#TBT - 41 Times Alec Baldwin Absolutely Nailed Trump

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It's pronounced 'chyna!'
Welcome to Next of Ken and in this episode, we're counting down 41 Times Alec Baldwin Absolutely Nailed Trump. Oh no... we done did. We went political on Next of Ken. Actually, no. We didn't. Whether you love or hate Trump, you can't deny that Alec Baldwin's continued portrayal of Trump is LEGEND. It's the perfect blend of accurate and hyperbole and we can't get enough of it.
Did we miss one your favorite Alec Baldwin Trump moments? Are you gonna comment your disapproval of this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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Heimrik01 39 daqiqa oldin
Apart from trying to be a bad double of the GREATEST american patriot, what did that actor made of his life ? What did he do for his country apart from doing the clown and stupid adverts for clothes on TV ? I bet like all american actors he is just an utter ass leftist !
Mark of Leadership
Mark of Leadership 40 daqiqa oldin
He wasn’t even close. Baldwin is an idiot.
William Burke
William Burke Soat oldin
Pissy liberal asshole
Andrew Potter
Andrew Potter Soat oldin
That Prick Baldwin will hafta do Biden now..oh wait no,he'll still be doing Trump cos Baldwin is a leftie bitch.
J P 2 soat oldin
This is really funny. Actually no, it's Hilaria..s
Jon Greetham
Jon Greetham 4 soat oldin
Toni Kid
Toni Kid 4 soat oldin
The most stupid president American had..... America how is that possible 🤔
Jack McLane
Jack McLane 5 soat oldin
And still... >70 MILLION people voted for him! There is no greater insult to the american people!
T K 6 soat oldin
dollar dead, no savings, slaves to banks but still laughing... its really funny
Tim Burnett
Tim Burnett 6 soat oldin
Oh Alec, you nailed it so well.
Amanda Robbins
Amanda Robbins 7 soat oldin
Now let's have him pretend to be Spanish and see how he does!
bruce lee
bruce lee 7 soat oldin
Trump 2024
Mad Marvel Multitasker
Mad Marvel Multitasker 8 soat oldin
Is it me or are his impressions not really that good? Clever content but not a convincing voice 🤔
mia795 9 soat oldin
SNL hasn't been funny for decades. This is no exception.
Bailey 9 soat oldin
He was brilliant 😂 Alec obviously
Martin Diego Bravo Isaac
Martin Diego Bravo Isaac 10 soat oldin
Is a good recopilation of Trump's interviews, but. Where's Allec baldwin?
trik1pony 10 soat oldin
Alec Baldwin ! A complete an utter Has Been on the failed actors scrap heap .Not even funny
盛合ラケル 11 soat oldin
Very bad people
vcr_nostalgia 77 - 88
vcr_nostalgia 77 - 88 13 soat oldin
this is making fun of him :(
Jaime Cardenas
Jaime Cardenas 13 soat oldin
Hey Alec! Would you come back to SNL and do more Donald's since his no longer a president, can you make one of Donald been himself "No make up and no Wig just transparency...
PS PS 14 soat oldin
I've forgotten what Alec Baldwin looks like
CRMent. 14 soat oldin
“I turned all of my businesses over to my two sons, Beavis and Butthead” 😂
PhoenixRises 14 soat oldin
LionBUff 16 soat oldin
9:57 laughs in post apocalypse
Adrian Åslund
Adrian Åslund 16 soat oldin
Its not a great impression honestly.
NEWFIE JOE 17 soat oldin
Brilliant Video!!!
Nicky75 20 soat oldin
You can do Biden now. Sniffing kiddies, incoherence, lots of material!😉
Gyit Mulhaneski
Gyit Mulhaneski 20 soat oldin
Overrated. The phonecalls to his daughter were funnier...
Kvi 21 soat oldin
Funny how Americans r so brainwashed and dont realize it. Grtz from China
Kendel Ventonda
Kendel Ventonda 21 soat oldin
His fake hair looks way too realistic compared to Trump's.
kuhmilch 22 soat oldin
Where was Alec Baldwin in this video? Clickbait?
Andre Charlebois
Andre Charlebois 22 soat oldin
All very amusing, but you Americans need to ensure that no one is allowed to ever follow in his footsteps again. Monitor rising powers, and when a neo-Trump presents him \ herself, then take action. This shite can't be allowed to happen again.
James Kindle
James Kindle 23 soat oldin
AB has been a dick way more than 41 times
travis B
travis B 23 soat oldin
he nailed him sexually too
Robert Beck
Robert Beck Kun oldin
Whole Day 1
Sander Kun oldin
patricia tagliabue
patricia tagliabue Kun oldin
Mario Andrić
Mario Andrić Kun oldin
What's the name of that actress on 0:26 (the blonde anchor)?
birol muhlandiz
birol muhlandiz Kun oldin
Damn Democrats now I have to look at Netflix again.....
bob builder
bob builder Kun oldin
why can i NOT block this channel
Helen Cowen
Helen Cowen Kun oldin
Stas Lurik
Stas Lurik Kun oldin
Alec Baldwin is a horrible vicious evil person. Just like all who bullied and lied about the great Donald Trump. Karma will get you all for that.
Stas Lurik
Stas Lurik 16 soat oldin
And you are demonstrating your evil vicious personality siding with criminals . Anyone siding with DEMONcrats is a traitor
Omega0850 20 soat oldin
I see you are demonstrating Poes law... but you really don´t have to, so many Trump fans do it these days.
Alec Baldwin abuses his Daughter. Star Struck Liberal Morons.
Randall Moonie
Randall Moonie Kun oldin
Clive Blackman
Clive Blackman Kun oldin
Unemployed now
Domi Nion
Domi Nion Kun oldin
Needs to have the one with Trudeau and Macron in the lunch room.
Ramesh Chandrasegar
Ramesh Chandrasegar Kun oldin
Should have gotten him to stand in for Trump during the inaguration. Just needed to hold the face for 40 mins....
geometric art
geometric art Kun oldin
FEMA PRIME ! hahaha
Igor Cabrera
Igor Cabrera Kun oldin
The good point from Trump is that comedians had work to do.
Wayne Permean
Wayne Permean Kun oldin
Alec baldwin is a scid mark on the American flag........Gutless al-kee-hall-lic.
Spring Rain
Spring Rain Kun oldin
talk2azs Kun oldin
You LIBTARDS crack me up! What makes me happy is that you and the rest of the country will suffer! I will not suffer because I have enough money to last me for the rest of my life and enough money for my daughter to live the rest of her life without working! So all of you libtards can just go "F" yourselves, because I have got it made! Have fun destroying the greatest nation in the world!!!
Omega0850 20 soat oldin
I felt the same way as you when Trump was elected, since i am not american. And now that he is gone, i see all his desciples threaten or commit violence, and i know america will continue on its downward spiral... which will definitly be good for the rest of the world. Have fun destroying your own country by your ignorance. (greatest nation in the world, LOL)
Vallance Ellis
Vallance Ellis Kun oldin
Love to see him do a Biden script probably forget his words and pro Kamala racism
Otto Benthaus
Otto Benthaus Kun oldin
TSTSTS alec we all know that this is alec, he cannot fool us, his eyes are way to clear, but he was close
Marilena Manu
Marilena Manu Kun oldin
Let ‘s see if you can nail Biden!That is close to your style!Coruption,selling the country to China all the good staff in one!
Kara To
Kara To Kun oldin
I guess he can retire his acting for good now .
Susan Gavaghan
Susan Gavaghan Kun oldin
Baldwin nailed Trump. Trump must have been having fits about it.
Gondros manns
Gondros manns Kun oldin
Listen sweetheart. Am about to be president. We're all gonna die. GmphAhaha!
Iconic Infidel
Iconic Infidel Kun oldin
alec baldwin is a MASSIVE ASSHOLE just like Trump
Iconic Infidel
Iconic Infidel Kun oldin
@Gondros manns because ALEC is a FUCKSTAIN JUST LIKE Donny THE FUCKSTAIN Trump..
Gondros manns
Gondros manns Kun oldin
I just found this via advert Etoro. Why is Alec hated so much?.
Gondros manns
Gondros manns Kun oldin
lol VaChina
Silver Surfer
Silver Surfer Kun oldin
His wife dies quite a good Spanish impression as well.
Robert Hall
Robert Hall Kun oldin
Alec Baldwin has NO credibility with the average American citizen. He promised TWICE to leave the USA if a Republican got elected President. Bush and Trump and he is STILL here.
Bo Smed Larsen
Bo Smed Larsen Kun oldin
And here is truth nailed Biden time and time again so send in the clowns you got Alec Baldwin uzpost.info/vision/video/qJ5lstatiJJxpJs.html
AJ Starr
AJ Starr Kun oldin
That hair. Those hands. That mouth. Hilarious!!! 😊😆😂
trail457 Kun oldin
I can't tell you how much I dislike this man and his lieing wife.
Zoran Bošnjak
Zoran Bošnjak 5 soat oldin
What's wrong with his wife? She's with him for one and one reason only. Nothing wrong with that.
Zalu Skowsky
Zalu Skowsky Kun oldin
You re not alone
Trevor Bailey
Trevor Bailey Kun oldin
I have heard a lot better
COLD CLOUD MAFIA 2 kun oldin
1 more hour before Biden takes over
LM H 2 kun oldin
Baldwin, a B grade actor.
Omega0850 20 soat oldin
You think he should not play an F grade politician?
timmy3069 2 kun oldin
These sketches are true stories. They are based on audio recordings, eyewitness accounts, expert testimonies, re-enactments and White House transcripts
S. Fumbanks Jr.
S. Fumbanks Jr. Kun oldin
IKR? What on earth is SNL going to do for sketch material now? LOL
Ray pugh
Ray pugh 2 kun oldin
Baldwin is a poor excuse for a actor couldn't nail is old lady if he had to brothers r much better actors
naren4 wood5
naren4 wood5 2 kun oldin
this was the 1st hillery cliton and angela merkel that i kinda like, i mean she is beautiful :D
what the flying fuck ...
what the flying fuck ... 2 kun oldin
what dedication ... he must have gotten a lobotomy to nail this role ... respect!
Taco Sauce
Taco Sauce 2 kun oldin
Bruh this was trash. It’s even funnier that y’all actually think this is how he really is 🤣😂🤣😭😭
Taco Sauce
Taco Sauce 18 soat oldin
Welll at least it’s not as bad as joe at least
Omega0850 20 soat oldin
I don´t think anybody really believes that. Trump can´t form sentences that coherent, thats well known.
Dennis Bakker
Dennis Bakker Kun oldin
Geraldine Spencer
Geraldine Spencer 2 kun oldin
Join FEMA Prime lol 4:05
TedTucholski 2 kun oldin
I am not going to miss Alec Baldwin doing his Donald Trump impression. And tomorrow I sure as hell am not going to miss Trump :)
Denver Area Lifestyle Bradley Cook
Denver Area Lifestyle Bradley Cook 2 kun oldin
Almost too accurate to be funny.
George Horn
George Horn 2 kun oldin
Alec Baldwin couldn't nail a piece of ass.
grottyqt 2 kun oldin
Lumibear 2 kun oldin
I never thought Alec ever did Trump as he really is, but as his inner petulant child, he got that spot on.
acourtneyification 2 kun oldin
We can show you 41 times his wife DID NOT nail being Spanish.
Sticky Bun
Sticky Bun 2 kun oldin
I bet his impersonation of his wife impersonating a Spaniard is Hilarious 😂
John Grosariu
John Grosariu 2 kun oldin
So, we were all laughing, Biden won, now there are a few thousands people from Honduras etc, road caravan, coming to America. And is just started...
pjimmbo jimmbo
pjimmbo jimmbo 2 kun oldin
My two Son's Beavis and Butthead....
David Krautscheid
David Krautscheid 2 kun oldin
the voice is one octave too deep
Thomas McGillivray
Thomas McGillivray 2 kun oldin
Can he do the biden thing?
Randy. 2 kun oldin
landonor 2 kun oldin
Yeah, alec would love to nail Donald Trump, but I see no reason to bring alec's sexual orientation into this.
Tad Dunavan
Tad Dunavan 2 kun oldin
Now what's Alec Baldwin going to do for the next four years?! Poor guy. Haha.
K. Theodos
K. Theodos 2 kun oldin
Baldwin may be the one person in the world that is a bigger ass than Trump.
ixlnxs 2 kun oldin
6:55 Well that didn't age well.
Robert Widdowson
Robert Widdowson 2 kun oldin
If by 'nailed it' you mean a gross caricature with more resemblance to a cartoon than real life, then for sure Alec 'the Sloppy, Drunk, Wife-Beater' Baldwin definitely nailed it. Baldwin is so funny; the way he hits on the same verbal tricks and gestures -- like a toddler with a hammer. Over, and over, and over again. He is so hilarious. Unless Baldwin is slapping around his wife, denigrating his daughters publicly over social media, or being a rude and publicly drunk and uncontrollably adulterous. Then he's NOT funny. But we all forgive him, because, at least he hates Trump, right?
streams of consciousness
streams of consciousness 2 kun oldin
The time that made me howl was on a call with Angela Merkal Where he telling her what a struggle it's been for him. "I might write a book about it. I'll call it 'My Struggle'. What would that be in German? I cried laughing.
Budgie McLeod
Budgie McLeod 2 kun oldin
This guy took the Trump thing too far. He actually had his wife lie about her heritage and fake an accent.
ali bell
ali bell 2 kun oldin
I don’t nail his wife’s birth place too well . What a fraud 😂😂😂 typical left wing liberal fucktard
Larry Lishman
Larry Lishman 2 kun oldin
He and his wife nailed the phony Spanish heritage too!!!
Wilma Blankenship
Wilma Blankenship 2 kun oldin
Thank you Mr Baldwin!!!!!!!
Alexys Becerra
Alexys Becerra 2 kun oldin
Alec Baldwin is pure comedy GOLD doing this!!!!
Keith Ingram
Keith Ingram 2 kun oldin
His wife does a better job of being a dago then he does of being Trump
Likes&Favorites 2 kun oldin
This is funny...until all of them are arrested.
GET KRAKEN 2 kun oldin
What is it like to never grow up and remain a teenager all your freaklng life? Puh thet ic.
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