Tesla Time News - FUV Doubled in a Week!

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Elon is feeling better - 2:23
TSLA Will Be Added to S&P500 - 3:34
We ordered our Rivian R1T - 3:55
Crew Dragon Docks with ISS - 6:14
Fremont PD Tesla Test - 6:41
French Postal Service - 7:53
Tesla 100MPH Tesla Crash - 12:10
Tesla Holiday Software Release is Hot - 14:16
Next Week’s FSD Beta Release - 15:12
Arcimoto on a Tear - 15:58
Diess: We’ll catch up in 5 years - 20:13
Starlink Wants to Test with a Jet - 23:40
UK to Ban ICE Cars by 2030 - 24:57
GM’s EV Announcements - 26:22
Streetscooter: Elon We Need Your Help - 31:36
Karma Sues Lordstown Motors - 33:16
Model Y Gets Tiny Refresh - 35:52
We ordered our Rivian R1T
Fremont PD Tesla Test
Tesla 100MPH Tesla Crash
Arcimoto on a Tear
Diess: We’ll catch up in 5 years
Starlink Wants to Test with a Jet
UK to Ban ICE Cars by 2030
GM’s EV Announcements
Streetscooter: Elon We Need Your Help
Karma Sues Lordstown Motors
Model Y Gets Tiny Refresh

Now You Know
Now You Know Oy oldin
Get Surfshark VPN at www.surfshark.deals/NYK and enter promo code NYK for 85% discount and 3 extra months for free! - - - Timestamps: Elon is feeling better - 2:03 TSLA Will Be Added to S&P500 - 3:34 We ordered our Rivian R1T - 3:55 Crew Dragon Docks with ISS - 6:14 Fremont PD Tesla Test - 6:41 French Postal Service - 7:53 Tesla 100MPH Tesla Crash - 12:10 Tesla Holiday Software Release is Hot - 14:16 Next Week’s FSD Beta Release - 15:12 Arcimoto on a Tear - 15:58 Diess: We’ll catch up in 5 years - 20:13 Starlink Wants to Test with a Jet - 23:40 UK to Ban ICE Cars by 2030 - 24:57 GM’s EV Announcements - 26:22 Streetscooter: Elon We Need Your Help - 31:36 Karma Sues Lordstown Motors - 33:16 Model Y Gets Tiny Refresh - 35:52
DAN O Oy oldin
i want starman beach sliders but they have to be invented
Simon Henry
Simon Henry Oy oldin
@dr2okevin Considering they are suggesting NON US users use it to get it, Surfshark are allowed take your data and have to lie to their customers if a US agency tells them to.
KrKyoutube Oy oldin
autobahn = 160km is normal speed not if slow...
ajay ramesh
ajay ramesh Oy oldin
Not an audiophile. Clarity is higher will hear unwanted sounds also. sound is harsh on my ears. Earlier it was smooth.
DragonPC Oy oldin
Oh man guys, totally Wussed out on the silver color.. but it's your choice ultimately, so respect where it's due man.
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 13 kun oldin
i've ordered the tri fsd motor cyber truck for the long range & plan to buy the S dual motor as well.i'm all invested in TSLA & I have a lot of solar to charge them both..
Business Guide
Business Guide 27 kun oldin
Awesome stuff! New subscriber here!
Beatrice Watson
Beatrice Watson 28 kun oldin
Silver looks great in a driveway or on a display stage. And it becomes invisible to rearview mirrors on overcast days on the road, worse during Winter.
Make Money Now
Make Money Now Oy oldin
Cool! Thanks for this video! You can also check my channel to see my latest video!
Joseph C. Lee
Joseph C. Lee Oy oldin
Driverless RoboTaxi service videos - uzpost.infovideos
Peter Helander
Peter Helander Oy oldin
GREAT coverage of EVs and sustainable energy. It would be super-cool if you could do a couple of quick case studies on solar farms and EV-fleets, kind of like the Police using the Model S in Freemont, but for a fleet. Also, I'd love your take on and ONE analysis of e.g JP Morgans forecast and recommendation of Tesla - and comparing what THEY/JPM said about Amazon when Amazon was 12 years old, in 2006 - since it seems they are WAY, WAY, WAY below the rates of out put relative to what Tesla projects. We're talking 70% less=INSANE and not good, unless they want TSLA to be low to being able to buy more FOR CHEAP THEMSELVES. Just not good and deserves some investigative UZpost-reporting : ))
suzieBirdoSum009 Oy oldin
17:33 The truth is out there...
Weekee Chew
Weekee Chew Oy oldin
Yeah... I hate dealers. I'm itching to get a new car but I'm in absolutely no rush to go talk to a salesman and "finance" guy. I want to get a tesla but I'm a bit of a DIY person but when I hear stories of not being able to get parts from tesla and there's not a lot of OEM stuff out there on ebay and amazon so I'm delaying it until tesla un-apples itself.
kim burt
kim burt Oy oldin
Blue. Yeh
Felipe Cogo
Felipe Cogo Oy oldin
Hey guys, great videos! Can you show how much Tesla had improved with OTA updates, like range and acceleration? Thanks, following you guys from Brazil!
Emese Szorenyi
Emese Szorenyi Oy oldin
Are you getting the CYBRTRK as well?
Emese Szorenyi
Emese Szorenyi Oy oldin
Why anyone would have thumbs down for your videos? Is it an anti Tesla and EV effort from big oil, or just stupid people?
Lassie Vision
Lassie Vision Oy oldin
Elon could take on the engineers from Street Scooter to work at Berlin Giga perhaps?
The Chronicles of SSS
The Chronicles of SSS Oy oldin
dec 21 is the longest day of the year here :]
The Chronicles of SSS
The Chronicles of SSS Oy oldin
you cant show european number plates on any media due to their great privacy laws youll see that in the superchanger3 reviews
Ehrix Oy oldin
I liked the old audio better, but there are some comments that recommend some things that may help with the audio. There is a high pitched noise in the audio which is irritating. Though this is just my opinion.
terry Sullivan
terry Sullivan Oy oldin
Added 400 shares of FUV last week. Going for another 200 Tesla on monday or tuesday. Wish I'd done that three weeks ago. Selling assets , downsizing, investing.
Matt Jones
Matt Jones Oy oldin
What a lot of waffle read this article VW Sold 75x As Many ID.3s In The Netherlands In October As Tesla Sold Model 3s
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty Oy oldin
Drive in glove box is good but a savvy thief can bar that open if they can access your car.
Bo McGillacutty
Bo McGillacutty Oy oldin
Silver is very practicle but it's also the most common on the road in America.
thr0ttl3j0ck3y Oy oldin
I want a full self driving car, with a full digital windshield and windows, so I can drive a GT3 race at Spa Francorchamps in a simulator while my car takes me to work.
thr0ttl3j0ck3y Oy oldin
Lol yeah, having an air compressor means you can fill your tires, or use air tools. Bring a cheater tank if there isn't one onboard. heck, the truck should run a TIG welder just fine, too. lots of stuff.
Graham Wideman
Graham Wideman Oy oldin
7:00 chart seems to have an error in the CO2 emissions. The chart shows $5133 gas cost at $3/gallon --> 1711 gallons. At 20lbs CO2 per gallon, that should give about 34,220 lbs of CO2, not "42,198 lbs". Not that 34k lbs is good, I just thought it was odd to have an error that large stated with 5 significant digits of precision.
Levenkay Oy oldin
Oh, please. A thief who's smashed a window to enter a Tesla won't stoop to prying open the glovebox with a crowbar in order to remove the security cam records???
AWildBard Oy oldin
so you guys have a model s, a model 3 on order: a rivian truck, a cyber truck and a tesla semi plus a roadster did i miss anything?
robert beilin
robert beilin Oy oldin
Guys you don't want to order the LA Silver color because it is extremely hard for other drivers to see you when driving on sunny days. The sun's effect on silver reflective surfaces makes the surface seem invisible to other drivers. This effect also occurs under fluorescent or led light.
Benjamin Silver
Benjamin Silver Oy oldin
Terraforming? Mars doesn’t have a molten iron core which means it doesn’t have a magnetic sphere which means the atmosphere will be blown away for the most part by solar winds. Somebody please tell me where I’m wrong.
Breaux Segreto
Breaux Segreto Oy oldin
Ok gentlemen.... Please be real ... “Dealerships don’t want EV because they don’t require maintenance.” Not true. You reported that when the California Police did a comparison between their Model S vs their Ford ICE vehicles. They showed days required for maintenance for both. It wasn’t an average of zero days to 100 days per year. You should research the number of days TESLA requires maintenance per year through five years! I’m interested in true data not BS. Thanks guys!
Ted's Drone World
Ted's Drone World Oy oldin
I already took notice of your sound before you mentioned it, I think you sound great.
S V Oy oldin
Thanx! Great vid as usual ;)
Buda Bunda
Buda Bunda Oy oldin
Self-Driving cars will just replace workers with cars... causing alot of unemployment and enrichening those who control that tech... Don't finance your own demise via Tesla Products...
Buda Bunda
Buda Bunda Oy oldin
Regarding Lidar vs Radar... mm-wave is bad for our health... do you really want that much millimeter wave flying around everywhere causing cancer and other health disorders of the future? Its also bad enough that Star Link is also mm-wave... Learn to drive your own car...
Buda Bunda
Buda Bunda Oy oldin
WHO CARES IF XPENG COPIED TESLA CODE... I thought Elon was Open Sourcing all of Tesla's Patents... just marketing B.S. lies right? Open source that shit...
william carvlin
william carvlin Oy oldin
Yes, Warmer sound>
Hannu Haverinen
Hannu Haverinen Oy oldin
I LOVE your new audio mixer system! Sounds a lot better on all my speakers/headphones!. Do You deliver the shirts to Finland? If not, WHY?
Lyle I in i Bob
Lyle I in i Bob Oy oldin
To much time spent o ads!
P MJDF Oy oldin
You bastards. I've spent the last 7 hours watching nearly every video... but it's great content; good information and damn funny. 100% worth the time
DJRaffa1000 Oy oldin
13:43 "going 100mph is not something i suggest you do outside of" .. the word you are looking for is germany XD. No seriously on the autobahn parts that are "unlimited" speed, 100mph (160km/h) is not uncommen .. slightly above reccomended travel speed but not too dangerous if its not crowded.
Amy Niemann
Amy Niemann Oy oldin
Do you know if Tesla has plans for a 4wd , high clearance vehicle that could tow at least 5000 lbs? I need this for our cabin in the mountains
R Oy oldin
I’m always curious how long it takes for a wind turbine to pay back its environmental cost. Not negative re wind turbines, just curious.
R Oy oldin
Why don’t Teslas have built in storage to record sentry cam? or update footage to the cloud?
Old Greg
Old Greg Oy oldin
I'm not anti teslas. I'm thinking about a model 3 myself. But it is misleading to say your not gonna use any fossil fuel. Unless your charging solar.
RRocr Oy oldin
so china is stealing everyone's software? Tesla should put a little virus in there to have it "blow up" in their faces.(easier than you think).
Alan Coffey
Alan Coffey Oy oldin
Hate to say it, but it sounds kind of mushy. Too much low tones for PC speakers?
Dick Bawls
Dick Bawls Oy oldin
I would not buy this vehicle for street driving. A side impact crash would be devastating to fatal.
sidney osborne
sidney osborne Oy oldin
Tesla time neewyuse...not the audio...just the voice...musk self medicating with tesla tequila and limes....
Dave Rainbow
Dave Rainbow Oy oldin
Jesse, looking very dark around the eyes are you getting enough sleep, need to look after yourself don’t burn the candle at both ends, health is the most important thing remember.
Vladimir Simic
Vladimir Simic Oy oldin
FUV stock double because all other small cap EV stocks doubled , it could be a sort of a bubble. Dont think that company that makes few vehicles a month justifies a half a billion market cap.. just saying . Investors trying to find another Tesla and it's not happening
richard coughlan
richard coughlan Oy oldin
There is a high pitched hum in the background
Thomas O Riordan
Thomas O Riordan Oy oldin
Compaq used to have a lot of third party software in their PCs and it was a nightmare to add any hardware upgrade or even fix such as replacing a hard disc. I can see VW having the same issue particularly around drivers to control devices. They will have no control over their bug fixes and will find it hard to get issue fixed quickly and as EVs get older the owners may find things being obsolete and require perfectly good hardware needs to be replaced. VW not going 100% with software is a really bad idea and suggests they dont have the expertise in software so they are playing down the issue.
Bart Oy oldin
I love that Elon understands the difference between covid19 and coronavirus. Most people still think that the virus is the same as the disease.
D J Oy oldin
Wife caught it in hospital and before I knew it I had it. at 60+ it is not a pleasant little cold.
Eoin Kelleher
Eoin Kelleher Oy oldin
Silver is a nice color on the Rivian. But why have a poll and then ignore it? White interior a mistake though.
Reclining Buddha
Reclining Buddha Oy oldin
*Vehicle to Grid in the UK:* www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/technology-55008293 Still just a pilot project, but some EV users could make money. I think it might be a long time before this becomes common, but it does have potential for balancing the grid.
Tai Theguy
Tai Theguy Oy oldin
WAY too much bass! Like you're talking to me inside a cardboard box. Close & clear. But too close
Michael W. Dietrich
Michael W. Dietrich Oy oldin
52:00 yeah reengineering vision, but surround-vision with 8 eyes processed at fractions of a brains capability
Jim Avera
Jim Avera Oy oldin
Hi Zac & Jesse, the visuals might be out of sync with your narration about the Fremont police car... When the first slide is shown Jesse's voice "reads" off $11,677 savings but the slide doesn't seem to say anything like that. And similarly for the 27,977 number and the following slide.
Wayne Levett
Wayne Levett Oy oldin
Wayne Levett
Wayne Levett Oy oldin
That was a lovely drive. Thank you. Driving in Australia is different as we get random kangaroos just run at you from all angles. It's like a 6 year old child randomly running out from behind trees or parked cars. Thank you again and stay safe I can't wait to see your take on covid-19. I hear it's not real all the time?
Roland Watson
Roland Watson Oy oldin
I just recently left Tesla, on good terms btw, out of GigaNevada, to come work for Arcimoto in Eugene. I'm excited about the possibilities ahead of us that we can, and will, bring to the EV world.
michael amaro
michael amaro Oy oldin
love the channel I would love to watch an episode analyzing reliability of tesla.... which i believe will become more important as scale increases.
Eddie Ebach
Eddie Ebach Oy oldin
Sounds awesome. Thanks for the upgrade it will make it easier to view and listen.
Howard Marks
Howard Marks Oy oldin
Howard Marks
Howard Marks Oy oldin
Green is better.
bOObTOObWatCha Oy oldin
You guys talk so much crap about other companies getting in the EV world but last time I checked you guys said that other Companies need to get in the Race or they will be forgotten so stop sucking TESLAS or you'll choke on your own tongue.
Dennis Dolecheck
Dennis Dolecheck Oy oldin
One dollar per Watt ??
Mike Lambert
Mike Lambert Oy oldin
Question - the Starlink satellites require a $500 dish antenna to be accessed - so how exactly is a mobile phone supposed to connect to a satellite? Carry around an extra-large pizza box-sized satellite dish? Just wondering.
I.M. Impending
I.M. Impending Oy oldin
is he not men? he is (d)CEVO - (d)C. E. V. O. link below if you do not get the reference and want to uzpost.info/vision/video/obif2LymY6h7hJM.html - D.E.V.O.
Tony M.
Tony M. Oy oldin
Can someone please let me know how to find the "Now You Know Investor Club"? IT is not on the Patreon account and there is not a link on the You Tube site.
Jeff Clem
Jeff Clem Oy oldin
does your delivery show 2022 or 2021?
mikedorken Oy oldin
You guys are bringing me to tears. Keep up the good work. Regards Mike
BlackBriarMead Oy oldin
I can hear a high pitched noise and it's driving me crazy - unfortunately idk if i'll be watching this one
proximo powers
proximo powers Oy oldin
Trump 2020 Tesla 2020
Caserio Studios
Caserio Studios Oy oldin
way you do a pool for the color of your Rivian if you going to pick your own color , you just did it for the youtube traffic and we like stupid did the pool, that is bull crap.
tonka1802 Oy oldin
Guys, any decent fabrication company could make Cyber panels. That's kind of the point of the design.
Glenn Griffith
Glenn Griffith Oy oldin
Excellent audio quality
James Oy oldin
blue blue BLUE!! or read or something but not boring silver
Jay Fulton
Jay Fulton Oy oldin
Cautious reaction: While Elon's opinions on COVID19 are ok to hear, his experience with the disease may not be applicable to your life or my life. If you or I became infected, then your experience and my experience might be very different than his.
Kent Monroe
Kent Monroe Oy oldin
I believe all of the auto manufacturers will purchase Tesla technology eventually.
Jean Baro
Jean Baro Oy oldin
The sound quality is worse now.
John GF
John GF Oy oldin
Come on ......Go BLUE!
Atari Legend
Atari Legend Oy oldin
I love TESLA and am a shareholder and big bull. But this week I bought a second hand Renault Zoe EV R135. Great little car. The money I save buy buying this cheaper EV, I will use to buy Tesla stock :-D
Key Lime
Key Lime Oy oldin
I always see Rivian blue in promos. It was at fully charged event in Austin last year. Gorgeous!!!
Michael W. Dietrich
Michael W. Dietrich Oy oldin
BTW Sound: Sound on your livestreams and NYKIC are realy a "pain in the as", if one is used to the flawless sound of your shows. Is there a reason why Ur not using the Studio audio but those (in comparison) evil sounding headsets?
ptviwatcher Oy oldin
Aiming to Tesla is like aiming to the Space Station: you have to aim to where its going to be in the future. Otherwise, when you get there, its already gone...
MOVE ON TV Oy oldin
Wow! One of the nicest episode idols! Thanks for sharing! Shoutout!#MOVEONTV
AmerBoyo Oy oldin
Keep up the good work guys 🤩
Christopher Carr
Christopher Carr Oy oldin
I bought FUV at $2.91. :-) I would suppose an upcoming, EV-friendly Biden administration is a tailwind for these stocks also.
AckzaTV Oy oldin
VWs chief is named DIESS like DIESSEL? wow what a bad omen . like the inventor of the lithium ion battery "John B GoodEnough|
AckzaTV Oy oldin
imagine tesla becoming a ps5 as an over the air update
AckzaTV Oy oldin
bro, people arent gonna learn lessons, rich peopel will just get into eugenics are sort families by criminal record from ancestry thats final, you cant STOP that shit lol
AckzaTV Oy oldin
those hot batteries are honestly better than gasoline . They were able top pick them up with gloves lol .
Anthony Wayne Daniell
Anthony Wayne Daniell Oy oldin
Hello from Australia, I would love to see the beautiful Arcimoto FUV in Australia both petrol and Electric models.
Michael Webster
Michael Webster Oy oldin
Silver is awesome. It doesn't show the dirt as much.
Tariro Oy oldin
What do you do when its raining? Does FUV have a weather-proof model?
D Lo
D Lo Oy oldin
DHL needed to call GM.
Ruchit Patel
Ruchit Patel Oy oldin
your content has been genuine till i saw this video when you guys are just promoting arcimoto, simply because you guys are invested in it. This is clear at the moment you compare a bolt to a model 3 and then switch immediately to arcimoto...very slick.
Lucas B.
Lucas B. Oy oldin
Week 3 of asking Zac and Jesse to watch Long Way Up
sam guapo
sam guapo Oy oldin
24:57 Is something the Americans should be doing.
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