The Best of Kenan Thompson on SNL

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Saturday Night Live

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We’re celebrating Kenan coming to NBC primetime with an hour-long collection of some of his best SNL characters and sketches. Catch Kenan every Tuesday at 8:30/7:30c on NBC!
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theodore ruffin
theodore ruffin Soat oldin
damn 18 years on snl no one in recorded history has been on the show that long!
Follojesus FJ
Follojesus FJ 6 soat oldin
I knew he was going somewhere when I would see him in "its all that".
Destinee Brock
Destinee Brock 10 soat oldin
sorry but im feelin gangster harry tbh
Capri D
Capri D 11 soat oldin
Love you Kenan😘. Make us proud.
Christopher Boyce
Christopher Boyce 14 soat oldin
I am in tears!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂
A'Danya Akinje
A'Danya Akinje 15 soat oldin
47:42 when u did a oops..
BrayUzumaki 20 soat oldin
Wow and to think Kenan is ONLY 42 years old, what a legend
Juan Torquemada
Juan Torquemada 20 soat oldin
that is 30 grand!!. aahaa!!
J Hilditch
J Hilditch 22 soat oldin
Chris Redd Funny Af too not Kennan but he cracks me up
L G 22 soat oldin
I'm sure his mother is very proud of him. He's talked about how she sacrificed a lot to pay for & take him to acting classes in ATL as a kid. Its wonderful when a parent believes in you & helps you work towards your dreams. You're awesome Keenan!
PhilosopherStoned Kun oldin
Kenan Thompson IS Saturday Night Live
Christopher Purington
Christopher Purington Kun oldin
I guess it takes a video like this to realize Kenan Thompson has spent the last 25 years just being Kenan Thompson in different outfits, every impression is the same, each character's personality is identical, from All That to SNL.
Jason LoVallo
Jason LoVallo Kun oldin
Watching Kenan go from All Thatand The Kenan and Kel show as a kid, to seeing him make it to SNL, has been amazing. Im so proud of him!
Armstrong Hawkins
Armstrong Hawkins Kun oldin
No Willie from next door?
Jason & Kristie
Jason & Kristie Kun oldin
Love this actor/comedian!
Pat McCormick
Pat McCormick Kun oldin
Sad when SNL becomes political
Sara Saori Palacios
Sara Saori Palacios Kun oldin
Jesse Masters
Jesse Masters Kun oldin
This hysterical! LOL
I like to watch
I like to watch Kun oldin
"That's the Game." That should be the next SNL movie. I'd pay to watch least $100.00.
David Hutchinson
David Hutchinson 8 soat oldin
Me too
Truck Taxi
Truck Taxi Kun oldin
You deserve your own show congratulations.
ladamaperfecta7 Kun oldin
9:50 I'd vote for Joe Biden! 🤣🤣 little did they know...
The Artist
The Artist Kun oldin
I see you Kappa Alpha Psi 💪🏾
teshabeauty79 Kun oldin
"Bottom of yo FACE"!!! KMSL!!!!
Brado Er1996
Brado Er1996 Kun oldin
I like Kenan as Ben Carson
Luke Lauchle
Luke Lauchle Kun oldin
Wait does this mean he's leaving SNL?!?!?!
Mind Master
Mind Master Kun oldin
What no Sumthin Klaus....
Camren Cross
Camren Cross Kun oldin
I can't even trip... Sudekis is killin it in that old school track suit with the dance. lol
OtwórzOczy 2 kun oldin
i like this man, hang on out there, black bro
Marc Ryan
Marc Ryan 2 kun oldin
Stolen land?
michael white
michael white 2 kun oldin
A singing lobster 🦞 I wouldn’t eat it
michael white
michael white 2 kun oldin
That’s what rap will do fo ya😂😎🤓
michael white
michael white 2 kun oldin
Go Chris go tell it like it is bottom of the face 😳
michael white
michael white 2 kun oldin
No doubt all the ugly people feel like regular people with mask hiding
Don Day
Don Day 2 kun oldin
*Kenan* is the best part of *SNL* for me, hilarious!😂 He went from, *All That* to *What Up With That*
Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAM
Together Every1 Achieves More #TEAM 2 kun oldin
#TogetherEvery1AchievesMore TEAM!
Sidrah Ramadan
Sidrah Ramadan 2 kun oldin
I think when Loren Michael retire keanen should take over
David Kang
David Kang 2 kun oldin
The tearful girdle undoubtedly spray because porcupine firstly smile among a uncovered numeric. ugliest, terrific christopher
Federico 2 kun oldin
Kenan is a Treasure.
MyOneBlack Friend
MyOneBlack Friend 2 kun oldin
Have you ever vet noticed that Kenna’s characters are either introduced by someone else or he introduces himself?
Sabrina Camargo
Sabrina Camargo 2 kun oldin
I love you Kenan!!!
Orlando Torres
Orlando Torres 2 kun oldin
How ya plugged the commercial on here 😂😂
Tai Maeda
Tai Maeda 2 kun oldin
Was that a boyz to men rerfrence?
Emily 3 kun oldin
28:31 "I regret living in Texas." did not age well..
Bean Time
Bean Time 3 kun oldin
Keenan IS snl
Tony Luong
Tony Luong 3 kun oldin
I wished they would have let Lindsey talk for a sec only for no sound to come out because they didn't put a mic on him....
MJMcD 3 kun oldin
I have never laughed once at anything he has ever done. Every season I wonder why is he still here.
Amanda Richardson
Amanda Richardson 3 kun oldin
We love you Kenan!
Marleah Stout
Marleah Stout 3 kun oldin
Kenan Thompson has carried SNL on his back alone, for many of his 18 seasons. He makes me smile as soon as I see him on screen. 90% of my favorite skits feature him .
Anthony Ward Jr
Anthony Ward Jr 3 kun oldin
Jason sudeikis in the background break dancing is comedy gold!!
lebeR Ogun
lebeR Ogun 3 kun oldin
I haven't laughed at a KT skit since All That...
Leonard Stubbs
Leonard Stubbs 3 kun oldin
Barack has a husband named "big" Mike, ask Joan Rivers Rip
P S 3 kun oldin
SNL has been talent rich.
Barbara Hughes
Barbara Hughes 3 kun oldin
OMG this so reminds me of Republicans in our neighborhood bar complaining about the music and the noisiest women is actually named Karen
Authoy Das
Authoy Das 3 kun oldin
The thundering velvet precisely regret because cherries interstingly approve onto a modern otter. oval, supreme alarm
King AntMan
King AntMan 3 kun oldin
Whyyyyyyyyyyy ! Only real keenan fans
Walker Sorenson
Walker Sorenson 3 kun oldin
Keanan Thompson is my favorite on kenan and kel and all that and Saturday night live i am huge fan of keanan Thompson
The vanishing Man
The vanishing Man 3 kun oldin
He just vibrates funniness he will get that look on his face and you can actually see the in depth of his character and the role he is playing
Nikmid Clayton
Nikmid Clayton 3 kun oldin
This guy doesnt age
Nico Mao
Nico Mao 3 kun oldin
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Timothy Williams
Timothy Williams 3 kun oldin
How are we sleeping on Strolling to the polls?!
linda ferro
linda ferro 4 kun oldin
Carried it off big time! Must b third time watching, still gets me laughing
Paul S
Paul S 4 kun oldin
Kenan is the only funny person on snl. The rest are SJW snow flakes
Data Glasses
Data Glasses 4 kun oldin
If Kenan was President the world is be a better place!
T Ghost
T Ghost 4 kun oldin
Just here to support Kenan!
starbreez 4 kun oldin
i did not expect the lobster
Curtis Peters
Curtis Peters 4 kun oldin
Yami D
Yami D 4 kun oldin
I think I speak for all of us when I say... this was WAY too short, where’s the rest?
Truth BTold
Truth BTold 4 kun oldin
Sorry. Ended up here by a mistake. This dude is about as funny as stage 4 cancer. I been watching snl since 1977 and you have put me to sleep faster than Jane Curtin.
Christian Spremulli
Christian Spremulli 4 kun oldin
The curved loan neurologically live because front locally race following a cowardly policeman. reminiscent, jaded kidney
firepaint33 4 kun oldin
Brilliant is not even enough, absolutely brilliant!
jenni 4 kun oldin
Kenan = SNL
dillpickle1317 4 kun oldin
We honestly just need to take a moment to really appreciate Kenan. He’s been a comedian for decades without any scandals, he still looks like hes in his 20s, hes carried SNL on his back for ages, and hes just genuinely hilarious in literally everything he does. This man gives off such good vibes and is always able to make me laugh and smile, no matter how shitty my day was.
Troy Bowman
Troy Bowman 4 kun oldin
How the f could they not laugh with the flute player intro!
Matthew Brown
Matthew Brown 4 kun oldin
I cant believe I just spent my lunch break watching the first 10 minutes of this... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Suzie cute
Suzie cute 4 kun oldin
I fell asleep watching this and had a dream Kenan and I were married 🥰
Tdecenso79 4 kun oldin
Only funny person on SNL last decade.
Kristin McCloy
Kristin McCloy 4 kun oldin
Kenan is always on the verge of laughing - it's so contagious
Mushfique Khurshid
Mushfique Khurshid 4 kun oldin
The family feud one is GOLD
Eva Berlin Sylvestre
Eva Berlin Sylvestre 5 kun oldin
Sudeikis steals it all
Antonio Booker
Antonio Booker 5 kun oldin
Where is "Willy and his old dog Loucious "? It like they always say : "A best of Kenan can't be packed in a one hour UZpost video!"
MaxLvLStudios 5 kun oldin
You gotta give it up to Jason Sudeikis's infinite running man 🏃‍♂️ 😆
Bear Dove
Bear Dove 5 kun oldin
never made me laugh, praying for him to be funny
Lennard Covarrubias
Lennard Covarrubias 5 kun oldin
So much talent....SNL....
Marc Farrar
Marc Farrar 5 kun oldin
Best of? Does it exist? He is terrible
Eva Makarski
Eva Makarski 5 kun oldin
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Yota Toy
Yota Toy 5 kun oldin
This fool always has a stupid smirk on his face.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 5 kun oldin
I think this is the first time SNL has released a Best Of compilation for someone still currently on the show.
Joshua Willis
Joshua Willis 5 kun oldin
Chance the Rapper is soooo underrated
melissa saint
melissa saint 5 kun oldin
9:44 "2020's looking bad, like really bad like super bad, like what we gonna do bad...I'd vote for Joe Biden!" Wow, that was unsettlingly prescient.
gsr4medic 5 kun oldin
Like Phil Hartman and Darrell Hammond; Keenan is the glue that holds some great casts together.
melissa saint
melissa saint 5 kun oldin
Neither Kenan nor Paul Rudd are capable of aging.
Kisha Jones
Kisha Jones 5 kun oldin
the sleeping on the couch sketch gives me dear sister mixed with jizz in my pants vibes
Matthew Norberg
Matthew Norberg 5 kun oldin
This video should be 30 seconds long.
Relax Your Mind
Relax Your Mind 5 kun oldin
You are a LEGEND SIR this show long overdue😍😍
Zues Riot
Zues Riot 5 kun oldin
The dazzling deal proximally overflow because morocco coincidentally smile opposite a superb key. kindhearted, impolite port
Nasty Nijah
Nasty Nijah 5 kun oldin
Keenen a cold boy. This his show.18 years? That's a long time to be at one job lol admirable tho. Been watching him for years. This SNL is definitely him at his best, in my opinion.... He's a great actor...And just realized this is NastyNIjah's youtube. How did I get a youtube??? job career same thing lol
verbalfonders 5 kun oldin
Is that Eater Piefell “protecting” the polling place?
Tip Of the Day
Tip Of the Day 5 kun oldin
Kenan is so talented! He is SNL!
Modern Trophy
Modern Trophy 5 kun oldin
Ahaha thank you ! i love SNL and Kenan, such an amazing talent. We really have noone like that in Europe. I thought i saw every character but i discovered lots more here, great video
Buckie Smalls
Buckie Smalls 5 kun oldin
Michael in the background made me laugh the most.
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