SIMPING for the impostor ALL GAME

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everything's fine. poki's completely safe.

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Edward Torres
Edward Torres 6 soat oldin
4:13 "Im right in the pants" Ummmmm....
name name
name name 11 soat oldin
"simpocalypse" in a nutshell
Venr Vals
Venr Vals 12 soat oldin
No one said anything about Poki voting Sykkuno clearly trying to tie the vote cause she thought they were voting for him and her.
IcepilotCODM 14 soat oldin
"I'm gonna get arthritis but it's worth it" -Simpkkuno
DetectiveReen13 22 soat oldin
Sykkuno!! "i know Poki is the killer,but i promised to protect her"
Rayan Batada
Rayan Batada 23 soat oldin
Sykkuno: Simping for impostor My brain: Simp + impostor = simpostor!
Vian Francisco
Vian Francisco 23 soat oldin
"Oh, god. You guys are insane... Insanely right," "Anyway," HAHAHAHA MEME
Angela Ford
Angela Ford Kun oldin
This is a video I never thought I needed
RaeAnna Cardenas
RaeAnna Cardenas Kun oldin
Sykkuno is the besttttt ♥️
ethanezr Kun oldin
the one good play that happened that round was poki voting sykkuno to save sydney lol
Zoja Dokmanovic
Zoja Dokmanovic Kun oldin
How do you feel about ppl shipping you with corpse husband?
No One
No One Kun oldin
When she said I don't wanna kill sykkuno I knew she's the impo
No One
No One Kun oldin
Nobody : Tina: I did upload and then download
mirakii Kun oldin
"you guys are insane, you guys are insane- insanely correct ;)"
Louis's MineBlox chats
Louis's MineBlox chats Kun oldin
If they were both imposter lol
BoardMash 2 kun oldin
sykkuno: im potecting poki valkyrae: throws chair
EioioioE3oioioi 3
EioioioE3oioioi 3 2 kun oldin
He has a case of the omega simp
O. H
O. H 2 kun oldin
The Oath keeper wasn't Jaime Lannister. It was Sykkuno.
Kaycee Vierra
Kaycee Vierra 2 kun oldin
sukkuno: sees poki kill also sykkuno: i neva snitch an ya daddy
Moo Moo MooMoo
Moo Moo MooMoo 2 kun oldin
boop bap i have a smiley jelly fish boop bap, it has lots of weird tentacles doo da
Mira Hima
Mira Hima 2 kun oldin
If you are new please consider subscribing, let's get to 15,000 subscribers, thanks.
Antheon Gabila
Antheon Gabila 2 kun oldin
At 4:10 he is right in poki’s pants, something that most of us want to be in
NickNawd -
NickNawd - 3 kun oldin
Definition of “simp” a silly or foolish person.
Ghostly Butter
Ghostly Butter 3 kun oldin
So who got marinated poki or sykunno
Sarah’s Studio
Sarah’s Studio 3 kun oldin
Sykkuno could literally be the main character in an anime, cause he looks like one and his voice too lmao
larithiya crae Z-ed
larithiya crae Z-ed 4 kun oldin
Donate at ********** to save a poki a round
Gregory Jones
Gregory Jones 4 kun oldin
Neytiri who is that I'm simping ?
Yeleina Mendoza
Yeleina Mendoza 4 kun oldin
I love when he said poki
Nothing Here
Nothing Here 4 kun oldin
Dawson Brown
Dawson Brown 5 kun oldin
Sync 5 kun oldin
When poki did her 2nd task the bar did not go up
Petros Tseggai
Petros Tseggai 5 kun oldin
Crewmates vs. Imposters plus Sykunno (Crewmate)
Petros Tseggai
Petros Tseggai 5 kun oldin
Neytiri looks EXACTLY like China (Uma from descendants)
roxy2012pop 5 kun oldin
When Sykkuno covers him mouth, he looks such like a anime boy in a romance movie
SimpllyGlossy 6 kun oldin
sheyla_XX_flimflam 6 kun oldin
corpse is watching this, crying
Saina Marwah
Saina Marwah 6 kun oldin
Sykkuno:- i know it’s her but i NEED to protect her Me:- OMG SYKKUNO I LOVE YOU. I CANT BELIEVE HE WOULD DO THIS
Nicolas Clark
Nicolas Clark 6 kun oldin
I'd love more videos of Sykkuno simping for the impostor like this.
ave pin
ave pin 6 kun oldin
12:55 she voted for him after not ratting her out😞
Lulu Foxi
Lulu Foxi 7 kun oldin
1:30 poki: laughs uncontrollably Me: OH GOD IT'S POKI ISN'T IT
dimond wolf
dimond wolf 7 kun oldin
Sykkuno do be loyal tho
Wow Kp
Wow Kp 7 kun oldin
Gonna be 100 percent honest.... I HATE SYDNEY WITH A BURNING PASSION
Mohamed Al Suwaidi
Mohamed Al Suwaidi 7 kun oldin
I think Sykkuno likes Pokimane
Dabi Shouto
Dabi Shouto 8 kun oldin
Sykkuno is literally an innocent angel- *change my mind* *W e s t a n U n U*
Justice Default
Justice Default 8 kun oldin
Gavin plays fort !
Gavin plays fort ! 8 kun oldin
Red Rose24
Red Rose24 8 kun oldin
Who loves the vibes from his intro, it’s so calming and energetic at the same time!!!😝😋
Kristian Horndal
Kristian Horndal 8 kun oldin
I need an anime with sykkuno as the main character!
S. H
S. H 8 kun oldin
Poki: *Kills Tina* Sykkuno: 👨‍🦯
cecilia 8 kun oldin
sykkuno: jared, 19
Ramsey Vazquez
Ramsey Vazquez 8 kun oldin
Sykkuno you did a good job
Ramsey Vazquez
Ramsey Vazquez 8 kun oldin
Who ever dislike rip sykkuno
Kelsey Barker
Kelsey Barker 8 kun oldin
How is Sykkuno legit the most wholesome and adorable player. I've been binge watching his streams for the last 2 days 🤣😭❤
Death Playz
Death Playz 8 kun oldin
If you like his video you a simp
Roxi Hughes
Roxi Hughes 8 kun oldin
Sykkuno do be like I never snitch on daddy lol
T3XL3X 8 kun oldin
im pretty sure sykkuno and poki are siblings
Yoongi's Wife
Yoongi's Wife 9 kun oldin
why do i ship sykkuno to them my god
ZzNatZy428 9 kun oldin
ed6arito Last
ed6arito Last 9 kun oldin
I love him so much and he simps so much for so many people(sorry for the bad spelling)but I love him so much
alex m
alex m 9 kun oldin
sykkuno: ya know what would be funny if poki was imposter poki: well....
S Sullivan
S Sullivan 9 kun oldin
“Alright Poopi, Who do you want to kill next?” 😂 He’s a real one!
The Egg Girl Blobby
The Egg Girl Blobby 9 kun oldin
i love sykkuno so much 🥺
INFAMOUS _ F 9 kun oldin
Bobking 9 kun oldin
CHALLENGE: next time some one swears in the among us grup say LANGUDIE!
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear 6 kun oldin
someone* group* language*
FLAMEORNYX ._. 9 kun oldin
U are not sykkuno U are sickkuno Bcoz u are soo cool :)
Anime 101
Anime 101 9 kun oldin
Is it just me or is everything about sykkuno is just adorable, even his intro is just wholesome
Nimo Jimale
Nimo Jimale 10 kun oldin
that was the cutest thing i have ever seen
Ben Grooms
Ben Grooms 10 kun oldin
You simp
xavier Juarez
xavier Juarez 10 kun oldin
I wonder if she could have gotten away with more im pretty sure he would have taken the secret to the grave lol
Hannah Bauerle
Hannah Bauerle 10 kun oldin
RNG speedy
RNG speedy 10 kun oldin
I love the fact she can't die bc she imposter
Joseph Ter
Joseph Ter 10 kun oldin
Hes soooo cute i love him xoxo omg
whomaira *
whomaira * 10 kun oldin
Awh no rae😂❤️
whomaira *
whomaira * 10 kun oldin
Mlady = only rae SYKKUNO!😂
Tianna Blackwood
Tianna Blackwood 10 kun oldin
OMG TINA that looks like my name tianna👁👄👁 👌
Yousef Khan
Yousef Khan 10 kun oldin
1:20 did he... just become the harem protagonist?!?
Dream Gaming
Dream Gaming 10 kun oldin
1:53 the eh
Joella Lee
Joella Lee 10 kun oldin
Corpse: *jealousy*
Luigi么 11 kun oldin
ThatOneDude579 11 kun oldin
Before I say this you need to know who socksfor1 is.Well toast sounds so much like his friend Blaza
Fanteal Life
Fanteal Life 11 kun oldin
“It can’t be the captain” -Tubbo In a nutshell
smol boi
smol boi 3 kun oldin
Watching 11 kun oldin
I love how they are both faking tasks XD
• Juynro •
• Juynro • 11 kun oldin
Let’s Be Honest, Sykunno Is Probably Third Impostor Here.
PMP 11 kun oldin
Now Pokie knows how Toast feels.
Tabby C
Tabby C 11 kun oldin
He is too pure 🥺
Jetha lal funny vines
Jetha lal funny vines 12 kun oldin
Did anyone noticed him saying "I am in her pants" 😂
yetibetty425 12 kun oldin
Let’s just be honest for a moment, poki is REALLY pretty. Like, I’m just speaking the truth
Mr Glass
Mr Glass 8 kun oldin
@yetibetty425 well then till blank replies I would have to wait
yetibetty425 8 kun oldin
Because [Blank.] is taking my side!
Mr Glass
Mr Glass 8 kun oldin
@yetibetty425 why r u laughing U didn’t reply to me?
yetibetty425 8 kun oldin
Mr Glass
Mr Glass 8 kun oldin
@[Blank.] 😑
morgannn 12 kun oldin
BlueCxtten 12 kun oldin
Sykkuno are you ok with people making ships with you and corpse I mean i do please just say if your fine with it
Shadydoesit 12 kun oldin
How to know if poki is the Impostor: if she doesn't die immediately
Mayuresh Jog
Mayuresh Jog 12 kun oldin
Tina lies every time for not reason...... Lol She sounds so innocent though
Yveltal gaming
Yveltal gaming 12 kun oldin
Plot twist rae is following poki and skykkuno while rae is a ghost
Shane & Hannah
Shane & Hannah 12 kun oldin
Ok but I kinda ship Poki and Sykkuno
VeronicaPlayz 13 kun oldin
Sykkuno when me and my sister watch ur vids we at least say Sykkuno ur WAYYYYY too nice in one vid
Chocoman 13 kun oldin
"my tasks i skip those"
crimsonX320 13 kun oldin
can someone tell me the outro song lol
ᴄʜᴇᴇsY ᴄʜɪᴘ
ᴄʜᴇᴇsY ᴄʜɪᴘ 13 kun oldin
It said in my subtitle :what is up guys it’s shykkuno 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍰🍰😍🍰🍰🍰
Hannah Kim
Hannah Kim 13 kun oldin
I was thinking raekuno but now I'm thinking pokkuno. This is my opinion my ship if you have different great but this is my opinion.
Hannah Pulido
Hannah Pulido 13 kun oldin
What is this love story and where can i watch the full episodes😹😭
Jea Grace Baroy
Jea Grace Baroy 13 kun oldin
I'm so addicted to the song. Lily's voice is so soothing.
the closest impostor win i've ever had
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