The Ultimate "Wii Sports" Recap Cartoon

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Cas van de Pol

Cas van de Pol

7 kun oldin

In this ultimate recap cartoon we retell the epic storyline from Nintendo's "Wii Sports". Remember that?
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A Cartoon by
Cas van de Pol
Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
Animation by
Erwin Langstraat - ninjalligator
Junaid Chundrigar - ImaJunation
Cas van de Pol
Backgrounds by
Cas van de Pol
Sound design by
Robert Jung - dreikelvin
Voice work by
Jeffrey Wirtz - egbertgames
3D assets & animation by
Owen Buckley - certifiedlame

Cas van de Pol
Cas van de Pol 6 kun oldin if you wanna support the channel :)
daniela fagundes
daniela fagundes 13 soat oldin
@Facundo Sanchez no
memes Universal
memes Universal 21 soat oldin
I remember playing this game
Zombiie Zachy
Zombiie Zachy Kun oldin
Can you make Monsters Inc please
Zombiie Zachy
Zombiie Zachy Kun oldin
Good evening
Bianca Marian
Bianca Marian 2 kun oldin
InspectrE Soat oldin
I always thought the cursor shaking was just me
Alexis McCall
Alexis McCall Soat oldin
The jittery cursor, I'm dying! 😂
Smith Kids Smith
Smith Kids Smith Soat oldin
The best game played on this earth
waffle man
waffle man 2 soat oldin
Never played the orignial sports,but had wii resort at the YMCA nearby And now I reminisce the fact that I single handedly beat normal9 to reverse 10, which had been previously locked to everyone.Thanks for the animation\( ᐛ )/
Tornado of Trouble
Tornado of Trouble 2 soat oldin
good God the realistic wii and cracked screen at the end scared the soul outta me
Mehdi Laidouni
Mehdi Laidouni 2 soat oldin
RJ 2 soat oldin
Being a guilty 1:44 Family leave alone 1:48 Fired on office 1:52 Crying on shower 1:59 Sad drunk in the bar 2:02 Thug evil ganging up player 2:07 Watching a family 2:11 Getting arrested 2:19 Thug evil ganging up him again 2:21 Player use a explode to revenge 2:25 Happy ending after strike 2:35
Uncontrollable Sphere
Uncontrollable Sphere 3 soat oldin
I like to imagine that Matt didn’t get dumped, but he turned into the guy she tells you not to worry about
Blacksmith’s Forge
Blacksmith’s Forge 3 soat oldin
I love how everything starts with Wii. Wii Shady Bar, Wii Alley, Wii Police...
Efe Doruk Genc
Efe Doruk Genc 3 soat oldin
does anyone has wıı lıke me ıf you have lıke hashtag wıı enjoyer gang
Abouttime tomakemybed
Abouttime tomakemybed 3 soat oldin
Matt stole yo girl
TheOne Spy
TheOne Spy 4 soat oldin
Do mitchels vs machines recap, it’s on Netflix
Qugpetz Secchi
Qugpetz Secchi 4 soat oldin
1:39 tearless raptor
FunGamer MineBloxNite
FunGamer MineBloxNite 4 soat oldin
Matt be like: t e e n i s
Twilight Sparkle
Twilight Sparkle 4 soat oldin
1:36 noobs in wii sports be like:
Slate 4 soat oldin
The shaking little hand KILLLLLSSSS me its PERFECT xDDD
chance richards
chance richards 4 soat oldin
What about the Wii boxing result music?
RaBer N.B.G
RaBer N.B.G 4 soat oldin
Justin Soul
Justin Soul 4 soat oldin
At least It had a happy ending.. :D
Maya Wang
Maya Wang 5 soat oldin
Me likeyyy
babybunniboyfriend. 5 soat oldin
i legit felt bad for the bowling guy though 😟 jc
RJ 5 soat oldin
Poorest red player is died
Celeste Trinidad Orellana Abarca
Celeste Trinidad Orellana Abarca 5 soat oldin
WTF 1:36
KiaraTheRandomTiger 5 soat oldin
You should make the ultimate watership down recap cartoon
Rarez 5 soat oldin
this shit must be mad confusing to people who didnt grow up on wii sports
RJ 6 soat oldin
very funny and laughing
Nathan Inigo
Nathan Inigo 6 soat oldin
I have a wii and the only mii i have is eteled i got it in 2016
RJ 6 soat oldin
Don't get bowling and make you being sadden and tortured
Tyko Sun
Tyko Sun 6 soat oldin
Ah yes the Wii Shady Bar & Wii Alley
crazy incubator
crazy incubator 6 soat oldin
Can you do Wallace and Gromit the curse of the were-rabbit
Xx_RAIN_edgar_xX 6 soat oldin
0:03 when mom grabs me and said " *YOUR GROUNDED* "
Timothy A Schuler
Timothy A Schuler 6 soat oldin
In the intro, when that carl weezer wanna be Mii was getting choked, When the cursor starts choking, it clearly caught me off guard.
Mahmuda Rahman
Mahmuda Rahman 6 soat oldin
Is nobody gonna talk about the fact that the sensor bar was broken and after some sports it fixed
Larkin muskrat
Larkin muskrat 7 soat oldin
when you get notifs to use YT Kids when watching a Cas video: 😬😬😬
Kashu • カッシュ
Kashu • カッシュ 7 soat oldin
What about the Ultimate Naruto Movie Recap Cartoon?
Daniel D
Daniel D 7 soat oldin
0:22 so matt had a corruption
Daddy Co.
Daddy Co. 7 soat oldin
1:51 does anyone else hear a sad version of the Wii sports music
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku
Tatsumaki Senpukyaku 7 soat oldin
That was awesome, I wonder you can do "The Ultimate "Super Mario Sunshine" Recap" video next, I mean I love your video. 👍
Eevee master
Eevee master 7 soat oldin
Make a part 2 plsssssss
Fireball Flareblitz
Fireball Flareblitz 7 soat oldin
I knew there was a reason why you did bowling last
G 132el noob - Minecraft
G 132el noob - Minecraft 7 soat oldin
Julian-Carlos Aguilar
Julian-Carlos Aguilar 7 soat oldin
2:26 Decides to suicide where he injured the kid
Julian Edwards
Julian Edwards 7 soat oldin
matt starts to glitch a bit at 0:23
Rednerd9143 7 soat oldin
Man i do miss my wii days
dylgummy2 7 soat oldin
Wii Anti piracy be like 1:38
TruDevv 8 soat oldin
Ok.. that got a little too emotional.
SnappyNPC 8 soat oldin
Matts kinda thicc ngl..
Jehnny e Lion
Jehnny e Lion 8 soat oldin
Donkey kong arcade and donkey kong jr
SoccerJack101 8 soat oldin
Why is this so true lol
Oswald Marc RogersTM
Oswald Marc RogersTM 8 soat oldin
For a minute, I though it was gonna be a more normal video for Cas. After seeing the Bowling part, man was I wrong 😂
Dominic Tiberi
Dominic Tiberi 8 soat oldin
Happy 2M
Potato SliceYT
Potato SliceYT 8 soat oldin
It's so true tho
Apopulause 8 soat oldin
I wanted to see something else then a mii accidentally killing a innocent man with a bowling ball getting fined and then losing his family, also I didn't watch this to see a mii almost suicide bomb a bowling alley then rethinking his life and getting his family back because he got a strike
Doulingo Owl
Doulingo Owl 8 soat oldin
Me and my family decided to set up our old Wii again because of this- We don’t have Wii Sports anymore (The disc got all scratched up years ago) but we still play Wii Party :)
Braylon Bradshaw - TES 2030
Braylon Bradshaw - TES 2030 8 soat oldin
good job on wii sports, can you do wii sports resort?
Riley Hammond
Riley Hammond 8 soat oldin
I don't like the bowling one. It made me depressed.
Golden Freddy Gamer
Golden Freddy Gamer 8 soat oldin
2:50 playing wii sports be like (The other was deleted)
MeowthKid200 V2
MeowthKid200 V2 8 soat oldin
I saw this on tiktok first
Mike 8 soat oldin
I like how the cursor is all weird and shaky like it is in real life
Octavius Rex
Octavius Rex 8 soat oldin
Problems can always be solved with a strike
Ruv 8 soat oldin
WestDragon2 8 soat oldin
Cas you kinda diserve that
Srg Pugsly
Srg Pugsly 9 soat oldin
This represents so well how damn inaccurate the wii remote controls were
Giovanny Caballero
Giovanny Caballero 9 soat oldin
I didn’t know that they put the guy who got hurt in court aswell 🤣🤣
adorbie queen
adorbie queen 9 soat oldin
amazing! did not expect that twist XD
Raig123 9 soat oldin
2:40 What??
Merc 9 soat oldin
Very accurate, I dont know how you do it man
Lil, Axolotl
Lil, Axolotl 9 soat oldin
This is just perfection... and what I expect to happen after I abandon the game.
RadioSonic The Hedgehog
RadioSonic The Hedgehog 10 soat oldin
1:38 nobody expected that
shark bite
shark bite 10 soat oldin
All he needed was a strike...
10 soat oldin
I talked to you on the wii phone
Noah Gladdish
Noah Gladdish 10 soat oldin
I was literally about to click off until I saw the bowling ball go backwards and it all escalated from there
TOONY Dynamite Guy KILLER Player
TOONY Dynamite Guy KILLER Player 10 soat oldin
cristobal lagos
cristobal lagos 10 soat oldin
It's real life
i like green bananas
i like green bananas 10 soat oldin
Iii Wass tryingg too typpe a coment , buut my hannds wer to shakky .
Max Game and Others
Max Game and Others 10 soat oldin
RIP Hand 1:11 Hello Fotty....
Kit 10 soat oldin
when the cursor actually works correctly, you smash your TV screen
Norilya Afirina Ismail
Norilya Afirina Ismail 10 soat oldin
Someone:*watches the ball without hitting it* Me: oh f***
Wolf Gamer
Wolf Gamer 10 soat oldin
Bowling is always the best
anyeli oropeza
anyeli oropeza 10 soat oldin
xD jjjjjjjjjajajajaja
Beaniez 11 soat oldin
so your telling me, everyone left him because he didnt get a strike, not because he literally killed a guy?
Pedro Natanael Rodrigues Teixeira
Pedro Natanael Rodrigues Teixeira 11 soat oldin
1:4 Tariq Bradshaw
1:4 Tariq Bradshaw 11 soat oldin
My child placed in 2:58
Josh Creator GALAXY
Josh Creator GALAXY 11 soat oldin
1:47 Mickey Mouse playing Wii Sports! 🐭🎮
umbry kid
umbry kid 11 soat oldin
hey, what about a Half-Life 2 or Half-Life 1 Ultimate Recap?
Marcelo Manning
Marcelo Manning 11 soat oldin
sad life of the will
fclay pigy
fclay pigy 11 soat oldin
can u make The Ultimate "Among Us" Recap Cartoon please
anime girl eating cereal
anime girl eating cereal 11 soat oldin
This was actually sad for a sec ngl
Oscar Villatoro
Oscar Villatoro 11 soat oldin
2:50 Uh..... That Wasn't Me!
William Caza Productions
William Caza Productions 11 soat oldin
2:50 Me: I HATE WiiSPORTS!
Soup du Jour
Soup du Jour 11 soat oldin
0:38 never said "batter out" That's gonna dock some points
Gavin Benson
Gavin Benson 11 soat oldin
1:12 be like: F O O T while the others be like: fix your wii remote because the CURSER IS GOING C R A Z Y
BlackKnight VIII
BlackKnight VIII 11 soat oldin
Oh god I can't wait for the Wii Sports Resort one
Guest Onerfffds
Guest Onerfffds 12 soat oldin
Ray Cowart
Ray Cowart 12 soat oldin
This is sad and funny at the Same time
Malek Farouk
Malek Farouk 12 soat oldin
Wait same as messyourself
Luis Aude De Castro
Luis Aude De Castro 12 soat oldin
They way he changes from drunk to happy :3
mrs. kwan
mrs. kwan 12 soat oldin
2:50 - *[Exists]* other peeps - lol funi relataball me - A L V I N A N D T H E C H I P M U N K S I N T E N S I F I E S
idleplayer 12 soat oldin
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