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Our Draft experts Ryan Wilson and Emory Hunt break down the 2021 NFL Draft class for the Baltimore Ravens.
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Sean Hill
Sean Hill 2 kun oldin
Who's playing tackle for these guys??? And Pittsburgh as well?? Didn't replace the production there but Cleveland is a nice guard.
Alvaro Apolinar
Alvaro Apolinar 2 kun oldin
wow no alabama in this draft
brianna 2 kun oldin
Are the ravens actually going to use the receivers they drafted
Val Novello
Val Novello 2 kun oldin
Jackson must train better for passing, because we cannot allow situations like that round against Buffalo. I hope he does.
Ravens Flòck
Ravens Flòck 3 kun oldin
We literally stole so much talent
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death
Theokolese The Shadow Of Death 3 kun oldin
What excuses will Ravens fans make when Lamar still can't throw the ball against teams with good defenses?
Billy Madisson
Billy Madisson 3 kun oldin
Dont worry, well bring the rain
Mister Musturd
Mister Musturd 4 kun oldin
They didn’t “circle back” you clown. Learn to code.
Zach Binks
Zach Binks 4 kun oldin
Huge Ravens fan, but am the only one listening to MGK put on a concert in the background?
Sic Semper
Sic Semper 4 kun oldin
Im afraid, lamar isn’t a great thrower, he needs to learn fast and we’ll be great
WOW 3 kun oldin
@Marquis Gray a running back who has the 5th most Td’s the last 2 years cry about it
FRUITY PEBBLES 3 kun oldin
@Marquis Gray lmfao you know nothing your just a delusional Panthers fan
Marquis Gray
Marquis Gray 3 kun oldin
He's a fucking running back that's for sure. Fuck the Ravens
steven whiters
steven whiters 4 kun oldin
Lol they should of waited n took terrace Marshall they need a big body
Rau Kenneth
Rau Kenneth 4 kun oldin
Finally. Now,Lamar doesn’t have to run the ball himself every other playyynd ace the ridiculous criticism of being a ball runner.
Chokri Mzoughi
Chokri Mzoughi 4 kun oldin
Cleveland and Baltimore are the best on the division
Marquis Gray
Marquis Gray 3 kun oldin
Nah Pittsburgh is, the Ravens need a QB and Browns are still the same ole Browns. Pittsburgh and Carolina will be in the super bowl
The Byrd’s
The Byrd’s 4 kun oldin
2 year straight
RMadrid57 4 kun oldin
We always get A bit most are let go when their roomie deal is done
Kevin Lopez
Kevin Lopez 4 kun oldin
AFC North 💪🏼 is the best division in the NFL
Marquis Gray
Marquis Gray 3 kun oldin
@Jandy Nah NFC south is the best. Fuck the AFC north
Jandy 4 kun oldin
AFC North and NFC West
jason josey
jason josey 4 kun oldin
We are ready raven nation let's get that super bowl
DamnYou Donnie
DamnYou Donnie 4 kun oldin
Let's fucking go0o0 RAVENSNATION!!!!
Stance Punk
Stance Punk 4 kun oldin
Here for mgk
David Frimel
David Frimel 4 kun oldin
Please provide captions. Deaf people enjoy sports.
Orcvs Ivstitia
Orcvs Ivstitia 4 kun oldin
Oh look this time they actually talked about the Ravens.
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie 4 kun oldin
I'm so ready for the season I'm already talking sh*t at work... #GORAVENS #SB
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson 4 kun oldin
I'm still cautiously optimistic. They drafted two really good reveivers last year and then barely used them so we'll see. I still think Duvernay could be special if they used him more.
Anthony Anderson
Anthony Anderson 3 kun oldin
@Jason Varghese yea not to mention he has great hands. I believe he dropped zero passes in college? And thats an area ravens recievers struggled with.
Jason Varghese
Jason Varghese 4 kun oldin
@MONEYAFFILIATEDPROD Say what you want about his routes but I can't let you diss his ball tracking skills like that. He was incredibly consistent and reliable as a deep threat in college and I would say that ball tracking is one of his greatest strengths
Duvernay runs avg routes and has poor ball tracking skills. I hope he continues to develop. The guys we brought in are good in those areas. Should be a fun minicamp to watch.
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie 4 kun oldin
He's equivalent to if The Flash played football... Idk why we don't see more of him... Politics I'm guessing
richardtharris 4 kun oldin
It’s as though the draft picks used for Duverney, Proche, and Boykin don’t count. I believe the Ravens “wasted” at least two third rounders between the three of them. So my complaint is that this doesn’t seem to be good year to year planning. I do like the rest of the draft though.
Baby Dior
Baby Dior 4 kun oldin
wait so we gettin sean green?
$H0-TyMe 4 kun oldin
Proud of my guy's☔
Donald Adams
Donald Adams 4 kun oldin
Willie snead is already gone thats why they went for so many receivers
Ttp 405
Ttp 405 Kun oldin
@JamTheJam i expect duvernay bateman and brown to start
Phreshy Pheets
Phreshy Pheets 4 kun oldin
Mark Andrew TE too
JamTheJam 4 kun oldin
@jay f yeah forgot about him I hope he gets more playing time
jay f
jay f 4 kun oldin
@JamTheJam don't forget about devin duvernay dude is nice every single time he got a rep he made it count
JamTheJam 4 kun oldin
Rashod Bateman, Tylan Wallace, Marquise Brown, Sammy Watkins. Not the best but it’s a lot better than last year
Mr_ R/T
Mr_ R/T 4 kun oldin
No A+??..smh
king shark
king shark 4 kun oldin
Ravens wrs... 1. H. Brown - leading wr stats, called bust and a none #1. 2. Duvernay - had more end arounds, than pass targets. 3. Boykins - might as well be a blocking tight end, they way they use him. 4. Porche - had 1 tgt, 1 catch... they wasted his entire yr on meaningless punt return. 5. Sammy Watkins - says he wanted a new place to prove himself, says no one from a sb built team. But ok. Two practice squad wrs , now two more drafted wrs. ... all these wrs on a run 1st team, tight end read 1st progression pass scheme. O well..... trying to put wings on a tank, thinking it will fly is,,,,, crazy. Lol
James Williams
James Williams 3 kun oldin
@king shark And let’s be honest Lamar Jackson saved this franchise from a rebuild so all of this what he can’t do it don’t do is irrelevant to be honest because you know what he does do WIN !!! And you know what else he’s good at making plays when they is not a play to be made. He took a 8-8 ravens team for the last 6 years to a playoff contender every single year since he’s been on the team and that’s including his rookie year. And the crazy part about it is Lamar haven’t even reached how good he can be but yet a lot people like yourself will still bash the man or take shots at the guy.
James Williams
James Williams 3 kun oldin
@king shark ok so let me say this y’all act as if Lamar don’t put the work in to get better tho. And in his mvp season I watched the tape he threw with anticipation go back and watch that film. Last year was he played behind a banged up line how do you know that the regression from the year before was not due to a bad oline because last time I seen him with good protection he made throws with anticipation just saying. This guy done had 2 perfect qb rating games and done led the league in passing touchdowns that year with subpar receivers at that but still gets no credit it’s insane to me to be honest lol. So all of this saying Lamar can’t throw with anticipation I don’t buy it because I watched him throw guys open all 2019. But that also was the year he had a way better offensive line. All I’m saying is a lot of people just love to find something wrong with this guy but don’t give credit what he does do and that’s just 💯
king shark
king shark 3 kun oldin
@Michael Aarons Sr .... lol they deleted my comment to you, 😎😂😂😂😂😂😂 ... guess it had to much praise. Long story short, you are 100% correct. I'm a ink you to the oc job. 😎👍👍👍👍 Didn't like any of the boykins to te talk, people been suggesting that, but looking at the Pittman pick, and how he played in Florida, it make sense. Pittman and boykins measurables are close. You all over it. 😎👍👍👍👍
king shark
king shark 3 kun oldin
@James Williams .... you go check the highlights, and you'll see a line that did hold the blocks for a 3 sec window, Jackson just a guy that has to see wide open guys before he releases the ball, vs throw with timing. The route schemes were awful, hardly any throw with timing and rythm, and barely any contested throws to let the wr do his thing. If Jackson dont see you wide open , he not throwing the ball, he will step up, or slide over, then take off.
James Williams
James Williams 3 kun oldin
@king shark the line wasn’t that bad what was you watching lol. So losing Marshal yanda and plugging in a rookie RT to take his spot. And don’t forget losing Ronnie Stanley then to add more to it they didn’t have a center that could snap a ball correctly but you say the line wasn’t that bad lol ok. Lamar ran for his life because the interior of the line was not holding up. It’s funny when people say the league had caught up to Lamar but the same league said the same thing after his rookie season but yet he went out and won the mvp man y’all gotta stop it with the Lamar hate lol. The man has proved every one wrong since he became a starter and that’s why people will keep taking shots at him. Lamar has been the better qb statistically and has the most wins out of all of the guys selected ahead of him that year but the Lamar criticism still continues. And I didn’t even mention that he won the MVP lol cmon man stop it
Randy Hanson
Randy Hanson 4 kun oldin
In a normal draft Oweh would've been a top 10 pick
Randy Hanson
Randy Hanson Kun oldin
@Winston Lewis We shall see
Winston Lewis
Winston Lewis Kun oldin
No he wouldn’t have he’s very raw and only been playing football for not very long he has now pass rush moves. I trust our coaches to develop but I’m not draft one the last 15 years is he a top 10 pick
EyrRamTheGoat 4 kun oldin
True dat. Man is a beast with that 4.3 speed
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie 4 kun oldin
Troispoint 4 kun oldin
Don't sleep on 3rd round pick Ben Cleveland. This dude is POWERFUL.
stephen kuzmak
stephen kuzmak 3 kun oldin
they were saying he would have been the pick at 58.
Chokri Mzoughi
Chokri Mzoughi 4 kun oldin
Yes he is very powerful , great pick for the ravens
Sofa Kingdom
Sofa Kingdom 4 kun oldin
@Jay Boogie Our line is looking decent.. Projected line I think is Stanley, Cleveland, Bozeman, Zeitler, Villanueva/Kelly
Jay Boogie
Jay Boogie 4 kun oldin
I be saying the same thing... I already know he starting
Bry Bry
Bry Bry 4 kun oldin
Julian Shipp Jr
Julian Shipp Jr 4 kun oldin
So excited for Bateman
James Perry II
James Perry II 3 kun oldin
I'm glad that we are getting fresh CBs. Next draft, I believe we should be getting a second round SS.
White 4 kun oldin
Same here 😈
Josiah 4 kun oldin
I feel like we average A-
GildedWarrior331 3 kun oldin
@jeoh93 I'm sorry buddy .you will get it together in no time
jeoh93 3 kun oldin
Be grateful speaking as a Texans fan
Kolby Daniels
Kolby Daniels 4 kun oldin
This was really good draft I loved it
Public interest Only
Public interest Only 4 kun oldin
I got big truss in ravens draft selections good organization
producers T.v.
producers T.v. 4 kun oldin
NFL watch out #8 is coming I’ve never in all my life of being a Ravens fan seen the front office and GM put capital into the offense like this year they really believe in the team the brotherhood and Lamar Jackson M.V.P season 🏈 coming this season yet again
Almighty Diety33 Gaming
Almighty Diety33 Gaming 4 kun oldin
Can you do bengals next
Almighty Diety33 Gaming
Almighty Diety33 Gaming 4 kun oldin
There's a lot of cap on this app
J. Col3
J. Col3 4 kun oldin
Harry Balls
Harry Balls 4 kun oldin
Rex GameWell
Rex GameWell 4 kun oldin
Nah fam
Almighty Diety33 Gaming
Almighty Diety33 Gaming 4 kun oldin
@Baltimore Best to late hater 😂
Jared S
Jared S 4 kun oldin
ESPN graded the Ravens' draft B-. ESPN lied to me!
Fanetø 4 kun oldin
Its ESPN what did u expect
SummonedFear 4 kun oldin
So early omg lol I am a panthers fan and I’m happy with them
Marquis Gray
Marquis Gray 3 kun oldin
@sid the sloth you like collard greens or pancakes
sid the sloth
sid the sloth 3 kun oldin
@Marquis Gray wow bro who pissed in you cereal you got Sam darnold have a winning season with him before running your mouth
Marquis Gray
Marquis Gray 3 kun oldin
@SummonedFear we will some day
SummonedFear 3 kun oldin
@Marquis Gray I wish we can win the super bowl:(
Marquis Gray
Marquis Gray 3 kun oldin
Fuck the Ravens, go Panthers! Lamar is NOT a QB he's a fucking running back and they will never win a super bowl. Once they have a real QB then they will be a super bowl team but until then nope! Panthers going 13-3 and will win the super bowl. I have a strong animosity towards the Rat birds and the state of Maryland. Fuck that whole state. Go Panthers!!! #tarheels
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