The Undertaker Takes Care of Business While Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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First We Feast

First We Feast

11 kun oldin

Mark Calaway is the Undertaker-a 7x World Heavyweight Champion (in WWF and WWE), and one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. His five-part docuseries ‘The Last Ride’ is currently airing on the WWE Network. On November 22 he'll be giving his "Final Farewell" at ‘Survivor Series,’ the same event where he made his wrestling debut more than 30 years ago. How will Big Evil match up in this rumble with the wings of death? Find out how the trench coat-wearing Deadman fares in the scoville inferno known as Hot Ones while answering questions about his early days performing under the name Commando, backstage locker room beef, the zen of motorcycling, Mike Tyson’s impact on professional wrestling, and how he wants his fans to remember him. Will the Lord of Darkness ascend from hell and survive the hottest hot sauces to ever enter the ring, or will he be buried alive in the chicken bone graveyard? From Death Valley… The Undertaker!
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First We Feast
First We Feast 10 kun oldin
What is your favorite Undertaker match?
Silverwood Capital
Silverwood Capital Kun oldin
the cage match with Mankind that he not only slammed him through the cage, he threw him off the cage! How can anyone survive that?
Samuel Mcgraw
Samuel Mcgraw 4 kun oldin
500th comment
Murder Mitten Garage
Murder Mitten Garage 8 kun oldin
If there’s anybody I’d want to have a beer with it’s definitely taker
Know Your Role Productions
Know Your Role Productions 10 kun oldin
vs. HBK WrestleMania 25
Matthew Latham
Matthew Latham 10 kun oldin
Undertaker mankind hell in a cell.
Oli 3 soat oldin
he doesn't live up to his wrestling name at all, he's one of the nicest dudes ever!
Dashe Renewal
Dashe Renewal 3 soat oldin
Who else thought Kane & The Undertaker were biological brothers when you were younger?
Commie whacker
Commie whacker 3 soat oldin
I know who he is and i never watched wwe
Nicolas Detore
Nicolas Detore 3 soat oldin
I love how Mark's becoming more social now that he's no longer shackled by his gimmick.
Fisher Amen
Fisher Amen 3 soat oldin
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God Antique
God Antique 3 soat oldin
I ate wings, but the only thing I had was poppamies scorpion sauce at 600k+ scovilles. Really good sauce for cooking in general, I marinaded my wings in this and I really the episode and my wings as a spcy food fan, FWF fan and WWE fan who has been seeing the undertaker over the years (I would say WWF fan, but since were living in WWE era everyone gets me)
Finn Boden
Finn Boden 4 soat oldin
👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you taker 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 thank you taker
BarneyRubble 4 soat oldin
Taker was/is/always will be wrestling personified. The man behind Taker is a true Gentleman. Sorry for the RickFlair vibe, but RickFlair always had the best catch phrases, but Taker NEVER will be duplicated. One day, i hope to shake his hand and thank him for his excellent service and "bringing it" when the undead monster was needed. and not a drop of milk, either!!!
4:25 am
4:25 am 4 soat oldin
I really enjoyed this interview but the ads were so annoying
Jonas Lipovsky
Jonas Lipovsky 4 soat oldin
Easily undertaker vs shawn micheals
Jasonwizz1 4 soat oldin
man this man is my hero!!! I cant say how much he meanes to me. I lost my brother in 96 and son... This killz meh!!!
Booger's Movie, Food, TV, and Drink Reviews
Booger's Movie, Food, TV, and Drink Reviews 4 soat oldin
That send-off was as bad as a public fisting.
Ben Dillon
Ben Dillon 4 soat oldin
Thankyou for this. Both of you where awsome and kudos to your crew
4:25 am
4:25 am 4 soat oldin
Undertaker wore chrome hearts before it became a hype beast/streetwear trend
Adrianna Salazar
Adrianna Salazar 4 soat oldin
Never thought I’d hear Taker say “My butt is puckered” 😂
Anna Nishikinomiya
Anna Nishikinomiya 4 soat oldin
These hot sauces should be wrestlemania opponents..the streak would be over faster xD
Aew Pentagon Jr
Aew Pentagon Jr 5 soat oldin
Hot sauce vsundertaker
Addy Klein
Addy Klein 5 soat oldin
What is your favorite Undertaker match?
TrukenX 5 soat oldin
Im Mad MAD... the fact that Undertaker Felt he had to Premise... I don't want to sound cocky when talking about fights all new Wrestlers need to watch when he named just ONE of his fights... MAN YOURE FREAKING UNDERTAKER WTF are you talking about??? Literally 99 percent of your Fights are Classics
Eric Reed
Eric Reed 5 soat oldin
4:20 Undertaker's face when he was hit with a question he never expected. Great Job!
AnimeEpicAdventure 5 soat oldin
Ivan Hairnandez
Ivan Hairnandez 6 soat oldin
Dis Gus teng
Teeds TheGod
Teeds TheGod 6 soat oldin
It's enough to make a grown man cry..
Just Jordan
Just Jordan 6 soat oldin
Haha Rebook the true athletes of the future Hot sauce guys :)
Mattie N.D.E
Mattie N.D.E 6 soat oldin
Seems like a real nice guy
lukisha domally
lukisha domally 6 soat oldin
Love the Undertaker!! This was good! Thank you for so many legendary moments, and memories for me. We love you Undertaker!
raphstarr 6 soat oldin
Taker vs mankind l, he'll in a cell.
Thomas Wilkerson
Thomas Wilkerson 6 soat oldin
Im nostalgia-ing so hard rn
Jeffrey White
Jeffrey White 7 soat oldin
This was an awesome interview. Loved it
Zahir Millard
Zahir Millard 7 soat oldin
Daaaamn Posty came a long way. 11:06 throwbackk
Nat Wru
Nat Wru 7 soat oldin
Since I was twelve I’ve thought wrestling was cheesy scripted fake And the undertaker was always a badass.
Hensley Jb
Hensley Jb 7 soat oldin
Why did wwe kill him😰
Brandy Bardgett
Brandy Bardgett 7 soat oldin
He looks bare without eyeliner. Lol. He's a cool wrestler. My kids all loved him. My 7 & 4 year old boy's play with his figures today.
RoseisoutofherTOGA 7 soat oldin
“It tastes like a yak’s ass on fire” Brilliant
m 7 soat oldin
in case you just want to see the hot wings parts: 1:38 4:04 5:31 8:21 10:22 13:08 15:11 18:56 21:51 23:02
Corey Williams
Corey Williams 8 soat oldin
Can you please have Jason Mantzoukas on the show? PLEASE!!!!!
vadermask//mass retaliation
vadermask//mass retaliation 8 soat oldin
Funny how so many professional wrestlers end up being the most real guys!! Like this gentleman who provided so much happiness to so many kids.
Sharon Casey Ledwidge
Sharon Casey Ledwidge 8 soat oldin
Vandal DSP
Vandal DSP 8 soat oldin
anyone else hate how the shelves in the back of seans cam aren't level?
A M A T E U R W A V E 8 soat oldin
This nigga really said "PCH" and "no traffic" in the same sentence 🤣🤣🤣
3rd Eye Cult
3rd Eye Cult 9 soat oldin
If only he did his undertaker eyes before biting that last wing..🪦
SeñorDogsfoot 9 soat oldin
Met the Undertaker at the airport a couple years back. Could tell he seemed a bit annoyed because I recognized him. Granted he had just checked in and airports are probably not the best place to meet a celebrity. Still shook my hand though
M C 9 soat oldin
Mo Ze
Mo Ze 9 soat oldin
I would love to sit and listen to Taker talk about all the crazy times he had on the road with the business.
Mr survival
Mr survival 9 soat oldin
A damn legend 🙌 👏
Montua4 9 soat oldin
He has always been my favorite wrestler. It feels good to see him outside of the ring.
Leon Needs Waffles
Leon Needs Waffles 9 soat oldin
It's just not the same
Chris Toro
Chris Toro 10 soat oldin
A fucking hero and A Legend.
Leon Vanic
Leon Vanic 10 soat oldin
Thank you Taker! Enjoy retirement and know the new era will carry the WWE.
Deejay animations
Deejay animations 10 soat oldin
Sad to see he retired 😞
Sara Nichols
Sara Nichols 10 soat oldin
This is the first time I heard Undertakers voice 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Dixie Fox
Dixie Fox 10 soat oldin
The undertaker is my absolute favorite wrestler, I'm sad he is retiring but he has been in the business for 30 years; it's crazy. My whole family has been a Undertaker fan, I've always wanted to get a autograph or a picture for my family to freak out over lol. But it's enough just to be a big fan :) Even if undertaker dosent wrestle anymore he will definitely still be my favorite!! This was alot of fun to watch and get to know him without the jacket- y'know? Not to be cheesy but thank you taker 🤣🤣🤣😊😊🤟
Buzzcutbob 11 soat oldin
The image of Undertaker's mother calling and scolding the other athletes is hilariously wholesome
Shawn Lewis
Shawn Lewis 11 soat oldin
Will NOT waste my time watching this pansy ass virtual hot wings challenge....people, we aren't in a Pandemic...we're in a Scamdemic...grow some balls and stop putting up with this bullshit!
TULI BANKS 11 soat oldin
Wooooah I’m the 7th million view
MufasaWasAPunk 11 soat oldin
Easily first blood match 99 against stone cold!
Talia al Ghul
Talia al Ghul 11 soat oldin
Your tongue will Rest...In....Peace.
Nuckle 11 soat oldin
I’ve never heard him speak
Loui The Playboy
Loui The Playboy 12 soat oldin
Wish i could taste all that sauces and See if I finish all😂
DrSpooglemon 12 soat oldin
The Undertaker vs The California Reaper.
madlin sophy
madlin sophy 12 soat oldin
These fucking basketball games ads are literally unskippable and it's getting on my nerves. (Tho still great vid I liked it).
Noof K
Noof K 12 soat oldin
Shir Pradhan
Shir Pradhan 13 soat oldin
He's a gem!
Bodoo Avikesh
Bodoo Avikesh 13 soat oldin
Richard Mac Dougall
Richard Mac Dougall 13 soat oldin
Thank you Undertaker rest in peace!!!! Enjoy your retirement Mark x
Ronnie Black
Ronnie Black 13 soat oldin
So awesome you got the Undertaker on here. My favorite match has to be him vs Jeff Hardy at Extreme Rules. It was a upsetting loss for Taker but still a great classic.
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 13 soat oldin
captivated for 28 minutes and doing research I can see why you guys look up to him. I’ve learned so much.
Charles Hocker
Charles Hocker 13 soat oldin
He was in movie Suburban Commando with Hulk Hogan.
Kxng Juan
Kxng Juan 13 soat oldin
Am I the only that’s hearing the undertaker’s voice for the first time?
Kxng Juan
Kxng Juan 13 soat oldin
@zijuiy wttuy ?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy 13 soat oldin
Nice looking?
Gaming 4 everyone
Gaming 4 everyone 14 soat oldin
We never asked for it... But we all needed it
Jacob Tello
Jacob Tello 14 soat oldin
theGREY JOE 14 soat oldin
What if wwe decides to make a hotwings tournament after watching this that would be cool
Tarun Sharma
Tarun Sharma 15 soat oldin
That's my childhood hero but now he legend for me ❤❤
fireFist ace
fireFist ace 15 soat oldin
Dude is a wholesome guy
Pablo Saucedo
Pablo Saucedo 15 soat oldin
The undertaker eating hot wings gets more viewers than raw or smackdown combined 😂😭
Jack Schmit
Jack Schmit 15 soat oldin
OMFG i haven't watched WWF, (or WWE as it is now known) for decades! I remember this dude up against Jake the Snake.
T SMACKS 15 soat oldin
I was a lil kid from New Orleans and wanted to be undertaker and Kane growing up. 🐐
Old School
Old School 15 soat oldin
Anyone else want to hear the story involving Fuji the gear bag and the animal head...
Aust 16 soat oldin
Crazy that people still watch fake wrestling. 😂 i worked for a company that shipped wwe shit and people really paying hundreds to thousands on replica belts 😂😂😂 some goofys
Chris Worthington
Chris Worthington 16 soat oldin
I have no idea who this guy is never watched any wrestling. I wanted to see him, one he tasted The Bomb. Get up and then rip one of Billie Ellishs arms off and beat Gordon Ramsay with it. 🤘 The two worst guests ever since day one. Shaquille O'neal being the third worst IMO.
VOLAIRE'S MINION 16 soat oldin
It's surreal to remember what I thought to be my undead role model is just a religious country boy.
frank Rossier
frank Rossier 16 soat oldin
I'm french, my english is very bad, I don't know anything about america, but I know who is The Undertaker. And what he is capable of.
Thomas Zheng
Thomas Zheng 16 soat oldin
Got a little teary eyed, he's such a great, dedicated, and noble man. He has left his mark in wrestlin fans hearts, God bless him.
Ten Ton
Ten Ton 16 soat oldin
thank you taker
Shane Christiana
Shane Christiana 16 soat oldin
Greatest of all time. Thank you Sir for your decades of hard work and entertainment for many of us. May you have a healthy and happy retired life with your family.
Ignas K
Ignas K 16 soat oldin
CHILDHOOD HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mike Coxor
Mike Coxor 17 soat oldin
It's so good to finally see him be himself. The sheer dedication of staying in character for 30 years is absolutely astounding. It'll be sad to see him go but i bet it'll be the best show WWE has ever had. R.I.P Undertaker. Welcome Mark.
virionZ 17 soat oldin
This Undertaker guy looks like he could join wresting or something
potygenesis 17 soat oldin
wait he can talk
Rick C-137
Rick C-137 18 soat oldin
I just came here to watch ads why is undertaker on my video?
JL 18 soat oldin
Some wrestling matches I think are pretty great... Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat (I forget which match. I think it was the 2 out of 3 falls Clast of Champions match.) Shawn Michaels vs Bret Hart Iron Man Match, Wrestlemania 12
Adham Abousalem
Adham Abousalem 18 soat oldin
That MMMMMM by Taker at the ending was epic
chaan L
chaan L 18 soat oldin
Wow taking on those sauces was nothing for him
CitrousJaguar 18 soat oldin
This man gave me so many great memories.. I will NEVER forgot you taker
KimDahl77 18 soat oldin
Ya' know.
woah buddy !
woah buddy ! 18 soat oldin
Bruh i never knew how he sount
Dip ShitPhil
Dip ShitPhil 19 soat oldin
I dont like the way hes reading off the question and even worse reading them off bad. I wish it was more natural and fluid.
rakib islam
rakib islam 19 soat oldin
He's undefeated in our hearts
Unknown I am
Unknown I am 19 soat oldin
It's impossible to not like this guy, the coolest deadman ever!
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