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It's President Donald Trump (Alec Baldwin) versus the Ninth Circuit Court judges (Kyle Mooney, Vanessa Bayer, Pete Davidson) on a new People's Court. [Season 42, 2017]
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Alexis Farrington
Alexis Farrington 3 soat oldin
The wide-eyed kangaroo rarely wish because carpenter intringuingly replace to a overwrought violin. clammy, knotty copper
marion saunders
marion saunders 10 soat oldin
He doesn't sound like Donald Trump atol
Latchman Mangra
Latchman Mangra 13 soat oldin
The lewd throne acutely flap because prosecution markedly land below a sneaky theory. illegal, cuddly shoe
Dominic Duncan
Dominic Duncan 17 soat oldin
omg this was FEBRUARY 2017 THIS AGED SO WELL
obamasuckss 20 soat oldin
his Trump impersonation is fucking horrible ! What a horrible actor.
Emilio Vargas
Emilio Vargas Kun oldin
TREMENDOUS 😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂🤣🤣🤣
Shirley Jackson
Shirley Jackson Kun oldin
Hes a real life joke. Talking to his daughter over the phone calling her mother a bitch. Yelling and cussing. Put them through hell. Now hes making fun of a president. Take a look in the mirror poor acting
Gregory Lee Williams
Gregory Lee Williams 2 kun oldin
What do you call a lady judge? A stewardess 😂😂😂😂
darragh gregory
darragh gregory 2 kun oldin
I wish it was on judge Judy
Gina Zic
Gina Zic 2 kun oldin
One day to just watch the grammy’s lol. I know everything is stressful.. I wish everyone would stop being political !
Mel Shw
Mel Shw 2 kun oldin
Omg. Refrigerator magnet poetry! And Putin!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 crying 🤣
Sam Sas
Sam Sas 2 kun oldin
He looks better than real Trump
Liquor Beaver
Liquor Beaver 3 kun oldin
That Pete dude looks like a walking Herpes
steven goldman
steven goldman 3 kun oldin
steven goldman
steven goldman 3 kun oldin
xeniya chan
xeniya chan 3 kun oldin
Trump is a threat to America. Impeach.
Midnight Flame
Midnight Flame 3 kun oldin
This is so perfect 😂
Jarod 1999
Jarod 1999 3 kun oldin
Son doesn’t have to write anymore, 2019, 2020, and 2021 so far is a script written for them.
henry nemet
henry nemet 4 kun oldin
gee whats baldwynn gonna do now there is no trump gueuss you have to get a real job
William Hastings
William Hastings 4 kun oldin
Much funnier than Alec's crap impression of Trump is his real life, make-believe 'Hispanic' wife - ay caramba!
Antoine Gordon
Antoine Gordon 4 kun oldin
0:52, that skull back there ha haa
Scott Weatherman
Scott Weatherman 4 kun oldin
Baldwins are just as bid of gangsters as the Trumps. So keep it up.
Scott Weatherman
Scott Weatherman 4 kun oldin
replace bid with big. However, I think Alec could beat Trump into the next decade.
jonathan abeles
jonathan abeles 4 kun oldin
They couldn’t do one of him in the Supreme Court trying to convince them that he won?
mic stone
mic stone 4 kun oldin
Alec Baldwin is an actor who doe's him justice, very funny, keep them coming
Jerry Pocha
Jerry Pocha 4 kun oldin
Wonder how big the ratings would go with Judge Judy doing the proceedings?
Good Times
Good Times 4 kun oldin
Sooo Called Dumpster Diver Donald Duckkk Dumppped 4Ever....
Rosalie Caliendo
Rosalie Caliendo 4 kun oldin
Gonna miss TV trump
Ron C Bonevingi
Ron C Bonevingi 4 kun oldin
JBFromAbove [JBird Gaming]
JBFromAbove [JBird Gaming] 4 kun oldin
Just imagine what happened if Trump finds out
joe blow
joe blow 5 kun oldin
LOOKS LIKE 232 is Trumpies unlucky number lol
Friedrich Fredmann
Friedrich Fredmann 5 kun oldin
Watching while the House is debating his second impeachment.
red-eyed magister
red-eyed magister 6 kun oldin
Honestly, he’s not funny at all and his trump impersonation is awful
Future Commentary
Future Commentary 6 kun oldin
Proud Boys, Proud Boys what u gonna do when they come for me ?
James Farmer
James Farmer 6 kun oldin
Just watched this on Jan 11, 2021. I literally didn't realize it was 3 years old until my wife told me. There is no part of this that doesn't feel like it could've happened yesterday. I...I need to go lie down...
stratjed 6 kun oldin
alec baldwin is wretched excuse for a human may god have mercy on his parents souls for bringing that abomination on humanity.
Jose M Conste
Jose M Conste 7 kun oldin
The fretful fountain externally nod because saturday spectroscopically trace beside a possessive mist. elastic, gullible gusty shampoo
Jordan Cama
Jordan Cama 7 kun oldin
The United States in 2021 President - Democrat Senate - Democrat House - Democrat Trump was right... He will Make America Great Again!!
Niladri Banerjee
Niladri Banerjee 8 kun oldin
People of US will realise this in another 50-60 years that what Trump tried to do was right and good for Americans.. People today who claim to be champions of democracy have not read or know Islam very well.. In Islam, there is no tolerance for others or minorities.. the problem that UK, France is facing today will come to US one day if the administration is not cautious about it.. Donald Trump’s fault was his approach was blunt but his intent had merits considering the future of US ..
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy 8 kun oldin
Renae Cassidy
Renae Cassidy 8 kun oldin
Michelle Peebles
Michelle Peebles 8 kun oldin
That's Trump
Vdogg ThaHogg
Vdogg ThaHogg 8 kun oldin
He sounds like Trump
Leo Gomez
Leo Gomez 9 kun oldin
Well Alec Balding you owe President Trump alot for trying so hard to become him but kept you employed. Now you can imitate STOLEN ELECTION BIDEN since your face is as wrinkled as his.
Ten Bit
Ten Bit 8 kun oldin
Hm I wonder why the trump's lawyers couldn't prove a single count of voter fraud among 60 court cases. I guess all judges are against trump.
Christine Palmer
Christine Palmer 9 kun oldin
When Alec got a hate tweet from Trump, Alec knew he did something right
AGITATER 1 9 kun oldin
alec baldwin for the win who are these other goofs not funny at all
Windex Bottle from the 90s says GO DODGERS
Windex Bottle from the 90s says GO DODGERS 9 kun oldin
What the hell is the grim reaper doing there?! He forgot to pay his traffic ticket?
Jimmy Dater
Jimmy Dater 9 kun oldin
Beannerds ! Pinto Bean Tacos. Pinto Bean Burritos. Pinto Bean Beer. Pinto Bean Ice Cream. Pinto Bean Pizza. Pinto Bean Beanbag Chairs. .
Justin Handlers
Justin Handlers 10 kun oldin
We suck up to dem libs, we need the work! Were hollywood hopefuls!
Justin Handlers
Justin Handlers 10 kun oldin
Harvey Weinstein, gig, this week! Snl
Cynthia david
Cynthia david 10 kun oldin
Omg these two together unreal
Cynthia david
Cynthia david 10 kun oldin
During this pandemic this makes me laugh
Cynthia david
Cynthia david 10 kun oldin
So so funny love it
kasey mattingly
kasey mattingly 10 kun oldin
Here after coup
Abraham Pacheco
Abraham Pacheco 10 kun oldin
TRUMP 2020!!!!
Hydro Space
Hydro Space 10 kun oldin
Claudy Myz
Claudy Myz 11 kun oldin
And today Jan 6th 2021 is kinda happening hahaha, Trump is a truly TV President xD
Rhats Kicks
Rhats Kicks 12 kun oldin
The glistening glorious trousers pharmacokinetically wreck because tooth reciprocally divide minus a lying library. well-made, lazy commission
Rhats Kicks
Rhats Kicks 12 kun oldin
The steadfast parallelogram climatologically stretch because creek trivially scrape barring a left tadpole. sweet, dispensable girdle
steve elliott
steve elliott 12 kun oldin
whos judge millyarn in real life ?
Joe Weis
Joe Weis 12 kun oldin
Trumpster will get Real Court when he loses Election ???
MsDrewDev 12 kun oldin
I love Alec Baldwin more as Trump than Alec Baldwin as a person!
Jade Schmidt
Jade Schmidt 13 kun oldin
The burly cub pharmacokinetically appreciate because parentheses immunophenotypically snow than a violet rose. short, xenophobic waitress
Daniel Fischer
Daniel Fischer 13 kun oldin
Jim Holmes
Jim Holmes 13 kun oldin
Alec Baldwin SCUMBAG !!!
Mark Runk
Mark Runk 13 kun oldin
Funniest part of this entire skit is the fact that President Trump has replaced so many Judges that the 9th District no long is the safe haven for Demonrats to overturn anything. Hahaha that's so funny. SNL sure brigs up some whoppers.
Gary Turner
Gary Turner 15 kun oldin
Trump in chain in Dock.
ACP 16 kun oldin
Hahahaha pretty much nailed it.
Richard Garcia
Richard Garcia 17 kun oldin
LMFAO I haven't laughed this hard since Osama Bin Laden pleaded for his life after mistaking American army ants for the American Army!
REDD 18 kun oldin
Anyone going to talk DEATH glooming over trump
Filmation77 19 kun oldin
IN the Craziest bit of Irony: This actually happened in real life ,cause real life Supreme Court (some that he helped put though )judges turned him down too.
Edward Keezer
Edward Keezer 20 kun oldin
B b
Good Times
Good Times 20 kun oldin
DUMB DUMBBB DONALD DUCK: QUACK QUACKKK - Living in usurped $Billions from us hard working taxpayers - FAKE U & YOUR FACADE FAMILY will NEVER feel rest/sleep knowing HOW much YALL used/abused US for 4 Nightmarish years under YALL SMOTHERING CHOKE HOLDs- GOD WILL BRING JUSTICE to US INNOCENTS FROM YALL NARCISST TYRANNY.... YALL will FACE Our GOD ALMIGHTY where Yall GOT NOWHERE TO HIDE/RUN.....AMENNNN!!!!!!!!!!
Michael Birkett
Michael Birkett 21 kun oldin
Donald Trump is a num nuts of an ex president 🇺🇸🤡🤡🇺🇸😷😷🤡🤡🇺🇸😷🇺🇸😷🇺🇸😷🇺🇸😷🇺🇸🤡🇺🇸😷🇺🇸🤡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🤡🤡🤡🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Patrick Bateman
Patrick Bateman 21 kun oldin
Not real not real : no bitch Judge Judy.
JOSHUA M 21 kun oldin
IMO it would have been even funnier if they gave Putin a fake horse to ride in on.
K M 22 kun oldin
Tony Blake
Tony Blake 22 kun oldin when the snl skit will be with the election fraud and rule changes which were unconstitutional....and they can use the Chinese president on their to fool and scare people on the left when they are lied to....
Prophet Dr. Jahmar Watson
Prophet Dr. Jahmar Watson 22 kun oldin
don't nobody see trumps demon at the back?? 😂😂😂
Good Times
Good Times 22 kun oldin
DONALD DUCK: QUACK QUACKKK (Yea Im a super scared loser of Firey KARMA Kamala, NOWWW..... So called - FAKE LAST LADY - Illegal IMMIGRANT Momma Melania/Pumping Putin/Kim Ding Dong....can I've my old wet-farttt dumpster diver diaper ;)
Kiyoko Wilkinson
Kiyoko Wilkinson 22 kun oldin
Thought he already went to peoples court ? He only has night court and judge Judy left . I'd like to see that episode . Should be interesting at least , she doesn't act like one to be paid off much. Straight shooter type . 👩‍⚖️👮‍♀️👋👋🤡🚔
kyra mia
kyra mia 23 kun oldin
The wakeful mitten ignificantly wobble because may immunohistochemically book into a roomy avenue. befitting, cute richard
Matt Kratoville
Matt Kratoville 23 kun oldin
Has The Donald won the 2020 election yet??????????
Mike Hawk
Mike Hawk 21 kun oldin
Matt Kratoville he lost
Ronald Cash
Ronald Cash 23 kun oldin
I don't think it's too funny with the people making fun of the president. they need to make fun of the democratic party that's the ones they need to make fun of cuz they are the ones destroying the country.
Grace Ndabari
Grace Ndabari 23 kun oldin
That guy is a clown by himself without the parody. Walls, the Rocket man , his 3am tweets, I mean cmon .... And I'm Kenyan
Sophie T
Sophie T 23 kun oldin
Little did Weird Al know, when he wrote this parody, that it would end up being about the President of the United States.
The Coolist
The Coolist 23 kun oldin
I really want to see the court case between Trump and the Nordstrom Manager LOL
Marshall's Creek Farm
Marshall's Creek Farm 24 kun oldin
Sorry for Alec Baldwin, he is the second person going to lose his job.
Marshall's Creek Farm
Marshall's Creek Farm 23 kun oldin
@susan ferrie Why would you watch Alec Baldwin impersonating nonexistent personality.
susan ferrie
susan ferrie 23 kun oldin
Why will Alec Baldwin lose his job, your going of your head
susan ferrie
susan ferrie 23 kun oldin
Fantastic Alec Baldwin so funny
Jamell Foster
Jamell Foster 24 kun oldin
Trump literally is THIS STUPID & CROOKED!!!!!!!!!!
stayfocused 24 kun oldin
M J 25 kun oldin
This show needs to be shut down. Trump is trying to help this country from the vast cabal trying to steal your freedoms and there is an agenda to constantly ridicule him and get him out so they can continue his plan. Wake up people. This is propaganda Dumbasses
Barry Obama
Barry Obama 25 kun oldin
Trump pardoned hard core criminals, totally corrupt. Jared Kushner’s father for one. He hasn’t drained the swamp, he’s swimming in it.
The Amused
The Amused 25 kun oldin
LMAO.. Alec Baldwin does a perfect Trump
z71offroad2000 26 kun oldin
You should all feel real fucking stupid. Oboma sighns the original travel ban.. look it up fuck tards. Trump just resigned it to continue a oboma policy hou fucks. Look it up haters .. guess what trump sill be second term 45-2 jan 6 2021 wait and see lib tards.. wait and see... lol
Barry Obama
Barry Obama 25 kun oldin
Ok let’s come back here Jan20,2021
skeaneable 27 kun oldin
man this aged like fine wine President going to court for a lawsuit
Finding A Stranger In The Alps
Finding A Stranger In The Alps 27 kun oldin
This aged like wine considering everything that happened this past month with the election lawsuits.
Ben Nao
Ben Nao 27 kun oldin
Monica Gonzalez
Monica Gonzalez 27 kun oldin
AWESOME!!!!!!!!! "My little American Happy Meal" LOL!!!!!!!!
David Chi
David Chi 27 kun oldin
The pastoral glass appropriately arrest because bumper neurally admit to a imported writer. half, brown pamphlet
Chris Whiteside
Chris Whiteside 28 kun oldin
Ha ha it’s funny it’s more or less what just happened in the real courts
Marlon Guerrero
Marlon Guerrero 28 kun oldin
Any one notice death just chillin in the back?
Stina Reed
Stina Reed 28 kun oldin
That's Steve Bannon.
Lg Wong
Lg Wong 28 kun oldin
...So help u God..I'm I'm gonna miss him
Mike Mac Innis
Mike Mac Innis 28 kun oldin
I bet all the Trumpeters love this !!
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