Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2020/21 NFL Season Journey Video!

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Tom Brady Fans

16 kun oldin

A recap of Tom Brady & The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Super Bowl run!
A lot of footage from plenty of different places so I do recommended keeping an eye on your volume. I tried to level it as much as possible but some videos were very soft compared to others. I hope you can still enjoy! What a year!

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Daddy Iwan
Daddy Iwan Soat oldin
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Wes Chancellor
Wes Chancellor 2 soat oldin
If it hadn't been for Belichick Tom would have just won his 19th ring
Richard Chong
Richard Chong 2 soat oldin
They're All Laughing at that Moron Kellerman because Brady wins his 7th Ring. BELICHEK will never win another SB.
Patrick Lemire
Patrick Lemire 2 soat oldin
It’s especially enjoyable watching Shannon Sharpe eat s*** throughout
clifford yawn
clifford yawn 4 soat oldin
Remember this name! MAC JONES!
Thegamebred Ramon
Thegamebred Ramon 6 soat oldin
There is one man in sports you do not bet against... Thomas Edward Patrick brady!!!!
David Vader
David Vader 7 soat oldin
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Philip Carthy
Philip Carthy 8 soat oldin
My God the Americans are very dramatic ,and loud
Smex Dmx
Smex Dmx 8 soat oldin
Nick should legally change his name to Nick Wrong
Robby 9 soat oldin
Media when A. Rodgers gets to play Detroit 2X a year his whole career: Media when Brady/Bucs put up record setting beatdown on Detroit: bUt ItS jUsT dEtRoIt tHeYrE tHe WorSt tEAmOfaLLtIMe
Ed Simons
Ed Simons 9 soat oldin
How many times can Max Kellerman be wrong? I guess as long as let him keep talking.
Talks With Dante
Talks With Dante 11 soat oldin
I thought Tom Bradys magnum opus was leading a 4th quarter comeback win against the legion of doom. Then I thought it was leading the greatest comeback in sports history against the Falcons. Then I thought it was winning an unreachable 6th superbowl. But heading to Tampa Bay leading them to 3 road wins, against a top 5 D then Brees and Rodgers before dismantling the newly crowned king of the NFL Mahomes may be his best yet. Appreciate the history we have witnessed
Bobbie Hayden
Bobbie Hayden 12 soat oldin
How can sports commentators be wrong so often and still be paid so much and still have a job?
OG Bobby Knuckles
OG Bobby Knuckles 15 soat oldin
Wow for once Skip is actually speaking facts! It’s so shocking because 99.9999% of everything he says is usually bullshit.
Collin88 16 soat oldin
The push to make Mahomes the face of the NFL, IMO, is simply just because of the whole debacle of “getting minorities” in leadership positions. The Commissioner would LOVE to be like “we have the greatest black QB ever, Mahomes”
Freddie D .Richburg Jr
Freddie D .Richburg Jr 17 soat oldin
DONALD TRUMP and TOM BRADY are the greatest of all time!
Karate Fight Fitness Drills
Karate Fight Fitness Drills 18 soat oldin
Nick Wright is one very salty and very bitter of Tom Brady cause Brady kept in beating his Chiefs. And Brady and Tompa Bay Succaneers exposed how bitter these analysts. 🤣🤣🤣
King Eris
King Eris 19 soat oldin
Matt should be banned from giving any opinion of The GOAT. Actually they should just fire him. All he has is the gift of the gab but everything he says is so wrong. Hey Matt. Say it with me. Tom Brady is the GOAT
aspenrebel 20 soat oldin
Question:. How do ALL of those so called sportscaster experts have jobs at all? They are so ignorant, incompetent, immature, unprofessional, biased children!!! Total Brady haters!! Had it all wrong thru out season. So bad!!
aspenrebel 20 soat oldin
Seriously, most TDs by QB Receiver Duo in playoff games is only now 14? Brady to Gronk. All the playoff games they've been in together? What about Montana to Rice,? I'd have thought it'd be more like 20.
thaisoul 20 soat oldin
Obviously all these analysts (well 95% of them) are eating a heavy and I mean heavy....dose of crow over the Bucs and I'm loving it. Lol!!!! ESPN should be ashamed...lol
Rick Brenner
Rick Brenner 20 soat oldin
I’m not even a Bucs fan and I really enjoyed this video.
Delicca Tollner
Delicca Tollner 21 soat oldin
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Smex Dmx
Smex Dmx 21 soat oldin
how in the hell some of these clowns aren't fired ? if anyone messes up at their job or makes say wild wrong shit like them they get fired !!!
James Hubacher
James Hubacher 22 soat oldin
wade5941 Kun oldin
Can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm kinda warming up to Skip. Don't know what happened to Shannon, but he just seems to get goofier as time goes on.
Jed Propeck
Jed Propeck Kun oldin
There will never be a Tom Brady
Geist 85
Geist 85 Kun oldin
This tells you that once again half of these guys don't know what they're talking about half the time. Idiots lol. Go Bucs !!
MCM 1331
MCM 1331 Kun oldin
This was just inspiring!
FDosty Kun oldin
Notice the TD at 22:00. Reminds me of the two point conversion with Amendola vs the Falcons.
Christian Rodriguez
Christian Rodriguez Kun oldin
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Ty Shiroma
Ty Shiroma Kun oldin
It was a Great Team effort but for every Coach, former player commentator, professional commentator and talk show blowdart that doubted one Tom Brady and crew! He says F@#%-¥o# to all who doubt his Love for the game, competitive Spirit that is second to NONE!!!! Like Micheal Jackson " JUST EAT IT"!!!!Lol 😅🤣😇😝
Blake mf Browne
Blake mf Browne Kun oldin
Collin hit the nail right on the HEAD with his predictions
Shiva Ho
Shiva Ho Kun oldin
Never Bet the Farm on a One Trick Homie, when You can Bank on the GOAT Assassin getting the RING!
Ty Shiroma
Ty Shiroma Kun oldin
Brady’s pass is like Mahomes?....SMH!!!? Giving the highly talented young man WAY too much credit!!! That very talent will be his demise? It will take him places like Favre but will take too many gambles that will cost him in the future! JUST WATCH!!!! Lol Don’t get me wrong, I love Mahomes’ play and the excitement he brings. Brady is a Loving psychopathic gridiron serial killer!!!!
Adam Renfrow
Adam Renfrow Kun oldin
I can't believe Brady gets so much disrespect.
Federico Canducci
Federico Canducci Kun oldin
Maurizio Spagna
Maurizio Spagna Kun oldin
- SEVENBRADY© - The sports show is now; beyond the boundaries of a line and its touchdown, beyond protagonism and a way of living life beyond the borders of welfare. TOM BRADY is an authentic and continuous SHOW, it is the biting sense of victory ... and that "down by contact" on NFL money and business. -------------------------------------------- Lo spettacolo sportivo è ora; oltre i confini di una linea e il suo touchdown, oltre il protagonismo e un modo di vivere la vita oltre i confini del benessere. TOM BRADY è uno SHOW autentico e continuo, è il senso pungente della vittoria ... e quello "giù per contatto" sui soldi e sugli affari della NFL. (di Maurizio Spagna©2021) lavocedellanfl@gmail.com - The signature of American sport in Italy -
John Harris
John Harris Kun oldin
Where do these pathetic Brady haters come from? How do they face their family and friends after each decisive slap in the face by TB12?
Beastmade 281
Beastmade 281 Kun oldin
This is crazy and I’m high this is crazy Skip was right this is crazy yo
Rockdawg Kun oldin
"Jameis Winston went out and did his job even though he turned the ball over too much.".......... HE THREW 30 PICKS!!! THIRTY!!!!!
Rockdawg Kun oldin
Brees......Rodgers......Mahomes..... The last one standing? ........The G.O.A.T.! Stick that in your crack pipe and smoke it Shannon Sharp!!!
Rockdawg Kun oldin
Shannon Sharp is a buffoon! LMAO...... Brady keeps making this clueless idiot look like proof of evolution.
ieat caribou
ieat caribou Kun oldin
I love watching media having to eat their words...just clowns. Has Shannon Sharpe “ever” been right?
Entertainment's Best
Entertainment's Best Kun oldin
Lol. This video should be in the NFL hall of fame
Just_Me 2 kun oldin
thee the sports announcers dont know shit . the GOAT shut them up and they they didnt have the balls to say they made a mistake.
TheBarbahaba 2 kun oldin
i cant stand skip ' think he is a moron regarding anything regarding lebron or anything on boxing but boy he nailed this one !! dont bet against brady
AC 2 kun oldin
Max was wrong over and over and over again all year
Awe Ewa
Awe Ewa 2 kun oldin
Shannon Dulle
CeReBrAL_ReBeL 2 kun oldin
I love how all these "experts " doubted the Bucs!!!
Ryan Perkins
Ryan Perkins 2 kun oldin
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Terrell Pimienta
Terrell Pimienta 2 kun oldin
What makes me so upset....all og these commentators placed their bets on KC/Mahomes BIG TIME! and never gave TAMPA a chance all damn year long! But the minute Tampa won, it was either complete silence or them still giving KC their props talking about Mahomes didn't have his Offensive line!? That's their excuse and they're sticking with it! All year they talked about how good Mahomes and his teams was even WITHOUT those hurt players! Yes! they have Kermit that much credit. However, when he lost and got his ass handed to him they had nothing but excuses for him. Only abouts 3 people in this video thought the Bucs would win. 2 women and 1 man lol Maybe they should've listened to the women. Lol They gave Tampa no credit simply because of his age. Age ain't nothin but a number as we can see! To make it worse they even blamed the refs! Cmon man! this was a clean, good old-fashioned BEAT DOWN! But KC fans are delusional! Give Tampa credit where credit is due and STOP THE HATIN! #GOBUCS
ph00ny1 2 kun oldin
Look at the number of players that just want to shake the man's hand. That tells you everything about him
Matt 2 kun oldin
nice job, great vid
AvalonSpectre 2 kun oldin
Rewatch that Bears game....There is just no way that many penalties happen like that when the Bears looked like they might lose.
Stephen Carpenteri
Stephen Carpenteri 2 kun oldin
I love it when "experts" like Sharpe are proven wrong. Go, Tom! Make them all look stupid!
Dusty Reason
Dusty Reason 2 kun oldin
Imagine if this video kept on going to what the doubters said after the Buccs won the SuperBowl
4Stanzas 2 kun oldin
Kellerman and Sharpe are idiots.
Peterson Southard
Peterson Southard 2 kun oldin
Well, this is an interesting video, proves all the naysayers wrong. We won. We ran the hot hand into the playoffs, and a championship. We proved that Brady made the right choice.
Arthur Greenfield
Arthur Greenfield 2 kun oldin
The Brady critics look so foolish.
Brady is Clutch
Brady is Clutch 2 kun oldin
These so called experts are fucking stupid ! 7 in the bag- now it’s time for the 8th wonder of the world - Brady
paul mcginn
paul mcginn 2 kun oldin
i love that guy, sorry don't know his name though i recognize, and he predicted brady to win. i think that is amazing. i am still in shock
Brent Fox
Brent Fox 2 kun oldin
Remember 18 and 1? 🤣
Craig T
Craig T 2 kun oldin
Kellerman is a fool. He used to know boxing ok. Woke hater.
Alex Smith
Alex Smith 2 kun oldin
Max Kellerman is joke
Clark Loeffler
Clark Loeffler 2 kun oldin
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Nick Ramirez
Nick Ramirez 2 kun oldin
Brady baby!!! He triggers all these clowns🤣🤣🤣 They should all have too apologize for being idiots and do his laundry until next season... Get 8 next year!!!
Yee !
Yee ! 2 kun oldin
Skip has been carrying Shannon the past 5 years. Skip has the strongest shoulders in show biz
Yee !
Yee ! 2 kun oldin
Wow this IS EPIC
Juan Hernandez
Juan Hernandez 2 kun oldin
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Javier Torres
Javier Torres 2 kun oldin
Marcus Rondo
Marcus Rondo 2 kun oldin
Skip was right and not alot of people are talking about it.
null null
null null 2 kun oldin
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Mr Zen
Mr Zen 2 kun oldin
How does Nick Wright keep his job as an analyst - his anti-Brady bias is the worst of them all
kevin dow
kevin dow 2 kun oldin
The video was cut short? 🤦‍♀️ Where were all the "experts" at the end that should have eaten crow? Much like the mainstream media, politicians, and medical experts, never held accountable for their F-ups.
Lucerne Johnson
Lucerne Johnson 2 kun oldin
Patrick Mahomes only got 9! Boy did he screw up! Same things gonna happen in 2021 season.
null null
null null 2 kun oldin
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Bred Saint
Bred Saint 2 kun oldin
The so called experts like max kellerman are just waiting for Tom to massively fail and then they be like “see, I told you so!” 🙄
dave schmidt
dave schmidt 2 kun oldin
im sure Tom Brady loves throwing passes on way to winning a super bowl to another 6th round pick named Scotty Miller and by the way they are going to be even better next year so get ready haters your going to have alot to hate about GO BUCS GO
Bred Saint
Bred Saint 2 kun oldin
“Book it!” LOL 😂
tombeetwo 2 kun oldin
Molly spot on! The rest are wanna be's
Nam Greenberet
Nam Greenberet 2 kun oldin
I love going back and watching these videos to see how ignorant the no nothing commentators like Shannon, Max and Nick are. They all proved how uninformed and unknowing they are. Skip and Marcellus were dead on correct.
Voltar Ignacio
Voltar Ignacio 2 kun oldin
You guys got Tom Brady mad, you guys treated him like when he got drafted and nobody still doesn't believe in him. All y'all created a monster and you can stop him. Everybody who doubted Tom Brady is eating up their words. It's easier to say and put somebody down than someone who is on new team and then win the super bowl. How much pressure is that on his shoulders. Good job Tom Brady, now go and get your eigth super bowl ring.
Eddie Manea
Eddie Manea 2 kun oldin
Skip actually knows sports. He just holds on to Jordan being the goat so sometimes he has a blind eye to some things Lebron does to maintain Jordan as the top. Other than that, his takes are respectable.
R3tR0actionGamer 2 kun oldin
All the Brady haters should call him and apologize. I heard he picks up on the 7th ring.
MegaSteve 2 kun oldin
its funny looking back at what these clowns said , just haters , no respect for brady after all he's accomplished , shannon sharp is so funny, when he first found out brady was going to tampa he said they wont make it to the super bowl and brady wont get mvp then he changed to brady went to a loaded team after they had success , just pathetic
NolanEP 2 kun oldin
I think when Fournette ran that for a TD, that's when I was pretty sure it was over. Before that, I was feeling like the Bucs were doing just enough, but after that drive and run for the TD, it just felt like the Chiefs knew what was happening. It just looked like they were going through the motions after that score. Really could have been 42-9 or something like that if you consider that 4th and goal where if they give it to Fournette twice, he's getting in. He's more powerful. He's not getting stuffed at the line by one player. The other was that drive with the high snap. They had KC on their heels and they made that mistake.
Ferrell Wright
Ferrell Wright 2 kun oldin
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ttgc gzc
ttgc gzc 2 kun oldin
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James Robinson
James Robinson 2 kun oldin
So when can I get a portion of my money hit me up on Facebook and we can meet up and you give me a part of my money to hold me over on pass on my NBA contract with Gregg Popovich interview
Jers J
Jers J 3 kun oldin
Amazing after all this time still talk radio underestimate TB12
Scott Freyberg
Scott Freyberg 3 kun oldin
I never put much credence of what skip says until now he showed why he's been a sports analyst for the biggest newspapers in the country and now ESPN and why Shannon Sharpe is a hall of fame football player these ex athletes are awesome in the booth and studio but thats their second career let's dont get it mixed up
Jarvis Linen
Jarvis Linen 3 kun oldin
not only was skip bayless spot on all season, but Marcellus Wiley was dead spot on at his 1:18.42 prediction in this video.
Gumbo G
Gumbo G 3 kun oldin
Boy was Skip on the money with Scotty Miller. Speed kills.
firm1z 3 kun oldin
Stick to boxing Max.
Lindsey 3 kun oldin
Early in the season colin cowherd was saying that the bucs were superbowl bound and then he flip flopped and picked them to get wiped out early in the postseason. Should have been like skip and stuck to your guns
Samuel Arntz
Samuel Arntz 3 kun oldin
The Chiefs where 14-2 actually
Thomas Grimes
Thomas Grimes 3 kun oldin
Yeah this year roster is cheap
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