation. Now ive been watching the channel for a little over 2 years and ive always been disappointed with it in my opinion it is water down unfunny top gear the new one not the OG crew
Blue Planet
Blue Planet Oy oldin
Wow what a horrible customer service. Literally scamming people. And I'm shocked you still say they are "nice guys" lol Come on are you kidding me??
lexustech48 Oy oldin
I think the point of this video is that dealers drop the ball all the time. If it can happen to these guys, it absolutely can happen to the uninformed general public.
chomihai Oy oldin
Did you just copied cars&bids from doug?
jwolveee Oy oldin
That's a jumping truck! Best make sure some of those initial miles weren't spent airborne! 🛻
Brett DiMichele Studios
Brett DiMichele Studios Oy oldin
"Sure, my offer is 0 because I just bought one at MSRP. Must not have wanted to sell it I guess."
Ray Oy oldin
OK this is pretty incredible this is a car review person and he doesn’t know that cars are made a year or years prior to what they’re advertised as smh
Frank Ursry
Frank Ursry Oy oldin
That's Ford. Bought a new Fusion a few years ago and the power steering broke at 75 miles outside mirror broke at 2,000 miles. A/C went out at 40,000, in July in FLORIDA on a Friday. Service not open on weekends. It was in service for 2 days. Was not my first new Ford to have so many problems. I was a fool for buying another. Just shows you can't cure stupid!
David Broadbent
David Broadbent Oy oldin
I know it wasn't an option in this case, but if you really want an unmolested new vehicle you need to order from the factory. It's a satisfying feeling knowing that your vehicle was only ever built for you and you alone.
Eric Hayes
Eric Hayes Oy oldin
This is why I'm about to go grab a Titan pro 4x. 61k sticker - advertising $45k . I think the raptor is 20% cooler of a truck but not worth paying 60% more, at least not for me.
Steven Sandoval
Steven Sandoval Oy oldin
Imagine complaining about things that are wrong with a $70,000 without going to see it lmao or just checking the listing
Captain Berger
Captain Berger Oy oldin
You are so easy going, from the Defender to the Raptor. I hope this is the one and only necessary repair. Merry Christmas
Brad Smith
Brad Smith Oy oldin
Caleb Niederhofer
Caleb Niederhofer Oy oldin
Over 1k miles , that is considered a used truck . False advertising no matter how you look at it.
N k
N k Oy oldin
No the quality problem isnt COVID it’s a Ford.
hosocat 1
hosocat 1 Oy oldin
The current state of pickup truck development makes me sad for america. What ridiculous piles of gimmicky, gadgety junk.
Ernie Carrillo
Ernie Carrillo Oy oldin
You just pointed out it may have been a Covid truck. So, yea, you kind of are saying that COVID affected manufacturing. But you may not be wrong. Hopefully there are no other surprises.
peterk814 Oy oldin
How many cars do you guys buy and you don’t do basic checks?
Random BS
Random BS Oy oldin
What are the odds that as a mechanic, I fixed a window switch for a new ford & now I see a broken window switch on a new ford.
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