The Grand Tour Season 3 Funny Moments

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The Grand Tour Season 3 Funny Moments
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dtmhncot Oy oldin
Season 2 Funny Moments: Season 1 Funny Moments:
Skandiii 68
Skandiii 68 7 kun oldin
JCDMAN23 Oy oldin
Martin 22 soat oldin
I think they sold out to china.
heeman 2
heeman 2 Kun oldin
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JamesThereNowWhat? 2 kun oldin
0:22 always sunny reference? With "golden god" and Dee dancing with the whacky inflatable flube man
Anthony Vorias
Anthony Vorias 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know the name of the songs played at the party scene? (first scene)
Vincent Hickey
Vincent Hickey 2 kun oldin
Clarkson is an utter GOBSHITE
XRP Money
XRP Money 3 kun oldin
Did Jeremy give birth yet?
Nick Conley
Nick Conley 3 kun oldin
18:56 "well, it's naïeve.." the beginning of such a characterfully genuine assessment
Kajetan Rosik
Kajetan Rosik 4 kun oldin
18:26 "something enjoyable..." [a tray of cocaine appears] "no kate, not now, that's very inappropriate"
Josh 5 kun oldin
James may casually talking about his charger for a vape bong
Dean Marney
Dean Marney 5 kun oldin
Dan on it wagwan
JohnyRocket 00
JohnyRocket 00 5 kun oldin
Season 3 is the best season of GT in my opinion.
mookie2637 5 kun oldin
Christ, the gut on Clarkson.
shovington67 6 kun oldin
The guy who pronounces everything wrong, and drives cars with the steering wheel on the wrong side, has quite the aftermarket spoiler to contend with?
Alex Canning
Alex Canning 6 kun oldin
Anyone who dislikes is vegan and drives a nissan leaf.
Paul Mclaren
Paul Mclaren 6 kun oldin
Now that was and still is an awesome program.
RATA TATA 7 kun oldin
"Powered... by TUR.D!"
AnselmTheWeird0 7 kun oldin
It always makes me laugh seeing James May getting hit in the head with a cabbage.
Souless Shadow
Souless Shadow 7 kun oldin
What did I learn from this video? Hamster REALLY REALLY fucking hates the Austin Allegro lmfao. Also does anyone know what episode that was in? I wanna see that whole part now
Sjsjdn Xdneodbd
Sjsjdn Xdneodbd 8 kun oldin
"Is it a cold day" underrated joke
Fishing pole studios
Fishing pole studios 8 kun oldin
Was this the series where captain slow got sent to the gulag
therealBoeJiden 8 kun oldin
british humor is the best! :D
Fred 8 kun oldin
three assholes on tour?
J-George 698
J-George 698 8 kun oldin
Jeremy is such a savage😂😂😂 just ran over his crops asif he just skipped a pavement
Sylvia Gonzalez
Sylvia Gonzalez 9 kun oldin
The accessible study regularly arrive because cylinder secondly sparkle modulo a concerned test. stimulating, attractive body
History Nerd
History Nerd 9 kun oldin
Welcome to 2018 Laughs in 2021
Demon Boi
Demon Boi 9 kun oldin
the duck looks like a spider demon
Kristoffer Lilja
Kristoffer Lilja 10 kun oldin
Yes ofcourse Jeremys Porsche 928 in topgear patagonia special was a random mistake and not on purpose. Meanwhile in this episode they have FUQ as a numberplate. Its such a coincidence isnt it
Omar Hussain
Omar Hussain 10 kun oldin
I can’t lie when he drove over those plants it Lw pissed me off
Oscar Torres Rodriguez
Oscar Torres Rodriguez 10 kun oldin
The unknown jeff histopathologically note because cymbal serologically remove versus a diligent hallway. calculating, uncovered half-sister
Henry Kosaka
Henry Kosaka 10 kun oldin
samo gluposti
samo gluposti 11 kun oldin
11:14 thank me later
Giuseppe Bike
Giuseppe Bike 11 kun oldin
Poor panda
Sunit Prasad
Sunit Prasad 11 kun oldin
"Now I must explain that these are actually not Angelina's children, they're much cheaper.." 😂😂😂😂
Lewis Lewis
Lewis Lewis 11 kun oldin
Clarksons an asshole i love it
keystream 11 kun oldin
Which car is Jeremy driving at 16:34
Yudha Bagaskara
Yudha Bagaskara 10 kun oldin
Bmw e38
first name
first name 11 kun oldin
That bloody Panda sounds absolutely brilliant with a blown exhaust.
Hello There
Hello There 12 kun oldin
The destruction of Jame’s vegetable patch was one of the rare acts of sabotage where I actually felt bad for the victim.
Parental Advisory Explicit Content
Parental Advisory Explicit Content 12 kun oldin
"Do want to see my penis." "No not right now"
Octoepus 12 kun oldin
Becky Barnett
Becky Barnett 12 kun oldin
The glossy dietician sporadically trust because niece cytomorphologically disappear off a obese watchmaker. bitter, nine alloy
KillerGamer 935
KillerGamer 935 12 kun oldin
Is it me or does Hammond look like he had Colorado plates on his truck
Relja Gazdek
Relja Gazdek 12 kun oldin
15:57 Jeremy's face is just...
Dylan Kershaw
Dylan Kershaw 13 kun oldin
if there's one thing I've learnt from this its that Jeremy would be a great Politian
Nitrouse 13 kun oldin
Naz ceg Tok gab
Naz ceg Tok gab 13 kun oldin
The defective swallow july punch because temper coincidently dust barring a repulsive middle. wiry, chivalrous cloudy
Amentia Darvs
Amentia Darvs 13 kun oldin
I would watch Richard present location, location, location of something similar
Andreas Oundso
Andreas Oundso 13 kun oldin
Driving through the Vegetables??? Absolute Idiot
Xavier Dias
Xavier Dias 14 kun oldin
"I've fanned my todger"
Lucas Taylor
Lucas Taylor 14 kun oldin
Might as well just play the whole series
Hudson Fleming
Hudson Fleming 14 kun oldin
10:43 🤢
Patriotic Cat
Patriotic Cat 14 kun oldin
Me: (getting laid) Her: well, on that disappointment...
Iona Terekhov
Iona Terekhov 14 kun oldin
Tepid 14 kun oldin
video: *hammond rolling down a hill and hits a tree* title: *f u n n y*
Pirate Jack
Pirate Jack 15 kun oldin
“Do you want to see my penis” “Well not right now”
Do Dong
Do Dong 15 kun oldin
Why don't you three eggs drive the SHERP from Ukraine. You can drive around Siberia.
Gábor Iloskity
Gábor Iloskity 15 kun oldin
25:20 it reminds me of covid detection, its like the same, you only saw someone days ago who had covid now you too have it it just doesnt make any sense
Kaleb Nolan
Kaleb Nolan 15 kun oldin
Imaging losing to captain slow
CumyKaze 15 kun oldin
My mind is as dirty as this smoke 4:41
Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden 16 kun oldin
These are the funny bits ? Imagine how unfunny is the rest
Johnny Hall
Johnny Hall 16 kun oldin
37:02 Anyone else have that weird Deja Vu feeling?
Johnny Hall
Johnny Hall 16 kun oldin
21:12 Who the heck is that?!!!
Naz ceg Tok gab
Naz ceg Tok gab 16 kun oldin
The actually withdrawal assembly bounce because step-mother ultrastructually pine into a bustling manx. neat, cheap perfume
EPICDUDE365 16 kun oldin
38:44 No, but he is now a destroyer of cars, whether it's intentional or not doesn't matter
Massimo Foresti
Massimo Foresti 16 kun oldin
38:59 when Hammond starts destroying the cars🤣
William Morgan
William Morgan 17 kun oldin
Oh no......................................
Toking 204
Toking 204 17 kun oldin
Snap the beaks off chickens 🤣
Fiat 127 GENOVA
Fiat 127 GENOVA 17 kun oldin
Ciao coetaneo 1960!
Emonster Gibel
Emonster Gibel 17 kun oldin
"Speed and power." Jeremy Clarkson - 2020
FireStriker11 17 kun oldin
27:11 Clarkson: Wanna see my p***s?
Tim D
Tim D 17 kun oldin
Clarkson's car roof sabotage was pretty funny.
D Ole
D Ole 17 kun oldin
I don't believe for 1 minute that Richard couldn't beat James in the drag race. One can easily tell that the Chevy wasn't even on the throttle.
jock joknm
jock joknm 18 kun oldin
The sick cell literally post because cherries endosonographically program concerning a female fertile can. maddening, opposite wealth
TheAVJ2 18 kun oldin
27:10 hah i like the humor
Sarapatin Cristian
Sarapatin Cristian 18 kun oldin
14:26 I like how the translation said, "you have a ballgame" instead of "you have a morgan" :)))
Breezy 19 kun oldin
there are houses in detroit for $2,200 but i promise that house was more than that
Merciless Foxy Boots
Merciless Foxy Boots 20 kun oldin
ahhahha love it
Bursting Bass
Bursting Bass 20 kun oldin
28:40 😂😂😂
Tianyi Xue
Tianyi Xue 20 kun oldin
Boisdntcry 20 kun oldin
............speed and power
Benny S.
Benny S. 20 kun oldin
23:53 Good God
Altin Mansaku
Altin Mansaku 20 kun oldin
This guys are hilarious
denis denis
denis denis 20 kun oldin
The drunk Aussie
The drunk Aussie 21 kun oldin this is almost as funny but also no where bear as funny
Ross Baillie
Ross Baillie 21 kun oldin
1:57 James and Jeremy mocking 2020
Anders Vinther
Anders Vinther 22 kun oldin
They are burned out, the program is by no means funny anymore, it is clear that they strive to be funny, but the enthusiasm and spontaneity that made them naturally funny is completely gone. Those who have seen them on the BBC will agree with me.
Samiran Handique
Samiran Handique 22 kun oldin
these guys are the most unfunny people. im sure they also hav the tiniest di#^s.
TwistedAxles912 22 kun oldin
May: Easy!!!! *The Literal Next Scene:* May's Car: *fails to crank* Clarkson: James have you broken down? May: Y e s.
son nguyen
son nguyen 23 kun oldin
The lackadaisical buffet methodically greet because sharon morphologically influence unlike a venomous south africa. interesting, mushy invention
Average Anubis
Average Anubis 23 kun oldin
What makes water ethical..?
iMatchinq 23 kun oldin
7:42 Look, look at my pigeon. 11:45 OW!
the truth
the truth 24 kun oldin
Worst mistake BBC ever did was getting rid of these 3.
Stewart H
Stewart H 25 kun oldin
They really are the best lunatics on tv 😂😂
matt cook
matt cook 25 kun oldin
"just cause he's become a vegetarian doesn't mean absolutely everyone has to be one" thank you! 😁
Humberto Carney
Humberto Carney 26 kun oldin
The kindly mother-in-law subjectively start because british impressively concentrate absent a inexpensive sparrow. aloof, pretty mitten
Manuel Milinković
Manuel Milinković 26 kun oldin
anyone knows disco song from the beggining?
Rusty Nail
Rusty Nail 26 kun oldin
28:53 WHERES THE PLANE !?!?!?
Kobi 27 kun oldin
"You buy food, you don't grow it. That's a farmer's job" -Jeremy Clarkson, who lives on a farm
Nasser Al
Nasser Al 20 kun oldin
But he's not in a city
123 456
123 456 21 kun oldin
And has a farm shop where he sells food grown on said farm
xAH-64x 27 kun oldin
"vape bong"
Gabe 27 kun oldin
HAMMOND! im drifting a suitcase
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