Telling Our Family We Are Pregnant! *Emotional*

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Capron & Rydel

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Telling Our Family & Friends We Are Pregnant! *Emotional*
@Capron Funk @Rydel Funk

Anh Sophie Segschneider
Anh Sophie Segschneider 5 daqiqa oldin
I literally cried a dozen of times! Congrats so much 💕!!! Love you guys so so much 💕!!!
Kai Farooq
Kai Farooq 59 daqiqa oldin
my serotonin levels increase everytime i watch this video
#AnimalLover 2024
#AnimalLover 2024 2 soat oldin
15:59 the realisation on their faces omg lol
Hailey Corpus
Hailey Corpus 4 soat oldin
I’m literally so behind whatt??!! I didn’t know they got married or were pregnant!!!?? But congratulations guys praying for a healthy baby and pregnancy!!💙💙
Crazygirl ee23
Crazygirl ee23 4 soat oldin
I took four just to be sure❤️❤️❤️😂I love that
Tyler Blume
Tyler Blume 5 soat oldin
The kid will have a lot of uncles...
Someone random
Someone random 6 soat oldin
These videos were filmed a while ago I an tell bc rydel was at her bachelorette house I'm pretty sure
Naomi Hernandez
Naomi Hernandez 7 soat oldin
Ross was right when he said it's alive 3:07
Myler Maher
Myler Maher 7 soat oldin
The best was nick and chels but mama funk was good too
KV Hunt
KV Hunt 7 soat oldin
Rydels dad: tries to see it but takes off glasses🧐😂
Hunter Mccraw
Hunter Mccraw 8 soat oldin
He took his glasses of to see
Evan Gruhl
Evan Gruhl 9 soat oldin
Corey will be the coolest of cool uncles. Imagine if they leave their child with Corey and tanner to babysit. Tanners like “hey kid jump off this roof into this pool”And he will look at Corey and Corey will shake his head yes. Very epic
ViperFN 12 soat oldin
ViperFN 12 soat oldin
love your moms reaction
Jake Anderson
Jake Anderson 12 soat oldin
Why is everything in their house pink
Haleigh D
Haleigh D 13 soat oldin
i cried at 5:14 😭that is the sweetest thing i've ever seen 🥰🥰
Patty Gonzales
Patty Gonzales 14 soat oldin
Lloré con este video, he crecido viendo a Rydel y sus hermanos como fan y ahora está embarazada, muchas felicidades
Drejer 14 soat oldin
I can't stop smiling
Raina Mounts
Raina Mounts 15 soat oldin
omg momma funk!!! that made me cry❤️
Ryan Arroyo
Ryan Arroyo 16 soat oldin
I have been watching Capron for the past four years congratulations 🎉🍾🎊
Cadance Willoughby
Cadance Willoughby 18 soat oldin
Caprons mom flipped out
beatriz mulero
beatriz mulero 19 soat oldin
Wow ♥️ congratulations!!!
Dude Decent 44
Dude Decent 44 21 soat oldin
Omg so happy for you guys When caprons mom started to cry, I started to cry
Jimmy Watson
Jimmy Watson Kun oldin
Congratulations capron and rydel Capron I have been watching funk bros since less than 100k
Emme Horvath
Emme Horvath Kun oldin
Rydel: “you’re gonna be uncles” Ryland: “aaaahahhahahhahhh”
Emme Horvath
Emme Horvath Kun oldin
“I got MaGeNtAaaaAAa whhoooooaaaa it’s alive” lmaooo 😭
Lil Ayree
Lil Ayree Kun oldin
Wow Rydel’s siblings are so supportive😩 (i remember ross from austin and ally)
Emma Ackerman
Emma Ackerman Kun oldin
They didn’t tell Brit.
Cooper O'Connor
Cooper O'Connor Kun oldin
Kiki Gang
Kiki Gang Kun oldin
Wait didn’t the one who said I got magenta play in teen beach and been in other movies
MBGG CraZy CouSinS
MBGG CraZy CouSinS Kun oldin
I’m not crying u are.😂😂😂😂
Lauren Mendes
Lauren Mendes Kun oldin
18:54 when she takes her glasses off and gives them to him, it's the most grandparent thing I've ever seen
Heidi Jespersen
Heidi Jespersen 2 kun oldin
Where is Derek and Julianne Hough?
Jeremy Hilbrands
Jeremy Hilbrands 2 kun oldin
I bet you both gonna be good parents, Congratulations and the best wishes for you three
Salindaa 2 kun oldin
I’ve been watching you for a very long time like watching the funk bros Then watching this channel for a long time and I didn’t know that you are part of the Lynch like Ross was my childhood crush from Austin and Ally to beach movie like what
Razor Ford
Razor Ford 2 kun oldin
Sharifa Diasseny
Sharifa Diasseny 2 kun oldin
crazylicious85 2 kun oldin
This has to be one of the best telling my friends I’m pregnant videos I’ve ever seen. I didn’t know who most of the people were, but how awesome to have so many to share this news with!
Sam Jones
Sam Jones 2 kun oldin
The Funk Family?? just saying the youtube suggestions
Brycen Almgren
Brycen Almgren 2 kun oldin
is she really tall or are the people around her short? Hahaha i never noticed till now
Dicas da Dica
Dicas da Dica 2 kun oldin
This ia a Big Family. This baby this baby will be very loved and very spoiled by everyone. 💙💙
Kaitlyn T
Kaitlyn T 2 kun oldin
yay yay yay yay
Victoria Coker
Victoria Coker 2 kun oldin
This is like the third pregnancy joke you can't jinx me like that. that then has a moment of realization: OMG
Alex Mullins
Alex Mullins 2 kun oldin
Congrats, this is going to be the greatest thing that happened to you.
COBRA0085GT TTV 2 kun oldin
15:57, was the best reaction.
Zaina Jadalla
Zaina Jadalla 2 kun oldin
i just noticed her brother was in teen beach moviee
skylar gardiner
skylar gardiner 2 kun oldin
We need more wholesome things like this. Congrats Capron and Rydel
Mariah Peterson
Mariah Peterson 2 kun oldin
This is not me watching this for third time. And crying every single time I’ve watched. Congrats Rydell and Capron! 💗🦋
bnelsschiken3 2 kun oldin
That’s the first time I have see billy cuss
Candice Wylie
Candice Wylie 2 kun oldin
Rydels brothers: WHAT NO WAY Caprons brother: Weird.
Mackenna McIntyre
Mackenna McIntyre 3 kun oldin
I had I better reaction than all of them I peed my bed and ran and cried for 3 hours and im still crying
Serena Rodriguez
Serena Rodriguez 3 kun oldin
Aww this is going to make me cry I watched them since middle school
Madison Williams
Madison Williams 3 kun oldin
You know how many times I’ve tried to like this video but I already liked it like holy that’s huge congratulations 🎉
Punyapa Suteewong
Punyapa Suteewong 3 kun oldin
This is gonna be the most loved baby in the world. Take uncle Ross as an Example
Black Gacha
Black Gacha 3 kun oldin
Beautiful video but like how much family do you have!
wyatt bebard
wyatt bebard 3 kun oldin
Wait is there a camera man? He must feel so awkward lmao. Congrats!!!
RuexSobriety Stan
RuexSobriety Stan 3 kun oldin
the way i literally forgot we were in a global pandemic watching this cuz there was no mask in sight anyways.... congratulation guys
wilderness outdoors
wilderness outdoors 3 kun oldin
Stop snorting Pig congratulations though
Isabella Maxey
Isabella Maxey 3 kun oldin
I’m just saying how in the world is this baby going to remember all of there names? Just sayin’
Haley w
Haley w 3 kun oldin
This is the best thing that’s happened in 2020
Kaleb's Virtual Life
Kaleb's Virtual Life 3 kun oldin
Imaaasnake v2
Imaaasnake v2 3 kun oldin
U have to moms
Beachy writess
Beachy writess 3 kun oldin
Lei Gang
Lei Gang 3 kun oldin
It’s so funny how just a couple months ago that they were talking about moving in together and having kids and now their dream came true 🥳
Kira P
Kira P 3 kun oldin
Austin and ally was 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Zach M Tv
Zach M Tv 3 kun oldin
Congrats Capron and Rydel it is weird to see bc I fell like I have know capron for so long coming from the funk bros to this Ik you guys will be awesome parents
Parkourer 72
Parkourer 72 3 kun oldin
God bless y’all! The Lord is always by your side no matter what!!
soraya 3 kun oldin
the way ross was looking at rydel at 3:16 omg I literally cried
iara quiroga
iara quiroga 4 kun oldin
That baby will be the most lucky in the world with the best family ever ♡
GhostGirl_05 xo
GhostGirl_05 xo 4 kun oldin
Kacey's reaction is EVERYTHING. Made me tear up
Jessica Leigh
Jessica Leigh 4 kun oldin
I'm not crying, you're crying!😭 CONGRATS!! 🎉🙌🏼👏🏼
Bernardo Perez
Bernardo Perez 4 kun oldin
He’s mom dooooo
Jadeann Pagan
Jadeann Pagan 4 kun oldin
Aww I'm so happy for you guys ❤️
Isac De La Vega
Isac De La Vega 4 kun oldin
Yk what this means... no more crazy UZpost videos 😔
Alexa Flores
Alexa Flores 4 kun oldin
i’m crying omg congrat!! 💞
Pheobe Bennett
Pheobe Bennett 4 kun oldin
Ok so am I the only one whowonders how many of them there are
Catherine Robichaud
Catherine Robichaud 4 kun oldin
Caprons mom had the sweetest reaction
Catherine Robichaud
Catherine Robichaud 4 kun oldin
Awe such cute reactions 😻 can't wait for this beautiful baby ❤️
B1lly Turn3r
B1lly Turn3r 4 kun oldin
Kaceys reaction is honestly priceless
Ashley Franco
Ashley Franco 4 kun oldin
once she said “i’m pregnant daddy” i started bawling 🥺😭
Tiyasha Chetty
Tiyasha Chetty 4 kun oldin
OMG!! Congrats!!!
Bella Stone
Bella Stone 4 kun oldin
Next who gonna be pregnant
Tank Britton
Tank Britton 4 kun oldin
Wait is drew going to be uncle drew?
Luma Dantas
Luma Dantas 4 kun oldin
4:14 doesn't that girl in the middle looks like blonde charli damelio?
Makenzie Evett
Makenzie Evett 4 kun oldin
Luma Dantas
Luma Dantas 4 kun oldin
omg this is the cutest softiest thing
iiisimplyAva 4 kun oldin
I’m crying Rn ❤️
madi 4 kun oldin
grammas reaction made me cry
Catherine Kelly
Catherine Kelly 4 kun oldin
i’m crying so much. congratulations!!!
Jupiter :3
Jupiter :3 4 kun oldin
you're crying not me ;(
Emma Metzger
Emma Metzger 4 kun oldin
caprons moms reaction omg its my favorite lmao
Makayla Nevaeh
Makayla Nevaeh 4 kun oldin
ross’s reaction is so pure🥺
Lillian Clark
Lillian Clark 4 kun oldin
This video melted my heart😍😍😍
Abbie Francisco
Abbie Francisco 4 kun oldin
i loved your brothers reaction it was so cute there going to be amazing uncles
Lexi Hall
Lexi Hall 4 kun oldin
Watching this made me so happy omg CONGRATS
miko foin
miko foin 4 kun oldin
Can we just talk about how many family members and friends they have..congratulations for the pregnancy💗
A_Blount03 4 kun oldin
your officially Dadpron
Mia Kelly
Mia Kelly 5 kun oldin
I love how they all were gonna swear but then they saw the camera and was like ...... Lol that was so funny
henessy3022 5 kun oldin
This is the first video I have seen of this couple... They have a HUGE support system.. Thats beautiful. Now I gotta watch more of them... Is this really ALL just family, it's HUGE!
Ryan French
Ryan French 5 kun oldin
miko foin
miko foin 4 kun oldin
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