The Grand Tour 2020 - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May! Top Gear

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The Grand Tour 2020 - Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May! Top Gear
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Cody Rsling
Cody Rsling 17 soat oldin
I sure hope you didn’t leave that garbage laying around Canada and your crew fucking cleans up after themselves.
johnny llooddte
johnny llooddte 4 kun oldin
how would yall like to do a grand tour that would help and change the lives of a billion people in afrikka and middle east.. in 8 to 12 weeks.. there a PROJECT over 200 years old,..older than the panama canal and suez canal and a 100 other canals ,older than the eerie canal in usa called,, the TRANSQUA CANAL.. its a 2000 mile canal across afrikka from lake victoria to lake chad, to FILL LAKE CHAD and turn the sahara green..its been tried a 100 times.. and feed a billion more people and provide a 100 million jobs..the chinese tried it this last 30 years.. but they all make the same mistake.. they start from lake victoria and work west.. and no matter how far they go,, not a drop has gone into lake chad.. BUT inside this monstrous project is a smaller lesser known project... there is a place, that i( ive spent 10years) and others before me have found,..27kms, and 18kms that will do the same thing and move HALF the water across 1000 miles from the congo river to lake chad, by connecting 2 or 3 rivers at these spots.. 3 or 4 bulldozers and a grand tour amount of time would do it..we are talking about savannahs and at worst 20 feet elevation changes... my first year we did 2 miles,, then 10 the next, 20, 50 and 100 miles each year,, connecting small rivers to lake chad.. working east.. now we are into the congo.. where it rains 100 inches a year.. congo river and others.. between the chinese and our group, we have already done 200 miles on both ends to make this possible.. the chinese are out and bankrupt, they were trying to do the 2000 mile project..and got nothing and provided nothing in return.. but it was an honest try.. we are just trying to do the smaller projects and slowly connecting more and more rivers to lake chad backwards from lake chad.. it has had an immediate effect on water levels in lake chad.. but the next phase, 27kms and 18kms will bring 1000 miles together across the congo.. this will fill lake chad.. just saying..if you want to have an your car show and change the world.. i ll show you how.. wont cost you an extra penny and yall will make millions on the tv shows and probably be knighted by the queen.. blessings dr johnny
king jellybean
king jellybean 4 kun oldin
Really not a fan of how they fuckin leave trash everywhere they fucking go
Gareth Jones
Gareth Jones 7 kun oldin
I miss old jezza top gear was never the same and that was the only reason I ever watched bbc but you've always got dave lol
Jeff Jim
Jeff Jim 9 kun oldin
This is giving me epilepsy
David Murphy
David Murphy 11 kun oldin
filmed where?
ole krogstad
ole krogstad 11 kun oldin
Director knew that, weirldly.... LMAO
Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion
Sheila’s Beauty/ Hair/ Nails/ Fashion 12 kun oldin
Very disappointed to see James wearing a Canada Goose jacket 😡😡
daniel dorie
daniel dorie 13 kun oldin
please dont make any more videos
Susan Murray
Susan Murray 14 kun oldin
roggy dogs 4 lyfe y'allziz
Karlo Moharić
Karlo Moharić 17 kun oldin
that black range rover looks beautiful , would have loved to have that one over other two
bobob 17 kun oldin
I swear down they just make a point of arguing just for the sake of not agreeing with the other
Francis Tribel Manloloyo
Francis Tribel Manloloyo 18 kun oldin
Wooo jez im sorry
Lan Tratar
Lan Tratar 20 kun oldin
Sooooo Grand tour ended in 2019
Lol them acting as if there are no problems with thier cars is very similar to Americas election at the moment
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner 23 kun oldin
“Which proves; conclusively”
War Child
War Child 23 kun oldin
1:32 haha yes of course, I'll have some K & MDF I love MDF
Grim Waffle
Grim Waffle 24 kun oldin
Love how they used the Sicario music during the tension of the descent
C999H 27 kun oldin
The 420 G is smoking!! I'm surprised May didn't catch that one
C999H 27 kun oldin
hareema kanupal
hareema kanupal 29 kun oldin
Love these guys😂🤣🤣
Guess Who
Guess Who Oy oldin
Hey !! I KNOW ....Lets zoom in a lot !!
Barney Germany
Barney Germany Oy oldin
Crazy good👍🤣
joseph Oy oldin
too many fucking comurcials
Ashley Wright
Ashley Wright Oy oldin
thanks to the ads i now know that you can transfer electricity from octopusses to vw beatles
dar zohir
dar zohir Oy oldin
The sulky power disappointedly tour because george evocatively argue since a uneven pickle. ajar, early corn
Estrella Camie
Estrella Camie Oy oldin
The mixed karate psychophysically cry because head ganguly matter via a legal neon. ugliest, nostalgic diaphragm
Victory Mansions
Victory Mansions Oy oldin
'A flock of Italian horses' Erm Hammond, I hate to be the one to have to tell you this, but...
Sebastian Soja
Sebastian Soja Oy oldin
Aaron Luijten
Aaron Luijten Oy oldin
Since when does top Gear still exist... or is it just not available in my country
William Carroll
William Carroll Oy oldin
And of course, the raptor is a beast. Ford tough baby
William Carroll
William Carroll Oy oldin
Lmao Jeremy needs some hauling lessons haha
William Carroll
William Carroll Oy oldin
You should have grabbed a Ford Explorer Sport haha
Michael Ackerley
Michael Ackerley Oy oldin
too much zooming too many adverts you need banning from youtube
Golden Sheep
Golden Sheep Oy oldin
Great great show, just crapy cinemaphotography...those close up shots, annoying
Коля Езугбаиа
Коля Езугбаиа Oy oldin
Есть на русском?
Craig Benefiel
Craig Benefiel Oy oldin
Just needs a FEW more ads
Wambua Sammy
Wambua Sammy Oy oldin
OK. Lemme reserve my comments...
Zed Oy oldin
You’ve got a video in your ads
Dustin Mcallister
Dustin Mcallister Oy oldin
Yes that's considered cheating you're in a Ford Raptor that has 35 inch tall tires how is that even going to compare to the other two which may have 225 275 like we're talking like a 26 inch tire compared to a 35 there's a big difference
Squeeze My Lizard
Squeeze My Lizard Oy oldin
why is james wearing a polar jacket?
Estrella Camie
Estrella Camie Oy oldin
The rich teacher observationally paint because flag ultimately cough opposite a noisy liver. pale, cumbersome sack
pietri petrucci
pietri petrucci Oy oldin
Destroying that 420 wasn`t good to watch
Claudiu Coss
Claudiu Coss Oy oldin
love this guys :D
Dana Harris
Dana Harris Oy oldin
Got my hopes up for nothing
Dana Harris
Dana Harris Oy oldin
"I'm 57" proceeds to lose the boat afterwards. Clarkson is hilarious.
MiniMiner Games
MiniMiner Games Oy oldin
just get ad block
The Pilot
The Pilot Oy oldin
@14:39 321 GO..........
Mat Craddock
Mat Craddock Oy oldin
Unwatchable. Zoom in zoom out and then random zoom . My eyes learnt to juggle.
John Hutchinson
John Hutchinson Oy oldin
whats with someone playing with the damned zoom! Completely unwatchable that way.
breakit46 Oy oldin
I’d watch it but fuck the ads.
Daniel Robertson
Daniel Robertson Oy oldin
Wtf is wrong with the zoom
Nosey Parker
Nosey Parker Oy oldin
MrJimbaloid Oy oldin
Lol such funny numbers. My D.A.F. XF 105 had 5000 torques before it was Re-mapped now I've got no idea but it is knocking out 580 BHP.
Black Thunder
Black Thunder Oy oldin
Does zooming in and out every few seconds trick UZpost or something
The_Tornado Oy oldin
I counted 22 ads
why does it zoom in
Matt Walker
Matt Walker Oy oldin
I'm getting seasick because it zooms so often.
james watkins
james watkins 2 oy oldin
2020?? crap, this is 2018 at best.
james watkins
james watkins 2 oy oldin
“How many ad rolls do you want?” “Yes”
tii ii12
tii ii12 2 oy oldin
I wana laugh about the jag, but that car is one of my favorites. I've never been so conflicted.
Dana Harris
Dana Harris Oy oldin
Wow thanks for some ads and a look in to the past🤔😭
Creepy & Dragon Explore beyond
Creepy & Dragon Explore beyond 2 oy oldin
To many ads, to many close ups, goes quite sound in the middle and at 1.11 hours sound goes off very disappointing to be honest
Константин Н
Константин Н 2 oy oldin
Кларксон ты лучший!!!
james watkins
james watkins 2 oy oldin
2020?? crap, this is 2018 at best.
Maria Pires
Maria Pires 2 oy oldin
The best three journalists/presenters on Top Gear ever! The present show,well with the exception of Chris Harris, the show is equal some many others in the European Tv´s! Stay safe!
Stealth 2 oy oldin
John Austin
John Austin 2 oy oldin
so sick of the alpha shit. get a better fucking sponsor, no one gives a dam about their junk
a random human
a random human 2 oy oldin
They should go to calgary and go down Deerwood trail thats a test of a vehicle
geograph1000 2 oy oldin
Wow, is that really James May, I thought it was my grandma
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
It is a mild 70 here and I'm having ice cold Dolph to though
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
Tell Vicky that the Morty more disease is special for condyline men
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
I'm going to restart giving them more than more than a 3-hour long disease
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
I haven't heard a car pass by and over an hour or someone pass through the side street since I've been in the backyard
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
The Coleman is an hour-long virus and it's something I'm working on being introduced to the world to the choir that something is forever virus they talk so much about an hour-long virus that are they they are the most tasty
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
The quare is the best with steak sauce and Worcestershire the meat is tender suppli and my Munch anyting to rush the meal to such
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
The men come for three and four 1700 miles of wall flowers every night goodbye flowers for a caller from Tommy it's hard to see if they can suck the dick so far they haven't gotten any luck with us
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
It took me two point nine years to make the covid-19 I asked the maid that I'll stay for another 3.1 month
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
The rope and get them straight into the Robitussin quote you judge a mall in the Tussin
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
Jeremy get a expensive samurai sword $50 wave in your window that all negatives are men the menu for Kobe brovet and throw bit and wave my power
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
I inherited some Demons of pictures of mythical goat demons she is a Dragon Ball Lady demon like this all in metal Silver she has murdered men 14 and 16 million percent
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
Discovery Spock is main off of Vivion Nancy's daughter
Allan Johnson
Allan Johnson 2 oy oldin
I remember making Alfa Romeo stelvio in 2017 is made off of Sylvia my cousin a gypsy girl from Baltimore City
Michal Stehnij
Michal Stehnij 2 oy oldin
This just demonstrated that the Stelvio is useless piece of crap.. It won´t make one fast lap and you cannot tow anything behind that. I guess that the Italians should be reminded that it is an SUV and the family that uses it may want to tow something occassionally. Again, (unfortunately) the Italians have built nothing but a fashion accessory.
Rai Syrek
Rai Syrek 2 oy oldin
Robert Phelan
Robert Phelan 2 oy oldin
thumb down fing addd's
stephen davis
stephen davis 2 oy oldin
Only. A commercial every 4 minutes? Please put in more commercials- I'm still able to follow what's being shown🙄
Barry Daish
Barry Daish 2 oy oldin
Electronics in 4X4 cars are not ideal... Manual four wheel drive change to two wheel has a more positive feel and easily repairable. Utility vehicles are going backwards in practicability by using electronics, as can be seen here any load that is put on the drive and they shut down.... Limp mode!
Fox Racing
Fox Racing 2 oy oldin
Reported. Zooming in all the time... ass. wipe.
stein joosten
stein joosten 2 oy oldin
Realy dude u dont know that this isnt from 2020 and also its not top gear
Running Man
Running Man 2 oy oldin
It's getting like last of the summer wine
Depts of Hell
Depts of Hell 2 oy oldin
As a American I just can't see top gear without you guys. I'm glad you are back regardless of the title! It's just not American without you guys even though your not Americans.
DJStrangeAl 2 oy oldin
Cole Wei
Cole Wei 2 oy oldin
Watching Hammond destroy that beauty hurt.
Franz Reichholf
Franz Reichholf 2 oy oldin
fu##ing zoom in makes this unviewable
Audecious. 2 oy oldin
Dude ads on a unlicensed video just makes it worse for you to get caught :/
Dellasus2011 2 oy oldin
Maybe an extra 10 minutes of advertising... just a suggestion
Tiny Tony Maloney
Tiny Tony Maloney 2 oy oldin
Got pissed off with all the ad breaks. Had 4 within first 10 mins and looking at the playtime line there's another 25 to go for an hour and 20 minute video. B0ll0x to that., 👎
Kevin Chen
Kevin Chen 2 oy oldin
Jeremy: "I'm fifty seven." Boat: "Bye." 29:06
mark alsop
mark alsop 2 oy oldin
stevest1300 2 oy oldin
Unbelievable. A fuckin ad every 2 minutes....
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