Shampoo is a Lie (for me...and maybe for you too??)

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Johnny Harris

7 kun oldin

Why I haven't washed my hair in 5 years
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Johnny Harris
Johnny Harris 6 kun oldin
so I usually make videos about maps and international stuff but as you all can see lately i've been diving into all sorts of different topics (NFTs, icecream makers, shampoo). The reality is that I make my videos based on what is genuinely fascinating me at any moment. I'm glad you are all here along with me on this wild ride of trying to understand how things work. lots more stuff to come! -Johnny
Amitesh Gaurav
Amitesh Gaurav 19 daqiqa oldin
I had to check if this video was published on the 1st of April. The cycle you mentioned is probably true for YOU but isn't the same true for the skin and face. We wash our skin when it is oily (which is basically every day, that's why we bath, duh!!), removing oil from the skin, then apply oil again in form of moisturizer. You are missing the point that when we wash (hair, body, face), we are also removing dirt and oil (from other sources) and exfoliate our skin. If your logic is correct for YOU. Someone like you should stop bathing and cleaning your face too. And as for "Human beings used to not wash their hair very much at all" the history of Shapooing dates back to the 4th Century BC (,meaning%20to%20massage%20or%20knead., It's okay to be skeptical but not okay to broadcast what you may "think" is good for you when you know you have over a million subscribers, including some very stupid ones, who would believe whatever you say, without verifying the truth.
Raiden Mata
Raiden Mata 2 soat oldin
Do u at least condition ur hair?
peter Pandit
peter Pandit 2 soat oldin
You know what, I was wondering why you started unearthing so many conspiracies.
Matthew J Shochat
Matthew J Shochat 5 soat oldin
You're like my music playlist with a debate, facts, culture and history. 🎲🎲
Aeschylus Shepherd
Aeschylus Shepherd 7 soat oldin
Okay so WHAT DO YOU DO with your hair? You failed to tell us what you DO instead. Asking for a friend.
Magnus Eriksson
Magnus Eriksson Daqiqa oldin
I stopped using hair styling products maybe six years ago. Four years ago I stopped using shampoo. Still use body wash in my hair maybe four times a year, if I've been around a camp fire or something else made my hair really dirty. Otherwise I just wash it with water and it works great. Tried going without deodorant for about a year, but people (mostly my nieces) started complaining so I started using it again. 😬
Dumb Cu'nt
Dumb Cu'nt 2 daqiqa oldin
Talk to anyone.... well not anyone with dreads. You can clearly tell who takes care of their locs properly. Even if you have regular hair dreadlock shampoo (dolly locs and many more) is 1000% better then anything else. Everything Johnny is saying is accurate as usual 🙃 most people think people with dreads are dirty but my scalp and hair is healthier and cleaner than 99% of ppl. Any good loctician will basically give you the same speech as Johnny. Use regular shampoo or conditioner = ruins your dreads.
Sorin Ichim
Sorin Ichim 5 daqiqa oldin
The agresive adv for a thing, the worst that product is ! It's easy ! And the low level of education of present society help them sell their junk !
Dr. Morphine
Dr. Morphine 9 daqiqa oldin
Head virus??!! 😆😆
Роман Плетнев
Роман Плетнев 15 daqiqa oldin
Idk, society or not, but greasy hair looks unattractive, that's a fact
Amitesh Gaurav
Amitesh Gaurav 18 daqiqa oldin
I had to check if this video was published on the 1st of April. The cycle you mentioned is probably true for YOU but isn't the same true for the skin and face. We wash our skin when it is oily (which is basically every day, that's why we bath, duh!!), removing oil from the skin, then apply oil again in form of moisturizer. You are missing the point that when we wash (hair, body, face), we are also removing dirt and oil (from other sources) and exfoliate our skin. If your logic is correct for YOU. Someone like you should stop bathing and cleaning your face too. And as for "Human beings used to not wash their hair very much at all" the history of Shapooing dates back to the 4th Century BC (,meaning%20to%20massage%20or%20knead., It's okay to be skeptical but not okay to broadcast what you may "think" is good for you when you know you have over a million subscribers, including some very stupid ones, who would believe whatever you say, without verifying the truth.
Jack Moon
Jack Moon 20 daqiqa oldin
USMC grunt 54 years ago, learned the difference between clean and dirty so fucking well. Shampoo and soap daily. Minor joy. 73 and have a full head of white, healthy hair. Prefer to die right after a shower.
Nin Le
Nin Le 24 daqiqa oldin
If i want to leave out my shampoo then what do i cleanse my hair with? plain water?
Mayank Shekhar
Mayank Shekhar 41 daqiqa oldin
Shampoo was introduced to the west by the britishers who came to India during colonialism but changed it from bottom to up. Indians use coconut oil & almond oils on hair, leave it for a day and then wash it the next day with water & amla power (eatting alma is good for your hair too but don't each more than 2).
Mike H
Mike H 42 daqiqa oldin
I went bald more than five years ago so I got you beat I haven’t bought shampoo in a long time.. But I Wouldn’t make a dumb video about it
Naflath Jamal
Naflath Jamal 49 daqiqa oldin
This isnt a big deal. I dont do shampoo. Also i dont do soap frequently. I dont think these things are good for our hair and body
wheelie98 51 daqiqa oldin
Several years ago there was a drought that caused the local water authority to call for water conservation. So I reduced my water use by skipping some parts of my daily hygiene routine. There were no obvious negative effects, and some apparent positive effects besides saving water and time. Further experimentation led me to use neither shampoo nor soap for several years now. Now just a quick warm shower every two or three days. I never told my wife, and she never complains anymore that I smell bad. And I had a knee surgery after which I was told to not wash the sutured knee for a few days, to preserve the natural protective skin condition. So now I more often question what the media tells me. Experiment with using less and doing less; the results might surprise you.
Tusar Kant
Tusar Kant 53 daqiqa oldin
Who the hell said it to shampoo your head everyday !! Even the People who invented the shampoo use it once a week
Y Guc
Y Guc 58 daqiqa oldin
I haven't shampooed my hair for 15 years. No bad smell, No Greasy look, No hair loss ( I could possibly go completely bald) A few times during this 15 years timeline I shampooed my hair and the next day it started smelling keratin horribly.
Arska Soat oldin
I only use shampoo when going to a barber to save her scissors because i use hair spray
MrHadi7272 Soat oldin
So does Johnny wash it over with just water...
chatoi s
chatoi s Soat oldin
Johnny I am sorry to say that the dangerous coating aka food residue aka debris which if not removed for long time will become plaque which in turn will harbour bacteria which is already a part of oral micro flora which in turn will cause gingivitis which in turn will cause locket formation causing further accumulation of bacteria leading to periodontitis and further bone loss ultimately leading to either abscess formation or mobility of tooth.
chatoi s
chatoi s Soat oldin
Jaspreet Singh
Jaspreet Singh Soat oldin
Second Johnny, who doesn't use any shampoo.
Tom Philipp
Tom Philipp Soat oldin
So do you wash your hair only with water or not at all?
Oliver Kissevich
Oliver Kissevich Soat oldin
Ima try not using it
Crypto Concept
Crypto Concept Soat oldin
I used shampoo alot, im balding now.
Mr. Sea_man
Mr. Sea_man Soat oldin
I haven't used shampoo in my hair since my birth..and I feel better than other people who use shampoo..😀
diecast jam
diecast jam Soat oldin
The term BO, for like body odour was invented by an advertising company, according to George Orwell's book Keep the Aspidistra's Flying anyway.
Woah Dude
Woah Dude Soat oldin
HAH! Stick it to the man! I work from home! I never wash! You're not going to be socially austracized by others if you do it yourself first!
Harald Engels
Harald Engels Soat oldin
It was one of my best decisions in the area of body hygiene to give up on soap and shampoo. My skin and hair are now happy and I am not longer getting smelly quickly. No chemicals and no waste. The best is, I am saving nowadays a lot of time in the bathroom - that is truly liberating!
James Black
James Black 2 soat oldin
This guy gets it
peter Pandit
peter Pandit 2 soat oldin
Honestly watching this video made me remember some of the few things My granny and mum used to advise me on, always oil your hair a few minutes before shampooing.
Arun Kubendran
Arun Kubendran 2 soat oldin
Shampoo was originally made from Senegalia rugata, commonly known in India as shikakai, and soap nut. It also has anti bacterial and anti fungal properties. Westernears made an alternate by using chemicals which literally spoils the hair.
Paul 2 soat oldin
I like how you can find some sort of conspiracy on just about any topic... even hair. Not all shampoos are equal, and there is no sort of evil shampoo empire that we should be skeptical about. Just because companies make millions of $$$ does NOT mean that shampoo is bad. Going a few days without washing your hair every now and then is fine, but that doesn't mean that going years without washing your hair is suddenly a good idea, or the answer to your hair problems. The fact that Johnny's hair is not as dry as it used to be when he shampooed his hair, doesn't mean that somehow going without shampooing your hair is the solution. It just means that he was not using a type of shampoo that was good for his scalp. Going 5 years without washing your hair means you are dirty, and trying to suggest that not washing your hair a solution to your previous hair and scalp problems, you are misinforming people. Get some help.
Ariel Graciano Didimustanto
Ariel Graciano Didimustanto 2 soat oldin
Indicteronomy 2 soat oldin
Wish there was a tl;dr version of this.
Mark De Frayne
Mark De Frayne 2 soat oldin
with every video Johnny is becoming shitty. #bringbackvox'sJohnny XD
Yubes Pubes
Yubes Pubes 2 soat oldin
I only use natural soap for hair and wash it about twice a month, It feels natural and healthy, Also shampoo aren't environmentally friendly. wash your hair and body not every day., when thinking about the Elephants in Africa are dying from lacking of water, Shower and wash your hair every day sounded like unnecessary luxuries.
Botond Kis Kovacs
Botond Kis Kovacs 2 soat oldin
I went from washing my hair daily to washing it once a week and I observed a noticeable decrease in oiliness and dandruff. This was a last resort because it was getting so bad that my hair was sticky by the evening after washing it in the morning and I have tried almost every kind of shampoo in the past 2 decades. I still use shampoo but reducing the washing frequency seems to also help.
Anvith Rai
Anvith Rai 2 soat oldin
Joel Dobbs
Joel Dobbs 2 soat oldin
Oh so very similar to my experience, I ditched the head suds three years ago and never looked back. Of course I was homeless and still using (meth, fentanyl, heroin, crack, methadone, clonazapam, and anything else handy, I have a terrifyingly short attention span....), so my daily routine left little time for hygiene. I did the minimum needed to make sure I didn't get fired for smelling like ass, and usually did what I could do with wet wipes and occasional showers at the beach. When I finally got treatment and stopped living in a tent I started back with blue shampoo, daily. In a week I had familiar crusty crud on my scalp and realized I hadn't had this dubious joy for a long time and I don't think the rock star body chemistry was why. I kept the showers, ditched the daily shampoo, and eventually settled on twice a month for shampooing. I have very long hair in a ponytail, so texture isn't an issue, so long as it doesn't look greasy. Wow, this is the first time I have told anyone I don't wash my hair, good thing I still retain the one good character trait drug abusers develop, the ability to ignore the rest of the world and not give one single f#%k. Toodles!
Adam Troy Atkins
Adam Troy Atkins 2 soat oldin
So do you just risen your hair with water? If so, hot, warm, or cold?
Anita Serrano
Anita Serrano 2 soat oldin
I suggest talk about fast hair growth shampoo to double hair growth.
野村ERIK 2 soat oldin
You should also go into people that use full strips of toothpaste when brushing their teeth. You only need a tiny bit to get the job done. One bottle of toothpaste lasts over 2 years.
Hooting Weirdo83
Hooting Weirdo83 2 soat oldin
All I do is wash my hair once a day with shampoo and only shampoo And my hair is thick and soft It's awesome
野村ERIK 3 soat oldin
Pure shampoo is a rare event for me, but the right brand of CONDITIONER actually works well and retains its value. Hot water wash/scrub + Conditioner is way more important than shampoo. Unless your hair gets really dirty often, shampoo is garbage in most cases.
Vitamin Ex
Vitamin Ex 3 soat oldin
I stopped using shampoo 3 years ago. My head feels better than it ever has.
jordan johnson
jordan johnson 3 soat oldin
I dont use shampoo or body wash. That crap is poison to your body and it kills your natural scent. Shoot I don't even use toothpaste lol. Living the best I've ever been.
Jack Donavan
Jack Donavan 3 soat oldin
CTR guy
CTR guy 3 soat oldin
Fantastic vid bro! My degree is in advertising and I’m a successful professional salesman. You are spot on regarding these companies!!
adlsfreund 3 soat oldin
So... shampoo is a sham? 💩
faizansm8 3 soat oldin
Man!! Youre goin to be in a big trouble. Shampoo people are gonna come after u.
JonatasMonte 3 soat oldin
The problem with going to a doctor is that I went to one to treat my dandruff and they've just prescribed a shampoo :)
JonatasMonte 3 soat oldin
Oh, imagine how much suffering our ancestor must have had without shampoo!
vasenpolvi 3 soat oldin
I have not shampooed my hair for 3 years and not used toothpaste for 2. Now I do not use any chemicals drugs and fight to eat pure boring macronutriets. I love it. Now they puch vaccines. I will resist.
JonatasMonte 3 soat oldin
This just reminded me of a moment when my mom touched my hair and said it was really oily and that it would be embarrassing to go get a haircut like that, that I needed to wash my hair. Now I realize I've been going like this forever and no barber ever said a thing.
JonatasMonte 3 soat oldin
So Americans wash their hair more than people living near the tropics?
JonatasMonte 3 soat oldin
My face started going weird with all sort of irritations after I started washing it. Should I stop washing my face daily?
JonatasMonte 3 soat oldin
Next video: "I haven't used toothpaste to brush my teeth for the past 10 years."
Elitsa Hadzhiivanova
Elitsa Hadzhiivanova 4 soat oldin
Whenever I go to the hairdresser they use products and straighteners on my hair making it look really nice for 2 days, then it actually looks worse. So I’ve stopped going to the hairdresser because I can reach the ends of my hair and trim them when I want to. I’m also washing my hair less often since the pandemic started because it doesn’t smell like smoke and pollution (I live in the suburbs and work from home)
Irvin Urioste
Irvin Urioste 4 soat oldin
md jakir
md jakir 4 soat oldin
I don't shampoo my hair past 3month
Unfortunate, really.
Unfortunate, really. 4 soat oldin
My hair becomes too oily and I get stupendous amounts of dandruff and itchy scalp without my epic shampoo.
Herman De Waal
Herman De Waal 4 soat oldin
tensor69 4 soat oldin
Finally a smart human
tammy d.
tammy d. 4 soat oldin
I'm at 2 years, shampoo free. I switched to no SLS (really bad stuff), to conditioner only, then to all natural bars (soap) and then baking soda and things, but then I just stopped because of dry scalp. It took time, there are bad phases. You just have to not give in. It is best to start stretching out time between washes first, then more. As far as this not working for everyone, no, I don't believe that. Everyone can stop using shampoo. The stuff is terrible, especially anti-dandruff shampoo, which can cause hair loss. All of it is too drying. Most of them now have literal plastics that stick to your hair and are really difficult to remove. Even natural bars leave a residue. Any of these actually end up attracting more dirt and make the hair dirtier, thereby continuing your need for the shampoo. It's a terrible cycle. I didn't think I could do it because of my thin hair, but giving up shampoo has been great. It takes will power at the beginning, but is totally worth it! If you can't do it, try switching to a shampoo without SLS (very drying, causes hair loss), and no parabens, silicone, etc. that leave plastic residues.
Austin Madore
Austin Madore 4 soat oldin
Guess this person has never used gas powered lawn equipment🤷‍♂️ makes your hair stink for days!
Garson M
Garson M 4 soat oldin
I wash my hair once a month.
Enermax Stephens
Enermax Stephens 4 soat oldin
Don't just be skeptical of all the messages you get fed around this topic. Be skeptical of all the messages you get fed around every topic. Every last one.
ObjectiveAuto93 4 soat oldin
2.4k people are making money to the concurrent companies…
astrid j. f.
astrid j. f. 5 soat oldin
Oh my thank you so much for this video from an intelligent white man! Usually this topic is a "quirky women's" topic. As a curly girl, this cycle was even harsher for me! Daily washing didn't help, air drying, silicone... Pure death for my curls. I just had frizz instead of curls and dandruff. I stopped this cycle when I found curly women on UZpost helping me to understand my hair and it took 1,5 years (!) to restore and re grow my curls. And I now wash my hair with baking powder on the scalp and a tiny bit shampoo. And then rinse it with watered down kombucha!
Burial 5 soat oldin
I haven't used shampoo in like 10 years, my hair is perfectly healthy, not oily, not dry, no dandruff, smells fine. I went to a new barber a few years ago and after he finished cutting my hair I asked him if he thought the hair/scalp looked healthy and clean, he said "yea looks great", then I told him that I hadn't used shampoo in years and he was shocked.
MissSands 5 soat oldin
Your scalp probably stinks like rancid oil and sweat tho.
quidam 5 soat oldin
This is similar to facial skincare products. There's different types of cleansers for different kinds of skin that gets rid of oils and grime on your face. Then exfoliators for removing the outer layer of dead skin cells. Then toners and emulsions and whatever to put nutrients and stuff into your skin. Then hydration to put water into your skin cells and moisturizer to lock it in. It's a whole process but in the old days they'd just splash some water on their face and maybe rub with a cloth and call it a day.
Naing Sit Min
Naing Sit Min 5 soat oldin
Why am I seeing lots of ads in this video ? 😑
Wayne the barber
Wayne the barber 5 soat oldin
Not all product is made of oil. There are many products that are plant-based. Conditioner is made to backfill the uneven porosity in your hair due to damage. Many people never use conditioner at all. Washing your hair removes dead skin cells and removes the oils that block hair follicles. So do you wash your body? Its skin too just like your scalp. I happen to be a person who breaks out for soap on my face. I am 62 and don't wash my face with soap, buti do wash my face with just water. And yes ichave a beard... I am happy to wash my hair, but I don't do it every day if I don't need to....and yes I use gel when I wash my hair. It cuts down on static electricity. So do whats good for you....and don't slam shampoo...
Electro Duck
Electro Duck 5 soat oldin
Or.. You could just use shampoo? Its not pretty nice, smells good :-)
MAGATRON 5 soat oldin
So what, just water?
Electro Duck
Electro Duck 5 soat oldin
Thats just dawg. A few days without and hair is all greasy
serious69er 5 soat oldin
Man. I've suffered with dandruff for years. I've tried the no shampoo thing while in college, and I got hella shamed for it. Now I'm using some stupid triple chemical anti dandruff clinical grade shit from head n shoulders. I leave the shower feeling like my scalp has been incinerated. Maybe I'll try this again.
Ciprian Amarandei
Ciprian Amarandei 5 soat oldin
Sorry, no. Oil is a good source food for bacteria and microorganisms and skin diseases cand multiply very fast. Bums also dont sampoo and they keep all those natural oils. Sorry, no, I don't wanna become a bum. People, stop making gods these kind of people from youtube, they only want to attract audience by saying that you are special and you should do special things, probably the opposite of what is proven and tested for many generations
a c
a c 5 soat oldin
Normally I only wash my hair 3 times a week. Its likely you wash it every 2-3 days. When i hit the gym daily and take shower and wash my hair, I feel like it was getting thinner and dryer.
Hobbit Stomper
Hobbit Stomper 5 soat oldin
In all honesty, your hair looks oily and unwashed. Even though you probably just washed it, it still looks unwashed. Also in all those images you showed, your hair looks oily and rather unwashed/unhealthy.
Adrian De Leon Martin
Adrian De Leon Martin 5 soat oldin
mori 5 soat oldin
Tannmay Mantri
Tannmay Mantri 5 soat oldin
What do you do for hair then ??
Mário Botelho
Mário Botelho 5 soat oldin
7:01 you mean like they're doing with vaxs?
peace bewith u
peace bewith u 5 soat oldin
"that feeling of being dirty or greasy, who determined that?" Well for me, it is me XD, so imma keep using it. Not as much as I used to though.
Wendel Lutero
Wendel Lutero 5 soat oldin
My pillow tells me to use shampoo more than any corporation.
S Ms
S Ms 5 soat oldin
Great, so now shampoo is a racial topic. Lmfao
chrom4ful 5 soat oldin
Shampoo? Conditioner? I don't do any of those fancy stuff, I always wash my hair with regular soap bar LMAO Never had any complain
Coqui Boricua
Coqui Boricua 5 soat oldin
8:39 Actress***
Mya Hill
Mya Hill 5 soat oldin
I wash my hair once a thing ever
kepich 5 soat oldin
say shampoo without the sham 🤡
Jeremy Sanchez
Jeremy Sanchez 5 soat oldin
i tried this for a week, didn't work... damn
schulhund 6 soat oldin
If i didnt wash my hair every morning, my cow licks would be so bad that i would have goku hair every day.
franklin ordonez
franklin ordonez 6 soat oldin
after the shampoo wokeness hopefully genesis comes to mind
Josh Reineke
Josh Reineke 6 soat oldin
Can I dislike this more than once? I suspected you were a secret Trump voter. It all makes sense now.
MadRajib Lab
MadRajib Lab 6 soat oldin
I haven't also used shampoo for a very long time. And it's all fine.
Antonio Sarosi
Antonio Sarosi 6 soat oldin
You're right, big corporations want us to feel dirty unless we use their products so I'm going to stop using toilet paper! I will no longer feel gross about something natural my body made! Screw you Charmin!
Shubham Rathod
Shubham Rathod 6 soat oldin
You are true
A B 6 soat oldin
That's hilarious, I use zero products...when I neglect to shower for several days my scalp only gets greasier, itchier and flakier until I finally wash it, and then relief. But hey you do you boo 🤷‍♂️
Dan Sie
Dan Sie 6 soat oldin
Dry scalp and dandruff is healed by using diluted AVC.Not to mentiom the hair shine you get afterwards.
Christopher K
Christopher K 6 soat oldin
Legit use shampoo like once a month for past decade. Hair is never greasy or anything. Feels good. Feels like saving money.
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