The Fox and the Bird - CGI short film by Fred and Sam Guillaume

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A solitary fox finds itself improvising fatherhood for a freshly hatched baby bird. Two paths cross and a family is formed, until fate reminds each of the life it is meant to lead.
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Original title - Le Renard et l'Oiselle
Directors - Fred and Sam Guillaume
Year - 2019
This short film participated in the following festivals:
- Annecy (Competition Jeune Public) 2019
- Aspen Shortsfest (Int. Competition) 2019
- Animafest Zagreb (Children Competition) 2019

Nick Bowden
Nick Bowden 2 daqiqa oldin
Stunning animation. Forest looked so real. Well done on a fantastic piece of work
Md Sagor Mia Mia
Md Sagor Mia Mia Soat oldin
Vary vary nice
TheGeorgie70 Soat oldin
love this so much
Captain Soat oldin
Soniya Rai
Soniya Rai Soat oldin
Saravanan Vicky
Saravanan Vicky Soat oldin
Very nice very nice ya
Sombe gowda b s Gowda
Sombe gowda b s Gowda 2 soat oldin
Was just amazing n cool .......
The masked Ninja
The masked Ninja 4 soat oldin
Bhai Tum ek animation movie banao awaj ke sath sahi bata rha hu hit hogi
Fox Brain
Fox Brain 4 soat oldin
Super creativity and imagination wonderful 👍👍👍 pls do future film also
Rajeswari Dubbaka
Rajeswari Dubbaka 4 soat oldin
Super story i had seen in recently 👌👌👌
గంధం అనిల్ అనిల్
గంధం అనిల్ అనిల్ 6 soat oldin
Super excellent 😎🙏🏻👍🏼
Ayesha Ayesha
Ayesha Ayesha 7 soat oldin
So sweet
Elizabeth Martin
Elizabeth Martin 7 soat oldin
How lovely😍
okr_ arts
okr_ arts 8 soat oldin
Wonderful one💝❤
John & Chris Sunderland
John & Chris Sunderland 9 soat oldin
That was beautiful, with no sad ending, thank goodness. Great job
Irfan Ansari
Irfan Ansari 9 soat oldin
It is so cute ❤️
dominguez prado
dominguez prado 12 soat oldin
Excellent Film! Such lovely and moving story Congratulations
BeaR 12 soat oldin
The beavers are super big and fat
Bella Miller
Bella Miller 13 soat oldin
Just beautiful ❤️❤️
Flamingo pineapple
Flamingo pineapple 14 soat oldin
محمية طيوري نادره My Birds
محمية طيوري نادره My Birds 16 soat oldin
Nice story 🌹👍
劉琪 16 soat oldin
why is the bird a solid and it can fly... weird animation I must say
• M A G V •
• M A G V • 17 soat oldin
mi profesor forma 3 oraciones con el video
ItsGraveRave TheBlackAndPurpleFurry
ItsGraveRave TheBlackAndPurpleFurry 18 soat oldin
10:16 Omg why did I kinda of want an airplane to come and hit them right here-
Flavia Slag
Flavia Slag 18 soat oldin
ISA IAH 18 soat oldin
why does the fox have hands?
Ahmad Ahmad
Ahmad Ahmad 19 soat oldin
Souldragone Sly
Souldragone Sly 20 soat oldin
wow !! beautyfull
Monika Szymanowska
Monika Szymanowska 21 soat oldin
I know it's fiction but I was very nervous when the monsters chased the fox. I think he would run MUCH faster on four paws:-)))
Abdur Rahim
Abdur Rahim 23 soat oldin
wonderful 😍
Mridiot Kun oldin
The sound was calming and the story was cute
Sandip Rohankar
Sandip Rohankar Kun oldin
WaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaoooooOOO,, Grate work,,,!
Sad stores
Sad stores Kun oldin
Really heart touching 🙄 message
Ganggoli center
Ganggoli center Kun oldin
See from India
Aaliya Koser
Aaliya Koser Kun oldin
Animal human being both have heart but Animals are more kind.
Deborah S Vosburgh
Deborah S Vosburgh Kun oldin
Cosmos Neharika
Cosmos Neharika Kun oldin
Rowdy Rambler
Rowdy Rambler Kun oldin
Mehdi Sharifi
Mehdi Sharifi Kun oldin
its so happy in the end
sing song sing
sing song sing Kun oldin
It's too much for my heart
Nhan Vo
Nhan Vo Kun oldin
I love your video. I would like to ask for your permission to reupload on my personal Fb. I really appreciated
Айбота Торегелды
Айбота Торегелды Kun oldin
Chinthakayala Vijay Kumar
Chinthakayala Vijay Kumar Kun oldin
I like this very much
Be Happy
Be Happy Kun oldin
Omg so so cute movie...loved it ♥️
OskiereX Kun oldin
Im crying 🦊😭
Keshav Gurung
Keshav Gurung Kun oldin
Soo good😂🥰😂
Stk dass
Stk dass Kun oldin
Meenakshi meghwal
Meenakshi meghwal Kun oldin
Vikas Dadddu
Vikas Dadddu Kun oldin
Better than many full length movies
Luana Sthefany
Luana Sthefany Kun oldin
Lindo maravilhoso amei 😍
Kayanne Bailey
Kayanne Bailey Kun oldin
I taught the fox was to run on four foot and not two
Anu Joy
Anu Joy Kun oldin
Enjoyed this short film a lot... "A friend in need is a friend indeed "- anonymous
S RAJ 47
S RAJ 47 Kun oldin
Pat 2
Diwakar Gaming
Diwakar Gaming Kun oldin
Sony Sarim
Sony Sarim Kun oldin
kutts1986 Kun oldin
What are those monsters?
Sunny Loher
Sunny Loher Kun oldin
I am carrying the video end of secine
NURU TV Kun oldin
happy😊😍 and sad😥😢
Thu Thuỷ 400K Vào web - timbantinhvn CHAM com
Thu Thuỷ 400K Vào web - timbantinhvn CHAM com Kun oldin
02:52 Thích tao thì nói một tiếng, đừng có haha tus tao nhìu vậy nha 🚉
Лига Алмазных Ангелов
Лига Алмазных Ангелов Kun oldin
Мир лжив и лукав, поедает невинных и уничтожает следы своей греховности, ни на миг не переставая быть непотребным
Saleh Ssi
Saleh Ssi Kun oldin
Rahul C R
Rahul C R Kun oldin
I love the vedio nys feel
Kanchhi Lama
Kanchhi Lama Kun oldin
Really !! It is not enough to praise friendship. It feels very good.
Dann Wan
Dann Wan Kun oldin
This channel deserves more subscribers as does this lovely wonderful film.
darlay jones
darlay jones Kun oldin
The lesson is... Everybody needs somebody to love
Mary Cribbs
Mary Cribbs Kun oldin
I love this quaint and shorts little film it was just uplifting and heartwarming I’ll at the same time🙋🏻‍♀️❤️
Ayesha Akhter
Ayesha Akhter Soat oldin
Pavitra Jaimungal
Pavitra Jaimungal Kun oldin
Very lovely message. Beautiful music and nature scenes. A powerful short film.
Manjeet Kun oldin
ਬਹੁਤ ਵਧੀਆ👌👌👌👌
Suzie Plum
Suzie Plum Kun oldin
What a wonderful "feelgood" movie. LOVE !
Shakeel Baloch
Shakeel Baloch Kun oldin
TEAM FXN YT Kun oldin
Thas cool
Hisana's World
Hisana's World Kun oldin
abiti aderajew
abiti aderajew Kun oldin
O ❤❤❤❤❤❤
jhonbonachon 2 kun oldin
Por qué me duele si no estoy sangrando
Jason Glover
Jason Glover 2 kun oldin
gul zaman
gul zaman 2 kun oldin
chillaginjalu 2 kun oldin
this is one of the best animation videos i have seen
มรรคง่าย Channel
มรรคง่าย Channel 2 kun oldin
Lovly message ❤️
Lopi Kara
Lopi Kara 2 kun oldin
روعة وحكمه من الله
Bollywood Karaoke Singing
Bollywood Karaoke Singing 2 kun oldin
Loved it! 😊 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Такой Profi
Такой Profi 2 kun oldin
добро обязано победить на этой планете не знаю кому что не понравилось в этом мульте
E equal to m cSQUARE Equation to padhi hi hogi
E equal to m cSQUARE Equation to padhi hi hogi 2 kun oldin
This video reflects reality of the life, that is sweet and salty as well.often in our life some strangers come and become so closer that we can't live without them. But their journey is different, they have to go their way............. and We find ourselves very alone........ but we don't give up because life is beautiful ❤️❤️
كفاح ادم جمعه
كفاح ادم جمعه 2 kun oldin
vy 2 kun oldin
James Tan
James Tan 2 kun oldin
wow wow wow
ɪɴᴅʀᴀᴊᴇᴇᴛ Mehto
ɪɴᴅʀᴀᴊᴇᴇᴛ Mehto 2 kun oldin
D u F i X
D u F i X 2 kun oldin
1… Monaten
Angelus Josco
Angelus Josco 2 kun oldin
So good 👍👍👍
Zülfiyyə Ələkbərova
Zülfiyyə Ələkbərova 2 kun oldin
DUDE ZONE 2 kun oldin
Nice content❤
Mi o
Mi o 2 kun oldin
I love it but why they all look like they have an skin diseas 😆
r k
r k 2 kun oldin
As an Audience. When End is Good. Heart has some relaxation. Trust me... End is well all is well.
CHAVEZE MUIR 2 kun oldin
Whats the gist?
Casey Jay
Casey Jay 2 kun oldin
The hings we'll do to get a fish.
RaxaHax17 Animaciones
RaxaHax17 Animaciones 2 kun oldin
The bird looks like Lilo S. XD
dung lê thị
dung lê thị 2 kun oldin
Phim hay quá đi
DäPkupãr Mãrwëîn
DäPkupãr Mãrwëîn 2 kun oldin
Looks like the fox is the kangaroo. Anyway love it the animation is good
Asaad Hussein
Asaad Hussein 2 kun oldin
Love it really
MC Painting
MC Painting 2 kun oldin
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