There is a Serious Problem On Warzone..

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There is a Serious Problem On Warzone..
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minotaur1257 Oy oldin
Honestly nick handles rage moments very well, at 22:38 if I died when i pressed a shotgun barrel to someones head and it didn’t one shot them i would have lost my mind
Droody Oy oldin
that shotgun is so fucking op
Tyson J
Tyson J Oy oldin
Damn that last 2 man Rez was a god play 🔥
Jarrod Pimental
Jarrod Pimental Oy oldin
They want you to move to Cold War
Tro0t Oy oldin
i had to start using it smh
Dj Cox
Dj Cox Oy oldin
Nick bro hop oj this bitch and help me get some dubz i only got like 23
pebblehill80 Oy oldin
Stop crying and play the game
SheWant Jackson
SheWant Jackson Oy oldin
anybody else watch nick on da toilet?
gaming with grant
gaming with grant Oy oldin
it doesn't need a nerf, u just have to learn not to play super short range against one lmao, play smarter
Daniel TD
Daniel TD Oy oldin
The guns in warzone 😍 , why ban , why is broken gun , man come on its shotgun its powerful , i don’t know why infinity ward and activation try to patch guns 😐🤔😑 if they show us new gun that’s it end of the line don’t PATCH for more recoil or Something stupid 😂😬😡, and by the way R9 more deadly than origin peace love baby 😂🤘🏻
Dave S.
Dave S. Oy oldin
Well, between the R9-0 and the constant juggs, I've been actually playing Cold War a lot more than I expected.
Tate Drinkwine
Tate Drinkwine Oy oldin
Make a vid on the Finn lmg
derp-a derg
derp-a derg Oy oldin
My response when I get doof doofed: "Boooooooooooooring" My Response when I get killed by a Kilo: "Boooooooring" why is it that out of 150 people who could win ..... 95 of them think they definitely will win and need a doof doof to "Fuck with the pro's". Unless you are pro or tournament level, you DO NOT need such a slight advantage the Kilo or MP5 gift you .... you are just not that good, so stop using META when you don;t get wins or high kills. Doof doof people are fucking boring idiots.
Zachary Rotkvic
Zachary Rotkvic Oy oldin
The angst in this comment is genuinely hilarious
Caden Escamilla
Caden Escamilla Oy oldin
Broccoli Side Dish
Broccoli Side Dish Oy oldin
Shut up or go back to Fortnite 💯
Silverbullet YT
Silverbullet YT Oy oldin
My duff duff is maxed out 😈😈😈
Kasim kulić
Kasim kulić Oy oldin
NO NECK GANG ! peace and love baby
Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams Oy oldin
The need to nerf the shotgun and get rid of juggernauts
Joseph Andracki
Joseph Andracki Oy oldin
Either get doof doofed or ya do the doof doofin
Petar Ereiz
Petar Ereiz Oy oldin
I use the Aug and the mp7
3rdEyeBeing Oy oldin
My boys neck goes from o to O randomly lmaooo
gabriel dean
gabriel dean Oy oldin
nerf kilo if anything I mean I get beamed by that thing more than I do with a shotty. Gun needs more recoil periodt
Zachary Aymond
Zachary Aymond Oy oldin
Tell me how I have a 2070 super and a 3600x and am not even getting half the frames this man is while streaming. Wtffff
ITs SLUSHY Oy oldin
I’m deleting the game 😂 because of that I’m giving this last week and if they don’t I’m out
Ryan Durda
Ryan Durda Oy oldin
Putting some weight on huh? Lol
Logan Perritt
Logan Perritt Oy oldin
everytime i see you drinking coffee i get sum coffee
Typhus 1618
Typhus 1618 Oy oldin
people still play this dumb game
Kevin Bing
Kevin Bing Oy oldin
Cold War comes out, NO NEW MAP?
nixon morales
nixon morales Oy oldin
Love u Nick
Urbano Rocha
Urbano Rocha Oy oldin
How did I wait 4 months to sub🤨 Que pasa
OldManMagic Oy oldin
I laughed hard at aimbot.exe comment..
Marcial malic
Marcial malic Oy oldin
He’s 100% on the juice. Your face swells up when you’re on them trenbalogne samiches
Andrew Peterkin
Andrew Peterkin Oy oldin
Yea its blatant
DeeJayOdin Oy oldin
Toughest Rep in History - The Swagg Story
the nut
the nut Oy oldin
if you don't wanna die to a shotgun, keep your distance? i mean the r-9 isn't that op imo. if anything they gotta take them juggernauts out
Animated Bully
Animated Bully Oy oldin
6:55 😂💀💀 suprised nick didnt laugh the way he ran back to the stairs 😂
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan Oy oldin
Hes obese now😂
Aamir Khan
Aamir Khan Oy oldin
Do you guys remember when he was fit
do i see 24/7 shoot house and shipment back there????
Jesse ybarra
Jesse ybarra Oy oldin
The *"doof doof"* is the reason I never stay too long in buildings along with running a range, accuracy based m13 with a max range ax-50 build
Hayden Ford
Hayden Ford Oy oldin
An i the only one that wants to see a FaZe Timthefatman
Johnnygz823 Oy oldin
This man has no neck
Eddz Oy oldin
I lowkey think the fannec cuz of its rate of fire can defeat the r9- shotgun. Maybe I'm wrong😅
themaddog Oy oldin
Can u please do fn soon
JD Legacy
JD Legacy Oy oldin
"Take them out!!" By Doc disrespect
Rick McGalliard
Rick McGalliard Oy oldin
If a sniper can 1 shot headshot at any range and I can also get quick scoped from 5 feet away, I don't see the problem with the shotgun..... Shotguns are meant for close quarters combat, snipers are meant for range, so until they increase the ADS speed of snipers to be actually that of a sniper rifle..... I say run with the guns you want.
SANTOS Productions
SANTOS Productions Oy oldin
Making anew account buying the kilo n duff duff
Gavin mason
Gavin mason Oy oldin
What attachments does nick have with the doof doof?
RRR 6154
RRR 6154 Oy oldin
Please please activision. Nerf the kilo and doof doof
tveks Oy oldin
Doof or doof not, there is no try
Robert Hoad
Robert Hoad Oy oldin
Bro. I would totally love to play warzone with you sometime. Your awesome and I love your videos. Let me know if it's possible.
Landon Martin
Landon Martin Oy oldin
My doof-doof counter is ironically the crossbow lol.
brandonmc01 Oy oldin
Went back to Apex about a week ago. WZ is just a big doof doof fest...
Aidan Wilkinson-Leonard
Aidan Wilkinson-Leonard Oy oldin
Nicky-Poo we should just remove shotguns as it is
nick mitchell
nick mitchell Oy oldin
alr know u talkin about the r9 lmaoo
Kevin Sinclair
Kevin Sinclair Oy oldin
What's his attachments on his R-90 to make the cross hairs so close?
Alfred B
Alfred B Oy oldin
People need to stop complaining about every gun, smh
Mike Collins
Mike Collins Oy oldin
I miss hearing Doc’s “BOOM!” in the vids
Beef Oy oldin
4:51 imagine going to downtown in a heli getting out and standing around on a building and not getting your head sniped off.
Christopher Fenn
Christopher Fenn Oy oldin
Youuuuttubeeeeeee!!!! What's going on today man LISTEN!!!! One of the best introductions known to man.
Historia Vitae
Historia Vitae Oy oldin
Started watching you in march and since then your face is more fat than timthetatmans, Btw this is your 3. Title like this, get some creativity State of content making is really bad every video is no recoil And last week they Started doing no recoil kilo smg i mean what the fuck
DJBigBear Oy oldin
I was in the top 10 then got doof- doofed
mecca6801 Oy oldin
Leave the doof-doof alone dammit lol they already nerfed shottys on the mobile, don't mess it up for the console/pc
Josh Oy oldin
Love this turtle
James Smith
James Smith Oy oldin
Stopped playing warzone after my kd went from a 4 to a 2 constantly getting shottied and I refuse to stoop that low. That’s just puss stuff.
Argen Zadouriyan
Argen Zadouriyan Oy oldin
Stupid power on R 9 takes 0 skills
dj Ots
dj Ots Oy oldin
Do the doof doofin
Harry Sanger
Harry Sanger Oy oldin
Nicks falling into the trap of whinging about things for content. More dubs pls.
Mystic_Fandog Oy oldin
I love usinging the r9 shot gun but i hate it being used on me its like a abusive relationship 😂
Steve Oy oldin
Been rocking a Scar and UZI combo this season just to change it up and have fun. It's hard, but honestly fun AF. The feeling you get when you shit all over a doof doof with a lil uzi.. Why do they NOT nerf the doof doof? Well... Maybe cause people like Zlaner are winning 10's of thousands of dollars, winning warzone tournaments, without even using it. It's straight up a noob gun and you don't need to use it to compete at the top level...
Toxicampharos Oy oldin
The serious problem that you haven't tried the AN-94!
Koos Krammer
Koos Krammer Oy oldin
Lol all the words out of your mouth. Doof Doof. Suspect man suspect, lmao. Nick vid Nick really enjou you and your team. Wd man
J K Oy oldin
Bring back origin.... Please Activision
CASTRO45ACP Oy oldin
Nick if they nerf the R90 to where it doesn't kill you with two shots then it will be useless
Neighton Bell
Neighton Bell Oy oldin
That’s the ceo favorite gun that’s why
Jaay Duub
Jaay Duub Oy oldin
Warzone needs more interacting stuff
The Misspent Soul
The Misspent Soul Oy oldin
What actually is the doof doof
SIRHENNY1 Oy oldin
Tim da Fatman been tryna get that “this is a warzone” joke off for the past 5 streams give it up it’s not funny bro.
David Beers
David Beers Oy oldin
But instead of making a video for clicks. Call Activision
Carly Montinard
Carly Montinard Oy oldin
that claymore got me tight!
Trxpwoodz Oy oldin
Me just joining the doof doof 2 days ago 👁👄👁
Jeff Aly
Jeff Aly Oy oldin
The doof doof is doofing too much
Marcos Suero
Marcos Suero Oy oldin
Im ngl I almost won a game today had my mp5 out turn a corner and saw that fat ass shotgun right in my mouth I might as well have left the game
D B Oy oldin
I did buy it and i did use code MFAM tho nicky🖤
Tacochris 12
Tacochris 12 Oy oldin
He looks more chubby
wv11989 Oy oldin
Tim is fat but damn he only got one kneck wtf this guy been eating
thomas nguyen
thomas nguyen Oy oldin
Wait is the warzone map changing
Diego Fernandez
Diego Fernandez Oy oldin
i beat it with a fennec, 🚫🎓
WoodyPacer 33
WoodyPacer 33 Oy oldin
Do a loadout swap challenge
Diego Martinez
Diego Martinez Oy oldin
Is it just me or nick has fangs
IloveChrist2 Oy oldin
Cold war looks like it is 8 yrs old. I tried it..pass..
ImKryptic Oy oldin
you should react to Dfalt he is 100% better than symfuhny
BT35H1 Oy oldin
it takes 0 skill to doof doof
James Oy oldin
Not this shit again
Felipe Sanchez
Felipe Sanchez Oy oldin
What happened to the cave
peter PETER
peter PETER Oy oldin
biggest problem is all the stupid ass streamers that have no life
RiktigMusik Oy oldin
Remove the dragon breathe and the Delay the shots between shots alt lower the damage and u will still have a chance with a mp5 and the ro9 players can keep rocking it, but no they won’t because then it’s skill based and that’s the only reason they use this weapon..
Bvxz Oy oldin
i will never switch to doof doof , i beat it all the time with the MP5 just find the right attachments and keep a lil distance and you win the fight .
Luyanda Cele
Luyanda Cele Oy oldin
Nick looks very short
RiktigMusik Oy oldin
17:00 when he said ”One shot” this is actually accurate, because he only hits him one shot 😂😂😂
Arjay Mendoza
Arjay Mendoza Oy oldin
Friend me on warzo
Warzone is Being EXPOSED.. 😨
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