The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 FULL Breakdown

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Star Wars Theory

10 kun oldin

The Mandalorian Season 2 Episode 4 dove into the lore of Star Wars.
The theories are true! Baby Yoda, The Child is being used for his force sensitivity, to transfer that to another body. While all tests haven't succeeded, Moff Gideon and Dr. Pershing are committed to making it happen. This is interesting as I think they could even search Luke Skywalker for his force sensitivity and high midichlorian count. I was happy to hear about the M-Count which we haven't heard of since Qui-Gon Jinn mentioned them in The Phantom Menace when he tested Anakin and sent the sample to Obi-Wan Kenobi.
This episode took alot of elements from Jedi Knight II which was interesting to see.
Cloning force sensitives is a hard feat, something that Palpatine and Dooku could not do with General Grievous. Something Vader couldn't do with Galen Marek in The Force Unleashed II.
It seems, though, that Snoke was created via this process, and maybe his force sensitivity was granted from The Child, which feels weird. Or perhaps, it's from someone else...Luke? Ahsoka? Another force user?
I'm excited for Episode 5 to finally see Ahsoka Tano and hopefully Boba Fett and Bo Katan later one (maybe Ezra and Sabine too).
A wild theory I have, is that Mace Windu could appear...I'll have a full video on it tomorrow for you...
Let me know what you thought of the episode!

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Star Wars Theory
Star Wars Theory 9 kun oldin
Thanks for joining the watch party and following up with the breakdown. See you all next week as we will witness Ahsoka in live action for the first time, together!! Have a great day, and may the force be with you!!
Venomus Bite
Venomus Bite 5 kun oldin
I thought they were purge troopers
MrBkittle 5 kun oldin
@The Lit Train good point
MrBkittle 5 kun oldin
What about the inquisitors they were force sensitive
The Lit Train
The Lit Train 5 kun oldin
If the imperial base blew does it mean the snoke clone got blown up along with the base ?
Leon Paz
Leon Paz 6 kun oldin
Can't wait! I feel like Mandalorian is the Star Wars we all needed.
derrickb27 5 soat oldin
I was wondering was Kamino and the Kaminoans destroyed? The reason i ask is because it seems like Palpatine, the former Empire and it's acolytes have trouble cloning even after have a massive army of clone troopers in the past.
Beev 11 soat oldin
îs "the force unleashed" even canon now?
Jangler333 16 soat oldin
The best Star Wars since Empire.
AiM__FreakZ Kun oldin
thank u
Rock girl
Rock girl Kun oldin
I'm worried that Disney is going to use The Mandalorian to further cement the events of the sequel trilogy. I was hoping that nonsense would eventually fade into memory.
R M Kun oldin
Need more Carl Weathers in this show.
Ilja Gaimovic
Ilja Gaimovic Kun oldin
Honestly the lamest episode from season - everything is moving to new Star Wars trilogy style (And it's a worst direction) - Criminal syndicate is gone and now at that so called city living random bunch of people who just doing staff on this volcanic planet (Like you know people are criminals because they wanted to be them and so on, we can just stand on the streets and talk to each other). They even open the school - because why not to show how good they are - All charm of Star Wars criminal world just gone (Prequels now seems more serious and darker compered to this) - Mando from neutral became chaotic good - damn I even don't know from where he is taking money for repairs, if he doesn't do contracts (Considering from first season he wasn't too rich - it just would be more interesting to see how he take contracts, just to earn money to continue the journey) - Is Empire a threat? They just killed whole army on they own base?! And no consequences. (At first season stormtrooper battalion with criminal syndicate kills all mandalorians in city and almost kill Mando). You felt a threat from empire at first season - What about Falcons? They are some kind of police now? In Star Wars? What? I just want to say guys what Mandalorian becomes less and less unique with each episode, and presenting characters from clone wars instead of creating new ones made Mandalorian world even smaller. It's like instead of expanding universe with new ideas we just try to meld Mandalorian with already established stories. I just say what potential of showing Star Wars criminal worlds start to fade. Baby Yoda it seems is added not to develop Mando as character, but as cute fan service merchandise. Honestly last 3 episodes did nothing to character or story development....
Rock girl
Rock girl Kun oldin
from the common boys name 'Daniel'
David Gee
David Gee 2 kun oldin
I like this show but am bothered at how the protagonists commit mass killings with no reservations, and sometimes when it's not necessary and even to the point where they enjoy. For example, Cara Dune could have brought some of her deputies and arrested the Walrus Men but instead went in there with the full intent to killing them...for stealing. Then when they made their plans to attack the base, the full intent was to kill everyone there, which they did. And a couple times they whooped it up after killing biker troops. Sorry to sound that way, but I like my protagonists to have some sort of virtue beyond starting a grade school.
Nathan Applegate
Nathan Applegate 2 kun oldin
I’m calling it. I’m making a prediction. Cara is Kanan Dume’s sister.
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 kun oldin
This was one of the most visually stunning episodes of any show I've seen in a long time...
yasio bolo
yasio bolo 2 kun oldin
2:07 bro that’s a girl I think
Sir Charizard III
Sir Charizard III 2 kun oldin
Sebastian Stan for Luke's clone ?
Gadiel Cruz
Gadiel Cruz 2 kun oldin
Spoilers are is not the jedi way
Thegamingtrooper 13
Thegamingtrooper 13 2 kun oldin
I think they are not shadow trooper i think they are phase 2 dark troopers witch are in the mobile game star wars commander
Thundarr100 2 kun oldin
This episode only MIGHT be steering towards the events of The Disney Sequel Trilogy. It's equally possible that it might be steering AWAY from the Disney Sequel Trilogy and is on the road to decanonize them. The bodies in the lab certainly LOOKED like Snoke, and were likely early attempts to genetically engineer him. HOWEVER, Mando, Cara Dune, and the others DESTROYED that facility and killed everyone working there. Which means that Snoke wasn't engineered in THAT lab. Also, in order for The Empire to successfully engineer Snoke, they're going to have to kill off Baby Yoda. Now Disney has stupidly destroyed every marketable character from the original trilogy in order to push Darth Kennedy's gender politics. I highly doubt that they will go out of their way to kill off the ONE AND ONLY MARKETABLE CHARACTER that they had created since they took over the franchise. Which means that if Favreau and Filoni choose to have Mando & Baby Yoda destroy The First Order before it ever becomes The First Order, then that is STILL a very strong possibility.
Thegamingtrooper 13
Thegamingtrooper 13 2 kun oldin
The creature that fixes Mando's ship is a species native to Mimban fro Solo a Star Wars story I know it because of Star Wars Squadrons because a pilot is the same species and she tells stories
George Ramos
George Ramos 2 kun oldin
How could we see boba-fet when he already died in episode 6? Was that not HIS armor worn on the marshall, found by the jawas ON TATOOINE (where boba-fet died?)
Oz 2 kun oldin
Greg Lav
Greg Lav 3 kun oldin
Dat was snoke n da lab
161 3 kun oldin
Remember when in the 70s and 80s you didnt need 100 side projects to make your 3 main movies make sense?
Robert Lyall
Robert Lyall 3 kun oldin
I haven't watched you for so long but I love mando
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 kun oldin
This is amazing
Cobz Gaming
Cobz Gaming 3 kun oldin
Fun fact: The name of the kid who people believe to be a boy or girl is actually called 'Daniel Negrete'. There are no current pictures of the child online, they're most likely a boy from the common boys name 'Daniel'
bcvbb hyui
bcvbb hyui 3 kun oldin
pimp around in.
Jack Arnsick
Jack Arnsick 3 kun oldin
I find it funny everywhere mando goes he makes deal w strangers to get in big fight and halfway through he says “this wasnt part of deal”! Mando isnt very smart either! How many traps does he walk right into? Jezus Christ he s not so smart!
petersaturday 3 kun oldin
Season 2 so far imo is pretty subpar in comparison to the first, The formula for Each episode feels pretty much the same and so far the plot advancing is getting a little bit tiresomeas it struggling to find it's a real purpose.halfway through the season already. It's still fun but it feels like it probably needs to have more time to breathe with its characters and their development.
Cuban 3 kun oldin
SPOILER WARNING- Finally caught up fully on the series and can't wait until tomorrow's episode!! So many references, from KOTOR, to Jedi Knight series, to prequels, originals, sequels, it's just a giant explosion of fan service! I am pretty confident we'll eventually see Boba which will be so exciting since we haven't seen him since RotJ and also Sabine, it just has to happen since we're getting close to Ahsoka, and since Sabine took off with her in the Rebels finale to search for Ezra that makes me think we'll see him or at least get some kind of reference.
M R 3 kun oldin
This was definitely my favorite episode by far.
That one guy That ate all the beans
That one guy That ate all the beans 3 kun oldin
2:07 bro that’s a girl I think
Rodrigo Gonzalez Fuentealba
Rodrigo Gonzalez Fuentealba 3 kun oldin
Amazing video! How can I join these watch parties?
Patrick Musson
Patrick Musson 3 kun oldin
Dave Filoni will be directing and writing Episode 5, so Ahsoka should be in the next episode.
Ash Scott
Ash Scott 3 kun oldin
I kinda wish they'd dropped the midichlorians stuff. But I can handle the "M-count" crap if it was just their way of brushing it off forever.
Sang Pham
Sang Pham 3 kun oldin
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Jad Jason
Jad Jason 3 kun oldin
A bit of a casual sw watcher aren‘t we? In combination with the cliffhanger, it meant the darktroopers‘ return. Not some sequel bullshit. This series has dignity.
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 4 kun oldin
I knew that one of the people who was fixing Mando’s ship was being sus.
ZfancyMan 4 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure the alien spy who fixed the razorcrest was a young Ochi Of Bestoon
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv 4 kun oldin
Kara dun sure got fat
Seaton ,Z
Seaton ,Z 4 kun oldin
It blows my mind how effectively The Mandalorian is able to capture the nostalgic aesthetic of the original trilogy but keeps it an interesting and genuinely different story. It just shows how they could’ve handled the new trilogy vs how they actually handled it.
EricMichael Willard
EricMichael Willard 4 kun oldin
I was up for the part of "blue jeans guy" in this weeks episode but i lost out on the part to the other guy. He was able to just stand there lurking bts better than i was i suppose.. but nbd my agent called me with a herpes medication commercial so hey im not salty about it! im gonna be the face of herpes and he got to be in star wars. Lucky b*stard. Oh im so jelly.. but hey i get to be the new face of genital herpes! 🤣☠👻
EricMichael Willard
EricMichael Willard 4 kun oldin
And the effin DARK TROOPER reveal via close captioning was freaking huge as well!
EricMichael Willard
EricMichael Willard 4 kun oldin
I am so freaking excited for next weeks episode.. sooo many payoffs coming to fruition. Obviously the big one we're all anticipating is Ahsoka Tanos live action reveal and thats definitely the big one but i meant more like now that theres a tracking device on the Razor Crest courtesy of the jerk at the end of epi 4.. so theoretically Moff Gideon could arrive 5 mins after Din and the child so Din will do the hard work of sniffing out Ahsokas location amd Moff will swoop in at the perfect time like hes done repeatedly already and round up two birds with one stone.. hopefully Bo Katan Kryze shows up again too! Din and company could deffo use the firepower for backup however i don't think this is very likely to occur.. otherwise, Bo Katan would have just taken them to Ahsoka to begin with. She was able to save his bacon a few times when he was on the same planet as her but i doubt she shows up now unless Ahsoka contacts her somehow as soon as Din arrives. I think the First Order is on the rise as well as the Sith Eternal, aka papa palpatines crazy creepy culty group thats always lurking behind the scenes in the shadows waiting, watching, plotting and cloning? Yes deffo cloning, gotta get papa palpatine a gucci new ride to pimp around in.
Austin’sBRIX Levy
Austin’sBRIX Levy 4 kun oldin
I did not realize that was snoke o_o
Ορέστης Τσιγγενοπουλος
Ορέστης Τσιγγενοπουλος 4 kun oldin
Randy Krus
Randy Krus 4 kun oldin
I wish this show was better. Kinda meh. But I still watch it.....
Indyday 4 kun oldin
I don't like the 2nd season. The first 4 episodes are almost completely stolen from other movies... The spiders and the eggs in this ice cave is from ALIEN. Baby Yoda trying to fix the hyperdrive is almost 1to1 copy from MCU/Guardians of the Galaxy 2 where Rocket tries to show baby groot how to detonate the bomb in the planet. He is always flying from point A to B to do generic sh*t in generic places with generic dialogues. Its so repetitive like the Walking Dead.
einfachnurbaum 4 kun oldin
I love how he says baby Yoda instead of The Child. Because it’s Baby Yoda god dammit !
Raphael 4 kun oldin
When will the Jedi appear on the Mandalorian series?
B B 4 kun oldin
Have you seen the title of the next episode?
GrayJediJ Gaming
GrayJediJ Gaming 4 kun oldin
It cracks me up when you get dramatic.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 4 kun oldin
may see Gideon offer Bo Katan a trade of the dark saber for the child turning her into an adversary, at least for a time.
misuyy fong
misuyy fong 4 kun oldin
The CG in the chase scene is noticeable but very forgivable
André Marc
André Marc 4 kun oldin
this serie sucks...its for women, SW is for women today.
Smol brain 100
Smol brain 100 4 kun oldin
you will be rewarded the new era feels like a mortal kombat 11 refrence, its like the main driving plot in the game
dexter morgan
dexter morgan 4 kun oldin
more action and less baby yoda!!!!
Ted Wendelboe
Ted Wendelboe 5 kun oldin
Kara dun sure got fat
MovieMonsterMania 5 kun oldin
Dune does have a resemblance to a young Carrie Fisher ngl, I could see her being Leia’s step sister, maybe a little step sister though?
boojum402 5 kun oldin
What?!?! you didn't notice that the alien that planted the tracking device on the razorcrest is a near spitting match for Ochi from Bestoon? You missed the most obvious direct tie in to the third series so far in the Mandalorian saga. Un-Freaking believable.
MLT_Mango 5 kun oldin
Am I the only one who thought the people in the tubes were another failed project black wing?
Dopermean 5 kun oldin
I don’t want Mando to take his helmet off
T.K. 5 kun oldin
Also the fact that they’re tracking the razor crest and not concerned about the ship jumping to hyperspace implies that they already have access to at least a prototype of a device that will track a ship through hyperspace, in theory.
B B 4 kun oldin
Totally different. Watch the OT. They've always been able to track no matter how many hyperspace jumps using tracking a device planted on a ship. In TLJ what you are thinking of was the ability to do it without a tracking device being planted on the target ship. Completely unrelated.
Obaman’t 5 kun oldin
Something tells me mace windu may return... it makes sense in that he’ll get a proper death to boba fett in getting revenge for his dad jango fett. Plus he probably didn’t die to that fall from palpatine
americandesign 5 kun oldin
I have rewatched the whole Mandalorian s02 from e01- to 04 . And I tell you guys, there are no filler episodes if you consider the whole 4 parts we've seen (so far) as one film. It has the "waving" right, so one episode is giving us hints and slower pace, but bulding to the "explosion" of the next chapter. I feels like a whole movie. A moovie that we all waited for a long time. A moovie that's whole better than the sequels together! (RIP Reylo-Nobody-Palpatine-Skywalker!) I strongly suggest to do the same! - Find some time 4 it! (C'mon you too have the chapters dowloaded already on your winchester, dont you?) - And BTW the music is AMAZING, Thanx to Göran Ludvigsson for the whole stuff! So try it... I have spoken. THIS IS THE WAY!
Putins Cat
Putins Cat 5 kun oldin
The Mandalorian should stay on the outer rim, and show us what was going on with the old Empire, hidden from the rest of the galaxy. If Luke shows up, meets Ahsoka, tickles Baby Yoda, it will really F up the timeline. Luke only had a sense of this, and he never proved the Emperor was alive.
Kirat Ubhi
Kirat Ubhi 5 kun oldin
man like mr kim innit
satchm05 5 kun oldin
I think I speak for most real fans when I say: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t connect to the “sequel trilogy”! We all have to be united, consistent, and clear on insisting and demanding this!
Raiken Xion
Raiken Xion 5 kun oldin
I'm gonna be the unpopular comment here and say this, remember how TLJ trailers went down back in 2017? We all built our hopes up and had all those expectations and Luke was even telling us all the long -"this is not going to go the way you think!" And none of us saw it at the time, we were just all so damned obsessed with trying to connect the obvious.
Jesse Parbhu
Jesse Parbhu 5 kun oldin
Love these breakdowns!
Rom Pan
Rom Pan 5 kun oldin
The CG in the chase scene is noticeable but very forgivable
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 5 kun oldin
Why the hell are we talking about Snoke again... nobody cares.
Taladon 5 kun oldin
The sequels surely wouldn't suck if Dave Filoni and John Favreau made them
Jeremy Henry
Jeremy Henry 5 kun oldin
I don't want Mando to show his face. I like the added mythos
Jeremy Henry
Jeremy Henry 5 kun oldin
@yuitr loing I don't have ads
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 5 kun oldin
Love your content bro but god the ads.
J WC 5 kun oldin
Such a sick vid
Pete Jurich
Pete Jurich 5 kun oldin
So the being that the know of that has the highest M count would be Luke. They don’t really know who Leia really is. I know it would be some expensive cgi but they’d going after Luke would be awesome.
Fire Demon
Fire Demon 5 kun oldin
Watch this episode and go to 18:53 and you will see this guy that thought he was off the scene on the left side of the screen. It’s true try it
Pip Jim
Pip Jim 5 kun oldin
What did captain tarva give Cara at the end?
Batman Biggins
Batman Biggins 5 kun oldin
The volunteer can’t be Moth Giddean. The recording talking about the volunteer was sent to Moth Gideean
Kendrick Tanrio
Kendrick Tanrio 5 kun oldin
One day this kind of story will make the sequel trilogy look a little better
liam riley
liam riley 5 kun oldin
Got a feeling they’re gonna kill off baby yoda
Sander Matoe Singsaas
Sander Matoe Singsaas 5 kun oldin
Dis is da weh
Sander Matoe Singsaas
Sander Matoe Singsaas 5 kun oldin
This is the way
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 5 kun oldin
from a show
w0w0wner 5 kun oldin
Where is this scene from? 6:08 to 6:20
cqvio doli
cqvio doli 5 kun oldin
they’re finna drop ashoka for 5 seconds at the end of the season just like they did with boba fett
Babymax949 5 kun oldin
That's all great but the episodes are full of references that it's becoming annoying. Just make new moments instead of referencing things. Kenner toys, Voice lines taken from ep IV (specifically "Alright men, load your weapons. There they are, blast them!" from Stormtroopers which exit the elevator to shoot at the main characters when they're escaping the base), characters, cameos... It's like they're saying to your face "LOOK GUYS WE KNOW STAR WARS, REMEMBER THIS?".
Shor Goldman
Shor Goldman 5 kun oldin
Did anyone else notice 'The March of the Resistance' softly playing towards the end?
Liam Murphy
Liam Murphy 5 kun oldin
Love your content bro but god the ads.
Kale 94627
Kale 94627 5 kun oldin
Why the hell are we talking about Snoke again... nobody cares.
Daniel Walker
Daniel Walker 5 kun oldin
They're dark troopers not shadow troopers
Shaun Albert
Shaun Albert 5 kun oldin
Anything about the medalion that the x-wing pilot latest down I know it means something but I can't figure it out
PatitoFeo47 5 kun oldin
I really like how formulaic the show is.
PrettyBoy23 5 kun oldin
I knew I heard Snoke’s theme, this actually makes the reveal snoke was clone actually not too bad but a cool idea
RaidenNexus97 5 kun oldin
I know Mando gotta be sick of going on all these side missions. Bet he cant wait to get back to the main story
Ipro Fox
Ipro Fox 6 kun oldin
If they connect the Shequels to the Mandalorian. It will only hurt the show.
themarcusnash13 nashty
themarcusnash13 nashty 6 kun oldin
Can anyone tell me why this episode was so good besides the hints they gave? I’m sorry but that Gina carano girl sucks so bad at acting. Killing off stormtroopers like it’s nothing. Felt like the whole episode was for 7 year olds. Cheesiest episode to date imo
Zackary Batchelor
Zackary Batchelor 6 kun oldin
I love coming to this channel after watching the episode to see what i missed and all the cool things you have to say I absolutely can’t wait to see Ashoka
Last jedi
Last jedi 6 kun oldin
Hi you doing amazing job I have a question for you do you think Ahsoka Tano and Sabine wren would mention to Lando about Ezra Bridger in Thrawn ?
Wildfire 6 kun oldin
They are building up the story big time. I was surprised to see an imperial cruiser. Even more when i saw those enhanced dark troopers in the room with Moff Gideon. This is going somewhere big. Almost feels like i'm watching an actual movie.
chefpete12571 6 kun oldin
So it takes Jon Favreau to fill in the giant plot hole that both Abrams and Johnson couldn't. Snoke and the First Order could have been explained in 5 to 10 mins flashback (or just a simple explanation) in any of the 3 different feature films.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 6 kun oldin
they’re finna drop ashoka for 5 seconds at the end of the season just like they did with boba fett
Aaron Alghawi
Aaron Alghawi 6 kun oldin
Man I always felt like Exegol was basically just Valley of the Jedi for the Sith, and now we’re dripping Kejim outpost references? Glad to see some of these folks appreciated those great JK games
yuitr loing
yuitr loing 6 kun oldin
it's got a Star Wars connection, I even watch it ..
Gio Gio
Gio Gio 6 kun oldin
I keep asking myself one thing, if the dark troopers are so strong, like the ultimate level of troopers, why the first order did not use them?
Daniel's Hot Topics
Daniel's Hot Topics 6 kun oldin
I Hope they either Make Star Wars Shadows of the Empire Cannon or they Bring Elements and Characters of Shadows of the Empire and make them Cannon, but I Would prefer Disney make Shadows of the Empire Completely Cannon because it's my Favorite Star Wars Game and there is nothing in the Cannon Preventing them to do so.
That0neGuy6740 0
That0neGuy6740 0 6 kun oldin
I really hope that the Mandalorian doesn’t go too deep into the sequel trilogy. The sequels have too many bad things going on right now, and I don’t want it to drag the Mandalorian down with it.
PK-åłľ -DAY
PK-åłľ -DAY 6 kun oldin
The short hair'd lady w the hat on at the end, w Moff Giddeon, was from the show "Z-Nation". She played "George". That's awsome that she's getting some major roles now!
Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리
Haley Sings 노래하는 헤일리 6 kun oldin
I’m contemplating watching this because I haven’t seen this episode and won’t be able to because I can’t afford Disney plus anymore
jamesdevftw 6 kun oldin
Did anyone else get Jedi Outcast vibes when they went to that outpost?
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