Trapping Karl

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MrBeast Shorts

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Honey The Roo
Honey The Roo 7 daqiqa oldin
AAAAAAAAAA A A A A a a a a a a a ...
Marissa Brogna
Marissa Brogna 2 soat oldin
Wait but it actually tricked me for a sec-
Zyphon 5 soat oldin
Poor Karl :c
JulwsMZ Soat oldin
*why doesn't this have more likes*
Mintex 7 soat oldin
It’s crazy how he gets like a million views in a week!
Rhythm Agrawal
Rhythm Agrawal 7 soat oldin
oh, man!!! What a Thumbnail
Mike Madman
Mike Madman 9 soat oldin
Bhai From Tweencraft
Bhai From Tweencraft 10 soat oldin
Where is the skittles?
10 soat oldin
Bruh 😂
BRICK Studios
BRICK Studios 10 soat oldin
No Karls were harmed in the making of this video lol
Vibe checker
Vibe checker 11 soat oldin
Karl this round is soundproof I want you to screen as loud as I can “AHHHHHH” that’s too obvious i’m uploading it
11 soat oldin
Perfect for my always screaming sister 👍
Roman Sanders
Roman Sanders 12 soat oldin
MRBEAST NOW 14 soat oldin
Lional Neho
Lional Neho 15 soat oldin
#shorts 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Ansar Vicky
Ansar Vicky 16 soat oldin
Atsumu Edits
Atsumu Edits 17 soat oldin
Guys Karl didn’t sing after the door was hafly closed
Samuel Galloway
Samuel Galloway 19 soat oldin
I think I figured out Dream’s real name. Carl made a post on Twitter that showed Dream’s contact name as “Dream Clay”. And In one of his 1v1 videos Ilumina accidentally called dream Jimmy so I think his name is Jimmy Clay/James Clay.
KIDS TV 21 soat oldin
Hey mr beast im in big trouble man i have mom a little bro at home im jobless less i cant feed them one time food please help me
Bhagiradh Kodamanchili
Bhagiradh Kodamanchili 22 soat oldin
Trevor Fairbanks
Trevor Fairbanks 23 soat oldin
The quiet scream 🤣
Emily Bramble
Emily Bramble Kun oldin
I like how he does what he wants no matter what anyone's says
Edward vlogs
Edward vlogs Kun oldin
Lol it’s fake but funny as hell 😂
TheCrazedGamer Kun oldin
6798th comment
BlaZing Nolan
BlaZing Nolan Kun oldin
I love the fact that he make around 6K off this video
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Kun oldin
Plot twist: that was a safe and now they can’t get Karl out
YaBoi Thunder
YaBoi Thunder Kun oldin
Petition to stop Karl abuse
Manqx Kun oldin
Nexus Kun oldin
I liked the screaming part
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss Kun oldin
Stop bullying Karl, he is handsome.
Lucas Henry
Lucas Henry Kun oldin
Subscribe to dont subscribe
james delaney
james delaney Kun oldin
Clip bait
LuckyIanCool Kun oldin
It’s not
The Ring King Xmas
The Ring King Xmas Kun oldin
Its not
Subhan Playz
Subhan Playz Kun oldin
I love how mr beast dosent care if he uploads it lol
Tony Kun oldin
Don’t worry mr beast they were looking at the dislike button upside down
Danny Editez
Danny Editez Kun oldin
Type of room door i need
Mike Madman
Mike Madman Kun oldin
Queen Fvnky
Queen Fvnky Kun oldin
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 kun oldin
Ace Ventura sliding door vibes
Não Sei 2.0
Não Sei 2.0 2 kun oldin
CallMeGoomie 2 kun oldin
What’s in your closet in the middle of the night
Kate Cantrall
Kate Cantrall 2 kun oldin
Jimmy: ahhahahhhah I'm uploading it
Itzcurly:3 2 kun oldin
Is. This fake because idk
doliio volay
doliio volay 2 kun oldin
carel waas trqa[peed
jigme sonam lodrel
jigme sonam lodrel 2 kun oldin
That door is nothing my nany hears everything the leave falling down she wakes up
Dead Dog
Dead Dog 2 kun oldin
Stop bullying Karl, he is handsome.
Sheraz Naeem
Sheraz Naeem 2 kun oldin
Karl: got trapped Me: AAAaAHhHHhHhHhHhHhHhHh
LANZKY 2020 2 kun oldin
Mrbeast pls support my channel iam 63 year old lady from the philippines hope you can visit my channel God bless you
Mudit Thakkar
Mudit Thakkar 2 kun oldin
No creepers were exploded in making of the video
Mike Madman
Mike Madman 2 kun oldin
bryan foust
bryan foust 2 kun oldin
What happened to the skittle thing he was gonna do
goldXdigger 53
goldXdigger 53 2 kun oldin
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 2 kun oldin
If he didn’t say that was too obvious I would have not known it was fake.
PegasusYT Gaming
PegasusYT Gaming 3 kun oldin
Erratic Sports
Erratic Sports 3 kun oldin
Ace Ventura
LukeRFP 3 kun oldin
Oh no, Karl needs help!
erol siochi
erol siochi 3 kun oldin
mrbeast where is your shorts
yuoop noke
yuoop noke 2 kun oldin
Lol in the beginning Karl looks like a 10 year old kid
CirclesAreHardToDraw Inc.
CirclesAreHardToDraw Inc. 3 kun oldin
carel waas trqa[peed
Ood Lol
Ood Lol 3 kun oldin
Could someone Help me im in big depression that might cause suicide...
Diana Chavez
Diana Chavez 3 kun oldin
Chicken John
Chicken John 3 kun oldin
Wait so then ur saying ur stuff is fake cause why would u need to do this in the first place
Sus Jack
Sus Jack 3 kun oldin
MahirTaswar 3 kun oldin
Rumours are that karl is still shouting in that room
Kevin Jones
Kevin Jones 3 kun oldin
nadia khalid
nadia khalid 3 kun oldin
Me watching this: (~ °___ °~)
saxophone marvin
saxophone marvin 3 kun oldin
The way he said im uploading it
Seedッ 3 kun oldin
MrBeast Tomorrow: Trapping haters
chewy bot
chewy bot 3 kun oldin
Legend had it that karl still remains in there
veeraj singh
veeraj singh 3 kun oldin
sub to me
Magical Spells
Magical Spells 3 kun oldin
Ive watched every single short hes made no freaking joke ill name them
Magical Spells
Magical Spells 3 kun oldin
worlds largest whopper catch how to never lose rock paper siccors unlimited money machine launching $40,000 Firework i've never blinked in my life watch out guess the number and win 100,000,000 dollars swimming pool filledbaby throwing contest big foot i am the worlds greatest samurai my freinds duck taped me to a wall this is funny i promise 10,000 challenge free cars fire work under trash can threw my phone into a fan trapping Karl
Aiden Li
Aiden Li 3 kun oldin
Lol in the beginning Karl looks like a 10 year old kid
Mr Among us
Mr Among us 3 kun oldin
Me:why is it messy mrbeast: i don’t care i’ll get a maid
Bob Kerman
Bob Kerman 3 kun oldin
Jonathan Tan
Jonathan Tan 3 kun oldin
Christopher Tyson, more commonly known as Chris (born: July 1, 1996 [age 24]) is an American UZpostr mainly known for being the co-host for the MrBeast UZpost channel, having appeared in most of the videos alongside Jimmy Donaldson.
Mr Capricorn
Mr Capricorn 3 kun oldin
LizweliBanzi Dumah
LizweliBanzi Dumah 3 kun oldin
Aaron Miranda
Aaron Miranda 3 kun oldin
Hey Sir I want an help from you can u please I saw u and u r team helps a lot of people. So can you please help this child needs urgent help he has cancer. Please help I am sure u will do Thanks and regards
Doombisher bisher
Doombisher bisher 3 kun oldin
Pointlessstreamer 3 kun oldin
Hey mr beast i have a video idea find people who Swerve and hit bikers and break every part on there car and buy the guy who got hit a new bike Like so mr beast can see
Mike Madman
Mike Madman 3 kun oldin
Hibban Faqih
Hibban Faqih 3 kun oldin
Nice video
Makaila 3 kun oldin
mr beast: im uploading it ... Karens be like: im uploading this video i took of you .. SEE??? lmao
Bulbmin 4 kun oldin
Nice teddy bear chandler
Angshu Roy Chowdhury
Angshu Roy Chowdhury 4 kun oldin
Mozo 4 kun oldin
I wanna say something sad, on this you have 101 MIL views CJ's channel has 37 MIL
Darry Hart
Darry Hart 4 kun oldin
tell everybody about #Thankmas
Darry Hart
Darry Hart 4 kun oldin
Darry Hart
Darry Hart 4 kun oldin
Galaxy Animal
Galaxy Animal 4 kun oldin
Please stop recording vertically.
Mike Madman
Mike Madman 4 kun oldin
MrFatFlam 4 kun oldin
We should put Morgz in there so we won't hear the cringe
Angie Knight
Angie Knight 4 kun oldin
you know you are watching mr beast when all you vids are under 20 seconds and you still have 2 mill
Emily An
Emily An 4 kun oldin
when he said "I'm uploading it", he sounded like a French chef.
DailyInspo 4 kun oldin
Amelia McClure
Amelia McClure 4 kun oldin
Thats where i keep the logic in my head
Etai Harris
Etai Harris 4 kun oldin
Why you rich?
GTN gamingdAWG
GTN gamingdAWG 4 kun oldin
Karl screwed it up again 🤣
Emily An
Emily An 4 kun oldin
Plot twist: all mr beast shorts are auditining for all mr beast’s regular videos
Marvin Edgewater
Marvin Edgewater 4 kun oldin
I would keep my sis in here
My Nude Videos here: myVDeos•com
My Nude Videos here: myVDeos•com 4 kun oldin
The video is very amazing and very action
Isaias Castillo
Isaias Castillo 4 kun oldin
This is where MrBeast keeps his haters
Corelx 4 kun oldin
I- is Karl okay?
Norris Ma
Norris Ma 4 kun oldin
Aadeesh Nargotra
Aadeesh Nargotra 4 kun oldin
When the ad is longer than the video lol
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