This Team was the Biggest LOSER of the 2021 NFL Draft | CBS Sports HQ

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Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco share their biggest loser of the NFL Draft.
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BUM Productions
BUM Productions 7 soat oldin
dog shit takes
Drew Byrd
Drew Byrd Kun oldin
I like the raiders team as a whole but not so much their drafting ability.
TedTucholski Kun oldin
Mayock stinks when the shoe is on the other foot. And Gruden should be doing a QB school show about NFL drafted college QB's
Mr Loko
Mr Loko 2 kun oldin
Mightymouse Davis
Mightymouse Davis 2 kun oldin
They make ne large they no nothing about the raiders
AllMoneyIn 676
AllMoneyIn 676 2 kun oldin
Brady Quinn talking about bad draft?
Mike Mike
Mike Mike 2 kun oldin
Mayoc is ruining this great franchise
We Know The Truth
We Know The Truth 3 kun oldin
Real East Oakland Raider. Ol Pete is head NFL Analyst at CBS sports.. Play acting GM for your mock drafts, advising who wins over and under which he gets wrong more than anyone else on the staff with his sidekick Tom Brady.. O i mean EX QB for Browns Career 12 touchdowns with 17 INT's Brady Quinn...The Mighty QUinn with 3000 career passing yards... Carr did that his rookie season alone. While Mike Mayock been there done that sitting in A real GM chair pulling real strings and chords... I bet you The Raiders and Mike Mayock name taste like sh#$ in your mouth Ol'e Petey. I didnt know Batman and Robin were such RAider Haters.
Risk Take
Risk Take 3 kun oldin
Brady do your homework Deablo will be a weak side Lb and safety is our biggest need idiot
Card Drummer Jay
Card Drummer Jay 3 kun oldin
Everyone always talks shit on the Raiders no matter what! Find a new narrative
Marty 3 kun oldin
Deablo will be a wlb
mobile garden
mobile garden 3 kun oldin
3 safeties wtf
Zachary Simon
Zachary Simon 3 kun oldin
Brady Quinn sucks
monsterKey 3 kun oldin
They grade my Jets C+ so i dont trust this losers
Andres Caiced
Andres Caiced 4 kun oldin
Raiders lost 4 of their 5 starting OL, but draft 3 Safteys??!!! Raiders are trash lmaooo
Raider Nation
Raider Nation 2 kun oldin
3/5 lineman*, one of which literally didn't play at all last season. And one of the safeties was drafted to play linebacker. They filled their needs. Good draft
John Paul Rodriguez
John Paul Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Chop Chop
Chop Chop 4 kun oldin
You can never be too safe! Duh Duh CHHhhhhhhh
marco rubalcava
marco rubalcava 4 kun oldin
Raiders had good draft. They question the leatherwood pick,being to high. But still got moerig. Gillespie has great potential along with koonce. Abrams and rest of DBs got hurt a lot. So we get great depth and special teams. Only thing I would have done differently is draft tevin jenkins.
YUNG E FIGHTING 4 kun oldin
They did great we the new LEGION of boom now
Matt M
Matt M Kun oldin
@YUNG E FIGHTING lol settle down there buddy
_Mean GreenJersey
_Mean GreenJersey 3 kun oldin
@yuh facts lol
YUNG E FIGHTING 4 kun oldin
@yuh bet watch their tape and than understand that gus Bradley will coach them 😂
yuh 4 kun oldin
lmao thats not how this works
supermanGT 4 kun oldin
Mike playing madden
James MC
James MC 4 kun oldin
sixshot bushmaster
sixshot bushmaster 4 kun oldin
Only Raider fans really understand what the Raiders did in this draft. They are building a defense to chase down the speed of the Chiefs.
Fratboy Fitness
Fratboy Fitness 4 kun oldin
You have absolutely no clue who had the best or worst draft cause none of them have played nfl yet
Ryanator Ryanson
Ryanator Ryanson 4 kun oldin
Pittsburgh had a great draft. I’ve never seen a team have so many picks just fall in their laps like that. They got steals in Harris, Matt F, and Roche. All three shoulda gone wayyyy before they did.
Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski 3 kun oldin
@Ryanator Ryanson all I’m saying is if I lose a OLine and have no run game and those are what the teams built on I would’ve went more OLine and the fact that their secondary isn’t good they just had more important needs than a TE in rd 2. Ebron is gone next year not this one lol, and I really like Najee but I don’t think him alone will make them favorites because the passing game isn’t that good. I think every team in that division majorly improved besides them. I’d rank them Browns Bengals/Ravens or vise versa kinda the same then the Steelers
Ryanator Ryanson
Ryanator Ryanson 3 kun oldin
@Rob Gronkowski They needed at top TE because Ebron is gonna be gone after next season.
Rob Gronkowski
Rob Gronkowski 3 kun oldin
@Ryanator Ryanson they did okay like I said. Teams that did great are the other teams in the division. Yeah they got Najee but that was basically a given, TE was a need but not a top 3 one. They needed to address OLine badly and I feel bad Najee gonna have that line to run behind. Secondary is too slow to keep up with anyone so there’s no point of blitzing. Edmunds is trash lol. They attacked their needs to late and didn’t make any moves to get big players who started to slip
Ryanator Ryanson
Ryanator Ryanson 3 kun oldin
@Rob Gronkowski They did very good. Landed the best RB and 2nd best TE in the draft, with back to back picks. Those were both NEEDS too.I agree with the secondary, but they are going with the “theme” of the 3-4 defense, which is pressure the QB with LBs so they can’t get off good passes.
Alex. P
Alex. P 4 kun oldin
@Rob Gronkowski tf u talkin about it was deep OL draft. They got a nasty underrated Center and they got a 2nd round talent at left tackle in the 4th round which were obv needs and then they got a solid corner that can switch a be depth at safety. They got a B+ at worst
Aye D
Aye D 4 kun oldin
These guys don’t know football nobody watches these bums on tv I don’t see the difference draft a guy in the first or second the raven needed a tackle and would have taken leatherwood trevon was a steal no doubt and the rest add versatility and depth and we can run certain packages if they think cle didn’t work out he ranked top 10 in the run last year 🤷🏽‍♂️they really don’t watch football and notice the difference certain players make but there gonna suck off teddy and the chargers nobody knows who the charger took after ASJ and slater but it’s wtever we’re gonna see how the season turns out
alex lucas
alex lucas 4 kun oldin
I can’t stand Brady Quinn
Johnny Boston's Ghost
Johnny Boston's Ghost 4 kun oldin
Getting too cute.
Dick Vitale
Dick Vitale 4 kun oldin
Joke really Pete what a surprise your a clown. What else would you expect from these guys he said “um, yah um they got a starting Rt Tackle and um, yah they got better at the safety position I guess”. Please fire these guys now really go hire Ryan Leaf he does a much better job.
Crizzy X HardCore
Crizzy X HardCore 4 kun oldin
Raiders are the biggest loser
Corey Chaump
Corey Chaump 4 kun oldin
You can tell this guy knows nothing about football and is just a Raider hater.. she thinks this is good football knowledge he is sadly mistaken every other place that actually knows football graded the Raiders at like a B.. this guy doesn't know High School football let alone NFL football LOL I wonder how mad is going to be when the Raiders are in the playoffs nd competing for a Super Bowl within the next few years!! That's why Mike Mayock is a GM in this moron isn' cuz he has a great football knowledge something this guy has none of!! He's crying about Clee Ferrell meanwhile Pro Football Focus has him as a top 15 player at his position year in and year out cuz he's a stud... sack stats don't mean everything.. Ferrell is a stud he's going to be a monster this year.. so will Arnett!! Last year's draft class had no off-season only Zoom meetings and a virus to deal with it's unfair to judge them on last year alone even every NFL team gives a new draft person three years to develop and deliver!! Arnett is really only going into his first real season this year and Pharaoh is going into his second real season third season overall!!.. it's going to be so nice to watch all the Raider haters crying in their cereal every morning for the next few years!! All the top 10 analysts that actually have football knowledge said the Raiders killed the draft and did amazing!!!
SilverNBlack Productions
SilverNBlack Productions 4 kun oldin
Leatherwood was a reach but he also wouldn’t have been available at 17. koonce was projected to go late second and we got him in the third so I’m not sure how he can call that a reach. And yes we drafted 3 safeties but what this foo fails to realize is that Deablo will actually be playing weak side linebacker for us.
SilverNBlack Productions
SilverNBlack Productions 4 kun oldin
Wouldn’t have been available at 43*
Ayden Saiz
Ayden Saiz 4 kun oldin
Did he actually ever see divine deablo or tyree gillespie play or did he just look at the position and say oh that's all they do just play safety
Mark Yocum
Mark Yocum 4 kun oldin
Y'all just can't understand Bradley's new 8-safties-in-the-box concept 🤷‍♂️
Robert Rutledge
Robert Rutledge Kun oldin
As a charger fan I can tell you it doesn’t work
Daeshaun Roberts
Daeshaun Roberts 4 kun oldin
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is a joke
Michael Mercier
Michael Mercier 4 kun oldin
These guys dont know what they are talking about.
Jason Morrison
Jason Morrison 4 kun oldin
These guys just love hating on the raiders 😂😂
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis 3 kun oldin
@Jason Morrison yeah we did and he’s fast af good luck catching him lol but we not talking about us we talking the faiders let’s stay on topic now lol RAMS4LIFE
Jason Morrison
Jason Morrison 3 kun oldin
@Joe Lewis you guys drafted a dude who weighs 149 pounds
Joe Lewis
Joe Lewis 3 kun oldin
Why because they telling the truth lol RAMS4LIFE
Alex 4 kun oldin
💯🖕🏻 them.
Juan Chavez
Juan Chavez 4 kun oldin
This guy didn’t see my Raiders last 2 year but all our safety’s and CB been hurt so we just make sure we got enough people to defend.
Chief-KT 3 kun oldin
Rocafella Gibson
Rocafella Gibson 4 kun oldin
Definitely you could never have too many safeties or corners
Bryan Connor
Bryan Connor 4 kun oldin
@Javion Solomon definitely, been watching on flixzone for since november myself :D
Javion Solomon
Javion Solomon 4 kun oldin
a tip: watch series at Flixzone. Me and my gf have been using them for watching lots of of movies these days.
Nicolas Sanchez
Nicolas Sanchez 4 kun oldin
Deablo was drafted as a LB
Raiderz 4Life
Raiderz 4Life 4 kun oldin
Pete Briscoe and the Ryan Leaf 2.0 Brady Quinn huge bust him self are both the biggest 💩 face 🤡's ever speak never liked the 🏴‍☠️ Raiders so why would they ever have anything good to say 💩 is 🗑️
Will Smart
Will Smart 4 kun oldin
Must've forgot Raiders rookies 2019 led all stats, td's, recieving yards, sacks, rushing yards and they were saying Mayock and gruden hit on it. After 2020 draft said we were last or 3rd in AFC west, ended up being second and almost beat KC twice if wasn't for bottom ranked defense that cost us many games and playoffs. 2021 season hasn't happened so just like ways it's speculation. All that matters is Paul Gunther is gone. Typical media take. We must forgot Raiders beat 3 of the 4 teams in the championship games.
B AL 3 kun oldin
mid-90’s _ to _ early 2000’s ViBEZ
mid-90’s _ to _ early 2000’s ViBEZ 4 kun oldin
💯%...Dam straight... #Facts
Cj_likes_water 4 kun oldin
I’m a Steelers fan so no bias but I think they had a great draft
Keaton Burson
Keaton Burson 3 kun oldin
John Jenkins
John Jenkins 4 kun oldin
No wonder cbs keeps losing viewers
John Paul Rodriguez
John Paul Rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Bob Sacamanto
Bob Sacamanto 4 kun oldin
Thinking yur ahead/smarter than everyone else in football.....Kay.....cause that’ll work out. Good luck competing against KC n Aaron Rodgers Broncos team with drafts like this.
Jesus Perez
Jesus Perez 3 kun oldin
You think Aaron is gonna go there with no O Line? I don’t think you’re JUST smoking weed out there in Colorado pal.
cyvRabbit 88
cyvRabbit 88 4 kun oldin
Lol, the Raiders beat KC last year and swept the broncos....just saying. Lets not put the cart ahead of the horse on the Aaron Rodgers thing.
t severe
t severe 4 kun oldin
Posted something similar on another video, but here we are again. Prisco and Quinn need to do their homework: Deablo was drafted as a LB, not as a safety. They drafted Koonce as a speed rush guy, the Leo position in a Gus Bradley defense, because they have guys that can play as the 5 tech in Ferrell, Nassib, Irving and even Thomas on occasions. Koonce is essentially a replacement for the recently cut Arden Key. Gillespie was drafted as injury insurance against Abram and Joseph, and to replace Erik Harris who signed with ATL. Hobbs will compete in the slot against smaller DBs in Robertson and Lawson, as Gus Bradley prefers bigger corners across the board. Every move had a clear purpose. I wish they would have traded back for Leatherwood, but they made up for it with Moehrig in round 2.
MattyIce21 2 kun oldin
Ah, the good ol' "5 steps of grief" for t severe and all his fellow Raider fans. denial. anger. bargaining. YOU ARE HERE depression. acceptance
Keenan Mossiah
Keenan Mossiah 4 kun oldin
Well put brother!
Ryan Baeza
Ryan Baeza 4 kun oldin
Gotta screenshot this one.. perfect explanation for all the nonsense.
Aye D
Aye D 4 kun oldin
Nobody watches these bums they don’t know football there trying to make something controversial and become the next skip and Stephan A smith they don’t understand versatility and needs isn’t the draft supposed to be pick up players who are really good at the position u need them it isn’t to pick them where the mocks think he will go and most mock people are nfl analysts never played football maybe crickets but that isn’t football this draft class get a honest B+ from me
Brent Hall
Brent Hall 4 kun oldin
Quinn was draft bust and is bad nfl analysis
Robot Account
Robot Account 4 kun oldin
@Brent Hall yeah..for many a year qbs went there to die..brandon weeden..Chris whatever his name was..Cade McCown...colt mccoy..Brady quinn.johnny manziel..talented players..crappy team(manziel got there and just gave up on football)
Brent Hall
Brent Hall 4 kun oldin
@Robot Account I do see your point. The browns were pretty bad back then.
Robot Account
Robot Account 4 kun oldin
@Brent Hall point taken..but the browns......
Brent Hall
Brent Hall 4 kun oldin
@Robot Account Don’t all top 10 draft picks go to losing organization.
Robot Account
Robot Account 4 kun oldin
No disputing he was a bust but he did go to a horrible team..that never helps..mac jones is probably equal to Quinn but will do better with the patriots bc...well..the patriots
Juan Santiago
Juan Santiago 4 kun oldin
That's why you don't put some so called draft expert as your gm it's entertaining for TV but different when it must work and you get a coach that took a team to the super bowl that the previous coach built for you
jay sauce
jay sauce 4 kun oldin
Readers offense is one of the best in NFL the only team to beat the chiefs at full strength you cannot deny that. Their defense was the main thing holding them back for the last 2 years, the main thing holding them back from at least 4 more wins this last year
S8 Fr8
S8 Fr8 4 kun oldin
Lmao who cares what these dudes like and don’t like, arm chair gm’s
Dave Maxfield
Dave Maxfield 4 kun oldin
this video only has 180 views for a reason, garbage analysis.
kgrkid 4 kun oldin
The only garbage here is coming from you, boy.
t severe
t severe 4 kun oldin
@Originalman 89 they picked the OROY and DROY runner-ups in the same draft, also picked one of the most productive slot wrs in that class and Moreau will be a very good TE. Last years class doesn't look great right now, but injuries played a major part in that. Ruggs, Arnette, and Edwards all battled injuries throughout the year.
Juan Perez
Juan Perez 4 kun oldin
Makes me laugh how they said we had more issues but couldn't name them. Said we drafted 3 safeties when one of then is actually a LB. Our biggest needs were OT S And DE and we got our players these guys just like to go after the easiest target lmfao
Dave Maxfield
Dave Maxfield 4 kun oldin
raiders did well this year in the draft.
Dave Maxfield
Dave Maxfield 4 kun oldin
@Brian Ross they have over 350, 000 subscribers, should have more views regardless lol
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