The sharkboy and lavagirl sequel that no one asked for

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Drew Gooden

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this movie was made for nobody.
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Miles Forrest
Miles Forrest 13 kun oldin
He's getting down in Lopez Town
Pineapple Squid
Pineapple Squid Kun oldin
One Confused Boi
One Confused Boi 3 kun oldin
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神
ESparda A.K.A.悪魔の死神 4 kun oldin
nigga what?????
I, the Spoopy Crumbs
I, the Spoopy Crumbs 5 kun oldin
Boop Boop boop boop
the illegal seagull
the illegal seagull 5 kun oldin
ImTrashAtFortnite Yt
ImTrashAtFortnite Yt Soat oldin
Hey guy and welcome back to the inside of George Lopez I'm your host *sigh* George Lopez. Now I said it once I said it a million times 2001 was a great year to be 8 the first kids bop was released there was no global pandemic and director Robert Rodriguez shocked the world when he released his movie Spy Kids. Up onto that point he was known exclusively for producing extremely violent crime movies so when he came out with this colourful family friendly action movie about children saving the world from a bunch of fingers I think people were a little surprised even more surprisingly it was a massive hit. (37 seconds in I'm not gonna be able to finish this)
Collins Content
Collins Content 2 soat oldin
Good thing the 3rd spy kids was the last one right... Right?!?
Trent Hamnus
Trent Hamnus 2 soat oldin
Uhhh, Drew, you did dinner and a movie, where's my goodnight kiss??!
Maddie Howelter
Maddie Howelter 3 soat oldin
where’s our goodbye kiss 😡
CCRCPP Playz 3 soat oldin
So they’re married right why did the husband say “No I don’t your my BEST FRIEND”
Kerfuffle 4 soat oldin
They tried to make guppy so much cooler than she sound ve 🤣🤣
CrazyBearsFan 4 soat oldin
the end of the movie was really like, "its just a prank bro"
Kaat 5 soat oldin
we never got the goodnight kiss...
Cassidy Doyle Knudsen
Cassidy Doyle Knudsen 5 soat oldin
I will not take this BLASPHEMY! this was my favourite movie as a kid
Lucas Lewin
Lucas Lewin 5 soat oldin
Do you look like sid the sloth?
Aidan McGuire
Aidan McGuire 5 soat oldin
Max screaming sounds like Gangster's Paradise and I CANNOT UNHEAR IT
Aubry Hansen
Aubry Hansen 6 soat oldin
Ayo you forgot the goodnight kiss
RePitch 6 soat oldin
ummm George Clooney was the president in Spy Kids. This may be a sequel that no one asked for but it was honestly great. It was very reminiscent of early Spy Kids. My friend and I talk about this movie in our podcast. Check us out!:
James Moss
James Moss 6 soat oldin
I can relate to this guy 100%
RunMyFade 7 soat oldin
I loved this movie when I was younger now just watching the clips I CRINGE
Jane Barkley
Jane Barkley 7 soat oldin
We put this on to watch with the kids the other night (not realizing it was to a sequel to Shark Boy and Lava Girl). Gawd so excruciating. But the kids LOVED it. They laughed their heads off the entire time. As a parent who ends up watching a ton of family flicks what many other movies (and Pixar especially) do is acknowledge they have that adult audience and play to it so it's more enjoyable for the whole fam. This movie is definitely not that.
Tendai Simbanegavi
Tendai Simbanegavi 7 soat oldin
Okay guys we're being invaded by giant flying robotic octopi, which is why we are going to have a training montage in which we fight humanoid training dummies?
Tyrone Jaxson
Tyrone Jaxson 8 soat oldin
Is this just me but how did they have a kid because she is made out of lava like if you agree
Dezired.exe 8 soat oldin
Carl Ward
Carl Ward 8 soat oldin
I remember not really wanting to watch this movie doll and thankfully did not. Moreover Spy Kids 3-D was ultimately disappointing. That giant robot fight at the end was literally the only thing I liked about it.
relax edits
relax edits 8 soat oldin
When i see Drew, i just remember Jim Moriaty idk why.
Midnight Star-Fire
Midnight Star-Fire 8 soat oldin
"Most of the time their either sleeping or screaming at eachother" Me : hey stupid the movie is about dreams. I have never been so mad in my life, so many people loved that movie Shark boy and Lava girl is one of the best movies on Netflix with We Can Be Heros following right along. U try to do all the editing of these two movies than see how much hate u get. (It will be a lot probably) 2005 didn't have very good technology, so stop talking bad about the editing. I bet u couldn't do any better. 🤬 now be a good (stupid) mortal and stop hating on all movies u see. Also their kids movies, it's made to draw the child's attention to make them shut up. Screw u for hating on something most really people liked.
roachdogg jr.
roachdogg jr. 9 soat oldin
I liked floop and his fooglies lol
greyson sawyer
greyson sawyer 10 soat oldin
where's my goodnight kiss???
Kiki Kiki
Kiki Kiki 11 soat oldin
Is no one else gonna mention priyanka Chopra
Viviana Cruz
Viviana Cruz 11 soat oldin
drew did dinner and a movie but what about the goodnight kiss 😔🤚🏼
Beached-boy 12 soat oldin
i had to pause and laughed so hard when he said except for cars 2
Fatima Zahra
Fatima Zahra 12 soat oldin
"la croix"?? Danny, is that you?
Blumpet 12 soat oldin
Dude. I was at this big girls slumber party and we were choosing what to watch and we saw shark boy and lava girl and I guess we all had the same childhood bc we just immediately shouted to watch that. We got like 10 minutes into the movie and had to turn it off.
doctor brothers
doctor brothers 13 soat oldin
Legendary hero Fap-man
Legendary hero Fap-man 13 soat oldin
So, this movie wasn’t a fever dream, thanks.
tax man
tax man 15 soat oldin
On 9:45 did the girl just start singing a slowed down version of we can be hero's by David Bowie?
Noah 15 soat oldin
Where the fuck is my good night kiss
Abigail Cocker
Abigail Cocker 16 soat oldin
he remembered dinner but forgot the goodnight kiss🥺👉👈
LiamMcBillyBob 19 soat oldin
Sharkboy's song was interrupted by a papa Murphy's ad and I almost didn't notice.
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb 19 soat oldin
putting george lopez in a movie does not make it good. but putting FOUR george lopez's in a movie does he voices tobor and the ice guardian.
Aurelia Goulding-Laing
Aurelia Goulding-Laing 19 soat oldin
This guy is verry smart
Memes n' stuff
Memes n' stuff 20 soat oldin
So this entire movie was the movie version of "It's a prank bro"
Vi Thai
Vi Thai 20 soat oldin
Oh dear, this is going to follow these kids for the rest of their lives...
Ima default Ima sexy sexy default
Ima default Ima sexy sexy default 21 soat oldin
Even tho shark boy and lava girl has bad affects I still love it tho
mr.Shgaming 21 soat oldin
I just watch ever movie oh and they are doing Netflix because of Covid-19 and I don't want to get sick and sicker oh and has it been 10 year now
Cherry Soda チェリーソーダ
Cherry Soda チェリーソーダ 22 soat oldin
I’ve been using hello fresh since before I was subscribed to you
gaming and reacting
gaming and reacting 22 soat oldin
CheezzyNugget 22 soat oldin
I grew up on shark-boy and lava girl. It allays gives me nostalgia of my childhood
Zach Ballou
Zach Ballou 22 soat oldin
Don’t believe random quotes on the internet -Lava Girl
Alyssa Cheeley
Alyssa Cheeley 23 soat oldin
Are we not going to mention Pedro Pascal? My mans was fire in this 🔥
Olivia Stilley
Olivia Stilley 23 soat oldin
Olivia Stilley
Olivia Stilley 23 soat oldin
this sb and lg slander shan’t continue, gooden boy.
Dark King 765
Dark King 765 23 soat oldin
BIGGER QUESTION how did they have a kid. If you touch her you get burned so.......... How.......... You now what nevermind I don't wanna now he probably cant pee anymore
Arbie co
Arbie co 23 soat oldin
but damn tho when rewind and fast forward mixed their abilities won't it just cancel each other?
luis vejar
luis vejar Kun oldin
Great video Danny
Yuno Suesocky
Yuno Suesocky Kun oldin
0:00 HEY GUY..... Ok. So I feel weirded out like its all directed to me.
M͜͡o͜͡s͜͡s͜͡ B͜͡a͜͡l͜͡l͜͡
M͜͡o͜͡s͜͡s͜͡ B͜͡a͜͡l͜͡l͜͡ Kun oldin
The fact that it’s not even a shark boy and lava girl sequel but that’s the only thing everyone knows it for-
Nicky Fox
Nicky Fox Kun oldin
So many things don’t make me laugh, but Drew Gooden’s sense of humor makes me laugh so hard. Most people on UZpost are so boring, but I love this channel and all the content and I love actually laughing at something. Thank you for making life bearable
flower_isinsane Kun oldin
Wait. When lava girl kisses shark boy. He screams. How'd they have a child then-
Adriana Plays
Adriana Plays 4 soat oldin
Was she asleep- And she stayed asleep? Thats embarrassing shark boy
Just some guy who Comments random stuff
Just some guy who Comments random stuff Kun oldin
Lmao Nobody wanted the first one
Daniella Fields
Daniella Fields Kun oldin
Don’t forget the name Lava Girl. It has to be super demeaning to be a full grown woman- to have even had a child- and still have the professional name “girl”
Erick Martinez
Erick Martinez Kun oldin
I’m only mad that Taylor Lautner is not in this and the other Taylor’s role was sort of reduced. Like she was the main character in the first one.
X -
X - 4 soat oldin
i dont blame lautner for not wanting to be in this XD
Melissa Diaz
Melissa Diaz Kun oldin
That you said hello after theAlien alien said said not your planet but the whole entire galaxy.
SpiroSZN Kun oldin
we didn't want th sequel, it needed to end on a high note..
100- Cherries
100- Cherries Kun oldin
Pin this if you and Danny are the same person
Hallee Christensen
Hallee Christensen Kun oldin
i love how the entire comment section are members of meme
Mavrick Alexander
Mavrick Alexander Kun oldin
Holy shit. I LOVED this movie as a kid. But i do not remember it looking that god forsakenly horrible as a kid. Guess as a kid, you dont care about that kind of stuff.
Spaggeti AndAMeatbals
Spaggeti AndAMeatbals Kun oldin
The sequel we didnt ask for but the sequel we needed.
Alex From Florida
Alex From Florida Kun oldin
The president is clearly supposed to be a bad guy here, yet he has the blonde hair of Trump and is clearly said out loud that he doesn’t talk well like Biden (the he can’t put 2 sentences together line). So who are they trying to throw under the curb?
Athermostat Kun oldin
I couldn't help but notice your giant muscles
Buttery Popcorn
Buttery Popcorn Kun oldin
The only reason it didn't show that kid running was because he was in a wheelchair lmao
muddi900 Kun oldin
That's a Bowie song
MikeSG87 Kun oldin
"the president was a lizard monster." Ok but what was the twist?
Peppep Step
Peppep Step Kun oldin
I just showed my kids Sharkboy and Lavagirl and it's now the only movie they want to watch
Tyler Leeson
Tyler Leeson Kun oldin
3:43 me when I stub my toe
pida siouy
pida siouy Kun oldin
This was fun! A very powerful video
Honu B
Honu B Kun oldin
I was so confused watching lava girl shark boy when I was a kid and still is
Harry Schmidt
Harry Schmidt Kun oldin
Why does Amanda always let this Drew character do the videos
pida siouy
pida siouy Kun oldin
Shakr bo lav grl
Mr Cyan
Mr Cyan Kun oldin
Rachel Spencer
Rachel Spencer Kun oldin
I’m still waiting for my goodnight kiss
its Wavy
its Wavy Kun oldin
a white person hating on a movie because its more relevant than there channel.
Willow Tree
Willow Tree Kun oldin
Ok, but the aliens most likely being from planet Drool themselves is pretty cool. Also the DayDream war cry is (chef's kiss) magnificent
Samantha Kun oldin
i loved all spy kids AND shark boy and lava girl..
Shadowhunter 1
Shadowhunter 1 Kun oldin
I literally could not finish the movie. I just stopped watching it.
Fidel Yigzaw
Fidel Yigzaw Kun oldin
oh my god Acapella had me laughing with the glowing eyes
Princeton Cartoons
Princeton Cartoons Kun oldin
I can't believe I liked the first one when I was little
Presley Renee
Presley Renee Kun oldin
No they picked their superhero names now they gotta stick with it. And don’t give me no “but -but they were kids when they chose!” BITCH Spider-Man was 15 when he decided he’s gonna be spiderMAN not spiderBOY. He decided he’s gonna be a whole Ass man. If you’re gonna say it say it with your chest at the very Least. If you’re sharkboy then be sharkboy proud !
sheesh Kun oldin
Hey drew, when is the attaway general season 2 video coming out
Jamps W
Jamps W Kun oldin
Wait, they can't have a orange man bad joke in this and then have him turn out to not even be a bad guy. That's illegal.
Dragon Zaps
Dragon Zaps Kun oldin
They sould make a remake but make it make sense and not goofy and wierd but some funny things
MoreOf Fay
MoreOf Fay Kun oldin
Spy kids 3 was the best one no one can change my mind
Punzees_ Kun oldin
Oh, I’m sorry!
Alec Kun oldin
Shakr bo lav grl
Fnaf Boy!!!
Fnaf Boy!!! Kun oldin
The title: the shark boy and lava girl sequel that no one asked for Me: And?
V. U.
V. U. Kun oldin
Ok so I watched it when I was little But I barely remember anything tbh lmao
Epic Parakeet
Epic Parakeet Kun oldin
"So most of the time they're either sleeping or screaming at eachother..." so true. So true.
luzia stern
luzia stern Kun oldin
The first time I watched this I was like 5 and had a fever, and when I finished I didnt even realize that I had just watched a movie, I legitimately thought it was just a really weird dream
Sara Goss
Sara Goss 2 kun oldin
I have never felt so much secondhand embarrassment than I have while watching taylor lautner sing that stupid dream song.
Devan 2 kun oldin
Wait...people hated this movie?? 👀👀👀 4:17
Kitten Badmercy
Kitten Badmercy 2 kun oldin
I- Lavagirl and sharkboy were literally my childhood XD but I never knew there was a sequel lmao
Jason Geho
Jason Geho 2 kun oldin
You should review the movie Tusk. It was directed by Kevin smith and has Johnny Depp and is the weirdest movie I have ever seen in my life.
rock england
rock england 2 kun oldin
I miss the little sketches that you use to do
Olivia L
Olivia L 2 kun oldin
We’re shark boy and lava girl not siblings?? I thought they were siblings
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