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Our Draft experts Ryan Wilson and Emory Hunt break down the disappointing draft class from the Las Vegas Raiders.
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vernon Coughran
vernon Coughran 8 soat oldin
I saved this story to make you guys eat crow.
dwight deyampert
dwight deyampert 14 soat oldin
Miami had the worst draft! Nobody is talking about it though.
dwight deyampert
dwight deyampert 14 soat oldin
Deablo might be the best pick! So much for the experts.....Lol. Dummies is more like it! Paid Dummies!
Create Channel
Create Channel 2 kun oldin
Timothy Walsh
Timothy Walsh 2 kun oldin
These are the dumbest experts ever, didn’t they watch any Raider games? They needed D line, got that in free agency, they needed O line drafted two and one really good one from Alabama, and most of all they needed Defensive backs did that in the draft and free agency
Cody Owens
Cody Owens 2 kun oldin
"Really soured us on the idea they're actually trying to get better." Y'ALL I can't.
Sal Romero
Sal Romero 2 kun oldin
Raider haters , always have something to say wrong about the Raiders. Every year .
Greg Cunningham
Greg Cunningham 3 kun oldin
A terrible draft for a terrible fan base.
sefanaia auelua
sefanaia auelua 3 kun oldin
Woke up feelin real dangerous
Woke up feelin real dangerous 3 kun oldin
We got 4 Hall of Famers in this draft!
Justin Robson
Justin Robson 3 kun oldin
Sounds like the last guy was the only one that really knew what he was talking about
Danny Grant
Danny Grant 3 kun oldin
Trash “Experts” i grade them an F
Safwan Malik
Safwan Malik 3 kun oldin
Title says this is why they were the worst but then proceeds to tell us how good the players are... not to mention the saints and Greenbay had by far much much worst drafts and if the Trey Lance thing don’t work, the 49ers by far had the worst draft in YEARS. Worse then the bears trading up for Trubisky! Think long term. Raiders set for a long time at RT and the backfield secondary/ Lb core becuase of this draft. These guys dumb as hell.
Safwan Malik
Safwan Malik 3 kun oldin
You discredit the whole draft becuase “they need edge rushers” yet during the offseason they signed 7 guys to their Dline including pro bowler Yannick N, 3rd overall 49ers pick Solomon Thomas, Jefferson and more depth guys to help Maxx Crosby and Cle Ferrell. Their biggest holes were #1 free safety and #2 RT and #3/#4 were Nickle and LB depth which they got both of with their later picks that you called “safeties” when in reality they played nickle, Will LB and Safety, known as a “SAF” position. Them drafting position-less guys that are versatility should be consider two birds one stone, not busts because you didn’t like last years pick with an Injured Arnette or not a fan of a Cle Ferrell who was ranked #15 best overall DLine last year but he’s a bust? Don’t hear anyone ripping the 49ers for all their misses (a lot of whom they moved up in the draft to get). These media narratives are so inconsistent. You deemed them the worst draft but then continue to talk about how good their picks are. WHERE ARE THE SAINTS OR GREENBAY ?! Dumb analysis basing their opinions on nothing.
Cameron Humphrey
Cameron Humphrey 3 kun oldin
This critism goes all the way back to the Al Davis era... Media loves to hate the Raiders. Bunch of Johnny come lately's. When the Raiders are 6-2 Midway thru next year the bandwagon will be full.
Siniestro Elite
Siniestro Elite 3 kun oldin
Siniestro Elite
Siniestro Elite 3 kun oldin
This is bs
SILLENCZE 3 kun oldin
ARE YOU SMOKING CRACK?!? we got a great draft stfu
jackandlaneysdad 3 kun oldin
Our DLine is solid David Irvings bout to step up this year, plus Yannik and Crosby
cp541 3 kun oldin
They got all their needs lol
Carlos Inda
Carlos Inda 3 kun oldin
Raiders needed defense
Robert Pena
Robert Pena 3 kun oldin
Raiiderrs 🏴‍☠️💯👑🔥
Black Wolf
Black Wolf 3 kun oldin
Raider Nation! Stop falling for this crap. The media does this because they know it will get clicks from the biggest fanbase. Stop falling for it
Feliciano Talamantes
Feliciano Talamantes 3 kun oldin
Kolton miller ..nuff said
P. M.
P. M. 3 kun oldin
TJ Jaxxon
TJ Jaxxon 3 kun oldin
These guys are smoking Crack!! Leatherwood was gonna be taken first round by the Ravens had we not taken him when we did! Then we got a huge steal with the best safety in the draft in the second round!!
Khan Quest
Khan Quest 3 kun oldin
These clowns are clueless. They obviously don't watch game film.
Lisandro Rodriguez
Lisandro Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
Watch the Raiders make you look like this video...Dumb! Its a great draft and the outcome will show in the year.... To be continued!!
ЯashiႧ 3 kun oldin
Maybe the Raiders should of drafted a head coach and GM cuz surely these guys don’t know what they’re doing.
Real Deal
Real Deal 3 kun oldin
The Raiders are not serious about winning...
P betancourt
P betancourt 3 kun oldin
Lol i love the picks
Kathleen Reilly
Kathleen Reilly 3 kun oldin
Lmao, we had the Worst? These clowns aren't factoring in what Alex will bring as a Solid end piece who is also versatile along the line. This dude can protect his QB. Every Raider fan knows that Derek hasn't been the same since breaking his back and his thumb. He's not as active on his feet and looks more hesitant than he did prior to getting hurt. He is just as capable and accurate, but needs more time as the years go on. Our defense was what we needed to address and that is precisely what we did. Also, how did they not comment on our earlier pickups of Yannick and Solomon Thomas? With Trevon, Abram, Joseph.. Our picks fit our needs and set good foundation blocks in place. Im not thrilled with picking up Drake or Sneed. We have a strong enough run game with Jacobs that the money could have gone elsewhere. Maybe Leatherwood was an iffy pick when it first happened, but we got the best safety in the draft with our next pick. So we protect our qb and strengthen our secondary. All of our picks make sense with the rest of our roster. This C grade is coming from old Al Davis days where no matter what, the Raiders just won't get positive coverage.
0g_str8up 3 kun oldin
Trashhh take from cbs 😂
Marty Moffatt
Marty Moffatt 3 kun oldin
no they didnt... raiders had a great draft.. ask lawrence next year when hes running for his life if he would rather have had 2 oline at 25 and 33 instead of a corner and rb lol
Tyler Briggs
Tyler Briggs 3 kun oldin
Peep MGK playing WWIII in the background
Lostinthepast82 3 kun oldin
More depth at other positions but they plan to move deablo to lb but then safeties they got abram,joesph,heath,moehrig,and gillespie,when I feel they need more help at cb with mullen,arnette,nevin Lawson,isiah johnson,nixon,hobbs,amik robertson; though in FA sherman,Casey hayward still available
Lostinthepast82 3 kun oldin
More of a DT though I wish they found one in 3rd round but its all hype anyway
Lostinthepast82 3 kun oldin
Ohh and another wr lots of young wrs already
Lostinthepast82 3 kun oldin
Either way they should be more than solid at safety but corner though hopefully in free agency i was hoping they would get aj bouye also
John Q.
John Q. 3 kun oldin
This is BS lol their grade has no effect on how far they go as a team this year. They filled a lot of holes. These pundits are all piggy backing with the same narrative. If Leatherwood is a reach, why didn't any teams draft Moehrig until the Raiders got him in the 2nd round? Because there is no reach, there is no steal. It's about the FIT. The truth is, Mayock and Gruden's takes are sorely missed on TV. There's some jealousy involved You know how many know-it-alls wish they were running an organization? You don't think we would second guess all of their picks? Everybody is clutching at straws, bobbing for apples, piggy backing for the same narrative. You're giving the Raiders a "C" because of your own arrogance.
Will Smart
Will Smart 3 kun oldin
Getting best available player > filling needs is how these analyst see it. At the end of the day, us fans and these "analysts" are on the outside looking in. They liked most of the picks even the leatherwood but thought they picked him a round early so now they had worst draft?! Haha its humorous.
al c
al c 3 kun oldin
I'm convinced that these empty suits are paid to hate on the Raiders
Bikinis Forever
Bikinis Forever 3 kun oldin
Reports are coming out that Leatherwood was not going to be available in the second. Teams clearly thought higher of him than you media people, who will judge the Raiders down regardless of what they do.
Chris Tell
Chris Tell 3 kun oldin
Raiders fans so used to loosing that every pick looks good every year, fans be reaching lol.
Hustla Jones Behavioral Focused Tarot
Hustla Jones Behavioral Focused Tarot 3 kun oldin
Tell me the logic here folks I think Alex was a second round they should of got trevon but we did in the second so bring it’s not switched around it’s a bad draft 🤔🤔🤔 lmmfao media talking heads are hilarious to me. Everything else is fine just Alex should’ve been drafted in the second 😂😂😂😂
John Caskey
John Caskey 3 kun oldin
No chance in hell leatherwood would of been there at pick 48 in round two. Dumb asses check how many tackles got taken by then. Terrible biased grade because of what they did other years.
Project F02
Project F02 3 kun oldin
Most of these reporters never even stepped foot on a football field
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Leatherwood probably is a guard as well
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Emory Hunt is better than Ryan Wilson
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
They like every pick but one yet it is a bad draft?
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
First pick was bad, but they did pretty well after that
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 3 kun oldin
So if the Raiders had reversed, taken Moehrig in the 1st, they’d have gotten a higher grade. You guys are worse than useless.
Drastic Thompson
Drastic Thompson 3 kun oldin
Leatherwood won the Best O-linemen award in the country and he was a reach smh! Dude was the ⚓of the National Champion O-line. Keep hatin we building a bully!
M85 3 kun oldin
AaRon Paul M
AaRon Paul M 3 kun oldin
Draft grades really matter before they hit the field lol
Holistic Coaching Services
Holistic Coaching Services 3 kun oldin
If you ever needed evidence that the media is biased against the Raiders, this is it. The headline is a far cry from what any of these men said. Worst? Disappointing? Yet their expert gives a B- grade? There were 3 OTs taken after the Leatherwood pick, prior to their 48th pick. Isn't it very likely that he would have been one of those? Could we stop it already? Go RAIDERS!!!
Cole Jones
Cole Jones 3 kun oldin
Y’all have been saying we draft shity ever since I think we had a good draft I would say a B
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa
Chris Breezy -Ryan Barbosa 4 kun oldin
Im a Raiders fan but this draft was kinda strange. We drafted too many safteys and took leatherwood way too high.
Matthew Davis
Matthew Davis 3 kun oldin
It’s where the league is headed. You need more safeties who can cover and you need linebacker safety hybrids. League wide trends.
Micky Bloo
Micky Bloo 4 kun oldin
This is a clear attempt to trigger the fans and generate some activity haha. How anyone can gauge the quality of a teams draft before any players entered a facility is a regression of intelligence.
doclew28 4 kun oldin
So they get a C bcuz of their "track record"??? what LAZY ASS reporting... Do these idiots even realize that Leatherwood is the REIGNING 2020 Outland Trophy winner??? Do they also realize that the Ravens and Vikings wanted him??? And the Ravens were prolly gonna take him at #27... This BIAS against the Raiders is ridiculous... That shit is getting old and cliche... SMH
gstyle40 4 kun oldin
damon arnett was hurt, and this is cle's 3rd year. this is the season mack broke out. sure his second year was better than cle's, but he really broke out year 3. leatherwood was their 2nd best tackle for their program. he fits the mold of cables lineman long arms, athletic, and this dudes a mauler. number 1 rated run blocking tackle in the draft! and u know gruden wants to run the ball. with all the injuries last year on the oline and gabe underperforming, im not suprised at all. and as for the 3 safties......deablo is playing weakside lb, its already confirmed. so they drafted a safety, but he's playin lb. what does this say for tanner muse tho? national media never knows what the teams are doing and base everything they say on eyes from outside. if u know the team, u understand what they did and why....simple as that.
Jacob M
Jacob M 4 kun oldin
Overdrafted the #1 ranked safety in the draft? This channel just lost all credibility, won’t click another cbs “analysis” again haha
WilleyPete 4 kun oldin
Everyone who's watched this video is still waiting to hear why the Raiders had the worst draft in the NFL.
Michael Ulbricht
Michael Ulbricht 4 kun oldin
Pretend Moehrig and Leatherwood were drafted in each others places and then it'd be an A+, add everyone else and it'd be a B+ from me. Koonce from Buffalo University is my late pick to click.
Michael Ulbricht
Michael Ulbricht 3 kun oldin
@Cbreezy510 You too! I've always found that talking WITH people is more productive and stimulating, than talking AT them.
Cbreezy510 3 kun oldin
@Michael Ulbricht thanks man you too. Good discourse
Michael Ulbricht
Michael Ulbricht 3 kun oldin
@Cbreezy510 Frankly Breezy, at this time neither do I. However, if they become a well honed drafting machine, then I'll expect more exacting standards on draft day. At this time I just want them to draft good players who can contribute to making the Raiders a better team. I think that you and I aren't so far apart in philosophy. For a long time in my life the regular season was merely a formality, and everything was focused on how far the Raiders would go in the playoffs. Now, I'd just like to see the Raiders improve by adding more productive and quality players. Take care and stay well!
Cbreezy510 3 kun oldin
@Michael Ulbricht I hear what you're saying. We'll see how it turns out. Based on previous drafts by this regime I don't have the highest amount of hope though unfortunately
Michael Ulbricht
Michael Ulbricht 3 kun oldin
@Cbreezy510 I concur wholeheartedly, but the bottom line is that all 3 of them could play. Do you know the only player that all the coaches agreed upon for their first round pick during Madden's tenure as coach of the Raiders? It was Ray Guy a punter, and they could've likely gotten him in the third round, but they got him and he's the first punter in the Hall of Fame. Hang time became a term because of his booming punts, and he helped us win many games by helping us in battles for field position. We just have to continue to draft quality players. Gruden's a good coach, but he's not the best general manager. I saw my first Raider game in 1966 when I was 5. They were just becoming great. Everyone agrees that the NFL's much, much better when the Raiders are relevant. I'm hoping that they'll become relevant again fairly soon.
Nick Medina
Nick Medina 4 kun oldin
I cant wait until the leatherwood dominates and these fucks are eating their own words. Btw real insiders all knew he wasn't getting out of the 20s. Moehrig would have been a 1st rounder.
DaRaider 4 kun oldin
We're getting killed lol, and I think this was our best draft in years🤷‍♂️. We got 4 starters and depth
Young Baller
Young Baller 4 kun oldin
Everybody hating on the Raiders Raiders had a great draft
xTOXIC_ YETIx 4 kun oldin
the raiders draft wasnt even close to worst. did yall see the cowboys? lol
Spartacus Rex
Spartacus Rex 4 kun oldin
Lol clickbait
urx7bad _
urx7bad _ 4 kun oldin
Click bait, screw CBC!!
Marcos Lepe
Marcos Lepe 4 kun oldin
The Raiders got a guy, solid 1st round pick at RT for the next 10 years. Leatherwood played 41 games in SEC! These clowns need to watch tape
Humble 4 kun oldin
If the Raiders took Trevon Moerihg at 17 and leatherwood in the second round, nobody would be saying anything...
YUNG E FIGHTING 4 kun oldin
They said same thing of 2019 draft this is gonna be a draft for the ages watch
5OhBobby 4 kun oldin
Wtf kinda grading is that?! GTFO here Raider haters! We drafted great defensive players who will soon put in work!
Andrew Cota
Andrew Cota 4 kun oldin
Heck no more like a solid A
Brodie Lopez
Brodie Lopez 4 kun oldin
Leatherwood was a beast on that Alabama o-line... y’all just hate on the pick Bc he didn’t have the hype like darrisaw or tevin Jenkins
Cool Breeze
Cool Breeze 4 kun oldin
CBS? This channel is still on the air? Why? Nobody watches this garbage
Larry Briscoe
Larry Briscoe 4 kun oldin
The hate is real.
Alex Pierson
Alex Pierson 4 kun oldin
Man who lets y’all even talk about sports. Nobody gives a fuck about where you have a guy ranked. Teven Jenkins wasn’t a first rounder for any team, Alex Leatherwood was wanted by multiple teams in the first round. Raiders don’t need help at Edge that badly, you guys have Deablo listed as a safety when he is a LB. You ALL tripping.
Raider D
Raider D 4 kun oldin
What do you expect from these goof balls??? They wear their underwear 🩲 backwards!!!
Jody Taylor
Jody Taylor 4 kun oldin
Actually the Raiders had a really good draft. I give them a solid B+👍🏻
Andrew Sutherland
Andrew Sutherland 4 kun oldin
"First pick was a reach but I really like all the guys they drafted especially the safety in round 2! Great group of picks!" C lol
Johnathon Tehada valles
Johnathon Tehada valles 4 kun oldin
Don't count on these rookies to take us to the playoffs that's vets jobs pave the way for these young guys
Stephen Reich
Stephen Reich 4 kun oldin
CBS your headline is BS. Solid draft, filling position needs. Maybe you need to hire someone who can write headlines?
Ricky Harrison
Ricky Harrison 4 kun oldin
Stop hating on my boy Clellin Ferrell. He plays every position on the DLine and is the best run stopper on the team. Pick #4 is high but the way he played in the Championship game vs Bama he was gonna go anuwhere between 10-20 if we can't trade back then get our guy. CLE FERELL I GOT YOU HOMIE KEEP WORKIN
Sean Grover
Sean Grover 4 kun oldin
These guys don’t know shit about football smh
Rulis M.
Rulis M. 4 kun oldin
Haters will always hate!!! CBS #FakeNews #RaiderNation4life
Brian Smith
Brian Smith 4 kun oldin
I disagree think Raiders drafted good. We needed help on defense we signed defensive players. Typical media bash Raiders.
fernando cavazos
fernando cavazos 4 kun oldin
Who the fuck cares care the order in which they drafted ! At the end of the day is who they drafted .
Fonzi Vargas
Fonzi Vargas 4 kun oldin
That title is just click bait for the views.
burt7837 4 kun oldin
What a stupid take
Metalslug 4 kun oldin
CBS has the craziest bias, Yall are 🤡
Buzz Killington
Buzz Killington 4 kun oldin
Tell me how the Raiders had the worst draft when the Texans literally only made two picks😂 the media is so hateful and disconnected when it comes to this organization. What would be the point of having a draft if every team took the consensus pick for each team on all the mainstream media draft boards? Let’s just fire all the GMs while we’re at it and let the media pick the rosters for every team, I bet that’ll work well. CBS do better. Your analysts sound extremely casual and lack understanding on the direction for many of these teams. Maybe do some real reporting rather than spewing nonsense for clicks.
David Luna
David Luna 4 kun oldin
Also these more than likely never played a down of football in their life. Trash ass media.
James Clary
James Clary 4 kun oldin
The MSM is usually full of it so I’m not too concerned.
David Luna
David Luna 4 kun oldin
I didn’t even bother watching this dumbass video.
David Luna
David Luna 4 kun oldin
The raiders didn’t come close to having the worst draft. Every pick they had was solid and filled a need. They only say it was the worst draft because they didn’t pick who the media wanted them to pick. Sorry it don’t work that way.
Michael Mortara
Michael Mortara 4 kun oldin
It’s already been reported the ravens were going to take Leatherwood. These morons always taking out they ass
BabyIgot CHOMONEY 4 kun oldin
Sooooo they have to talk bad about us in the tittle just to get views ?? Lame af this generation is full of goofs
Daeshaun Roberts
Daeshaun Roberts 4 kun oldin
C. really It will be funny if the Raiders turned out to have the best draft in the AFC because my eyes it’s only 1 Quarterback in the AFC better than Derek Carr
paolo-n2000 4 kun oldin
Who in the F are these "experts"???? LMAO!!!
Daeshaun Roberts
Daeshaun Roberts 4 kun oldin
SMH 🤦🏿‍♂️
Daeshaun Roberts
Daeshaun Roberts 4 kun oldin
So we’re just going to disregard Yannick
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