This is Why The Denver Broncos had an EPIC 2021 NFL Draft | CBS Sports HQ

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Our Draft experts Ryan Wilson and Emory Hunt break down the Denver Broncos draft class.
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Alvin Hang
Alvin Hang Kun oldin
As a Broncos fan, they're building a good team. Hopefully,next year,they can get a good quarterback.
Brian Hum
Brian Hum 3 kun oldin
It looks great... if Lock has a massive turnaround or they get Rodgers. If not, it almost doesn't matter how good the rest of a team is; taking over the division is going to be near impossible against Mahomes with a bottom 10 QB in today's game (not to mention if the LAC ever figure the rest of the puzzle out now that they have Herbert). The Chiefs Oline isn't likely to be as demolished as it was in the SB very often and if that's the case, good luck outdueling Mahomes with a backup caliber QB. And it'll look even worse if Fields/Jones pan out and they're stuck in QB hell. It's also not likely that they'll be bad enough to draft a top QB next year even if they need to because the team is so strong outside of QB; they picked 9th with more injuries than almost anyone this year so they probably win at least 7 games no matter how bad Lock is.
Harley Potokar
Harley Potokar 3 kun oldin
A+ on paper, action talks a lot more
Mike Salasek
Mike Salasek 3 kun oldin
Seriously, they went into the draft and needed a QB and LB and got neither. They passed on Fields and Owusu-Koramoah and you give them A+, wow!
Mike Salasek
Mike Salasek 2 kun oldin
@James Medina As a Buckeye, I will tell you that Browning is not Owusu-Koramoah, not even close and he was there for Denver. I am happy for Browning and if as a Bronco fan you are happy then that fine.
James Medina
James Medina 2 kun oldin
😂 They did. I would have moved down a couple of spots and drafted Mac Jones. They did get Browning LB Ohio State ♥️
MC SWOME 3 kun oldin
10 dislikes come from Raider fams 😂😂😂
Myst1c L3g3nd
Myst1c L3g3nd 2 kun oldin
Or cowboys fans ROFL
Mardizone Nuth
Mardizone Nuth 3 kun oldin
💯 🤗
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Trading up for a rb when Teven Jenkins was on the board was a headscratcher but pretty decent draft overall
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Umm an A+ is a stretch lol
Alexanderthegreatandterrible 3 kun oldin
This all depends on how Luck pans out this season. If Denver passed on Fields and Luck doesn't improve enough then this draft is a B at best. They addressed corner in the off-season but unless they somehow get Rodgers the gamble on Luck could hurt Denver for years to come.
Alexanderthegreatandterrible Kun oldin
@Michael Drake Yep, Drew Luck since I don't see enough consistent play I will have to call him Drew Luck for now, lol.
Michael Drake
Michael Drake Kun oldin
Mike Martin
Mike Martin 4 kun oldin
They should hve try to draft mre offense line men and one qb but maybe they pick up sme updraft free agent players but to me all around get draft
eg13000 4 kun oldin
Keep whispering sweet sweet nothings is desperate Broncos fans ears
lamar Moffett
lamar Moffett 4 kun oldin
Terrible draft. Imo alabama corners are system corners.
Ahmed Alyafi
Ahmed Alyafi 4 kun oldin
Last year the Broncos had an A+ draft as well and still finished last in the AFC West these grades are jokes.
KillaB 4 kun oldin
As a vikings fan George Paton is a good drafter
Jeffrey Boatright Jr.
Jeffrey Boatright Jr. 4 kun oldin
Lowkey sussed out by choosing 2 safeties, they contract issues with Simmons may be coming to a head after this season
Michael Chap
Michael Chap 3 kun oldin
They already signed him.
Sonny Beverly
Sonny Beverly 3 kun oldin
Jackson is 33 and a free agent next year so it makes sense
Shaun Coptcoat
Shaun Coptcoat 4 kun oldin
He signed long term deal already but yeah 2 safeties still a good idea as limited depth on roster
Texan Football Houston
Texan Football Houston 4 kun oldin
Denver Stadium is amazing great pick up man. Hell yea nice
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 4 kun oldin
How many first and second round pick players does the average NFL roster have? If it is less than the 8 players who played for Alabama last year and were picked in the first and second rounds this year, what does that say about the amount of young talent coming through Alabama? Good lord!
morningcalm21 4 kun oldin
I'm a huge Broncos fan. Love Surtain, he's got the potential to be the next Atwater or Bailey, both HoFers. But if they don't they get their QB situation fixed this year, GM Paton has to go for passing on Justin Fields for a CB they really didn't need.
thomas Braden
thomas Braden 4 kun oldin
Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, Allen: These 4 QBs got to the final four in the playoffs, hence, Broncos have a problem.
thomas Braden
thomas Braden 3 kun oldin
@Jeffrey Boatright Jr. Let's hope.
Jeffrey Boatright Jr.
Jeffrey Boatright Jr. 4 kun oldin
Something tells me they chose Surtain over Fields or Jones in hopes they'd get Rodgers, and with June 1 being a magic date, only time will tell
Anthony Pittore
Anthony Pittore 4 kun oldin
We're going to have an amazing team led to a 7-9 season with Lock/Bridgewater.
Animelytical 4 kun oldin
I will stand on Surtain being a perfect pick. A QB isn't going to threaten the bomb dropping QBs in the division. Especially when the team is showing clear potential for a QB to take over. And they might have a guy who can do *enough.*
Wyatt Albert
Wyatt Albert 4 kun oldin
Now a rod needs to come to the broncos! Plz a rod I want you here in Denver 😩😂
yoni boboshov
yoni boboshov 4 kun oldin
Exactly ten years ago the broncos got Peyton manning who finished his career in Denver. This set up Denver has is a perfect fit to bring Aaron Rodgers
yoni boboshov
yoni boboshov Kun oldin
@Jae Choe exactly
Jae Choe
Jae Choe 4 kun oldin
@Jedii Kniight he’s saying history might repeat itself
Jedii Kniight
Jedii Kniight 4 kun oldin
wtf does that have to do with anything? that's like saying tampa can now get any major qb just because brady signed with them.
Clinton Reisig
Clinton Reisig 4 kun oldin
A- for the Broncos from me and I am very happy about their picks.
asphyxiafeeling 4 kun oldin
Perfectly set up for Aaron Rodgers to come thru
Kristion Taylor
Kristion Taylor 3 kun oldin
@SpaceExplorer it's going to happen bud. Broncos Trade 3 first rounders and Bradley Chubb. Calling it now
TacoMan14798 4 kun oldin
@SpaceExplorer 1/3 possibilities atm
TacoMan14798 4 kun oldin
@King Lewin this confirmed?
King Lewin
King Lewin 4 kun oldin
He's not
SpaceExplorer 4 kun oldin
no way not never
Paty Pérez
Paty Pérez 4 kun oldin
Yesssss!! A+ 🧡💙🧡💙
Tony Olsen
Tony Olsen 4 kun oldin
As much as I love #7, John Elway letting go of his GM role and hiring George Paton is already proving to be the right decision. If we get A-Aron, look out. We still have a really good team (on paper) though so I'm looking forward to the upcoming season either way!
MannyG33309 Kun oldin
@Tony Olsen YESSSSIR!!
Gene Montoya
Gene Montoya 3 kun oldin
A A Ron, let's go!
Alex Shine
Alex Shine 3 kun oldin
@JOEL00111 are you trolling me
Jessie Hoyt
Jessie Hoyt 3 kun oldin
@JOEL00111 don't tease
JOEL00111 3 kun oldin
@Alex Shine rodgers was just traded to Denver! 😆
William Brick
William Brick 4 kun oldin
Let’s go Broncos
Its Hephai
Its Hephai 4 kun oldin
Jamar johnson is a steal i think
Darius King
Darius King 4 kun oldin
The browning, sterns, Williams, and surtain picks are great!!!!!!
James Medina
James Medina 4 kun oldin
I love ❤️ the Ohio State players. DreMont Jones is great
Les Rosin
Les Rosin 4 kun oldin
Things can change overnight, one way or another. One game at a time. GO BRONCOS!
No ah
No ah 4 kun oldin
Anybody think massage boy or Rodgers is coming to the broncos
Bob Johnston
Bob Johnston 4 kun oldin
With the great lock the broncs are on the path to greatness.
Super Elias
Super Elias 4 kun oldin
@Dee Lynn Quincyo a c
Im VenMous
Im VenMous 4 kun oldin
@Dee Lynn Quincy absolutely true, but we had an insanely good draft.
Dee Lynn Quincy
Dee Lynn Quincy 4 kun oldin
There is "LITERALLY" nothing great about Drew Lock
Timbucktoothed 4 kun oldin
Just Add Aaron!! Vs Mahomes.. just a fan
Michael Crabtree
Michael Crabtree 4 kun oldin
Because they had George Paton....a great GM.
Mike Smithisnotmyname
Mike Smithisnotmyname 4 kun oldin
It's so cool seeing Emory Hunt moving up. He's been grinding for over a decade for this.
Darryl Reformina
Darryl Reformina 4 kun oldin
He definitely put in hard work over the years, It's well deserved 👏 🙌
Im VenMous
Im VenMous 4 kun oldin
Im stoked. Even as someone who watched Justin Fields in high school, we got the best defensive player in the draft. Baron Browning was a steal. Javonte Williams trade and we lose no picks for the next year. THATS WHAT IM TALKIN ABOUT BRONCOS
Ayden Xavier
Ayden Xavier 4 kun oldin
I admit that I had *zero* clue who Quinn Meinerz was.... So I was hoping for J. Cox and Browning for the end of the 3rd. 2 darts is better than 1. Figured Denver might plan on getting an OL from FA.
Ayden Xavier
Ayden Xavier 4 kun oldin
UofO alum and absolutely love Royce Freeman....but I'm stoked about Williams. 4.6 GPA and valedictorian. Freeman is a psychology major, with better ball-security than Gordon. Paton is about character (Surtain over Parsons), and Gordon has had issues. Don't be shocked if Denver has Williams, Freeman, and Boone as their 3 RB's...with Gordon traded. 🤔
Juls c
Juls c 4 kun oldin
How about we grade the broncos after the season.
Paty Pérez
Paty Pérez 4 kun oldin
Lol easy buddy easy we are gonna be ok 😂
Matt C
Matt C 4 kun oldin
I mean, all the busts that can you really say who had a good draft? Its like saying what we already know...they were a good college what?
x 4 kun oldin
same for the entire league
TSpudProductions 4 kun oldin
I don't think 1 year is good enough to grade a draft class. You need 3 years to actually evaluate talent.
Shinobi Drip
Shinobi Drip 4 kun oldin
This was the right pick. They had an absolute awesome draft. Takin a ton of pressure off tht QB room with tht running game and defense.
ThatGuyAron 3 kun oldin
@Joel P nah number one defense with a top 10 offense williams is a beast rb
Joel P
Joel P 3 kun oldin
@ThatGuyAron ok 8-9 tops. I think we’ll have a top 5 defense maybe top 3. But we’re going to have bottom 5 offense until we figure out something at QB
ThatGuyAron 3 kun oldin
@Joel P Denver has the 5th easiest. So were definitely getting more then 7 this year. Plus another extra week of football
ThatGuyAron 3 kun oldin
Boy denver got a smooth ass idea coming along. Hard running backs who run through people to get 10+ yards and a defense to destroy everyone then lock could throw a couple dimes to juedy and sutton and hamler,ect. To finish it off.
f̶a̶k̶e̶b̶l̶i̶n̶g̶ 4 kun oldin
@Ayden Xavier I feel bad for him, they gave more weapons to Tannehill than Marcus, he could've been nice if he had consistent coaching and a team built around his skillset, like him and Henry on the option plays would be nice. I guess his injuries didn't help either but they really didn't give him the best chance to succeed
Straight Actor Ian McKellen
Straight Actor Ian McKellen 4 kun oldin
I cannot believe they passed on Fields, huge mistake on their part 😂😂😂
Socaljohnson84 2 kun oldin
@Leonardo Moore So u saying Lock will never improve? Uh-huh. 1 year as a full-time starter and he's getting shitted on. This is the problem with this generation of sport fans. They're so f*cked up in the head by expecting instant results!! 🤨
Leonardo Moore
Leonardo Moore 2 kun oldin
@Socaljohnson84 right! But u believe in lock and Bridgewater to take u to the playoffs ok. Both lock and Bridgewater will be gone in 2 years and the broncos qb situation will still be the same and still no playoffs.
E E 4 kun oldin
Why are so many of you replying to an obvious troll? He's obsessed with a gay British actor, but you think he knows football?😂😂😂
Easy Money
Easy Money 4 kun oldin
@coleDash _861 facts
mikescolors 4 kun oldin
@Justin Kanicki Lol what?
vincent stewart
vincent stewart 4 kun oldin
He wanted to be a Cowboy
Caleb Jennum
Caleb Jennum 4 kun oldin
Remain mad crybaby
gelene Celine
gelene Celine 4 kun oldin
Why is everyone is B+ or higher lol😂
Michael Holomon
Michael Holomon 4 kun oldin
@Shinobi Drip or the Texans
Caleb Schaaf
Caleb Schaaf 4 kun oldin
Hope reigns supreme in the draft
Shinobi Drip
Shinobi Drip 4 kun oldin
Just wait til the Raiders gets graded lol
Isaac Smith
Isaac Smith 4 kun oldin
Yo if we could've gotten fields though maybe if we can get Rodgers either way are defense is gonna be Nasty go Broncos country
Malachi Gates
Malachi Gates 4 kun oldin
Surtain should have fell to the Cowboys he wanted to be a cowboy but its whatsever
MattyIce21 4 kun oldin
where is this narrative "he wanted to be a cowboy" coming from? Who would want to play for that poverty franchise where ur GM is the face of it. Fucking haven't won shit in 30 years. I don't even remember the last time they were relevant? Tony Romo years? still didn't do much. Nobody wants to be a fucking Cowboy that actually loves football. Yuck.
Prince Dunce
Prince Dunce 4 kun oldin
Well I’m sure Trevor Lawrence didn’t wanna be a Jaguar but its whatever
Malachi Gates
Malachi Gates 4 kun oldin
@Westside Gunn faxx
Westside Gunn
Westside Gunn 4 kun oldin
We always don’t get what we want in life. He’s in a better situation where he can learn behind some great corners.
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