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On today's episode of "In Depth" Zac & Jesse go for a ride along with the Westport, CT Tesla Model 3 Police Car! #Tesla #Model3 #PoliceCar
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Milannekuhh 12 soat oldin
17:45 non programmer talking about programmers :)
Sean Costello
Sean Costello 20 soat oldin
It’s actually really cool to see in person
Builda pc
Builda pc Kun oldin
now's a great time to get arrested
Conor Smyth
Conor Smyth Kun oldin
Chief: “we needed a fast car to catch people speeding” Crown Vic: no comment......
SMR0M Kun oldin
the vic is hella outdated
BrockGaming Kun oldin
why did he choose a black car cop cars are white
Matthew S
Matthew S 2 kun oldin
How does it preform while doing the pit maneuver?
Offset 2 kun oldin
it's basically a tesla with stickers and lights on it lmao
Grady Shoemaker
Grady Shoemaker 4 soat oldin
So that's basically every police car, what are you trying to say?
Ben K.
Ben K. 2 kun oldin
you could set the horn to say: step out of the vehicle ect.
Mark Wolf
Mark Wolf 2 kun oldin
Savings on fuel 13,7770. Cost of electricity pry exceeds that.
Wolfie 301 god
Wolfie 301 god 2 kun oldin
the only bad thing if you get in a pursuit then the object sencer won't let you ram or pit
Alexmavplayz 2 kun oldin
Car can be really helpful do to that lanch
DapperDuff 2 kun oldin
Shadow 3 kun oldin
What about if everyones using the self driving feature and someones speeding? If the police are speeding to catch up how will the other cars in the area with self driving be able to react? As surely theres a delay between when a cars detected?
Chizzles playz
Chizzles playz 3 kun oldin
2:05 lesser lol
Gaming With Aiden
Gaming With Aiden 3 kun oldin
:) i like teslas and this is next level
REWIND 3 kun oldin
imagine speeding in a porche or something and the police try to pull you over in one of these... "pfft. they couldnt catch me with that car. its the police." _the car gets in front of you_ "well shit."
Aditya Sahasranshu
Aditya Sahasranshu 3 kun oldin
People need to understand 99% of the police officer are hard working, kind hearted people. Don't defund them.
magaplayz alt
magaplayz alt 3 kun oldin
when people say cyber truck can't be an police car or any tesla can't be an police car this video prove them worng
Brian Curley
Brian Curley 4 kun oldin
I actually live next to this town, and I have seen this car in action. Needless to say it is silent and deadly
İsmail 4 kun oldin
OF: Commander, we kidnapped the criminal C: Why is that? OF: Tesla was the only empty car, she ran out of electricity on the road :D
Jishnu Viswanath
Jishnu Viswanath 4 kun oldin
I am impressed with the police officer and his programming knowledge :)
Ivan G-S
Ivan G-S 5 kun oldin
Such an awesome video !
Ivan G-S
Ivan G-S 5 kun oldin
Such a cool project, getting the community involved. Plus it saves having petrol engines sitting idling for ages.
cripsnblood 5 kun oldin
Its not a tesla thing. These dinosaurs dont know. Hyundai have been working with australian police and have already made this.
Matteo Sivilotti
Matteo Sivilotti 5 kun oldin
It's not pol-ICE anymore... it's pol-EV
⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻ 5 kun oldin
It says poltice on the back ;) 3:54
IRON60 BITCH 5 kun oldin
Progressive community means the rich people get taxed the homeless get pampered and the middle class get fucked
IRON60 BITCH 5 kun oldin
It’s not gonna hold up for the simple reason the battery life the ability to replenish the batteries it’s going to become an issue it’ll be good for basic patrol it’ll be good for giving out tickets it’ll catch anything on the road until you hit the open highway and even there there’s not too many cars they can out run it
Turbo 5 kun oldin
shouldve been a performance model 3 so it could be zoom zoom speed
kagazuki 5 kun oldin
They should work with Tesla to use the built in cameras and radars to detect speeders and read license plates.
Leo A.
Leo A. 5 kun oldin
All the people complaining about why and how its possible for the police to afford teslas are obviously juding the book (or job) by its cover. They dont understand the job since they arent in the job. The way this police chief explains the "whys" is exceptional.
Desmond Sierra
Desmond Sierra 6 kun oldin
I call the lights
J b engineering
J b engineering 6 kun oldin
Obviously alot of people might think it takes less to keep that car up but it actually take a lot more then a gas car that electric car is money hungry
J b engineering
J b engineering 6 kun oldin
The car is a huge waist of tax money and its junk
J b engineering
J b engineering 6 kun oldin
In a high pursuit o shit my battery is dead lol
J b engineering
J b engineering 6 kun oldin
And when you hit 100 mph you are taped out lol nice you dummy's
Craig Troxler
Craig Troxler 6 kun oldin
So a cop speeding for fun and not on an emergency call, just showing off his car is ok? 23:19.
Zak Sullivan
Zak Sullivan 6 kun oldin
Imagine you're in a pursuit for shoplifting, you look behind you and there's a motherfucking Cybertruck getting ready to pit you
Andrew 6 kun oldin
so, parking police drives a Prius, school security drives a BMW, an local pd drives teslas. never felt more poor in my life
venedar 6 kun oldin
All respect to this officer!
DN T 7 kun oldin
somehow this was one of the most interesting 40 minute video I've ever watched
SpookyCereal 7 kun oldin
Its also nice they get a map right there
Camden Mounts
Camden Mounts 7 kun oldin
also the b-roll sucks
Camden Mounts
Camden Mounts 7 kun oldin
27:36 Felony impersonation of police officer. arrest this man at once!
FroddeB 8 kun oldin
This is really cool, but I dont get the colours. Why black and dark grey? Why not white text, would make it more obvious that it's a police car...
Cookie Monster
Cookie Monster 8 kun oldin
People really homeless from the Coronavirus and the police go get a brand new performance Tesla...
mini a
mini a 8 kun oldin
truth is there isnt an issue with pollution from cars, its from factories and manufacturers. studies show that the 'carbon footprint' has been around since before humans, meaning that the dinosaurs and pre-human era mammals were contributing to pollution more than humans are.
zootfoot 8 kun oldin
this reminds me of the south park episode where everybody got a hybrid to be "progressive"
JustZzonni 8 kun oldin
tesla should make a tesla car made just for police anyone agree?
90hippy123 8 kun oldin
20:36 he's going 41 in a 25 and he's in a construction zone
Dash DriverUK
Dash DriverUK 6 kun oldin
Laws are for them to enforce not obey
Bruno Miguel Amaral Borges
Bruno Miguel Amaral Borges 6 kun oldin
Nice catch
Tu-Tu 9 kun oldin
its really expensive to fix a tesla, i dont think its worth it
Assasin920 11 kun oldin
Malaysian police use honda civic typeR 2020
Tomáš Růžička
Tomáš Růžička 11 kun oldin
The chief spoke really well in this interview
Dean Chen
Dean Chen 11 kun oldin
all we need now is Robocop to complete the force.
SpacyBike 13 kun oldin
next year be like: Tesla Police Car Ride Along! | In Depth Cybertruck edition
Joey Donaldson
Joey Donaldson 13 kun oldin
The idiotic nylon explicitly complain because swan revealingly dream since a gigantic loan. gleaming, gigantic kayak
Solids Metallurgy
Solids Metallurgy 13 kun oldin
The best thing for a progressive community to do for the environment is to die 😐
Memestream 9 kun oldin
try pitching that at the next UN meeting, tell me how it goes
thekerbal 13 kun oldin
They complain about unsafe speed enforcement... then don't waste your resources on doing speed traps. Ever heard of speed cameras America?
Marin Minkov
Marin Minkov 16 kun oldin
22:30 Speed limit: 40mph Cop: Accelerates to 80 just to show off. Give this man a raise!!!
Nikola Tesla
Nikola Tesla 17 kun oldin
Impressed by this law officer knowledge
gooldii1 17 kun oldin
Guys, i love You! Would like to give 1000 Thumps up! GREAT! You are a ? Enrichment to my Live! Thanks so much from Germany!
gooldii1 17 kun oldin
Jake Rosendahl
Jake Rosendahl 19 kun oldin
Next step. Have Tesla make a software update that locks performance features behind a password so junior officers can be locked in chill mode. I'm sure that'll port over to kids borrowing the car and parents locking it in chill mode. Probably also a more customized software package and customized car build
joe kuki
joe kuki 22 kun oldin
Pls ship me one of those Tesla pls
Mahalo Aloha
Mahalo Aloha 22 kun oldin
The Model 3 is also 100% Vegan (by choice from the company). If you want to reduce your "carbon foot print", consider a plant-based lifestyle as well.
I. Gray
I. Gray 28 kun oldin
This would be a positive way to create better community engagement.
Luca Menna
Luca Menna 29 kun oldin
20:36 ¨Speed limit 25¨ the officer going at 40 🤣🤣
fred H
fred H 29 kun oldin
Captain Jack
Captain Jack Oy oldin
I'm really excited to see police departments getting onboard with replacing their ICE cars and SUVs with Teslas. I've always known the Tesla cars would make great police cars in performance and savings. Love the video, very in-depth, and answered all the questions I had in mind. :)
LyftUberNinja Workaholic
LyftUberNinja Workaholic Oy oldin
Very well narrated Chief, Thank you for all you do!
avflyguy Oy oldin
Got to call the chief on one of the statements. @9:30 in the clip, He said, their police cars have 250,000 to 300,000 hours of engine wear. Do the math... at 250,000 engine hours - that would require the engine running 24 hours - Take 250,000 hrs divided by 24hrs =would equal 10,400 days divided by 365 (days a year) or *28* *years* of running continuously. Um- Don't think that adds up.
Joey Oy oldin
those decals should be illegal... I can not stand how police departments are attempting to make their decals harder to see
Joey 8 kun oldin
@Memestream that changes my opinion how??? If i believe hard to see decals on our police should not be allowed, that is my belief... such things should be illegal. Our police for normal traffic & normal issues should be fully visible to the public.
Memestream 8 kun oldin
@Joey "The Connecticut State Police Deploy unmarked cruisers in the enforcement or motor vehicle / criminal law violations" (Presumably that's a typo and they meant "of"). "All unmarked cruisers are equipped with strobe / flashing emergency lights and sirens. In addition to the Ford Crown Victoria, we employ other specialty vehicles. " from the Connecticut gov website. It would be sketchy as hell if it was in a state that prohibits them for traffic use I agree, but it doesn't look like that's the case here.
Joey 9 kun oldin
@Memestream a lot of states ban unmarked vehicles for normal traffic use, they can only be used for drug bust & other higher tier crimes. These type of decals are a way for departments to get around around that.
Memestream 9 kun oldin
there is no way that should be illegal when theyre able to used unmarked and undercover cars lmao
Erik Vannewkirk
Erik Vannewkirk Oy oldin
what should I do if I was driving a tesla and I ran out of battery with only 0.1 miles until I get to a supercharger?
Memestream 9 kun oldin
hope you can still put the car in neutral
Make Money Now
Make Money Now Oy oldin
Officially, you're one of my favorite UZpostrs out here!
Trevor Heeren
Trevor Heeren Oy oldin
As an investor I hope they never fleet!!!
Christopher Gordon
Christopher Gordon Oy oldin
I love this. Hope it takes off nationwide.
ThreeARKs Oy oldin
uzpost.info/vision/video/i9Ok0dhnpZmCiIk.html Drugs radio :o
tubetop123 Oy oldin
Wait till they get a Cybertruck Police car!!
JT Pineapplefan
JT Pineapplefan Oy oldin
and he did a LOT of studying
JT Pineapplefan
JT Pineapplefan Oy oldin
you could do a suction cup to install the antenna on top, its a lot more strong and and will not fall off easy.
Martin Verrisin
Martin Verrisin Oy oldin
Tesla does no advertisement ... because they know they don't need it! XD
Mark Simonds
Mark Simonds Oy oldin
Too bad this car got torched during the riots this summer
TheSlowBoys Oy oldin
saw a van get pulled over on bayberry (yes he hides there) and the guy thought it was a fake cop lmfao
Cyrill Anicoche
Cyrill Anicoche Oy oldin
actually the first 50 minute interview that I've fully watched
Gizawar Oy oldin
great video but you should add source to short clips you used
Bozzie Oy oldin
Good luck trying to escape
Richard S Wiggins
Richard S Wiggins Oy oldin
This was a very good interview in the fact that you were looking at each other and not the camera following a que page. We’ll done to you all. From a follower in the UK. That was an excellent interview.
Byron Moreira
Byron Moreira Oy oldin
Tesla Cop: Dispatch I need a Crown Vic unit for a PIT manouver.
JameR GameR007
JameR GameR007 Oy oldin
If its so practical, wheres the police cage?
Sam Seo
Sam Seo Oy oldin
he is a really cool police officer...that was a good interview.
Nuovo Oy oldin
That's the sleekest police car I've seen lol
Angel The messenger
Angel The messenger Oy oldin
I like how the cops like to speed, and accel like motorcycles. Please give yourself a ticket. You sir better never pull me over. Complete onesided badge mentality. PS I worked in a branch of law. So spare me any grief.
Memestream 9 kun oldin
Jerry S
Jerry S Oy oldin
I own a Tesla model 3. And I am a retired cop, 31 years. No this is not a good cop car for one reason. Too small. Many cops, including my later years and many I know are politely put, large. Add the body armor and belt gear, getting in and out of this car quickly is difficult. Technically, yes it is great. The model Y is probably a better choice.
Gadgatree Oy oldin
He said a "Funk" lol. Its a frunk.
Dee Bell
Dee Bell Oy oldin
> if a someone you didn’t know sends you a link to a website saying... “look at what they did to your photos...” > you click on the link and it takes you to an odd looking, realistic google website and it tells you to put your username and password. what will you do next??
Alex Greenlee
Alex Greenlee Oy oldin
Um, I live here in Westport and the answer why we need one cuz the taxes are high and why not, like for cancer awareness month they get like 5 Maseratis rapped in pink
Seth and Camille
Seth and Camille Oy oldin
That was a really good video guys. Keep up the good work
JaFu Gaming
JaFu Gaming Oy oldin
I have an idea for them. The Tesla car thing that senses cars around should show the colours and when an officer taps on it, it shows the info like license plat and also a follow mode were it would use autopilot to track the car. It would also switch the lighting to like follow mode. Btw there should also be a stealth follow were no lights would be on and it would also follow. This concept would take a lot of partnership with Tesla, and the other manufacturers of the software/hardware
Sam Williams
Sam Williams Oy oldin
God damn... if there were an award for shitty camera work, you would have a sold nominee in the guy doing the handheld camera work in the parking lot.
Alex B.
Alex B. Oy oldin
this dude sounds like when you're trying to explain to mom and dad why you need the new game system this year for christmas
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