Savannah Dexter - Remember Everything (Official Music Video)

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Savannah Dexter - Remember Everything (Official Music Video)
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Savannah Dexter
Music Video Shot by: Full Scope Cinema -
Written By: Savannah Dexter
Produced By: Jahk, Brinson Swann
Mixed by: Brinson Swann
Mastered by: EARGAWD
Recorded at: The Swamp
Mako Music Group
#SavannahDexter #RememberEverything #Savage

Colton Finnigan
Colton Finnigan 58 daqiqa oldin
Music Familia Productions
Music Familia Productions 2 soat oldin
This right here.. some deep stuff. My wife had been through so much before I met her. She told me I saved her.. when in reality she saved me.. no no we saved each other 🔥🤘 thanks for this song Savannah
Kyle Patterson
Kyle Patterson 6 soat oldin
Keep killing it!!!
Joe Stroud
Joe Stroud 8 soat oldin
Don’t worry sav you will find you a good man that will treat you like the queen you are. He is out there I promise. And if they keep bullshitin just hit my line I’ll take you on a date. And I got my own everything so I don’t want nothing from you. Lol
Danister Echo Charlie
Danister Echo Charlie 19 soat oldin
What a real singer/female emcee is suppose to be.
Shannon Hargis
Shannon Hargis 21 soat oldin
Damn this needs millions of views it’ll get there though head held high buttercup
Jonas Kreuder
Jonas Kreuder 22 soat oldin
Strong song. Love it. Greetings from over the big pond, germany. This was fire. Almost cryed!
This song is beautiful❤❤😊
Trump2020 F*ck Biden
Trump2020 F*ck Biden Kun oldin
😇💯👍Thank you! I needed this!! #Thank you! From Fmer Cheatem Co. Tn much Luv! Listening fromIndy!!! After election? Who knows may need go home!!!
Loretta Swank
Loretta Swank Kun oldin
This song is so true. This video is exactly what I went through before I was in school and having a child at the same time.
Ꮲơíѕօṅ ɪᴠʏ SҜULLҒUCҜΣR Kun oldin
We All Have a Rough Life, but it's up to us to Push Through and Be Stronger.... Ur amazing keep being u
Jeff Kun oldin
Savannah my wife and I both love you. A true artist and such a powerful song. We have yet to hear anything from you we haven't loved. We will always be rooting for you! Go get em girl!! (Btw we are in our 50's so your music has a wide reach 💗👍😊)
brent hayward
brent hayward Kun oldin
Love it..there is a huge future for her in music.
Matt Sims
Matt Sims Kun oldin
This is my new favorite by you! Touched me in my soul Bc of what I’m currently going through!! Thank you I love your music!
Brandy Jorden
Brandy Jorden Kun oldin
Sandy Love Light
Sandy Love Light Kun oldin
amber mcintosh
amber mcintosh 2 kun oldin
This made me cry but i thank god that you can be real with us... Love you Savannah
PGH LIVE MUSIC 2 kun oldin
Imagine how much of a douche her ex-husband feels like now, or any of the loosers who abused her. Who's laughing now?
PGH LIVE MUSIC 2 kun oldin
Who else was shocked when she said married and divorced by age 19?
PGH LIVE MUSIC 2 kun oldin
Ok, this is your best one's yet and it feels raw, honest and jaw dropping. Girl, you are on fire and I don't see anything that can stop you now! We'd love to welcome you to Pennsylvania and host a show with you and some other newer artists making waves, just like you! Hit us up at
Randy Fritz
Randy Fritz 2 kun oldin
Damn I can so relate 💯
Seth Peterson
Seth Peterson 2 kun oldin
Much love 💜 keep doing you girl💯👌
Billy Childress
Billy Childress 2 kun oldin
Gn Savannah remember what I said I know you don't know me and I'll but could you write a song about me about what I've been through and my identity got stolen if you don't chill I'm not asking you for any money or nothing I just want somebody to write a song about me telling my sup story what's going on with me I lost my dad with my stepfather and my sister February 11th in the car accident then it's been going downhill for mail you know then I finally found my true love can I end up blowing that because she caught me talking to another woman on Facebook but like I said I was trying to get hold of fix I was talking s*** to the other woman just to get my ex who fixed if you get what I'm saying I know you probably won't like this, nothing he probably just read it go on but I've been through a lot you know I know you heard the stories over and over and over and over but I have been through a lot I have with my life you know I've been clean with meth for a while now I think that addiction yes I still got one more addiction debate law and have to take my pain medicine. Cuz God knows I need my pain medicine cuz I got a steel plate in my left side I'm not lying about anything and I found out a year ago you know I got cancer n all but I just wanted u to now a little bit of myside of my story and I hope you do one day write a song about my life and what I've been through yes I am a good fairy sing a really good good singer I really am yes I'm a little bit drunk I'm not saying it because I'm drunk I know what I'm saying right now you know I got seal palsy paralyzed on my left side I'm not walk with the Wind you know I was bullied in school all my life I even dropped out of high school cuz I got bullied so much but I know you probably won't like this what I wrote I'm used to it though but like I said I love you boys I love you. See your country Gore you tell him like it is we need more people like you to sing yes I'm not going to lie to you one fine lady with a fine ass body but sorry for bothering you I hope to meet you one day I live off the two checks monthly by months now since my identity got stolen I have to pay back $27,000 student loan which I didn't take the loan out somebody stole my identity like I told you but you have wonderful morning Savannah I would love to meet you in person I really would I'm not possessed of you and nothing I just want to make you cuz you been through hell like I have but I leave you alone I love you Savannah in God's eyes we supposed to love each other
Billy Childress
Billy Childress 2 kun oldin
Savannah you keep doing what you doing you got a beautiful voice and I'll keep doing what you doing go out and live your dreams cuz I'm not going to be nobody you know I have to go of my dreams and then I went and messed it all up you know talk got caught talk to another woman on Facebook you know but I was trying to find my girl who fix if you get what I'm saying now I wish to God that I would never done that I wish I would have just come out told her the truth but I didn't it's what it is okay turn back and do it all over cuz it's been awhile with I lost the love of my life so I'm going to just sit here in the mountains of Ashe County North Carolina and just stuff them and hot all the time for what I got I was stupid nobody I'm a piece of s*** I really am I ain't nothing but a piece of s*** Mountain boy piece of s*** what people says I deserve to turn the gun on myself blow my brains out I might just do it here in about an hour and let me get high off my pain pills and I think about doing it I just want to go to know that I always will love one and care about her I'm in love with n still care about her I really don't care if she believe me or not but I will die loving her because I'm grieving myself oh for the love of my life nobody don't believe me ain't taking chemo treatments I don't want to do it I don't give a fuk I want to die take the truth Savannah but I know I love you as a great artist I love you as a friend just always remember this God loves you and don't forget where you come from don't get lost in the music I love you friend
Billy Childress
Billy Childress 2 kun oldin
Don't worry about it I figured it all out I'm on I'm the cop ain't going to get by with it what he done I'm going to turn the gun around on myself after I do it to him I didn't know that he raped n all I figured it out now yes I did I figured it all out I'm sorry what he done I didn't do anything I was trying to protect her and then he done that so help me God I'm going to do something promise u that I'm not going to let him get by with this then I was being blamed for doing it and I know I didn't do it how can I do it now in the jailhouse being booked cuz I took to like you know for her I took the charge I'm not going to let him get by with this like I said after I do it I'm going to turn the gun on myself I'm sick and tired a man thinking they could get by with raping women I didn't know and I'm really sorry that's why you ain't said nothing to talk to I swear to God I didn't have nothing involved in this as well my daddy and little sister's grave I didn't She's Got to Believe Me I really did love pole and kill about her I really did but I'm not going to let this rapist son of a b**** get by with this I promise hold that just keep doing what you doing I will see you again someday in heaven
Collin Francis
Collin Francis 2 kun oldin
I watched this already, but I want to put out there that I am glad you are alive and well and have been strong willed from your past.❤❤👼👼🙏🙏😇😇😊😊👊👊💪💪
Dillon Brindley
Dillon Brindley 2 kun oldin
keep it up you got it.
James Vails
James Vails 3 kun oldin
Spencer Graff
Spencer Graff 3 kun oldin
You are right I dont know you but I want to xo Keep doing what you are doing, you are amazing! :)
Grant Arbor
Grant Arbor 3 kun oldin
Sweet, heartfelt song/message. I can’t stop listening to. Loving your Demun said, “keep killing it!”
Andrew Martin
Andrew Martin 3 kun oldin
Feeling this song right now! Remember everything you’ve been through!
Diesel Marzolf
Diesel Marzolf 3 kun oldin
This song explains my life. As i grew up we moved around every 6 months bc my bio dad couldn’t keep our house hold steady. I was mentally and physically abused by him for 3 years and about a year ago I walked out in him... as my 16th birthday comes up in January I am changing my last name... I moved 2,000 miles away from him with my mom and finally letting go all the pain he caused me.
azglockmaniac 4 kun oldin
Wow this song really hits home great song
Mel B
Mel B 4 kun oldin
She’s good! Best out there! bigger and classier!
Trevor Smith
Trevor Smith 4 kun oldin
This is much more respectful and better then what she's been doing with Adam calouhn
Mossucco Films
Mossucco Films 4 kun oldin
Velius Kain
Velius Kain 4 kun oldin
L. G.
L. G. 4 kun oldin
YASSS! QUEEN!!!!! Omg love this so much!
drew Corriveau
drew Corriveau 4 kun oldin
This my favorite song right now
Jr Howard
Jr Howard 4 kun oldin
This song is amazing..savannah you killed it..this is one of my favorite songs from you
Oren Cox
Oren Cox 5 kun oldin
Damn this shit says alot more that some understand but your so fucking string what hit is when you said "been raped but ain't pressed charges" and been beat by the men of my dreams or something like that it tells that's youve been through alot and the fact that you don't give off super sad or emotional vibes but keep it still pop in your songs is actually kinda hard bc when I'm talking about my shit in whether it be a verse I can help but to show that in my voice even If I don't want to i can't record my shit yet I don't have proper equipment yet and don't know when the chance will arise to get a job I'm currently in a shit situation so now it's the time to write my songs and we'll see what happens after but this shows alot about you and no matter what those hard times will come to an end
Amanda Tardy
Amanda Tardy 5 kun oldin
This song is amazing
whiteorc3 5 kun oldin
I've like her from day 1 I really want to see her continue shes a great artist and it shows keep it up girl you're killin it 🤘🏻🇺🇸
chad vile
chad vile 5 kun oldin
This song is real and your best yet keep it up you're killing it!!!
Stephanie_ Raeanne
Stephanie_ Raeanne 5 kun oldin
Man. I can relate to soooo many things in my life that you've said about yours. I'm proud you could Say it...
RahuL Pal
RahuL Pal 5 kun oldin
Love this song
David Cafin
David Cafin 5 kun oldin
Reaper Drizzt
Reaper Drizzt 5 kun oldin
Much love. This song hit me hard. My wife went thru the same thing. I couldn’t imagine what it’s like. Just know you got a family if you get down and need to talk. Ps. Keep up the good work. You’re giving us nothing but masterpieces
Aavant RHEC
Aavant RHEC 5 kun oldin
You got it.
kyler collier
kyler collier 5 kun oldin
The best shit!!!
bfd670 6 kun oldin
You have no idea, how much I needed to hear this! I left domestic violence, after 20 + years of in and out of it because he would stalk me and it was easier for me to go back because then at least I knew where he was. This song, it is like my life song now. I just didn't know how much other people could relate. I am learning to let go of everything because it will help me grow and heal. Thank you for speaking your truth!
Jeremy Yarian
Jeremy Yarian 6 kun oldin
Girl! Keep rising above the pain from the past because YOU are so beautiful and have so much talent! #BlessedUp
Brian Whitney
Brian Whitney 6 kun oldin
Damn u are blowing up girl... Congrats
Misty Stafford
Misty Stafford 6 kun oldin
Girl this hits home so much right now, had my lil grandson until two weeks ago my daughter let him go to foster care. I can't quit crying, and grieving for him and I said if I'm never gonna get to see him again I wish I could forget everything!! You're doing an amazing job chica keep em coming!
Kristy Patrick
Kristy Patrick 6 kun oldin
I know I am late on this one but holy shit..... Song is 🔥 but that message is everything!!! Keep shining and climbing.
Killin Mcmillin
Killin Mcmillin 6 kun oldin
Push this song.... Dude the heart the soul the truth... Killed every mainstream artist in less than 5 min never mentioning a name...let her skills do her talking
Killin Mcmillin
Killin Mcmillin 6 kun oldin
Theres a list of 5 people I shall see and meet...number 3...she keeps pushing to number 1
Kymberlee Brady
Kymberlee Brady 6 kun oldin
@Savannah Dexter ... u should be soooo proud!! U are an inspiration girl!!! U doing the damn thang!!! U got the crown girl so rock that shit!!! Queen of Country Rap!! 🔥🔥💯👏👏
Hillary Reynolds
Hillary Reynolds 6 kun oldin
❤ this one
Kymberlee Brady
Kymberlee Brady 6 kun oldin
Would love to hear a collab with Savannah Dexter and Brianna Harness!! If yall dont know Brianna Harness u should definitely check her out!!
Sgt At Arms
Sgt At Arms 6 kun oldin
Damn lady you're killing it!!! Stay strong and keep grinding!!! #HardWorkMakesMoney
Nic Breen
Nic Breen 6 kun oldin
Much respect
Hayden Noble
Hayden Noble 6 kun oldin
Now I’m sad, impressed, and motivated.
Brett Soules
Brett Soules 6 kun oldin
Sounds great look up crucifix for the next duo it would b awesome
Chaz 6 kun oldin
That shit is🔥
Robert Gunn
Robert Gunn 6 kun oldin
Alannah-marie Tackett
Alannah-marie Tackett 6 kun oldin
I love your songs all of them
William Hughes
William Hughes 6 kun oldin
Phenomenal from start to finish. I applaud you for standing up and fighting your demons.
Fil Rosas
Fil Rosas 6 kun oldin
Your music is inspirational I love your music
Richard Gilbert
Richard Gilbert 7 kun oldin
Sav I like your music but last night I let my wife of 12 years hear this song..the look on her face said she'd carried a huge weight for a long time..she confided something that happened a long time ago and she cried til she couldn't cry she feels like she is healing for the first time...sav keep true to you precious and thank you for helping give my girl tears and in thanks...take care Rick
Tristan Montgomery
Tristan Montgomery 7 kun oldin
Savannah Dexter Its good to remember. Its not always the easiest thing sometimes but look at where you are now and how far you have come in such a short time. All those hard things that happened in the past have helped mold you to the woman you are today and your strength you have gained by making it though those situations that could have ended the average person. You are a true inspiration to everyone to never quit and never stop swinging. You are truly talented woman. Much love keep doing you and never give up.
lindsay blosser
lindsay blosser 7 kun oldin
DRAGON 167 7 kun oldin
😉❣Thank you Great work
Johsten Whitmore
Johsten Whitmore 7 kun oldin
Keep it up girl your on the rite track.
Loganne Johnson
Loganne Johnson 7 kun oldin
This hit home for me , almost like I could have wrote it myself, Keep it up girl I'm officially a fan! #GETTINGTHERE #SAVAGES #TIMEDONTHEAL
Ryan Jones
Ryan Jones 7 kun oldin
Sounds like an ex and a few others could have a scope directed at them get em chick
Braedyn Green
Braedyn Green 7 kun oldin
Keep killing it Savannah!
Bailey Clark
Bailey Clark 7 kun oldin
When i first listen to this song i cry ☹ but i love this song so much thaa i listen to it alot 😍🤘🔥 #SavannahDexter #savages🔥🤘🤘🇦🇺🇦🇺
Jared Jenkins
Jared Jenkins 7 kun oldin
One of your best songs so far keep it up
Savannah Stockton
Savannah Stockton 7 kun oldin
I loved you before this song. But, this!!! I love it! I love a REAL artist, that writes about real life! Girl, you are going places!
Aust bozz
Aust bozz 7 kun oldin
Is all this stuff true?
Tammy Ellaree
Tammy Ellaree 7 kun oldin
Playing this all the time now ❣️ 💋
Julian Alvarado
Julian Alvarado 7 kun oldin
This song is deep keep it up
T 7 kun oldin
I have loved Savannah Dexter since her first song dropped the passion and the way she projects her emotions in her songs, even though so much has hurt you it has made you so strong and amazing keep it up girl I cant wait to hear the next song wish I could of heard this while it was live but hunting called
Troy Clearman
Troy Clearman 7 kun oldin
I wish I could go back to the old me it's the new me that scares me
Dylan Cameron
Dylan Cameron 7 kun oldin
You should drop on Spotify
Francine Templet
Francine Templet 7 kun oldin
Felt this way all my life
Minnesota Overlander
Minnesota Overlander 8 kun oldin
Sending love from MN stay killing it you're amazing cant wait to hear what's next Savannah
Eric Price, Jr
Eric Price, Jr 8 kun oldin
This song hit home for me. I dont expect you to respond to me, but your song broke my guard and I wanna get my message out. I went through what you have. An being a man people think we don't get abused but it's a lie. I was there in that world. That darkness is a hole like no other. I swear it took everything not to let it consume me. . If you get this hope I hold you give a Nobody like me a chance to show the world who I am. Thank you for listening.
1badfxdwg 8 kun oldin
Just ran across you today, this is badass! #realshit 🇺🇸🤘
Wyatt Cervantes
Wyatt Cervantes 8 kun oldin
Relating so hard to this song I feel like the male version of Savannah.
Travis Tucker
Travis Tucker 8 kun oldin
Hottest version of Miley Cyrus
Jenna Rakes
Jenna Rakes 8 kun oldin
This is true for a lot of girls
Shaya Martinez
Shaya Martinez 8 kun oldin
Its women like u girl that gives us hope and courage to help moving forward and never backwards. U are a wonderful woman keep ur head girl. Keep dropping hits like u know how to do
levi palmer
levi palmer 8 kun oldin
poor baby savannah
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 8 kun oldin
You need an acoustic version to this song ❤️ Love it baby- keep shining ✨
Webber 8 kun oldin
lonelyangeleyes 8 kun oldin
Thank you
Annamarie Olsen
Annamarie Olsen 8 kun oldin
Outside survivor praying for your peace of blessings sis
tennessee coon hundsman
tennessee coon hundsman 8 kun oldin
Amazing keep goin girl
soiung toiue
soiung toiue 8 kun oldin
Savannah , WOW !!!! I REALLY like your style , keep at it !!!!
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