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Our Draft experts Ryan Wilson and Emory Hunt break down the Browns stellar 2021 NFL draft class.
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Mr Steele
Mr Steele 9 soat oldin
Don't the Browns think they win the draft every year?? What will make this year any different -- an average CB? An undersized LB? A gimmick WR? They had the same draft everyone else in the league did -- in other words, they THINK they filled spots with POTENTIAL starters, but no one will know for years. Give it a rest.
dog poundbrowns
dog poundbrowns 19 soat oldin
were winning the Super Bowl, we won a playoff game last year, its time to win the Super Bowl
Cory Johnson
Cory Johnson Kun oldin
How can ANYONE dislike a positive video about the Browns? I’m not a Browns fan, but I think we can all agree that we are happy that they’re finally turning it around.
Zach Kun oldin
Steelers win the Division.
Mark Haeft
Mark Haeft 2 kun oldin
So many many mannnnyyy down years. Thank you Sashi brown!! I think that is his last name but anyhow......that man did not get to reap the rewards that are now giving us Cleveland fans a good product on the field along with some success as well. He stock piled draft picks along with giving the current regime plenty of cap space. Now granite.....we are due to make some significant changes to some areas of the roster but we can deal with that shit after this season........didn't think I'd ever be saying this but the time is now!! This team barring injuries or a complete let down this year.....they can play with anyone in the league. LET'S GO BROWNS!!
Jim Watts
Jim Watts 3 kun oldin
What a fucking off season for our defense that line breaker is gonna put Lamar on his bacj
Howard Dukes
Howard Dukes 3 kun oldin
Andrew berry is the man pay him whatever make sure he stays
Oba Shango
Oba Shango 3 kun oldin
The browns have had about 147 first round draft Picks in the past 10 years.. they should be pretty good lol
Tracy Waldruff
Tracy Waldruff 3 kun oldin
Unfortunately there is a reason JOK fell. Too many plays he looks lost. Watch the hole game not just the highlights.
Anthony Jones
Anthony Jones 2 kun oldin
You're a genius! To bad the Folks that gave him the same AWARD as the Great Derrick Thomas, the Dick Butkis Award as the Best Linebacker in College Football, don't think so!😑🐾
Exotic_bran 3 kun oldin
u must not know what Andrew berry did to higgins
Darn Cat
Darn Cat 3 kun oldin
I don't think think you are considering the defensive play calls- sometimes he seems to go the wrong direction but that's where the play designed him to be. You've got to watch MORE than the whole game
Yeshua's Brother
Yeshua's Brother 3 kun oldin
Browns ain't going no where with Mayfield.
MARK Cummings
MARK Cummings 3 kun oldin
Awesome video!!!!!!!!
Leo Lewis
Leo Lewis 3 kun oldin
Super Bowl Confirmed.
ScottCleve33 4 kun oldin
Now if the Browns can only fix their one weak point. The QB. Baker is easily the weakest link on the team. By the end of the season they may very well need to address that position.
ultimatewarriorz1 4 kun oldin
Let’s go Cleveland browns 🐶 lion 🦁 Detroit fan
Ron Burgundy
Ron Burgundy 4 kun oldin
CALLLING ALL BROWNS FANS !!! We have to go take over SoFi stadium when we play the chargers in LA so we can all have experience when we come back for the Super Bowl !!!!!!
zyxmyk 4 kun oldin
Jeepers, i'm glad i watched this. and with full stadiums this season should be a blast.
Jet life 6
Jet life 6 4 kun oldin
Dam how many A’s y’all gone give out 🤣🤣
Neil Smith
Neil Smith 4 kun oldin
Browns had one thing on their mind Chad Henne and I think they accomplished what I think would stop him!
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 4 kun oldin
Browns didn't beat Steelers 2 times. They will not even let them in the playoffs next time. They learned they lesson 😂. They beat alot of backups. Then alot of poor playing Steelers. Good job. Tough division for sure.
C Bo
C Bo 3 kun oldin
Lol what?
Bwaas 4 kun oldin
The draft is an A+ because for the first time in 30 years .... WE DONT NEED AN A+ Draft to compete!
Whitson Buck
Whitson Buck 4 kun oldin
Titans fan here but been following the Browns for a while - y’all’s team is legit, and in my mind is a top 5 contender this year after the draft. Excited to see what the future holds for such a stacked squad
Tony Hill
Tony Hill 20 soat oldin
@Whitson Buck if we both can on co off rav nd chiefs and that all would b sensational!!!
Whitson Buck
Whitson Buck Kun oldin
@Tony Hill A titans/browns afc championship game would be a dream matchup for me
Tony Hill
Tony Hill Kun oldin
@C R all very interesting. Ty for the insights.
C R 2 kun oldin
​@Tony Hill That's cool, I mean I obviously love the guy since he was a someone i knew in HS being a grade younger, but was so funny sarcastic and likable that no at our school didn't like him really... One of the coolest guys out there. No ego, etc. After he won his 2nd Superbowl he let me try on one of his rings when I ran into him at a gym I was working at Akron General Wellness Center (oddly I met LeBron there too). But he did get Bill in that game, but I'm sure Bill will tell you that Mike is one of his favorite players he's ever coached.
Tony Hill
Tony Hill 3 kun oldin
@C R hey cr. I am one of the few non osu fans who loves the brownies. . I think highly of vrabel bc he won the chess match against belichek. ..the master of splitting hairs. Loved seeing bill whine on the sidelines about it even though it was his tricky idea on time management that Mike enhanced and used against bill. Yes the Titans b browns should b a fun match up for many yrs to come.
Leroy Xiong
Leroy Xiong 4 kun oldin
Can’t wait to see the Browns team to rolling the new season
Dallas Shackelford
Dallas Shackelford 4 kun oldin
C plus didn't get a quarterback
Sagereed55 3 kun oldin
@Muhammad Asim Syed 30tds 9 picks I think he’s fine.
Muhammad Asim Syed
Muhammad Asim Syed 3 kun oldin
Baker’s young, and he did good last season. Even if he is bad, he still has time to improve.
Mike R
Mike R 4 kun oldin
They already have a backup qb
Dallas Shackelford
Dallas Shackelford 4 kun oldin
@Purdue qb get hurt all time
Purdue 4 kun oldin
we dont need a qb every season, baker is young and talented, no reason fo a new qb
Travis Moorman
Travis Moorman 4 kun oldin
Got Marvin Wilson too. We’re set everywhere.
MrWalkwaySc2 2 kun oldin
@Ifeanyi Nwosu They shouldn't have thrown Seibert away so fast. He was consistent at OU and i'm sure he would've returned to that.
Ifeanyi Nwosu
Ifeanyi Nwosu 3 kun oldin
Only weakness I see on the team right now is Kicker, if Parkey can just be consistent at making his kicks we'll be fine.
BrownsFan 4 kun oldin
It was an A+ draft for us. I am so jacked for the 2021 season to begin.
The Mix
The Mix 4 kun oldin
Yessir let’s goooooo!!!!!! 🐶🐶🐶
Bobby Mechling
Bobby Mechling 4 kun oldin
But it doesn't feel like 2019...Where it was a foudation bulit on sand...and it was all media bravdo...this is bulit on very hard rock....this is real! DAWG CHECK!
Robert Fury
Robert Fury 4 kun oldin
I hear that, let's go Browns!!!!!
David Williams
David Williams 4 kun oldin
A GREAT draft. Agreed. I'm now all-in on AB. I truly thought Newsome would not be on the board by the time they picked. THEN they get JOK. Ridiculous. Schwartz fills a huge need. I like the Mike Wallace comparison, though I think Schwartz has more speed and better change of direction; he just needs to learn to set up his routes and change speeds... something easily coached. Also: Don't forget Demetric Felton. He's going to be a problem for other teams and has incredible versatility. He's tough and has great vision.
Kellie A
Kellie A 4 kun oldin
@David Williams Ohhh, that's ok! Was just curious!
David Williams
David Williams 4 kun oldin
@Kellie A Typo. I'm "now" all-in... Sorry.
Kellie A
Kellie A 4 kun oldin
What don't you like about AB? Or just not enough time to see how the picks work out yet?
Kelton Scott
Kelton Scott 4 kun oldin
Demetric Felton From UCLA is A Flat Out Steal.
Paul Rock
Paul Rock 4 kun oldin
Go Browns 2021
Paul Rock
Paul Rock 4 kun oldin
draft plus those free agents, wow
Stevie Hennacy
Stevie Hennacy 4 kun oldin
Anytime you look at a browns feed look at the likes to dislikes we are strong and loyal fan base baby
king shark
king shark 4 kun oldin
Browns had one thing on they mind with this draft and free agency signings. Lamar Jackson... they building a hybrid defense, solid athletic front 4, hybrid athletic players in the mid 4. Cover close, and close fast on an escaping out the pocket Jackson.
Phreshy Pheets
Phreshy Pheets 4 kun oldin
Ravens got more weapons than last year and go ahead and stack the box if you want cuz we going take ya top off
Pedro Henrique Alves
Pedro Henrique Alves 4 kun oldin
@g t and you didn't even mention our safety issues, like having Sandejo being burned relentless every game
Bobby Mechling
Bobby Mechling 4 kun oldin was bulit on We need speed to compete...we need to be able to beat everybody...i.e. speed to beat the cheifs the bucs...the ravens...We had one thing in mind...DESTROY EVERYBODY.
John Trailer
John Trailer 4 kun oldin
Bingo. They drafted again Lamar. Lamar had torched them
g t
g t 4 kun oldin
Lol no. What we actually had in mind was "bottom 10 defense in 2020", our are CBs are made of glass, and our glaring need for LBs
Acerboy 4 kun oldin
The Browns are legit stacked! I might have to root for them until the Lions get their stuff together.
tokr72 3 kun oldin
@Acerboy Trust me, there's plenty of Browns fans in Toledo... but also plenty of Steeler and Packer fans. Lions, not so much. There's a few.
Cleveland BCI
Cleveland BCI 3 kun oldin
@Tony Hill Good idea
Tony Hill
Tony Hill 3 kun oldin
@Cleveland BCI great talent scout but terrible in cap issues. So have a cap guy on staff who has clout.
Acerboy 3 kun oldin
@Kennedy Smith Seriously. I'm born and raised in Detroit. I moved to Toledo for a few years and they're Green Bay Packers fans smh.
Acerboy 3 kun oldin
@D. Dean I appreciate that. I will definitely root for the Browns. Except when they play each other lol.
erick smith
erick smith 4 kun oldin
These guys must not have looked a the dt room
FBI 4 kun oldin
Super Bowl Super Browns!!!
FBI 3 kun oldin
@Jump Street24 nah
Jump Street24
Jump Street24 4 kun oldin
Leave FBI
Adrian Carsini
Adrian Carsini 4 kun oldin
If only the Browns had picked Josh Allen over Baker Mayfield when they had the chance!
Tony Hill
Tony Hill 3 kun oldin
@Sagereed55 yes w stability and I also think baker was humbled that yr. He no longer responds to click bait talking heads and is laser focussed.
Sagereed55 3 kun oldin
@Tony Hill same. Wanted josh. But baker really has shown up. 30 tds 9 picks last year ( including playoffs ) That’s awesome. Baker just needed stability in play calling that He didn’t get w kitchens. Baker is our man for years to come. In my Opinion
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak 4 kun oldin
Tony Hill
Tony Hill 4 kun oldin
I was pushing for Allen and knew he was the best...john elway-ish. I was not happy w us picking baker. But I have to say baker surprised me. When he is in the offense that suits his skills he is dynamite and can carry even an average wr core (ours is obviously better than average). His temperament is also good for this team especially as he is maturing. Josh is still w Brian dabold I think who is the perfect o-coordinator for his skill set. And Josh is also awesome and a really classy young man. I always have an eye/ear toward Josh. And when we r not playing bills or need bills to lose I am gladly cheering him on. But very pleased w baker.
LOW-KEYSAVAGE 94 4 kun oldin
Only people that haven’t been watching Baker’s progression say this. Josh Allen is a better fit in Buffalo. Baker is the stability the Browns needed for years.
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 4 kun oldin
I think every single one of our picks helped us we got our 2nd corner in newsome, and a competent linebacker in JOK that is really good in coverage, Anthony Schwartz has a lot of potential and is a burner, we stole Hudson from the bengals and he has lots of potential and gives us o-line depth we were lacking last year, togai plugs the run really well, fields, leccounte, and Felton are solid pieces and wilson was a good free agent signing
Rob Johnson
Rob Johnson 4 kun oldin
@D. Dean yea I think takk can blossom splitting reps with clowney and playing alongside garret if he can stay healthy he will be solid
D. Dean
D. Dean 4 kun oldin
Im so excited about hudson he is a mean mean man..conklin excellent but always hurt...i love hudson and tak from atlanta
Chris Nipper
Chris Nipper 4 kun oldin
Browns Nailed It!
Big Daddy Rikka
Big Daddy Rikka 4 kun oldin
Clevelands got some dudes.
Mr.Ohydro 4 kun oldin
Dean Bowditch
Dean Bowditch 4 kun oldin
How can anyone grade a draft when not one player has played a down in the NFL ? Stop this already!!!
Bill Putney
Bill Putney Kun oldin
@Zak Ferrari honestly I completely forgot I wrote this. I was probably high or something lmao
Zak Ferrari
Zak Ferrari 4 kun oldin
@Bill Putney yeah that is how it works lmao good job
Bill Putney
Bill Putney 4 kun oldin
They are not really ranking nfl talent, more so potential based off of college performance alone. JOKer has way more potential then a 4th round projected linebacker for example
Alex Jones
Alex Jones 4 kun oldin
Have you not watched any draft ever?
Edward Oorjitham
Edward Oorjitham 4 kun oldin
Agreed completely. We had a good, perhaps great draft but the results are still to be revealed. Great front office and coaching staff accomplishment, but and make assumptions purely from the draft is just daft. Great start to the off-season but there's a whole lot of work and chemistry to to be wrought.. Go Browns!!
Edward Oorjitham
Edward Oorjitham 4 kun oldin
@Scott y lighten up Francis
JZ RR 4 kun oldin
@Scott y Any professional sports team includes the fans smartass, the Browns represent Cleveland as a city, so it’s fair to include the people living in the area or any fan (bandwagons are an exception)
Brandon Price
Brandon Price 4 kun oldin
@Scott y Yes in fact it does. We spend money to watch and root for the team, they play for money . Without us, there’s no team. Maybe don’t be a douche next time?!
Scott y
Scott y 4 kun oldin
We? Are you on the team? Just because you're a fan doesn't mean you're part of the team.
Harlem Josiah
Harlem Josiah 4 kun oldin
@Dakari George Yea, have been watching on Flixzone for since december myself :)
Carlo Gambino
Carlo Gambino 4 kun oldin
They’re still the Browns folks. Poop team poop state.
Mark Davis
Mark Davis 4 kun oldin
Dogg check
Robert Fury
Robert Fury 4 kun oldin
216 Until the day I die, let's go Browns!
Jesse Warshak
Jesse Warshak 4 kun oldin
don't deny my righteousness truth
don't deny my righteousness truth 4 kun oldin
216 all day. My dog's in the house
alyssa 4 kun oldin
Woof woof
SloanSizzle 4 kun oldin
J 4 kun oldin
Super Bowl window is open
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