The Ultimate iPhone 12 Charging Kit Unboxing

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Jonathan Morrison

13 kun oldin

Unboxing the Ultimate iPhone 12 Fast Charging Kit from my friends over at Anker!
iPhone 12 Pro Impressions!
Thanks to Anker for sponsoring the video! Get 12% off the all-new Anker Nano using the discounts below ...
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Aashvit Goyal
Aashvit Goyal 8 soat oldin
Iphone 12 pro max
Arham Gupta
Arham Gupta 14 soat oldin
I like the PowerPort III 60Watt Charger
Googol Data
Googol Data 17 soat oldin
Jon just did a 5:38 min ad and I watched it :|
Thomas Bechard
Thomas Bechard 20 soat oldin
Nice video. I have the 18 watt, but need the 20 for the MagSafe. Hmm. Anker is the way to go.
AutoGamesNation Kun oldin
Nano absolutely love it
Vikram Narendar
Vikram Narendar Kun oldin
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed Kun oldin
Techfast lunch and dinner?!?! It's that you?
Muhammad Ahmed
Muhammad Ahmed Kun oldin
Tbh the Anker liberty air 2s are my favourite earbuds so far
Kevin Segura
Kevin Segura 2 kun oldin
"iPhone 12 with a little guy and a big boi" Don't mind if I do 👀
Haseeb Asad
Haseeb Asad 2 kun oldin
love the Anker nano the most
Apple Boy
Apple Boy 2 kun oldin
Anker Nano..🔥💥📱
Shweb98 2 kun oldin
Blue iPhone 12 would be clean
Keanu Sanches
Keanu Sanches 2 kun oldin
Ugh! I'm too late for the giveaway. Cool video tho
Marco 2 kun oldin
in conclusion Anker makes the best chargers than apple themselves.
Jordan Newman
Jordan Newman 2 kun oldin
Anker Nano is definitely favourite cause 20W is crazy for that size🤯
Reed Sutton
Reed Sutton 3 kun oldin
That nano is niiice
Josue Navarrete
Josue Navarrete 3 kun oldin
The anker nano would be nice to have
whiteandnerdytuba 3 kun oldin
More fake pretend environmentalism from a California based company, I shouldn't have been surprised
ASG NeX 3 kun oldin
I appreciate the info in this video! Definitely like the Anker nano!
Ron Carstens
Ron Carstens 3 kun oldin
Any Andre product would be great!
Parth 3 kun oldin
New iphone 12 green it's too cool and I wanna win give away and I Magsafe song is pretty cool I love it
Chung Faame
Chung Faame 3 kun oldin
iPad Pro defo my fav tech
G Z 3 kun oldin
OK apple we do have wall adaptors in the house, but does it look like we have the fucking USB c to lightning adaptor?
Jacob Libbus
Jacob Libbus 3 kun oldin
Huge fan of the big boi!
Eli miller
Eli miller 4 kun oldin
Looking at getting a 12 or 12pro max👀
Gail Kiewitz
Gail Kiewitz 4 kun oldin
Please I will give it to my mom
Gail Kiewitz
Gail Kiewitz 4 kun oldin
Ashwin Chakravarthy
Ashwin Chakravarthy 4 kun oldin
Anker Nano!
Jan Israel Silva
Jan Israel Silva 4 kun oldin
Little brother! the little boy is lit! 🔥
TH3mrBROWN 4 kun oldin
I always buy from Anker, be it cables, chargers, battery packs, etc. They make really nice products and for decent price point as well.
Hayden Shik
Hayden Shik 4 kun oldin
big boi
Edgar Ambriz
Edgar Ambriz 4 kun oldin
Nano!!! Nice!!
Christoforos Vellios
Christoforos Vellios 4 kun oldin
Wow I'll for sure check out this brand, never heard of them. The brick would be awesome since my MacBook charger broke recently! Excellent job once again Jonathan!
tj jelmoni
tj jelmoni 4 kun oldin
The nano would be perfect to throw in my backpack when I spend all the day at the library studying
Mikołaj Markowski
Mikołaj Markowski 4 kun oldin
White iPhone 12 with white case would be my dream setup
Amore Solver
Amore Solver 4 kun oldin
That anker nano would be great for meee
Vaibav Sharma
Vaibav Sharma 4 kun oldin
VIRUSVAUGHN 4 kun oldin
That USB C to Lightning cable love it
Amitoj 4 kun oldin
keen for the lil boiiiiii
Thiago Castelli
Thiago Castelli 4 kun oldin
I hope i win the giveaway! I would like the 12 green one
KevinJ177 4 kun oldin
Kalil Stoudmire
Kalil Stoudmire 4 kun oldin
That braided cable 😯
Samuel S
Samuel S 4 kun oldin
Apple: small box saves environment Anker: triple the size
galefraney 5 kun oldin
Love the Anker Nano with the braided cord, and of course I’m drooling over the iPhone 12!!!
Teo Lupu
Teo Lupu 5 kun oldin
the little boi is so convenient imma go for that one let's gooo. also waiting for that full review (and i really hope u get the mini asap)
Brandon Rauls
Brandon Rauls 5 kun oldin
I can't find the charging cable you showed in this video anywhere :(
bassemwafik 5 kun oldin
I just love the big boi
Faith Art
Faith Art 5 kun oldin
Me upgrading from the iPhone 6s so I don’t have the right EarPods 🎧 or the usb-c charger 🔌
purgedDOLL 5 kun oldin
Fave product? Anker nano! Very handy. 🙂🙂 Hope to win your giveaway. 🤞🏼🤞🏼
Syed Baqar
Syed Baqar 5 kun oldin
iPhone 12 pro in blue look sick 🔥
Syed Baqar
Syed Baqar 5 kun oldin
Anker always come thru🙏
toastiii 5 kun oldin
The Anker Nano looks really nice (:
Richard Reyes
Richard Reyes 5 kun oldin
Just picked up the new iPhone 12 and having to charge it with my old charger really puts it to shame when I see people that have last years iPhone charging at 3 times my speed 🙃
fotis filopoulos
fotis filopoulos 5 kun oldin
Tech Glove Reviews
Tech Glove Reviews 5 kun oldin
Raise awareness about global warming Apple is doing the correct thing, the maker nano is surprisingly fast good value for the price and the iPhone 12 pacific blue is just really good with those flat edges of alluminium
Ali 4 kun oldin
@Tech Glove Reviews You know those things are gonna broke and most of those old charges are of lower quality so unless you are paying for it you don't get fast charging . Thank you Apple for saving humanity.
Tech Glove Reviews
Tech Glove Reviews 4 kun oldin
@Ali yes but at least people are not tempted to buy they just use their old chargers
Ali 4 kun oldin
You know they are still selling accessories so they are not saving shit , they are only pushing people to buy more of their accessories or 3rd party ones they make money from.
Jeino 5 kun oldin
The new pacific blue looks spicy
Eric Hamilton
Eric Hamilton 5 kun oldin
The anker nano. Picked it up as soon as I saw it.
Amber Marie
Amber Marie 5 kun oldin
Pacific blue, most definitely 😍 And my favourite accessories is apple AirPods :)
Matthew Hernandez
Matthew Hernandez 5 kun oldin
I need that small power cube in my LIFE!!!
Jamielou Aguilar
Jamielou Aguilar 5 kun oldin
Just want to ask if using a third party adapter affect the phone? Or is it best to use the original adapter from Apple?
Kh-S 5 kun oldin
Gimme dat blue iPhone man!
Geffá Oliveira
Geffá Oliveira 5 kun oldin
Anker cables. They are some of the best I own. Anker powerline 2, USB-C to USB-C. By the way, like dropped
Zayd Bandwala
Zayd Bandwala 5 kun oldin
Big Boi for sure and Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro, man!
Aarush Gagneja 4287
Aarush Gagneja 4287 5 kun oldin
Iphone mini sure seems interesting .
Bassam Saleh
Bassam Saleh 5 kun oldin
the "big boy" is amazing with 2 usb c ports.
Michael Lindahl
Michael Lindahl 5 kun oldin
Loving that pacific blue color
James Lapuz
James Lapuz 5 kun oldin
The little boi is perfect for me and a mint green iphone 12 hahahaha
Pascuta Lorena
Pascuta Lorena 5 kun oldin
That charges so fast!
Jamar Smith
Jamar Smith 5 kun oldin
The anker nano and that braided cable are everything!
George Manolache
George Manolache 6 kun oldin
Iphone 12 mini white
Cintavion Turner
Cintavion Turner 6 kun oldin
Picked the winner yet??
ITanky For real
ITanky For real 6 kun oldin
Favorite product is a cheese grater ngl
Ray Ebrahim
Ray Ebrahim 6 kun oldin
Loving the Nano
Parth Patel
Parth Patel 6 kun oldin
i like the powerport 3 the charging brick and the smaller 20 watt charging brick
Jarrett Sosa
Jarrett Sosa 6 kun oldin
Loving that braided USB-C cable and I would love an IPhone 12 pro in pacific blue 🤩
Sunandan Khajuria
Sunandan Khajuria 6 kun oldin
I loved the iphone 12 pro the graphite colour
Dhananjaya Somanna
Dhananjaya Somanna 6 kun oldin
Iphone 12 Pro!
Djavan Denis
Djavan Denis 6 kun oldin
The little boy would be great for me :)
carlos banda
carlos banda 6 kun oldin
“Is it weird it’s... satisfyingly soft” 😂 I want the 12 mini!!!
carlos banda
carlos banda 6 kun oldin
I’d love to have the 12 mini! Amazing video!
Sander Van Assche
Sander Van Assche 6 kun oldin
I really love the anker nano, but i am from Europe so probably only US will get them. Otherwise the lightning to usb c cable looks sexyyyyyy!!!
AngryTank Killa
AngryTank Killa 6 kun oldin
But does it stick? 🤔
Marcus Hemingway
Marcus Hemingway 6 kun oldin
I like anker products a lot lately
Mr. l0nely
Mr. l0nely 6 kun oldin
it has been years since i upgraded my new iphone still have i phone 6 :)
Gooplyglob 6 kun oldin
that Anker cable is dope. My apple cable has soooo many holes in it.
mrowe1204 6 kun oldin
Love your videos!
Jarmo Piirainen
Jarmo Piirainen 6 kun oldin
IPhone 12 pro max is best
Fiaz Shah
Fiaz Shah 6 kun oldin
I’m on the iPhone 7 atm 😂 looking to upgrade
Khalid Saeed
Khalid Saeed 6 kun oldin
fast boi ⚡️
manniman24X 6 kun oldin
The big boy and the iPhone12 would be a Perfect match for my new Mac book air 🤩😇
Grand Chicken
Grand Chicken 6 kun oldin
I have been buying Anker products for years...solid and cannot be beat. I also love all my Apple products as well.
Diego 6 kun oldin
MagSafe is definitely the coolest!
Sam Wilson
Sam Wilson 6 kun oldin
Anker nano is the best one 👍
thatschnook 6 kun oldin
Adnan Asif
Adnan Asif 6 kun oldin
Pacific blueeeeee
East Taleed
East Taleed 6 kun oldin
People disliking thought its iphone 12 unboxing, he clearly mentioned in the name CHARGING KIT UNBOXING!
Βασίλειος Διονύσιος
Βασίλειος Διονύσιος 6 kun oldin
#Anker Drop it like it's hot 🔥 🤦🏽
Shun Shiga
Shun Shiga 6 kun oldin
“Big boi” let’s you travel with one brick for 💻 +📱 users
MaliciousGuzi 6 kun oldin
Going to love the 12 mini
Moy M.
Moy M. 6 kun oldin
This Anker charging kit is really sick!
iPhone 12 Unboxing Experience + MagSafe Demo!
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