The Next Pandemic: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)

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As COVID-19 continues to spread, John Oliver discusses what could cause the next pandemic, what we can do to avoid it, and why you shouldn’t kiss pigs.
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M. Keehl
M. Keehl 36 daqiqa oldin
10:00 but that's the point of this Planet. .. a mass human genocide. After many human societies transitioned to sedentary agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago, domesticating plants and animals, thus enabling the growth of civilization. Planet Earth just can't get us out of here after 10.000 years??
Brendan Robinson
Brendan Robinson 44 daqiqa oldin
Factory Farming is a crime against the prisoners, and a crime against the environment
Michael Rottenfusser
Michael Rottenfusser 3 soat oldin
OK, show of hands, who else sanitized their screen after watching this?
Tenesmus 3 soat oldin
I only wish the media would stop telling bullshit that the virus came from animals, when covid is clearly a man orchestrated event.
Dell Martens
Dell Martens 5 soat oldin
I think the fact that we shut everything down is killing more people than the f#ckin virus itself. What about the mental health of all these pointless lockdowns
Dell Martens
Dell Martens 5 soat oldin
Dont eat f#ckin bats! Im so f#ckin sick of this f#ckin fearmongering. So many people in this world are truly disgusting in what they eat.
soinu foig
soinu foig 5 soat oldin
This is what my sixth grade science teacher warned would end the world. Back in the 90's.
kkiel004 7 soat oldin
I had sex with a bat last night. I've got a severe cough now. I hope it's unrelated.
Laura Singleton
Laura Singleton 7 soat oldin
The burn on Salt Lake city. lol
Jonathan Stepic
Jonathan Stepic 7 soat oldin
Its simple We kill the Batman Edit after watching 3 more mins:...we just kill man,all of it and start over🤷‍♂️🤦‍♂️
soinu foig
soinu foig 5 soat oldin
Sure, we are destroying nature at an alarming rate, but have you seen the stock market?
Robby S
Robby S 8 soat oldin
Wait, why is he in the void? Shouldn't he be somewhere else? Not in front of a live audience, but in his home?
Stabbing Squidward
Stabbing Squidward 8 soat oldin
Some A+ cultural shaming there Jon. Are you insinuating that Chinese people do not know how to properly vacation just because they enjoy things like bat shit? Like your culture has the best understanding of what constitutes a good vacation.
Tony Richard
Tony Richard 9 soat oldin
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Lone Star
Lone Star 9 soat oldin
I just feel like John Oliver is just trying to make me depressed. Tell china to stop eating bats and shit.
Michael lloyd
Michael lloyd 10 soat oldin
Goth mouse....I'm dying
David Jarrah
David Jarrah 11 soat oldin
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Victoria C
Victoria C 12 soat oldin
do not eat bats or corona virus carrying animals
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 12 soat oldin
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Casey Patterson
Casey Patterson 13 soat oldin
I think the unabomber had something going on with this whole industrialization thing....... the only movement that sees actual change is murdering people......:(
Casey Patterson
Casey Patterson 13 soat oldin
What the hell is wrong with getting a cat or a dog, why the fuck are people buying all these crazy animals XS. This is ridiculous. Make me hate humanity even more and it should be illegal.
Casey Patterson
Casey Patterson 14 soat oldin
lol you see canada and it is mostly wild lands XD
Dylan Tennant
Dylan Tennant 15 soat oldin
Noah: Lets put two of every animal on an inclosed space for two weeks. Sweetie why are you crying blood?
L Albert
L Albert 15 soat oldin
John Olliver for Chief Medical Officer... this is a no brainer. Navigated all past pandemics and didn't do a thing about making it better next go-around. Shame on history, and us.
Erin Angel
Erin Angel 17 soat oldin
Is this show not on anymore or something? Hasn't posted in weeks...
Aaron Schram
Aaron Schram 17 soat oldin
Sure, we are destroying nature at an alarming rate, but have you seen the stock market?
Nick Cisneros
Nick Cisneros 18 soat oldin
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Surgé Land
Surgé Land 18 soat oldin
14:07 Or you know, that European colonialism and its modern-day continuants are what's causing this rapid rate of deforestation among other things, in the first place. Might wanna acknowledge that somewhere in the video, John that Indigenous people all over the world have had to be on the front lines in fighting off the fuck-ups that entitled white people made centuries ago and continue to make to this day.
Uncle Popper
Uncle Popper 18 soat oldin
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Lindsay Hollmann
Lindsay Hollmann 18 soat oldin
WAIT. WHO IS KISSING PIGS? Is this an American thing??
Abbas Idris
Abbas Idris 19 soat oldin
I came here looking for John's reaction to the Meghan & Harry interview!
Stephanie Biddulph
Stephanie Biddulph 19 soat oldin
Between overconsumption, overpopulation, climate change, poor resource distribution, etc., you'd figure there'd be more than one scientist not so upset with the pandemic.. especially since humans seem completely unable/unwilling to control our consumption and populations. Blaming exotic pets is ridiculous-- all you do is force people to buy such off the black market instead of from a breeder that's NOT taking animals from the wild. Captive breeding programs for the pet industry has also saved a couple species from total extinction due to human overpopulation. Maybe we should just stop messing with natural selection and let the dumbest of us die off.
Edward Nunez
Edward Nunez 19 soat oldin
Wow this shows been back for 3 weeks and I had no idea
kuldeep bhardwaj
kuldeep bhardwaj 19 soat oldin
You forgot to mention 'Nipah Virus', well as usual love you 😍
kuldeep bhardwaj
kuldeep bhardwaj 19 soat oldin
Sorry, you mentioned it later in video 😉
M- Nice
M- Nice 19 soat oldin
This guy is a national treasure. Wipes the floor with Trevor Noah
Zhepard 20 soat oldin
Wait, are you telling me that humans are mostly selfish asshats, and will go back to whatever behavior makes them the most money regardless of who it hurts? Fucking shocker
Michael Mackenzie
Michael Mackenzie 20 soat oldin
if I turn into one more video and says it's not available to my country I will stop watching your network altogether my watching is already decreased nearly 75% since this change has happened and I will stop this is God damn ridiculous. the fact that you were pretending to stand up for people and then when Canadians want to watch us note you can't watch right now only Americans can. so you're doing this for money purely and if it's your network pushing you tell them to look at this goddamn post it's God damn ridiculous I will be unsubscribing here soon if I had to deal with this bureaucratic bullshit anymore..
Matchgirl42 21 soat oldin
If you really want to sweat with nervousness through the night while biting your fingernails bloody, there's been news the last few years of researchers finding pathogens in glaciers/ice sheets (that have been melting due to climate change and dumping their contents into the oceans) that are thousands of years old and that human beings no longer have resistance to. Happy sleeping y'all!
Veela Liddell
Veela Liddell 21 soat oldin
Can't we just leave animals alone? It's not that hard people, it's infinitely easier than dealing with a new pandemic and viruses.
Legit Pairv2
Legit Pairv2 21 soat oldin
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Matt-hue Loose
Matt-hue Loose Kun oldin
I’d let Jack McBrayer infect me.
Kyan Sabapathy
Kyan Sabapathy Kun oldin
Wait how did HIV go from chimpanzees to humans?
AirFire18 Kun oldin
John, can you please make new videos available to other countries :(
David Hughes
David Hughes Kun oldin
My selfish statement for the year: I have peace of mind knowing that as a childless guy in my 50's I probably won't be around to experience the earth finally swallow up humanity. Unfortunately, I think that day is fast approaching. And if I am, I will fondly remember my journey since the days of rotary phones, playing outside until dusk, and b&w TVs.... and not feel cheated.
Husen johnsenp
Husen johnsenp Kun oldin
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Me Kun oldin
this weasel
Rebecca Gibbs
Rebecca Gibbs Kun oldin
"et tu, kinkaju" give that man a emmy.
freaker126 Kun oldin
new diseases have been prophecized 1k+ years ago. It's just one of the signs before more shits that's going to happen. It's just people been ignoring. Not really surprising is it? Just look at the stupidity that's happening during this current pandemic.
CountSpatula Kun oldin
We’re doomed.
Rex O'Connell
Rex O'Connell Kun oldin
SARS 1 was more deadly. They say that is why it was so easy to contain.
arnesto Bell
arnesto Bell Kun oldin
The china virus was a man made virus that was made in a lab in wuhan china. The democrats used this virus to rig the 2020 election. Joe Biden is a FRUAD
Cassie Kun oldin
This is what my sixth grade science teacher warned would end the world. Back in the 90's.
Opus Love Productions
Opus Love Productions Kun oldin
We're doomed.
Catherine Melone
Catherine Melone Kun oldin
I can't wait for the fact checked apology video for this
garett baltia
garett baltia Kun oldin
dont forget about aids.
Malik Arab
Malik Arab Kun oldin
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Cassie Kun oldin
The longer we go believing we are separate from nature, the more brutal it will be WHEN nature proves us wrong
Snapdragon 9600
Snapdragon 9600 Kun oldin
If there is a viral/ zombie apocalypse, I would feel safer on a boat.😂because they cant swim.
anthony johnson
anthony johnson Kun oldin
Prion out break is next.
Saint FluffySnow
Saint FluffySnow Kun oldin
Dumb, Dumber, and Dumberer III
SjSOdJ Kun oldin
When I was in public health school, Bush was still prez. The Cdc spoke 2 us & said we aren't prepared for an outbreak... but the steps they *did* outline, weren't even done by Trump’s administration. Basically: in 2005 we were more prepared than in 2020/2019 w/ current GOP in charge
Kevin Pham
Kevin Pham Kun oldin
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Natália Catelan
Natália Catelan Kun oldin
Please make an episode about Brazil!!!!!
bobi chung
bobi chung Kun oldin
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Абдуллоعبدالله Kun oldin
Science: You need to change the way you live your life or else you are all going to die. Humanity: Don't tell me how to live my life! I'd rather die free that succumb to a life under your oppression! Better dead than red! Ya, we're f*cked....
gerri turner
gerri turner Kun oldin
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Li Raven
Li Raven Kun oldin
We ARE nature..with or without resources to survive..if we aren't respecting 'the wild', then we won't be worthy of anything wild..but humans aren't 'the opposite' to earth..we ARE animals..just need to find a way to live on it simultaneously sustaining ourselves(which includes complete bio chains). Earth will continue with or without us..either way.
Trailobyte Kun oldin
The grim reality is that we can't stop the next novel virus outbreak from happening, as this video showed. But we can stop the next novel outbreak from becoming a pandemic. But in order to do so, it's going to require co-operation from every country on the planet. Any country that has a novel outbreak with no treatment needs to lockdown immediately, and that includes suspending all international travel. While all other nations need to provide the affected nations with plenty of financial aid or assistance to ensure their economy doesn't collapse. We've seen that nations were able to defeat Covid-19 without a vaccine, just look at New Zealand, Australia and Taiwan. It's a far better solution than going into half baked quarantines for a year or two again while we wait for a vaccine.
Idea Window
Idea Window Kun oldin
COVID-19 RNA Based Vaccines and the Risk of Prion Disease -
Ethan Sears
Ethan Sears Kun oldin
The longer we go believing we are separate from nature, the more brutal it will be WHEN nature proves us wrong
Moses of Now
Moses of Now 2 soat oldin
Nature has been proving us wrong for centuries, money makes policy and law makers blind to our future
MaryAnn Kun oldin
Spot-on, Ethan. Mother Nature is p!ssed off... and she's very creative. (pun intended)
Alyssa S
Alyssa S Kun oldin
This is a way more interesting summary of an emerging infectious disease lecture it took me 8 hours to slog through.
thodor anch
thodor anch Kun oldin
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Lozicle C.
Lozicle C. Kun oldin
Isn’t the US military’s budget several times bigger than what it would cost to prevent the next pandemic? It’s not a matter of cost; it’s a matter of priority.
Robonson Benjamin
Robonson Benjamin Kun oldin
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Jacob Williams
Jacob Williams Kun oldin
Neat! But if you want scary as shit emerging diseases stateside, let’s discuss prion transmitted chronic wasting disease plaguing wild herbivores. There’s no cure, we have no drugs to fight prions, we are screwed!
Cathal McFee
Cathal McFee Kun oldin
The talking virus was a bit much...
John Costanza
John Costanza Kun oldin
And what is the main reason for deforestation and land-use change? Growing crops to feed animals instead of people. A whole food plant-based diet for humanity, which of course starts with you, would solve many problems including global warming, hunger, and health issues, and let's not forget pandemics. So let's take personal responsibility and change ourselves instead of blaming others.
VP Kun oldin
I love you LWT. I appreciate your show so much that I pay for it on youtube. Unfortunately I live in Canada. So I was amazed by the fact that I have access more quickly to your content using a VPN in the US where the show is up one week earlier. Could you guys please fix this? Again thank you.
Jeff Xanders
Jeff Xanders Kun oldin
Humans are over reacting to infections causing them to fall ill. I agree, Salt Lake City is unnecessary 😂 Cost? What cost? Money is an abstract. Just print more. Humans are farm animals who own other farm animals and should be extinct. Our owners are pleased. Yang gang forever.
Andrew R
Andrew R Kun oldin
We were warned this pandemic was coming we didn't listen.
Elliot Silverstone
Elliot Silverstone Kun oldin
We’re doomed. Let’s destroy everything!!
one synthesis
one synthesis Kun oldin
Your British Education system has messed your mind totally inspire of enough evidence that humans are naturally not meat eaters. Its time for the world to go VEGAN! and everything will fall into place, or there will be no end to pandemics.
L.V.C Kun oldin
Jeff Bezos could singlehandedly fund pandemic prevention 💁🏻‍♀️ But we all know he won't
Becky Merschbrock
Becky Merschbrock Kun oldin
What an absolute waste of space and of my time.
IamNotABot Kun oldin
What's the reason for you to say that? Are you a conspiracy-believing Karen?
SaHaRaSquad Kun oldin
The problem is not that prevention measures cost money...the problem is that politicians and lobbyists MAKE money during a crisis. The billionaires could have funded the $2000 COVID relief check and still be richer than before the pandemic. Fix the incentives, and the money will follow.
Abbie Marshall
Abbie Marshall 2 kun oldin
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Matthew Johnson
Matthew Johnson 2 kun oldin
My money is on Hendra as a future epidemic
nasheka bryan
nasheka bryan 2 kun oldin
The next one will be deadly as infected. If they were busy creating them then we wouldn’t have that problem. Be careful who warns us, they’re the ones doing it.
alissa afonina
alissa afonina 2 kun oldin
vegans have been telling you animal agriculture is killing the planet. Wake up
Joe Gloria
Joe Gloria 2 kun oldin
The stupid 5 second jokes make this show borderline unwatchable
Joanne M
Joanne M 2 kun oldin
Maybe those scientists are the ones starting the pandemics ... to show that they know what they're talking about ...
David Shakespeare
David Shakespeare 2 kun oldin
CCP is the current pandemic and will be the next one too! 💣
Wong Jefx
Wong Jefx 2 kun oldin
people are dumbass and politicans are selfish... so very little will change... when SARS hit and China moved to ban exotic animal trade and markets, they relented and the cycle of human stupidity kept on going...
Just a Regular Human
Just a Regular Human 2 kun oldin
The question is how many years do we have before it goes full on tribes of Europa ?
Scott Irvine
Scott Irvine 2 kun oldin
I'm confident that the voice of the virus cartoon in Topher Grace.
John Lavvas
John Lavvas 2 kun oldin
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Wedding DJ Rob Soundz
Wedding DJ Rob Soundz 2 kun oldin
Ignorance has never been more bliss. We gotta make a real change if we are to survive as a species.
Yrisneida Pena
Yrisneida Pena 2 kun oldin
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Evy salazar
Evy salazar 2 kun oldin
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karen doyle
karen doyle 2 kun oldin
yes - that's about as funny as Seth's captain character - sad sad sad.
Steven Evans
Steven Evans 2 kun oldin
So, Either we change everything about how society develops Or we get really comfortable with masks and social distancing.
rosentrantz0 2 kun oldin
Instead of just collecting viruses and leaking them like Wuhan's facility, we should set up processes to make mRNA vaccines for viruses that haven't crossed species yet.
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