Third Row Tesla Podcast - Episode 7 - Elon Musk's Story - Director's Cut

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Third Row Tesla

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Welcome Back to our Third Row Tesla Podcast!

We worked very hard to bring you Part 1 and 2 of Elon's Story, as he told it to us. After sharing it with you, we got lots of feedback and we continually strive to improve.
We put together a combined episode of Elon's Story parts 1 and 2, complete with cuts never seen before. Part 1 audio as remastered from source giving you a much more enjoyable listening experience!
We hope you enjoy our Director's Cut of Elon's Story!
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Daniel O'Connor
Daniel O'Connor 4 soat oldin
I hope everyone who works at Tesla or SpaceX is writing down all these war stories so that one day they can all be included in Musk's biographies.
B D 11 soat oldin
I have recently joined the elon cult lol
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 20 soat oldin
It almost feels like Musk “stutters” because his brain has a filter that says “how do I explain things to people who can’t understand”?
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 20 soat oldin
@Third Row Tesla Congrats! Goal well achieved 💯
Third Row Tesla
Third Row Tesla 20 soat oldin
@Daniel Lee Glad you enjoy this video. Letting Elon speak freely was the goal.
Daniel Lee
Daniel Lee 20 soat oldin
@Third Row Tesla awesome! Thanks! Love this video btw, always a pleasure to hear him talk in a casual setting where he can speak freely
Third Row Tesla
Third Row Tesla 20 soat oldin
Elon explains this issue in the video, how difficult it is to communicate thoughts with speech due to compression/expansion and loss of information. Neuralink will likely solve this problem.
darshan babu
darshan babu Kun oldin
This should be an annual thing!! @thirdrowtesla
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts Kun oldin
1953 - US did put in our Man - the Sha's son. Iran doesn't want a replay.
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts Kun oldin
Same Puppets; Same Corporate Bosses; no change ; Assange dies in prison. Journalism seems already dead. Donald only responds to -bribes- I mean campaign contributions. Joe a coward; ignores Assange.
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts Kun oldin
Jan. 6 - False Flag, right? Surprised today no false flag to introduce Patriot Act version 3.0 reminder: Joe Biden one of the authors of 1994 Crime Bill and Patriot Act. Joe braggs about it.
king lewy
king lewy Kun oldin
Damn the beginning was super cringy
Brandon Fouts
Brandon Fouts Kun oldin
Using a Flu Virus to destroy small business and the lower (what) 70 or 60 or 50% of our working people.
Matthew Hinojosa
Matthew Hinojosa Kun oldin
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Miss Viv
Miss Viv 2 kun oldin
He sounds so happy here compared to other podcasts.
Ricky Torres
Ricky Torres 2 kun oldin
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Jestoni Roscom
Jestoni Roscom 2 kun oldin
Are they all using their own phone to record themselves?
Joel McLaughlin
Joel McLaughlin 2 kun oldin
So cool
Peter Petkanov
Peter Petkanov 3 kun oldin
good old days march 2020.. to sell a house & buy TSLA
Kyle Young
Kyle Young 3 kun oldin
black shirt club!
Ticc Boii
Ticc Boii 4 kun oldin
Protect him at all costs
Let’s Be clear
Let’s Be clear 4 kun oldin
With six different races people 😂
Jeff Harrington
Jeff Harrington 4 kun oldin
How can this have so few views
Darius Huang
Darius Huang 5 kun oldin
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Tyler Wright
Tyler Wright 6 kun oldin
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Stu Ramos
Stu Ramos 6 kun oldin
The cable management is kicking my OCD..
JJ Smith
JJ Smith 6 kun oldin
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ConstelaSP 6 kun oldin
Thanks for sharing this message!!! :)
Third Row Tesla
Third Row Tesla 6 kun oldin
You're welcome! Happy to share.
Khushal Khan
Khushal Khan 7 kun oldin
What's very apparent on this is the scale of risk you need to take to achieve anything of real significance. And the fine line between success and it not working. Had it not worked out, given the size of the risks he'd taken, he'd be lost in oblivion. MASSIVE balls to do what he did. He deserves all the success he's had.
Real reviews
Real reviews 7 kun oldin
I'm proud to report I've watched virtually every piece of media featuring Elon Musk and this is the most relaxed and engaged I've seen him. 👌
tranquilityrules 7 kun oldin
Elon VM (Video Marker) 3:07 Port exits,... Consider Fla:s Toll Rangers (a solution team as Fla's toll Rangers price service pkg comes with toll fee) dedicated team asserts vehicle compliance in the area of port country compliancein port local small battalion 3-4 trained compliance country specific company reps. Positioned at expory port begins work as they're being loaded for export. Perhaps at company standard small country specific compliance teams ??? suggestion...
Thomas S
Thomas S 7 kun oldin
I love that he gets GW.
Alex Hamlett
Alex Hamlett 7 kun oldin
How is your mom doing?
黄河之水 7 kun oldin
e equals mc squirrel
e equals mc squirrel 7 kun oldin
This is an such an amazing wholesome interview.
Mamnoon Siam
Mamnoon Siam 8 kun oldin
was that really a mark rober hair mural reference at the beginning?
Brijendra Sahye
Brijendra Sahye 8 kun oldin
Amazing video.Very educational and please keep up the very good .Greetings from London.
Soumil Sahu
Soumil Sahu 8 kun oldin
More people need to watch this. What this man has been able to achieve in "only" 25 years is bonkers.
Krystal Klear
Krystal Klear 3 kun oldin
@Mr Anonymous Haha! Its not crazy! It's bonkers. I LOVE bonkers!
Ashley 3 kun oldin
Mr Anonymous
Mr Anonymous 6 kun oldin
Do you have a bad relationship with word "crazy"?
Soumil Sahu
Soumil Sahu 8 kun oldin
28:34 AAAAH I wanted him to go down the deep rabbit hole!!! There is a severe lack of footage of Elon going full technical and I need it, badly.
Randy J James
Randy J James 9 kun oldin
I cannot believe I watched 3 1/2 hours of this. However it was worth it!
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 9 kun oldin
i am very happy with TSLA.. I've ordered the cybertruck tri motor fsd. i can't wait..I may buy the S dual motor as well.. I also love what Elon has done & will do. SpaceX, starship, boring, starlink & LOTS of factories all over the would..
Jonny The Skater
Jonny The Skater 10 kun oldin
18:24 yeah when I was 12 I was trying to did a hole to China
Jonny The Skater
Jonny The Skater 10 kun oldin
These are the people who had panic attacks in 2nd grade for getting an A-
Zero Hedge
Zero Hedge 10 kun oldin
look what stress does to you? Elon is only 1 year older than his brother, his brother takes life easy. Some times being dumb and act dumb is better than knowing
Arun Saini
Arun Saini 10 kun oldin
DAN O 10 kun oldin
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Alexander Paideia
Alexander Paideia 10 kun oldin
And therefore, according to the ancient Chinese secret wisdom, what are the five most critical powerful knowledge, richness, and wisdom that every individual could and should possess? altc, Paideia Academy-Society
Alkhemist 95
Alkhemist 95 10 kun oldin
That girls looks like a guy with a girl’s haircut.
Ddembe Francis
Ddembe Francis 11 kun oldin
Now World's richest guy
Bobby Brady
Bobby Brady 11 kun oldin
The 3:00:10 mark its like this genius is thinking, I want to be here, but I am on such a different level how do I remain engaged without treating these guys like kids? It must be lonely.
Jay Austin
Jay Austin 11 kun oldin
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Alex 11 kun oldin
Yes, have as much VISUAL REPRESENTATIONS of this future as you can... have memes, good shorter animations that shows how life would look like with all advantages such a technology brings. This way people can engage by understanding it better. It is important we support upbeat tech but also to regulate it.
Austin Cameron
Austin Cameron 11 kun oldin
"As long as Twitter is more Good than Bad."
J Hund
J Hund 11 kun oldin
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PatrickHacks 11 kun oldin
Wow I this is probably the first time I sat down and watched a UZpost video for 3 and a half hours without stopping. Amazing work guys keep it up!
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Flynn 11 kun oldin
your in twitters house you follow twitters rules and I think we've overstayed our welcome.
austin profenius
austin profenius 12 kun oldin
Elon looks stoned off his cahooter
Mr Sparky
Mr Sparky 12 kun oldin
Relaxing Nature Sounds
Relaxing Nature Sounds 12 kun oldin
elon you are genius
Rob Ch.
Rob Ch. 12 kun oldin
Lord faquaard knows his tech
david c smith
david c smith 13 kun oldin
It’s interesting Musk says we should worry more about A.I. Than anything else!.... and he is to become the riches man on earth and is investing in A.I. .... 🤔
Third Row Tesla
Third Row Tesla 12 kun oldin
That's why he started Neuralink, so we have a chance to keep up with AI.
Alexander Paideia
Alexander Paideia 13 kun oldin
Clearly, these are excellent models of great self-achievement and accomplishments. However, true and greater humanity's accomplishment is to turn oneself and human children into many superior intelligent and immortal individuals, rather than machines or robots. Would they more than willing to join and help me with this project? Best wishes, altc, Paideia Academy.
Smores_Offical 13 kun oldin
elon can say so many things but he dosent know wut to say elon real life iron man
Bryan Little
Bryan Little 14 kun oldin
679 people jelly they will never catch up with Elon
Noman Official
Noman Official 14 kun oldin
From Bangladesh
Ricky Liu
Ricky Liu 14 kun oldin
Elon is so so so smart . That’s why we all trust in him .
David Whang
David Whang 14 kun oldin
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DAN O 14 kun oldin
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ManiaCop100 14 kun oldin
Whos book does Elon Musk mention at 18:38 please tell me i love reading the same books as brilliant minds. 18:38 i just can't make out who he says
River River
River River 15 kun oldin
~ 'We are limited by the number of exceptional engineers we have.'
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Micky B
Micky B 15 kun oldin
Legit thought Kristen was starlight from the boys! Epic interview all! Really good watch and listen!
DAN O 16 kun oldin
a convy of mining tanks from the future and an oceanic gold mining submarine fleet
DAN O 16 kun oldin
Keep pressure on the ev but focus more on a series of unmanned bases from earth to Mars
DAN O 16 kun oldin
I think the magic number is 10
Bank Plank
Bank Plank 16 kun oldin
Adjust the speed to 1.25 or 1.5 :)
Toyin Olatunji
Toyin Olatunji 16 kun oldin
He’s from Atlantis . Love him 💓
DAN O 17 kun oldin
so a public global innovation multiplex
DAN O 17 kun oldin
I've got a major support structure for humanity
Dave Gammon
Dave Gammon 17 kun oldin
The enthusiasm in their eyes is scary to me.
Dave Gammon
Dave Gammon 17 kun oldin
Dude the way that blonde is eye molesting poor Elon. Jesus.
Pragathi Kethireddy
Pragathi Kethireddy 18 kun oldin
elon is trying to talk about big ideas , and conversations time and again diverted his attention towards earthly concerns. Missed opportunity imo to probe his unique mind..
Tunde Forasi
Tunde Forasi 18 kun oldin
I simply love Elon.His shoulder mouves is heartworming.Love love.
Chris Beckman
Chris Beckman 18 kun oldin
Awesome! Thanks for sharing! :-)
Vic Calubad
Vic Calubad 18 kun oldin
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matthew ramirez
matthew ramirez 18 kun oldin
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Terry White
Terry White 19 kun oldin
I AM PROTESLA AND PROTESLAPOWER!! I suggested in a tweet to Elon Musk that the recently acquired Hibar factory in Toronto should be used for making Hi-density batteries and Tesla solar for homes, businesses, Cybertruck, Tesla semi and trailers, etc. Considering Elon Musk has a Tri-citizenship I suggested Toronto Canada be the next place for a Terrafactory. He gets a lot of tweets in a day so I could really use help getting some of these ideas out there! Besides Ontario Airport gets a Hyperloop tunnel and Ontario Canada doesn't? Along that "Golden Horseshoe" Nicola Tesla even put the first AC power generation from Niagara to Toronto. Since we had the first Tesla Blvd and Tesla AC Generation it's only fitting. Tesla solar and vehicles could be moved across the Great Lakes and down to the St Lawrence Seaway. This has lots of potential of lowering shipping costs. Especially if we could design Tesla's own Shipping and Watercraft. Let me know if you like these ideas or have some of your own. I appreciate all of you and your comments. This is the time and we are the people that will change the world!
Anthony LiPetri
Anthony LiPetri 19 kun oldin
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md fail
md fail 20 kun oldin
so tesla simps are a real thing huh
Rudy Luypaert
Rudy Luypaert 20 kun oldin
Enjoyed watching and listening the conversation. Lessons learnt: stay cool.
Daniel Rikberg
Daniel Rikberg 20 kun oldin
hey guys happy new years! i just wanted to share the books that really changed everything for me. the process of financial education is a tough road but i would take the jump any day again. , ,
Jason Sejkora
Jason Sejkora 21 kun oldin
On the Glass roof solar system.... I'm in NC and looked into after another 3 years of waiting, and it's the same thing. Not available.. I scheduled 4 different companies to come out and do quotes for metal roofs. My 25-year-old shingle roof won't be able to hang on until you're done perfecting it.
Blueshit101 22 kun oldin
Me googling half the words Elon says. I feel so freaking dumb.
H S 22 kun oldin
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Zachary Dalby
Zachary Dalby 23 kun oldin
What's your view on the world as i see it & my investment by Nikola Tesla?
Zachary Dalby
Zachary Dalby 23 kun oldin
Stimulation therapy can help you with your stuff.
Zachary Dalby
Zachary Dalby 23 kun oldin
I have a small suggestion
Zachary Dalby
Zachary Dalby 23 kun oldin
I disagree with neurolink.
Zachary Dalby
Zachary Dalby 23 kun oldin
I've read over 200 books in my life.
norman cowell
norman cowell 23 kun oldin
Not buying one if it’s made benefitting the CCP
Jess Lyn
Jess Lyn 23 kun oldin
Alexander Paideia
Alexander Paideia 23 kun oldin
Much thanks for sharing. Having overcome a great many years of profound self-sacrifices, achieved such incredible personal breakthrough, progress in technology, wealth, power, and fame to this date; however, to give something back to the society, many great men, women, and the whole world continue to fail, neglected, or unable to identify some of the greatest, most meaningful way, and much more needed projects to timely rescue and heal the many emptiness, broken, and wounded inner spirit of the people throughout the world. *** What is it and when will it be recognized? Best wishes always, altc, Paideia Academy
qubit 000
qubit 000 24 kun oldin
Very insightful interview. Can't imagine another company CEO sharing so much, let alone spend 3hrs+ talking with his fans...bravo
Rabit Flicks
Rabit Flicks 25 kun oldin
“And that’s the best that we can do, basically..” 😂 if only it was that easy for people to understand
JustChuck Fallis
JustChuck Fallis 25 kun oldin
I just saw the video congratulations on excellent excellent interview with one of the greatest people of all all time this man will probably be known for saving the planet in the future
Third Row Tesla
Third Row Tesla 25 kun oldin
Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.
northern star
northern star 25 kun oldin
elon musk for president
Hayden Sommers
Hayden Sommers 10 kun oldin
I second that !
rickitek gaaso
rickitek gaaso 26 kun oldin
3:01:22 R&D and innovation is not about money thing but finding the exceptional engineers. theres a limited supply of excellent talented enginèers
Luke Andris
Luke Andris 26 kun oldin
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Data Soong
Data Soong 26 kun oldin
one man company
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