Shadowlands: Dark Abduction

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World of Warcraft

12 kun oldin

The shattering of the veil between the Shadowlands and Azeroth was only the beginning. Dark deeds are afoot and Sylvanas is making her next move.
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Mara Ch.
Mara Ch. 57 daqiqa oldin
So the new expansion is all about save the Princess Anduin ?
NextG666 3 soat oldin
Blizzard story group 2005: Onyxia has concocted an elaborate scheme to abduct the king of Stormwind through manipulation, deceit and magic and replace him with a weak copy of himself under her control. Blizzard story group 2020: Yoink! NOOOO! SYLVANAAAAAS!
Sergane Sariani
Sergane Sariani 4 soat oldin
so is Sylvanas evil now?
Bostan Liviu
Bostan Liviu 5 soat oldin
Anduin gets abducted by elite val'kyrs. *Calmly* ,Genn,calls Sylvanas name.
TehGnomeh 15 soat oldin
They really should find new writers. Like at least 10 years ago.
Dragomir Petrov
Dragomir Petrov 16 soat oldin
It's nice to see the King of SW being the victim of a kidnapping for a change. Maybe they will make him lose his memory, and put an evil twin in his stead on the throne. The good twin will be forced into merciless gladiator fights, where he will reclaim his memory piece by piece...Oh! And plot twist - the evil twin is not so evil! So, they just took Mokuba's life out of Yu Gi Oh, and put it in WoW...
MihaZ 17 soat oldin
Came for the lore, but the lore was already gone.
Twilightdrifter 20 soat oldin
World of Wokecraft: Karenlands Slyvannas would like to speak to your manager. :p
Szymon Kaliński
Szymon Kaliński 21 soat oldin
My queen Sylvanas I miss you so much 😥 !! I can't wait to meet you again and serve you again 🥰.
Serevarno 22 soat oldin
If Wrynn ever bothered to buy a flying mount, he could have just chased them down.
Aerolithe Lion
Aerolithe Lion 22 soat oldin
Tonight, on Top Gear: I sit on a throne. Hammond has a sword. And James... yells at the sky.
emoon 89
emoon 89 22 soat oldin
Keln 23 soat oldin
All I get from every wow intro is : "The end is near" "The end is coming" "So... End called, he can't be there, so his bro Apocalypse will take over"
Mr Pupp
Mr Pupp 23 soat oldin
Whoever is responsible for this storytelling, please quit your job. Lol Blizzard is the lamest game company right after bethesta now. wc3 reforged wasnt enough a scandal i guess
Andrey White
Andrey White Kun oldin
Андуинчика няшку пахители.
Glarcier Kun oldin
dear WoW writers, please quit and take lessons
Rafiuddin Galib
Rafiuddin Galib Kun oldin
I was expecting some sort of reference to the jailer, but that was entirely centered around Sylvanas. Weird because I assumed the main antagonist of shadowland would be the jailer... especially when everything Sylvanas has done is part of the deal she made with him
Heimskr Kun oldin
Love this scene man. The only thing that upsets me is that Genn got cucked by Turalyon as acting king. Seems so weird.
Dreaddead Kun oldin
Wow simp queen still getting stronger and stronger, blizzard end this fanservice bullshit, this wont save wow
Brandon Boss
Brandon Boss Kun oldin
It's clear to me Anduin wanted to be abducted or he would have actually fought back.
Gala Kun oldin
$20 says Anduin gets saved by Uther.
Lucian Andries
Lucian Andries Kun oldin
What was he yelling??
Dootie Kun oldin
The Yoinkening
Aetherbeast Kun oldin
Is there a quest involved to get this cinematic in pre-patch?
Shadovvwithoutbody Kun oldin
I just dont know how the Mawsworns could make difference between Anduin and his horse.
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Kun oldin
I would say that this is just lazy writing pushing content but apparently, Sylvanas ran off with the content too.
Kaptin Krybaby
Kaptin Krybaby Kun oldin
When two Evil MAwsworn grabbed Anduin he was like lets see how they get me out of this.
K&A GAMES Kun oldin
Sad, silly pokers without destructive testosteron))) what a shame men....
yuoop noke
yuoop noke Kun oldin
blizzard staff who openly brag about hating white men and it all makes sense.
s s
s s Kun oldin
WTF!!! If it was this easy to kidnap leader of alliance, why bring war on azeroth??
MrOctopusprime Kun oldin
INB4 Anduin is tortured, becomes evil and is the next raid boss because that's the only way blizzard knows how to keep tensions high between the factions... Tally of which side has had more leaders as raid bosses.
Not Visible
Not Visible Kun oldin
This is just a mario adaptation I like that
Kernelly Kun oldin
Sylvanas kills Genn's son. Genn: Sylvanas! Sylvanas doesn't help on the broken shore. Genn: Sylvanas! Sylvanas gets insane tries to get a magic lantern and Genn steals it and destroys it. Genn: Sylvanas! That's for my son! Sylvanas burns teldrassil which was home of worgen as well as their allies. Genn: Sylvanas! Sylvanas steals anduin with the help of three random death angels. Genn: SYLAAAAAANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS!!! Sylvanas destroys The Jailer and takes his power to endlessly kill Genn over and over in 2022. Genn: Sylvanas!
Kernelly Kun oldin
Is he ever gonna do something more?
Kernelly Kun oldin
Wow, Genn the madman. Sylvanas scream x50 a year
Sergeant Rho
Sergeant Rho Kun oldin
as difinições de "dois caras numa moto" foram atualizadas!
Jiggle Meats
Jiggle Meats Kun oldin
Boy they both just accept that. Hardly an ounce of resistance, just yoink and gone
Ariux Kun oldin
What a coincidence they all happened to be outside at the time Sylvanas tried this.
Balázs Fényes
Balázs Fényes Kun oldin
Blizzard cant put together a good game anymore but hey, they can still make good cinematics.
bmxdude1337 Kun oldin
So is she just Cortana now??? Real original
Eduardo Barros
Eduardo Barros Kun oldin
I mean, Genn jumped high enough to stay on the ceiling of Hyrja's room, he could have transformed and easily cut those chains couldnt he?
weevole Kun oldin
Poorly executed
nikesshoes2011 Kun oldin
does anybody know sylvanas end goal?
Bartoc Kun oldin
Guess Shadowlands will be the last expansion because Sylvanas will win. The Mary Sue Powers are too strong in this one.
Brainstorm Surge
Brainstorm Surge Kun oldin
Greymane should have just shouted, "Anduin! Use Shackle Undead!" Then at least he would be fine.
Apocalypse Lemon
Apocalypse Lemon Kun oldin
I thought this was weird because 2 literal nobodies just kidnapped the king of storm wind who commands the power of the light, then I remembered that there are writers on the blizzard staff who openly brag about hating white men and it all makes sense.
frank yey
frank yey Kun oldin
Dam this is so epic , makeme wana comeback and play wow but then i will be training my pets like always.. uwu and never reaching the maximun lvl ..
Gril drago
Gril drago Kun oldin
I came from carbot
Alx Sblv
Alx Sblv Kun oldin
Raven Wintermoon
Raven Wintermoon Kun oldin
Why only Horde produce BBEG T-T I wona se some Aliance Evil too!
SHARemation Kun oldin
Ok. Ill say it again. All story of warcraft after BC is total bullshit. Now even more then before.
Maarten Hulshorst
Maarten Hulshorst 2 kun oldin
I'm gonna love Shadowlands, so many hours will be put into older, better expansion content.
Black Light
Black Light 2 kun oldin
Lux Dolor
Lux Dolor 2 kun oldin
I thought Anduin and Greymane would have some reflexes and battle experiences after long years of wars to be able to do something but nope.
Ya Ya
Ya Ya 2 kun oldin
It would be incredible and the only correct way to return Arthas with all his paraphernalia (crown and sword) and at the end of the add-on send somewhere further like Illidan! To rid of such a character is stupid ... and this particular option will always instill intrigue and expectation from fans! + The film studio plans to make a film about the Lich King! PS: Thanks for the content, as always gorgeous and there is something to think about! Gorgeous fantasy universe!
Dawid Mikołajczak
Dawid Mikołajczak 2 kun oldin
Eugene Soloviov
Eugene Soloviov 2 kun oldin
This looks so dumb.
Robert Pifer
Robert Pifer 2 kun oldin
Disconnected idiots
Mary LAB
Mary LAB 2 kun oldin
Josh Jinbok Lee
Josh Jinbok Lee 2 kun oldin
Literally STUPIDEST ingame cinematic in Wow. I see the end of this game.
TheTimeSword 2 kun oldin
Ahh. New expansion, new enemies, and the same old dumb storyline. Wouldn't be World of Warcraft without it.
Pleased to Enter a Name
Pleased to Enter a Name 2 kun oldin
Who is Medevious?
Símio 2 kun oldin
He could Just have used bubble
Big Bigu
Big Bigu 2 kun oldin
Tyrande look so weird in this trailer, her face wtf XD
Acharndael 2 kun oldin
Activision, please change your marketing guys. Thanks.
celestialHeretic 2 kun oldin
Our king has been abducted. Alliance, to arms!
Emmit Thomas
Emmit Thomas 2 kun oldin
Easy way to defeat sylvannas: Hack into wow's mainframe and manually delete her character file. completely bypass that plot armor.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 2 kun oldin
it kinda sucks seeing the game you grew up loving become something of very mediocre effort...
welp 3 kun oldin
Is Sylvanas just Gen's Dinkleberg?
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know what is the name of the theme that starts at 1:56?
Zack Tribs
Zack Tribs 3 kun oldin
*Y O I N K* 10/10 writing
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 kun oldin
we can kill the rude dead lady.
Gryphon Hall
Gryphon Hall 3 kun oldin
People talking about Anduin forgetting he was a priest. He remembers he is a priest! But he did forget his talents were reset, and some of his abilities were not on his action bar. And he still had his war mode on. And Genn didn't. And Genn didn't have his talents set yet, and his abilities on action bar, so all he can do is /yell.
Kyle Plante
Kyle Plante 3 kun oldin
Have they ever explained why Sylvanus is so strong?
hoiy vinosa
hoiy vinosa 3 kun oldin
Gelduras 3 kun oldin
At 1:46 you can see Grenn try to save him...Maybe he is not as useless as we all think...Then again:" SYLVANASSSSSSS"
Don James
Don James 3 kun oldin
oh sylvanas! you such a troll
Molten Gamer
Molten Gamer 3 kun oldin
Tyrande, my queen! Sylvanas tried to kidnapp her too, but Tyrande outpowered the dark angels :D
ベンノ 3 kun oldin
GameChanger 3 kun oldin
The Boy-king is wack
Laurențiu Derecichei
Laurențiu Derecichei 3 kun oldin
I swear the wow races dont get a decent break from world ending events..
Nicholas Hatzis
Nicholas Hatzis 3 kun oldin
Every couple of days I give this another watch to remember how ridiculous it looks.
klumzyee 3 kun oldin
lol I recall the King of SW rolls around with their secret service rogue guards
Kamieleon jeden.
Kamieleon jeden. 3 kun oldin
I would rather not see it at all, if you're about to deliver such a poor story in such a poor way... :( My hype for Shadowlands kinda dropped with this. I would rather read about 'Anduin missing in mysterious circumstances' somewhere in-game, than accepting something THAT RANDOM to happen.
el Tortuga
el Tortuga 4 kun oldin
Does anyone know what is the name of the theme that starts at 1:56?
Ryan Albers
Ryan Albers 4 kun oldin
it kinda sucks seeing the game you grew up loving become something of very mediocre effort...
Deezmo 4 kun oldin
Arriving at the Shadowlands to find Anduin like "THE PRINCESS IS IN ANOTHER CASTLE!"
RTX 2080 Ti
RTX 2080 Ti 4 kun oldin
Look! A Anduin balloon! Mommy i want one!
Jonas Schlagin
Jonas Schlagin 4 kun oldin
Anduin be like: I must go, my people need me.
Tommy Roque
Tommy Roque 4 kun oldin
Sylvanas: TriHard YOINK! MINE NOW!
Zeddy 4 kun oldin
Nickolas Kupper
Nickolas Kupper 4 kun oldin
The ONE FREAKING DAY the gryphon riders decided to have a lunch break.
John Valtorta
John Valtorta 4 kun oldin
what about stuning the valkyr or maybee godly wrath it stuns too against undead or maybee divine shield or banning unholy for like a minute or holy fear... sylvanas picking his boy friend
stefoehmen 4 kun oldin
Jerry Gonzalez
Jerry Gonzalez 4 kun oldin
Was this a in-game video that happen already?
Máté Bodor
Máté Bodor 4 kun oldin
Michael 4 kun oldin
I won't be satisfied until I personally remove that wretched cadaver's head from its shoulders.
Mohammad Reza Karimi
Mohammad Reza Karimi 4 kun oldin
Long live Sylvanas
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 kun oldin
For anyone that doesn't want to sit through the whole thing, a recap: *dramatic emo brooding "Huh?" "Huh?" "Huh?" "Huh?" "Huh?" yoink! old man yells at clouds
Don Jandro
Don Jandro 4 kun oldin
Tbh, this is getting kinda retarded,
Wendell Dequilla
Wendell Dequilla 4 kun oldin
Does this cinematic pop up in-game?? I haven't come across it yet
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 4 kun oldin
It will be cancelled as an expansion the moment trump wins re-election.
janjan55555 4 kun oldin
The part where they messed up is not showing how Tyrande fought back! Mind you Tyrande was the only one out of all the leaders of Azeroth to "neutralize" those attackers, not even Jaina and her magic could be stopped... Think about it, Tyrande is now probably on par with Sylvanas with the wrath of Elune (if not stronger)
Lucas Zebroski
Lucas Zebroski 4 kun oldin
My god they could have had Anduin at least put up a fight
Fehérvári Dominik
Fehérvári Dominik 4 kun oldin
Anduin: It is what it is
vinayak joshi
vinayak joshi 4 kun oldin
Imagine not being kidnapped cuz u r holed up in your underground cities and narrow passages
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