Tesla Time News - Tesla Cybertruck Boat!?

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Amphibious Cybertruck - 1:31
Battery Day - Sept 15th - 6:37
First Electric Pickup? - 9:27
Tesla Q2 Deliveries - 15:24
Tesla Semi Spotted - 18:08
Can Tesla Be Profitable in Q2? - 18:56
Autopilot Discounts - 20:29
Starship Update - 24:56
Model Y 7 Seater Coming - 25:52
Aftermarket Model Y Tow Hitch! - 27:05
Spoiler Alert - 30:27
Paxster - 31:20
First Australian MP to Drive a Tesla - 34:26
JD Power 2020 INITIAL Quality Study - 36:28
NHTSA Opens Investigation - 39:16
Electrify America completes 1st cross country route - 41:31
225 kW Supercharging for Model S & X - 45:20
Tesla Roadster in 1.1sec? - 46:35
Mercedes Will Use NVidia AI Chip - 48:16
RIP Segway - 49:33
Tesla’s American-Made Index - 51:07
First Electric Pickup?
NetZero Channel uzpost.info/vision/video/kJ6NprmDdKKPf2A.html&feature=emb_logo
Tesla Q2 Deliveries
Tesla Semi Spotted
Autopilot Discounts
Aftermarket Model Y Tow Hitch!
Spoiler Alert
First Australian MP to Drive a Tesla
JD Power 2020 INITIAL Quality Study
NHTSA Opens Investigation
Electrify America completes 1st cross country route
225 kW Supercharging for Model S & X
Tesla Roadster in 1.1sec?
Mercedes Will Use NVidia AI Chip
Tesla’s American-Made Index

Now You Know
Now You Know 6 oy oldin
Timestamps: Amphibious Cybertruck - 1:31 Battery Day - Sept 15th - 6:37 First Electric Pickup? - 9:27 Tesla Q2 Deliveries - 15:24 Tesla Semi Spotted - 18:08 Can Tesla Be Profitable in Q2? - 18:56 Autopilot Discounts - 20:29 Starship Update - 24:56 Model Y 7 Seater Coming - 25:52 Aftermarket Model Y Tow Hitch! - 27:05 Spoiler Alert - 30:27 Paxster - 31:20 First Australian MP to Drive a Tesla - 34:26 JD Power 2020 INITIAL Quality Study - 36:28 NHTSA Opens Investigation - 39:16 Electrify America completes 1st cross country route - 41:31 225 kW Supercharging for Model S & X - 45:20 Tesla Roadster in 1.1sec? - 46:35 Mercedes Will Use NVidia AI Chip - 48:16 RIP Segway - 49:33 Tesla’s American-Made Index - 51:07
Pyrrhic Victories
Pyrrhic Victories 6 oy oldin
Loving ur time stamps. Ty
Michele Whitewolf
Michele Whitewolf 6 oy oldin
He managed to get rockets to land in one piece and not a IN RUD situation. Our rockets have been RUD landing rockets since rockets have been flying. Think ww2 Blitzed England.
Ben Crompton
Ben Crompton 6 oy oldin
medokn 6 oy oldin
hey first time shoutout and you said my username right!
T F 6 oy oldin
Please make the Ford ad available as a poster
Steve Perreira
Steve Perreira 3 kun oldin
At 36:28, The boys take on the fakest Survey ever, JD Power. This worthless survey has nothing to do with overall quality and durability of a vehicle. Snake oil salesman rank higher because they actually sell a product that has an empty bottle as a value. JD Power Is not only worthless, it is counter-productive, Actually mis-Information, and nothing can be worse than that.
QuebecTerreaTerre 4 kun oldin
How much do I have to pay to just send the car get beer ?
Poo 9 kun oldin
Tesla cyber truck is the 6 in 1
Christopher Mellinger
Christopher Mellinger Oy oldin
47:15 Nice Video.
G Philip C
G Philip C Oy oldin
VW car charging net: They are the Detroit, Chicago, New Orleans charging network. In other words they are governed to fail. You will be finding fast food chicken boxes, big 32 cups and spent baby diapers on the ground around those chargers eventually.
Carl Klopfenstine
Carl Klopfenstine Oy oldin
I don't think the hub-motors will hold up under the constant pounding of the roads, off-road, potholes, and speed bumps, do you?
sam guapo
sam guapo Oy oldin
KIA??? Came out on top??? That's ludicrous.
Jack 000%%
Jack 000%% 2 oy oldin
I like the looks of the Cybertruck over Lordstown
Jack 000%%
Jack 000%% 2 oy oldin
Isn't there speculation that the Cybertruck is going to be between 5500 and 6500 lbs. Not sure about the boat idea if that's true.
TheMeigsr 2 oy oldin
Put the truck on this uzpost.info/vision/video/b6iF1s2kpnyhjnE.html
sattyre 3 oy oldin
I have been a GM guy all my life and I am done with GM. They don't care and frankly they are more interested in profits then in building a good vehicle. They have a decent drive train I can't complain about, but the rest of the vehicle is just cheap in all the wrong ways and costly. Will I buy that truck over a cybertruck? NO. I don't, and have never, owned a Tesla but in the last little while I have been pretty impressed with the dedication to quality that Tesla seems to have. That to me is worth the conversion to electric without all the other benefits that go along with it. I suspect that the big 3 are going to wait too long to get into the market, and I wouldn't be surprised if they all sink because of it. The Big 3 have been destroying their own reputation for years and sitting on the laurels of the past. They Don't Care. And it's going to cost them. That is my honest opinion.
Danny Mitchell
Danny Mitchell 3 oy oldin
I have two of the Unlimited Plans with AT&T 😎
Sandy Bayes
Sandy Bayes 4 oy oldin
Whoops Pence and Trump are out of sink.
Sandy Bayes
Sandy Bayes 4 oy oldin
Whaaat? Only strong opinions on Patron???
Willy Wonka
Willy Wonka 4 oy oldin
During the "I did not have sexual intercourse with that woman" years of Bill Clinton, I had a brake failure problem on my GMC Suburban. Reported it and found out the were 50,000 brake failure reports for the brake system and NO RECALLS. They never did any recalls and kept producing the system. Thank you Billy - for nothin' From that day forward I have never voted for a single democrat and never will.
Brian McNellis
Brian McNellis 4 oy oldin
Looks like it was made by a rocket scientist, it's a shuttlecraft
Wayne Barringer
Wayne Barringer 4 oy oldin
Looks like a truck.
Matty Wake
Matty Wake 4 oy oldin
If you live in the right place owning a boat is priceless. I feel really bad for the noobs that say the happiest day is just buying and then one for selling... cause I got countless days that were better on mine... and I'll never sell. It will go to the junk yard once it dies! lol
Jim Coleman
Jim Coleman 4 oy oldin
Are you aware you gave out your wifi password?
Daniel Smyth
Daniel Smyth 5 oy oldin
If the Cyber truck was safe boat in the water I would sell my house to buy a cyber truck!
Etheoma 5 oy oldin
As far as I am aware spoilers are not about down force, they so there to reduce the negative pressure zone behind the car reducing drag, but it only matters at like 60mph+ in F1 they need the down force hence why the big f*** off airfoil not a spoiler. Ah no I was wrong it is about down force, but it spoils the air flow travelling down the back of the car reducing positive lift.
Ruirodtube 5 oy oldin
I’m glad they
Jeff Hale
Jeff Hale 5 oy oldin
How do I know when I'm at a v3 Supercharger? To my knowledge I haven't been to one yet.
Top Ev
Top Ev 5 oy oldin
If the cybtruck was an amphibious vehicle you would have the best of both world
Nicky Chimes
Nicky Chimes 5 oy oldin
They got 11 complaints... ...the nod from Buick ...backhander from Chrysler ...warning from ford ...reminder from ram ...that ghastly grin from GMC During that whiter than white gentoolmen meeting at the golf country club #blm #BlackLivesMatter #icantbreathe
Caleb 5 oy oldin
you should get a cyberboat and have the set take place every video on the back while "boating" while simultaneously providing a real world long term test to provide the consumers with proper critisism.
Andres Carrasco
Andres Carrasco 5 oy oldin
Excellent program you guys!!! CONGRATS FROM 🇨🇱 CHILE , South America!
ReductioAdAbsurdum1 5 oy oldin
Can you do an In Depth about the Starships? 25:47
Scott Martain
Scott Martain 5 oy oldin
It would be easier than landing rockets so that's there.
Scott Martain
Scott Martain 5 oy oldin
You attach zincs and those draw the corrosion
Eduardo Villicana
Eduardo Villicana 5 oy oldin
Tomas 6 oy oldin
I dont like truck. But, I want an amphibious cyber truck.
Tomas 6 oy oldin
Heck, If they make it Happen an amphibious cyber truck. They Will have a long waiting list to get it.
Tomas 6 oy oldin
I've seen vídeos of amphibious cars from the 60's. IT's totally doable.
Jazen Valencia
Jazen Valencia 6 oy oldin
The marines have an amphibious armored vehicle. It's got two powerful water jets in the back that push it along.
Russell Nelson
Russell Nelson 6 oy oldin
33:50 that's definitely a Viking beard!
Mark Dyer
Mark Dyer 6 oy oldin
How about just a telsa cyber boat boat... that when not in use does V2G
mike Shelton
mike Shelton 6 oy oldin
if they were to do thie I hope they would make a legitimate boat
Darryl Coe
Darryl Coe 6 oy oldin
I am waiting for a Tesla X with extended range for pulling a Airstream 16. Also waiting for a silver X with lifetime supercharge. How long must I wait ?
Taze Cardy
Taze Cardy 6 oy oldin
I religiously watch your show, but now you are spending like 10 minutes straight shilling. It's pretty gross. Still love your show.
The Hamptons
The Hamptons 6 oy oldin
Is it still true that if you add on the FSD (now for 8K) and you end up having to replace (or upgrade) your Tesla, the license for the "software" will not transfer to the replacement (or new) vehicle? And if you want it again on the new vehicle you have to spend another 8K?
bible forallnations
bible forallnations 6 oy oldin
google floods in shanghai. Floods in china might endanger tesla's shanghai gigafactory.
EZ_COMPANY 6 oy oldin
Dude... are you serious>? you guys have a very interesting show, and i hate how everyone always looks for something to pick at just because they can. However..... You pay extra for wind energy? Really? You realize that is a scam right? You do realize they arent selectively routing "Pure wind energy" to your house\apartment\Hippy Tree Dome right? The reason i point this out is because that has to be one of the dumbest things ive ever heard. Its like you were asked if you would like to buy electricity at a higher rate with the only perk being the ability to lie to yourself about where its sourced.... Dont get me wrong, in my opinion, now that we have the battery technology\production to make renewables viable, the entire planet should be moving in that direction as fast as economically possible. That doesnt mean we should pay extra to the grid that is still supplying mostly fossil fuel electric in the mean time. Just my opinion. Now You Know!
Don Beuch
Don Beuch 6 oy oldin
frog42 6 oy oldin
These chargers suck
Bernie is the Boss
Bernie is the Boss 6 oy oldin
There was a Kiwi engineer who designed a car and a ATV that was amphibious, the car could do about 80 kmh (50 mph) on water and the quad could do about 50 kmh on water, the wheels elevated out of the water letting in get up on the plain very easily, Richard Branson drove it across the English channel landing it in France somewhere, he was soaked to the bone and looking miserable when he hopped out...lol. The vehicle was brilliant but the engineer was a fuckhead and refused to allow the vehicle to be mass produced, he already was stinking rich so sat on his patents with a middle finger to the rest of the world. I hope to hell Elon would do something similar, I'm pretty sure those patents have expired!
Roger White
Roger White 6 oy oldin
Every time I hear the intro song I think I'm playing fallout 4
Ronald Leckfor
Ronald Leckfor 6 oy oldin
I live 15 miles from the Lordstown plant. It contains all of the equipment used to make the Chevy Cruze! It will be an easy switchover to making this truck! This plant has made full size Chevy and GM Vans in the past, so we know it has no problem building larger vehicles. There are vendors chomping at the bit to make the interior parts, seating, subsystems such as heating and A/C, steering columns, airbags etc! This truck will start preproduction runs in late Q4 2020! The only reason it was moved to Q1 2021 was logistics due to COVID-19!
Robert Smart
Robert Smart 6 oy oldin
Lordstown Motors pickup: "Each Endurance hub-motor weighs around 70 pounds, add in the tire weight, and it’s more than twice as heavy as an average pickup wheel". That's a heck of a lot of unsprung mass! Why try to defeat physics with software when you don't need to? Electric fully sprung mountain bikes do NOT have hub motors!
Connie Saunders
Connie Saunders 6 oy oldin
I’m pretty sure when we purchased our sleeper that they only charged us $600 for the spoiler. Husband thought car was ugly without it. I say only $600 but I had sticker shock. Glad I bought it ten months ago.
Strode 66
Strode 66 6 oy oldin
I think the endurance is a little ugly, I’ve gotten use to the ahh different look of the cyber Truck because it is made of bullet proof stainless, it’s a car for life, but if the Endurance is steel then it easy to stamp out a Hot looking truck, soo make it look a bit prettier guys and bigger wheels might help.
Strode 66
Strode 66 6 oy oldin
@tesla please make amphibious standard in the Tesla cyber truck and perhaps hydra foils so it is also a speed cybertruck boat. TESLAS are soooo great , can’t wait to get mine.
Strode 66
Strode 66 6 oy oldin
Do you have any Hemp clothes which would be real GREEN for the planet?
aftonline 6 oy oldin
If you took that Cybertruck into the sea on a regular basis, you are looking at major corrosion of the underside of the vehicle. OK, the body panels may be stainless steel, but there is also a lot of regular steel in there that is going to rust big time. Plus, are you prepared for all the barnacles that are going to grow under there? Boats are really specialist vehicles. If the Cybertruck is going to be amphibious, it's going to need a propeller or jet impeller to drive it through the water, which is all added cost and weight, and will reduce range while driving on the road. This kind of speculation is fun to think about, but IF it does happen, it will be at a price, and won't be standard on every Cybertruck, and to be honest I wouldn't use it, so wouldn't want to pay for it. Come to think of it, I don't need a truck, so wouldn't pay extra for a Cybertruck. Just give me a basic budget EV Elon, is that too much to ask, or is that still on the bottom of your list of priorities? Let the Chinese design it if they want it, we'll try to do it, Elon said at the Shanghai Gigafactory opening. There is no try Elon, just listen to Yoda and get on it!
worlds_okayest_crossfitter 6 oy oldin
I've been watching your channel for a while now but the mental gymnastics you're beginning to do in order to make anything negative against Tesla seem like a positive. If you want people to take you serious you need to present all of these stories seriously. You're quickly losing credibility when you become a Tesla apologist for every single potential negative.
gooldii1 6 oy oldin
i love Tesla!!
TheRaptor1967 6 oy oldin
Cyber Truck/Boat/Something. Well, he has made all sorts of outrageous claims in the past, and mostly polled them off, so I guess its possible, just not sure exactly how practical it might be. (too heavy to get on the plane on what would have to be a limited planing surface with wheels that would have to get out the way). In short, it really would perform about like that video clip shows. Not enough freeboard. On the bright side, there would be a lot of water damaged Cybertruck/boats up for salvage!
Geoff Newport
Geoff Newport 6 oy oldin
hey guys, any chance you could look into Transparent solar panels as developed by Australian researchers. I want my Model Y to come with this to eliminate vampire drain? Your thoughts?
denunci mesmo
denunci mesmo 6 oy oldin
I think that is not all, companies like GM also create these facade expenses so that their name is not linked to the problems, defects, flaws and any bad image that this attempt to produce an electric truck, their actions will not suffer any impact , but also if they want to burn the film of the electric trucks, it is easier to go bankrupt a new and unknown company than a centennial company. and detail ... no investor was worried .. is an ugly move that shows how much these companies should not be supported ...
SkyEarthOcean 6 oy oldin
Due to financial concerns I probably wan't going to buy FSD anyway, but I pulled up the upgrade section of the app on 6/29 and did not see the discount.
Much Respect
Much Respect 6 oy oldin
Yes. Tesla has shown the way, so it's not such a shot in the dark.
Much Respect
Much Respect 6 oy oldin
Not. Car/Boat different things with way different parameters.
Mike Franks
Mike Franks 6 oy oldin
ROFL --> "Wind energy...Oh i didnt know about that...oh ohhhh...."
Mike Franks
Mike Franks 6 oy oldin
Wow! Thanks for educating me on JD Powers. I thought there was something fishy goin' on.
Q5000 6 oy oldin
If it's my own music can i have music in my submitted video?
M Thom
M Thom 6 oy oldin
Please make the Ford ad a clip. Thanks guys.
Jordie Fitzgerald
Jordie Fitzgerald 6 oy oldin
Hey Zac, I'll email you a few ideas I have for advancing Eva etc here in southern Victoria, Australia, and for you too Jesse. I'd love to get your perspectives, advice or networking connections to help move things forwards. To come.. will need the next 3-5 months to have proposals fleshed out but I'll keep you posted if interested?
Jordie Fitzgerald
Jordie Fitzgerald 6 oy oldin
Oh yeah... and we have F-all EV infrastructure and ain't likely to spend or budget for much of that in the next ten years unless We Peeps rise up...
Jordie Fitzgerald
Jordie Fitzgerald 6 oy oldin
Hi NYK lads, If you want some Aussie perspectives, I'm happy to research, quote or comment on our Gov'ts attitude to the #rEVolution. Granted it's a small win that one minister has seen the Tesla-light but it means little to our current neo-liberal Gov't. More than likely the reason they went with the BMWs etc is because of the Australian Motor Industry degradation of the past 15-20years here. Starting with our Toyota plants, but that's just the beginning. What capped things off is in recent years Ford then GM in the last five years ended our Australian exclusive brands being Ford Aus & FPV and GM's Australian brand Holden most recently ended it's OEM Legacy here. Much to the chagrin of our Bogan/RevHead class; admittedly, (a Ford'V8'man vs my Holden rivals) myself included. Btw, "I'd rather push my Ford than drive a Holden!" -: T-shirt slogan. I digress: with Ford and Holden fan brands gone, the advent of Hyundais and Kia Family vehicles then the still Ford and Toyota (Hilux) Trucks (dual cab Utes especially; Toyota Tundra/Ford Raptor etc), the market for the expensive to produce glory, street-rods/muscle-cars of the Ford and Holden V8 supercar series, variety became a financial black hole to the American OEMs so as of 2016 neither Ford nor Holden sedans or station wagons were a profitable thing anymore so what the Gov't used to religiously use as a statement of national pride were either Holden (particulaly) or Ford national/state-fleet-vehicles, for any use case e.g. Police, Officials or Resources agencies. Though Toyota does still service a reasonable quotient of gov't vehicles such as rural/industrial vehicles like Toyota Hiluxes (Tundra) or Camrys etc. But with Holden gone for Police & State Vehicles particularly, the likes of BMW found themselves a very open market to Capitalise on. So, granted this isn't hard facts but speculating here as a 100% of-my-life an Australian (never left these shores in my 43years), I'd say BMW got in the door with the 'Police fleet.' Spending based on their cemented Oil & I.C.E. (mucho donatio) status quo "industry thinking" went with turbo & supercharged diesel or gas/petrol engined "what their apathetically slow asses only know," A-typical decision. They're over looking Tesla or the #EV market for the same reason the Tesla-Qs are short selling and the OEM are hedging their bets on the sly rather than commiting to reality. Our Liberal Gov't is in a sellout. Wish we weren't but them's the Trump-TwighlightZone era weirdnessnessessesses-ness, ain't it. #defundthepolice #blacklivesmatter #rEVolution #FeelTheBern #Biden2020 #AOC #BatteyTechnology #SpaceX #Tesla #UBI #WokeAF #NowYouKnow! 😉 P.S. I have just started an Automation company. With good ethics for green tech and my desperately wanting to buy into Tesla and earn my CyberTruck I will be doing a lot in coming years for Australia's much needed #EV recolution. I'll keep you guys posted.
Tom Wedgwood
Tom Wedgwood 6 oy oldin
That would be a highly inefficient way to use a Cybertuck. Pushing a heavy vehicle through the water is very different use of energy than wheels on a road. In water it gets exponentially worse in energy needs with speed. if you are going to just put around and float - ok, that works. What I would do is use a Slovenian company www.hovercraft.si/electricat and pack the boat up in the back of the truck. For efficiency, you want electric hydrofoiling which Artemis is working on with a ferry and which we are working on with a 30m. Utilisation on pleasure boats globally is 7%. Electric boats will change this as cheaper running costs and simple maintenance. Solar electric marine is on the way. Silent Yachts have 25 luxury yachts on the books. SeaBubbles as a taxi service. Marine NOX emissions is the worst form of pollution in transportation. I hope there is more attention brought to it if we are serious about climate change.
michaelfink64 6 oy oldin
Hi Zac and Jesse, I understand your confusion about why the Australian Federal Government went with diesels and PHEVs for their fleet vehicles rather than EVs, especially when there is a lot of roof top solar in Australia and that giant battery in South Australia. What you may not know is that most of the renewable energy infrastructure has been driven by state governments, mostly Labor (similar to Democrat) governments. The Federal, Liberal (think Republican) Government is addicted to fossil fuels. They have mates in the fossil fuel industry that have undue influence over them. They are planning a (natural) gas-led recovery from the COVID19 economic slowdown. Prime Minister (think president) Scott Morrison, in a bizarre show and tell, brought a chunk of coal into Parliament to show the opposition that they didn't need to be afraid of it.
Ben Pickering
Ben Pickering 6 oy oldin
1:04:00 ACHKTUALLY the “outer space” moniker is anywhere above 80 km (ish) called the Karman line where lift cannot be provided by aerodynamic flow
Shane Thomas
Shane Thomas 6 oy oldin
...more like Tony Stark than those other 2.
Gliga 6 oy oldin
"When everyone in the world has an unadulterated version of the internet under their fingertips" and people from Google: Yeah, right 🤣
Raymond Saint
Raymond Saint 6 oy oldin
Congrats for 200.000 subscribers.
John Do
John Do 6 oy oldin
sometimes you two talk like tesla seller, and i think to myself: what a moneyfull world .. ;) but your show is great, really enjoy it. best regardes !
aclassmedicine 6 oy oldin
Cybertruck on order. However, apart from the USA, the world needs a cyber car for "normal" sized parking lots and roads. The Model 3 is great but really is better suited long term as a taxi, robotaxi or person behind a wheel? The cybertruck makes all other vehicles look dated!
Dedan Kabuga
Dedan Kabuga 6 oy oldin
Schwimmwagen is back! #Cyberboat.
Koalaspuked 6 oy oldin
Step one: Drive existing cybertruck into the water and see what fails. Step 2: Fix that.
Crypto Man
Crypto Man 6 oy oldin
I’m looking at like a sinking truck or car lol 😂
David Robertson
David Robertson 6 oy oldin
Just HIT IT with a sledgehammer if it thinks it can beat Tesla CyberTruck LOL
ntnboy85 6 oy oldin
thought u might like this: the RIG (electric offroad wheelchair) uzpost.info/vision/video/r9uFypKFqnt5fHk.html
Travis T
Travis T 6 oy oldin
Congratulations on 200k subscribers. I always love to see that number going up. I pay the $1 a month for the Patreon Bonus Stories even though I never find time to watch them just as an appreciation for what you do.
Yoda Master
Yoda Master 6 oy oldin
I actually wouldn’t like it self driving in the lake... can’t see when it will sink
idemchuk0506 6 oy oldin
I love your show.
Donald Rs
Donald Rs 6 oy oldin
Hey Jack and Jessie what would you say if econ must shy to create a man made Island out in the ocean as a part of a Spaceport City area how many people do you think I want to go live there
Nely Nik
Nely Nik 6 oy oldin
ultramagnus 6 oy oldin
There is possibility that they could use thrust vectoring on the roadster. Angling them upward initially, at a 45 degree angle, could provide both forward thrust as well as increased grip to the rear wheels. Someone workout the math on that....
Jim Whitehead
Jim Whitehead 6 oy oldin
Crazy Idea: The real 60's Batmobile shot flames. When you get your Roadster, maybe you can dress up like Batman and Robin for Halloween and take off with thrusters. uzpost.info/vision/video/fJOu0ahkeZKLg2A.html&feature=emb_title
Angelum Band
Angelum Band 6 oy oldin
Sheep and obedient serfs ride on self driving cars. Real drivers who convert their cars to electric and are in control go around them in circles. I do that all the time with Teslas all the time just to spook them. That and the fact they big brother you all way is what prevents me from buying one. Now before anybody jumps I bought TSLA shares back when they were $39 so for that I thank them. Yet I miss the original Roadster (Lotus Elise) and they yet need to built one in that category.
Now You Know
Now You Know 6 oy oldin
So, you're just an asshole?
M D 6 oy oldin
at 1:01:46 model 3 with sunroof spotted!
Steve R
Steve R 6 oy oldin
Love your comments about JD Power - never had much respect for that organization. 90 days is way too inadequate to measure customer satisfaction. "How can we make a bunch of trophies and everyone will get one". Haha - love it!!
TRUTH ISLAM 6 oy oldin
At time code 16:38 to 16:43 according to Zach and Jesse, there is this fictional country that allegedly shares the northern border with the US! Really! this is news to me I live there. Even worse do you two fairly knowledgeable people actually consider that shadowland to be the great northern state or maybe it is southern Alaska to you? Not well-done gentlemen, not well done at all!
Now You Know
Now You Know 6 oy oldin
Meagan Makiej
Meagan Makiej 6 oy oldin
Wtf are you talking about
TRUTH ISLAM 6 oy oldin
To add injury to insult you aired this on my 64th birthday. Thanks guys!
Jonathan M
Jonathan M 6 oy oldin
They think the J.D. power rating is a joke. What a surprise ...it is though
lynyrd65YT 6 oy oldin
I’d still like to see a CCS adapter to use the EA chargers and my local Francis a Chargers. They can be very fast. See Tesla Bjorn’s experiences with Ionity stations (EA’s European analogue).
Comte Phlayr
Comte Phlayr 6 oy oldin
Electrify America completes 1st cross country route - 41:31 Wow exactly the same manufactures of car did the same crappy extremely expensive charging infrastructure in Europe, the name of this infrastructure is "Ionity". It's very funny because "Volkswagen" did a lot of racist advertise too. interesting isn't it? ps: Yes this VW network going to disappear like French "Corridor" network did Again sorry for my English
sarran1955 6 oy oldin
Hello Guys, 1.05.51, isn't it great when your kids are that age.... Cordialement,
Chung Lee
Chung Lee 6 oy oldin
Invest beyond Tesla Two super growth Biotech to buy and hold(7/1/20’) 1). NVAX Since the early 2020, its 2021 eps has been upgraded from $3.86, $6.02 , now $10.28. Its EPS growth rate is about 90% since 2017. At around 80$/ share, NVAX forward PE is less than 8 !. Expect to gain at least 2.5x in 2021. 2). CTXR CTXR will earn $0.74 for 2021. At $1.03 today, It has Forward PE about 1.4 ! CTXR values at least 10X by the end 2021. Two additional 10 baggers 1). DRAD DRAD will earn $1.73 in 2021, mainly from its gamma camera diagnostic heath care system & service. At $2.7 price, it has a FPE around 1.6 ! DRAD values at least 10 X by the end of 2021. 2). DBD DBD will earn $1.26 in 2021. At the price of $6, it has a FPE = 4.76 DBD values at least 5x by the end 2021.
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NHTSA Opens Investigation - 39:16 MCU1 is a huge problem and potentially dangerous, figure out the MCU1 die in a cold mountain with your little baby for exemple. My MCU1 is barely alive begin to die, The change of MCU is very expensive, in Europe we haven't the possibility and we can not to change it for the MCU2, The warranty is here to serve to replace the MCU1 as well. A lot of Tesla fan is behind this eleven people in the world, Terribly sorry for my English.
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