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Sandy Munro shares his thoughts on Tesla's Battery Day and explains some of the Tesla tech and advances in battery and manufacturing. Contact Sandy at

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Don Jones
Don Jones 3 oy oldin
*Excellent* interview. You got a great guest and let him talk and give his own long answers. Some interviewers interrupt with small questions just to show how smart they are. You didn't. Thanks. So glad you landed Sandy - I love hearing that guy talk. I've been watching a lot of stuff since battery day, and even saw Sandy on Autoline's livestream, but he wasn't able to talk like this. I definitely learned some things here I didn't elsewhere.
Allan Fromm
Allan Fromm 3 oy oldin
Regarding Sandy’s comment about a relative (i think) putting $1.50 of gas in the car, truthfully i remember my grandfather putting $0.25 gas in car = 1 gallon. This was around 1945-47. I think he did this a lot.
Understanding 3 oy oldin
Yes, thanks for letting sandy talk
Drago dadada
Drago dadada 3 oy oldin
lamb Brazil ZenHôôôCordeiro
lamb Brazil ZenHôôôCordeiro 3 oy oldin
Don Jones, This is Brillhant interview., him make great information for many People around the World , this is Great Information for we Together brokem the paradgmas araund the Word.. Welcome to Brazil Mr. Elon Musk and Gigafactory Tesla..
Douglas Mark
Douglas Mark 3 oy oldin
@Ivan Dobrev Good question. But, voltage can jump farther distances. Hmmm..thinking about a Jacob's Ladder Travelling Electric Arc right now.
Slicksilver Singh
Slicksilver Singh 23 soat oldin
good job to the interviewer for asking good questions. The old man is stupid and clearly biased dismissing lucid air tech improvements. Does this guy even know what formula e is?
Mael-Strom 3 kun oldin
Half a ton of batteries (not to mention the electric motors and ancillaries) to move on average a 180 lb payload around. The average 4 cylinder ICE (about 300lbs including transmission) has a bit more life yet into the future.
BunzeeBear 7 kun oldin
I did not know the battery was THAT STYLE(basically an EverReady -just missing the Rabbit with the cymbals. Musk did not "invent it". Kudos to the guys who invented the battery. Otherwise we would still be searching for a gas leak with a flaming torch.
Andrew Hendry
Andrew Hendry 11 kun oldin
One criticism I have about using epoxy or glues is that it can make it very hard to recycle these batteries at end of life.
Posi P
Posi P 17 kun oldin
Batteries are such last century's tech. We need a fuel cell solution.
Posi P
Posi P 16 kun oldin
@FLYBOY that's why it's new technology.
FLYBOY 16 kun oldin
'FOOLcell' Toyota cant even make it Cost-Effective.
Posi P
Posi P 18 kun oldin
SkyLab batteries were the boss. Maybe we need to go back in time and get liquid batteries working again.
Spanky Star
Spanky Star 19 kun oldin
I wish I had not listened to people like you a few years ago. Tesla stock is up to 741 dollars a share now. Say what you want dorks like you shilling for coal gas and oil cost me big time as far as investing goes. I am going to buy into Tesla anyway because since the first offering the stock has only gone up in value. Reminds of microsoft and their problems with nay saying idiots paid chump change to still by the losers.
Marc Rammelaere
Marc Rammelaere 19 kun oldin
Contrary to everything else Mr. Munro said in the interview, his retort re. the 400 vs 800 was not convincing not to say weak. I do not see how the higher voltage would adversely affect the grid nor how that would be game changer in terms of safety. The home I used to live in Belgium 40 years ago had a 480v supply and I don't remember that ever being a problem.
B-FliP Oy oldin
"I'm geeked more than I have been in I don't know how long, and he doesn't even pay me!" :D for sure, if you can do that to a seasoned engineering critic that's a big achievement.
Lilian Oy oldin
Don’t like listening to a guy that makes money on convincing people to buy Tesla... Late stage capitalism at display, saying anything for that cash...
Wayne Matheson
Wayne Matheson Oy oldin
I disagree with Sandy for probably the first time. Even 10,000 volt charging would not cause brownouts. Sure each charge would be a spike, but with, say, a million charges a day in NY, it wouldn't matter how fast the charging was getting done, the end result is that X Watts are consumed, the spikes at that scale even out to a steady rate that is agnostic to the individual charging systems and only really related to the total Watts consumed. You might think, it is not steady it would all be happening at specific times of the day. Well that is true whatever the rate is, and although those specific times will tighten slighly around those peek uses at faster charge rates, the end result will not differ by more than a few percent.
Lorrie Carrel
Lorrie Carrel Oy oldin
Sandy you are straight bad ass
Brenden Roughley
Brenden Roughley Oy oldin
I was disappointed and this does not make me feel any better having another great salesman pitch it. Ice age point was pretty vague but I will point out that we cycle between icehouse and greenhouse so I sure hope he is not talking about a greenhouse in 2030 as that is just bonkers IMO, is a matter of thermal mass of ice in the millions of square miles that we would choke to death and die well before we could melt it with GHGs when talking in terms of life times as it will take near as long as modern civilization to melt what is there now. No idea what he was on about with the voltage, as he pointed out most people do not drive far so people will not all be charging at once and definitely not all ultra fast charging at home... AC power thanks to Tesla in part is easy to step up and down voltage so its more about the total joules of energy if we want to get into it but there is not much need and seemed odd to even really bring it up other than the reduction in voltage drop and possibly need for beyond silicone components but that's going too deep. He obviously sees the issue with lack of total energy grid, so to say no ICE cars by then seems a strange claim, sure some cities and areas will bring in laws but when talking populations as large as the US and before fusion will be online to help power everything from energy for mining to the cars being used and recycled is just not realistic and I think places that push to hard will disadvantage them selves and the environment long term via adoption of some tech when it is not yet as viable as it probably should be before that level of implementation. TBH lots of this and what Elon claims to me sound like BS, yay he has done mountains of good but I do not think we should just hand a free pass/participation medal out for every philanthropic/entrepreneurial attempt without seeing it on the "market and working" where we can all test it for ourselves, still waiting on hyperloop anything like claimed for a small example. Tesla delivered on the battery for my country and propped up investment in more and new battery tech using it as a stunt to gain more investment, keen to see how that deal pans out as it seems a bit of a dud thus far vs having had the option to wait or invest in other tech but time will tell.... IMO hindsight is never 20/20 and these claims all seem a little off or far out for my liking.
Adrian Gabriel Gramada
Adrian Gabriel Gramada Oy oldin
MY NEW BATTERY PACK DESIGN could help dramatically reduce the build-time & costs with my new true fully modular battery pack design. Yes, a battery designed as all things should be, from the ground-up (first principle / less is best) as a concept that aims for record-breaking manufacturing speeds while making use of the already existing know-how, research / chemistry, technology and factories = minimum costs. THIS TYPE OF BATTERY COULD BE PRODUCED AS OF TOMMOROW (after all the optimisations are set-up withing any exisiting factory). Also, some collateral advantages will inccur from the same approach: slightly better energy density (max ~ 10%) + way better power density (max ~ 500% = yes we could have 1000+ Hp per wheel full 4x4 vectoring Teslas, that would also be very much in need of computer assistance at that point ;)) + per cell full upgrade / repair / replace granularity / modularity allowing for easiest and most economical and environement responsible future progress + ... + much more like far more people not yet ready / able will be able to get their much desired Tesla and in turn, exponentially fuel Elon's revolution / mission ;). So, THE 4680 CELL IS NOT ... REPEAT, NOT THE ANSWER FOR THE ABSOLUTE BEST BATTERY A CAR COULD HAVE WITH TODAYS MEANS AND TECHNOLOGY. If interested, really interested I wouldn't mind a little help pitching this directly to Elon ... ;) (corrected ;))
Tracy Varnell
Tracy Varnell Oy oldin
Skeleton Techologies...
How-to, Tutorial, Tips and Knowledge
How-to, Tutorial, Tips and Knowledge Oy oldin
I already bought Vale stock or INCO.JK. I will keep it like a gold
D Wnright
D Wnright Oy oldin
Fantastic. Thanks. Subscribed!
E for Electric
E for Electric Oy oldin
I'm okay with it. We all are.
stanovington Oy oldin
Why can't they make a square battery.Just wondering 🤔
Sir_Baxter 2 oy oldin
ehh what?=? 100 miles = 160 km, that NOTHING! i am not even getting to Stockholm from where i live there i go sereral days a week.. and then i lived in stockholm i had to drive 180ish to and from work... 100 miles is nothing in EU..
Sir_Baxter 2 oy oldin
as a IT Architect, that car is not a car and car company's dont understand that, and they dont understand IT, Tesla is a driving laptop, a category the car company´s dont understand, and IT Tech moves so much faster than Car Tech..
Madhusudhan Msd
Madhusudhan Msd 2 oy oldin
sandy is funny, I could watch him all day;)
Carl Georg Tsigakis
Carl Georg Tsigakis 2 oy oldin
I would prefer that the batteries get lighter. 300 miles is just more than enough. Charge rate and weight are key!
Florencio Vela
Florencio Vela 2 oy oldin
Ketil Knudsen
Ketil Knudsen 2 oy oldin
Epoxy between the batteries, and cooling where the heat is, above and below. Battery-pack part of the structure. Body casing in one solid piece. Lots and lots of cost and time savings, weight reduction, power increase, extremely efficient production. Much cheaper Teslas in the future!
Savethe Climate
Savethe Climate 2 oy oldin
How easy is the replacement or recycling of these new battery cells if they are all glued together with epoxy?
My favorite Martian
My favorite Martian 2 oy oldin
The REAL issue with getting maximum range has not been even mentioned by anyone. "Cell Balance". Keeping all those cells in perfect balance for that wonderful mileage.
Pip 2 oy oldin
You shouldn't argue with Sandy if you only have unproven facts ! Lucid Air is full of hot air, trying to build capital from buyers by offering nothing more than dreams...
Mark Ellis
Mark Ellis 2 oy oldin
Holly cow, you are right Sandy, Sun Tzu; I have read the book 3 times and he is applying the tactics of the greatest general of all time. Totally valid in the dog eat dog world of big business - same tactics as war - and public relations as some of the top dogs over the years have attested.
Does anybody know when Elon release the transparent aluminium?
Dieter Zerressen
Dieter Zerressen 2 oy oldin
As Elon has said many times: it's easy producing one prototype. It is very difficult to mass produce the prototype. That says it all for Lucid: interesting prototype but let's see the first few coming off their line.
Mike Sczekan
Mike Sczekan 2 oy oldin
Great line, "We're making chemistry!
Mehmet Zeki Öztürk
Mehmet Zeki Öztürk 2 oy oldin
in 5 years space travel is comon and a bounch of cars can drive autonmously. so WHAT, who cares!!!!! most people dont care whats going on in the neigbours falt next door and they live in a completely another world. by the way this stuff is still lightyears behind what we had in the 30s 40s and 50s. why why sandy didnt come up with something like this decades before
grouponful 2 oy oldin
What does Sandy drive???
Erik Reppen
Erik Reppen 3 oy oldin
He kind of lost me at Elon being a great Understater though TBH.
SFB 3 oy oldin
I was not aware that Tesla was only comprised of a 'He' here I was thinking the company employs thousands of people and 10's if not 100s of such people are responsible for the technical development of the company. People are so delusional they all need a He or God to follow. All hail Electric Jesus
GiantArc SFORA
GiantArc SFORA 3 oy oldin
Sandy Munro is a nice guy who calls others' clowns'.. I call others total f... retards
Brad Altemeyer
Brad Altemeyer 3 oy oldin
I like this video for several reasons, first because my father worked with and around automotive supply chains for the bulk of his career, and I am literally a DELCO baby, he finished his career at CTS corporation's Brownsville / Matamoros operation. I went on my first factory visits with him while he was at a division of Electrolux (Kent), including a major battery producer (Lead Acid/ large heady duty batteries to last entire 8 hour shifts for the floor cleaning machines).
Larkhill21 3 oy oldin
Using rectified 380 or 440 3 phase AC lands you in the 600 volt DC ball park without major problems. Using 800v will require more high power components, and waste energy or special transformers. The grid does not care what voltage you use its unrelated to the load Power = Volts times Amps. Anything above 100v is going to kill you anyway at the currents used in battery's or chargers. What is the current set up design used by Tesla for super chargers and what safety procedures are in place ?
Publico Jornas
Publico Jornas 3 oy oldin
This guy have Tesla shares?
Shaun Ryan
Shaun Ryan 3 oy oldin
Tesla's tabless battery has 3 patent citations against it. Time will tell whether it is workable or economically workable!
Shaun Ryan
Shaun Ryan 3 oy oldin
To get more range add more batteries this is all that is actually going on.
Papi Parsons
Papi Parsons 3 oy oldin
Coal powered cars in most of the world, doesn’t help, and even more F’ing interesting since Cali has rolling blackouts.
jim Parr
jim Parr 3 oy oldin
25:00 400, 800 volts? NOT an issue. Available POWER and the ability to use it effectively is the issue.
Charlie Devine
Charlie Devine 3 oy oldin
Somebody promised a 1,000,000 mile battery and Tesla did not deliver. I am disappointed.
Xavier Castro
Xavier Castro 3 oy oldin
Good evening. I randomly bought 955 shares today of CBAT because it was the only stock that was moving up from all the EV stocks I’m watching. I just had some surplus funds in my Robinhood and so I put it all to work. Then I saw the big jump and I started researching why. I couldn’t find anything anywhere....until I found this lonely random article dated 09/28/20: “CBAK Energy has Successfully Developed Large-sized Cylindrical Tabless Battery with 25% Boost in Energy Density and 20% Cost Saving”. What the?! Do you know what that means?! This is HUGE! As far as I know, Tesla is the only one that developed a tabless battery design. Googled around “tabless battery” and the only thing Google returns is about Tesla. On Tesla Battery Day all they talk about is their “tabless battery design” and how it is a game changer for them. Now I stumble across CBAK Energy doing the same?! Look into this for me and tell me where my thinking is wrong. According to the article, “CBAK Energy Technology, Inc. ("CBAK Energy",NASDAQ: CBAT), a world's leading lithium-ion battery provider” The worlds leading!!! Let me know what you think. Have a good night.
guitarman430 3 oy oldin
Sandy is intelligent but his statements are self serving. I find most Tesla fans are brainwashed. They make decent EV’s but they are they are not the optimum car just yet. Also, their styling is yuk!
brambo 3 oy oldin
The exaggerated expectations were like a wish list to Santa Claus for me, in physics you can't do magic, we talk still about physics.
Thomas Devine
Thomas Devine 3 oy oldin
Fifty percent reduction in battery weight is huge.
Mech Head
Mech Head 3 oy oldin
Ice age is over! Bring on the E's and bring back the trees!
Guy Reece
Guy Reece 3 oy oldin
Meanwhile ICE engines are always getting better, body shells become lighter. No batteries, no recharging wait, fuel found everywhere. Tesla is good for people on very good wages, everyone else will use the ICE. The money dumped into tesla and share price is based on money they expect to make in 10 years time.
greg baniak
greg baniak 3 oy oldin
Sandy simple formula tells you that when you double the voltage you cut in half the amperage. Power = voltage x amps, for 40 kW motor your amperage will be 50 amps vs 100 amps for 400 volts So you are right!!! it is right direction, and I bet you semi will be using 800 volts system as the will need around 160 kW of power at 60 MPH, 200 AMPS current draw.
greg baniak
greg baniak 3 oy oldin
Sandy , there has been no tabless battery before so what are you talking about. Elon is the inventor of this design. Cooling the battery with tabs could not be done top and bottom!!
greg baniak
greg baniak 3 oy oldin
Sandy it is not only weigh and friction. You have the following factors to deal with ; WEIGHT, ROLLING RESISTANCE, DRAG COEFFECINET AND FRONTAL AREA.
free spirit 1
free spirit 1 3 oy oldin
Munro + Taycan
PLOO tow
PLOO tow 3 oy oldin
In the future if everyone is trying to charge 800v battery. Uncle Sam or private investor will pop up a few more nuke facilities.
Benjamín Rodríguez Sánchez
Benjamín Rodríguez Sánchez 3 oy oldin
Thanks for sharing this. It's really interesting the Munro's opinion about the Battery Day. Awesome interview!
Russ G
Russ G 3 oy oldin
Did I hear - no more gas cars after 3035? Lol of course
AshTraveler R.
AshTraveler R. 3 oy oldin
DJ 3 oy oldin
3:50 50 * 70 =3500 46 * 80 =3680 yes.. very close but not same.
CardBoardBoxPro 3 oy oldin
@ 11:26 is that a non-model Y with a cast model Y like rear end?
Yensen Connor
Yensen Connor 3 oy oldin
Sandy Munro is a tesla fanboy. Biased as they get.
Damon Behnke
Damon Behnke 3 oy oldin
Lol I use the rabbit out of my butt all the time
TexanUSMC8089 3 oy oldin
Some people want to get rid of petroleum, but have no alternative to replace it with. Fast transportation is ingrained in our society. We're not going back to sailboats to get from the USA to Europe. We're not going to get rid of jet airplanes. Automobiles, trains, trucks, and planes are not going away. Period. Petroleum is not going away anytime soon. Period. Plastics are made from petroleum. Look around and try to manufacture everything around us without using plastic. It's not happening in the near future. I'm happy with improvements and changes happening at a reasonable rate and improving our lives at the same time. Look at all of the space based industry popping up all over the world. Look at how many companies are developing electric and hybrid cars and trucks. In the next twenty years we will witness a huge change in our lives. I can't wait to see batteries that have no cobalt, electric cars and large cargo transport vehicles that are quiet, and especially electric cars that we can afford. We're finally moving into a new era that will be bigger than when ICE's were invented. The last 100 years have been dirty, but it moved us to this new era. Internal combustion engines aren't the enemy, they're the ancestor that got us to this new era. Great video. Thanks.
Shiro Lee
Shiro Lee 3 oy oldin
Damn, I wish I could be an engineer on Tesla's team.
kalm dwn
kalm dwn 3 oy oldin
It's not so much the 800V. It's the total power being sucked up by a vehicle. The higher volts does help to keep a lid on the size of the charge current though 😉
Magic Assassin
Magic Assassin 3 oy oldin
Sandy Munro ❤️❤️❤️❤️❣️
andysavage07 3 oy oldin
sandy said the power grid wouldn't be a concern but if he predicts that there won't be any gas cars in 15 yrs then every car you see will be electric. the power grid will melt
Samuel Williams
Samuel Williams 3 oy oldin
Wow, not knowing that batteries don't improve at these speeds.
Dave K
Dave K 3 oy oldin
Did he say 150 mile on 1 charge?
FX 247
FX 247 3 oy oldin
When you increase voltage, the current demand decrease. So the higher the voltage the better. Less current consumption and less heat.
Matthew Vu
Matthew Vu 3 oy oldin
The biggest problem holding back electric vehicles is that people don’t really take it seriously, treating EVs like toys because if it doesn’t work they can always go back to their ICE vehicles.
Stig Lau
Stig Lau 3 oy oldin
Looking forward to E. Musk doing the rabbit trick on stage! Battery powered 🤣
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis 3 oy oldin
The grey shark-fin hair is very punchable.
Jeff Lewis
Jeff Lewis 3 oy oldin
8:06 Right here is game over for ICE in most climates. I don't know about where I live... Which can get to -35F below in the winter.
Carlos C
Carlos C 3 oy oldin
Excellent summary. Miss the analysis of the impact over the Tesla semi, yeah a drop in battery cost and an increase in production will allow to produce a $25K car, but on the semi case the most important factor is not the drop in battery price but in battery KW/kg. This news put the semi 20 or 30% closer to compete with diesel, and that is a huge stake, once it penetrate the trucking industry Tesla will be unstoppable.
XER 369
XER 369 3 oy oldin
is this dude getting drunk lmao?
A A 3 oy oldin
Thomas Hobbs
Thomas Hobbs 3 oy oldin
‘I think... and that’s a fact’. Love it! 😃
Bull Durham
Bull Durham 3 oy oldin
Need the Electric Version of Robert Opron's Citroën SM that has a low drag co-efficient of 0.26...! Need much more Thorium Nuclear Ultra-clean energy power plants to prevent Brown-outs.
Eric Michel
Eric Michel 3 oy oldin
The improvements sound good, and I agree many people had unrealistic expectations, but JC this guy has lost all objectivity. We see this all the time, and you would think he would know better at his age, when people get like this; be very skeptical. Yes it is a significant improvement, but the end of ICE cars? Not a chance. It will happen, but for many good reasons it will be a slower incremental rate.
I'm not worthy of Subs
I'm not worthy of Subs 3 oy oldin
And yet your never be able to name one good reason ICE cars will last past 10 years! Better luck next time boomer! Get with the age before its too late! Because were not waiting behind for your lazy a$$$'s
EnDeR Wiggin
EnDeR Wiggin 3 oy oldin
soo how much money you got in lucid air?
EnDeR Wiggin
EnDeR Wiggin 3 oy oldin
@I'm not worthy of Subs I agree he is highly subjective only when it's convenient. It seems odd.
I'm not worthy of Subs
I'm not worthy of Subs 3 oy oldin
I wondered that after some of his weak come backs! I'm shocked people still watch this channel, its the least research pile of BS on YT.
Aaron 3 oy oldin
I came from Solving the Money Problem. Watch them for Tesla information! He speaks to investors.
De-bodgery 3 oy oldin
I drive through and stop long enough to get gas and take a leak then I'm on the road again. 500 miles gets closer. And yes, most of the time I don;t drive 500 miles in a single stretch.
Panda Pagoda
Panda Pagoda 3 oy oldin
Battery is no longer flammable with BYD battery, smaller, lighter, longer distance Lucid CEO was the Model X engineer, and yes Lucid is the best there is and will be.
csorrows 3 oy oldin
Wow man, you need to do a bit of research on current theory. Higher volts do mean higher watts, but it's the same amps. The same amount of power. 400v at 2kw is the same as 800v at 4kw. They are playing a numbers game with the consumer.
I'm not worthy of Subs
I'm not worthy of Subs 3 oy oldin
Hes a Telsa hater, always has been! Go back to his old video!
Christoph Schwegler
Christoph Schwegler 3 oy oldin
Nobody has been able to say where ALL this electricity will come from? More nukes?!
Luis Simões
Luis Simões 3 oy oldin
Grear video. I have a lot of respect for this man (Sandy Munro). I am a Mechanical Design engineer. I would be flattered with his words if I had been part of Tesla's engineering team.
Hilih Kintil
Hilih Kintil 3 oy oldin
22:00 dad jokes into matchmaking jokes into chemistry pun lol
Light WaterMag
Light WaterMag 3 oy oldin
Elon is more informed than we realize…!!!! Tesla CEO Elon Musk Won't Take COVID-19 Vaccine When Available Tesla and SpaceX Founder Elon Musk recently admitted that if, and when, a COVID-19 vaccine becomes available, he will opt out of taking it. During a New York Times interview, Musk claimed he is not at risk for COVID-19, nor are his children and therefore, has no interest in taking a vaccine when one becomes available.
Michael Lowe
Michael Lowe 3 oy oldin
Your grandchildren will have to have half of a Tesla body hanging in the garage as a Powerball. I would like to see some concession to serviceability. If you have to throw away the body because of a battery puncture or throw away a $20,000 battery when the body starts to rust, that is going to hurt the customer in the long term.
Wouter Stassen
Wouter Stassen 3 oy oldin
I am not subscribed any more but saw you on "Solving the money problem". The fact that you have zero knowledge of engineering and building vehicles but is a chameleon depending on who sponsors you, became unbearable.
Elizabeth Pisares
Elizabeth Pisares 3 oy oldin
Munro mentions having talked about reliability vs. serviceability in electric vehicles, that you can have one or the other, but not both. I missed that previous discussion. Could I ask for a UZpost link to Munro talking about reliability vs. serviceability? Thanks.
Joseph B.
Joseph B. 3 oy oldin
How come nobody talks about the charging station. Can others use their station?
Ray Johnson
Ray Johnson 3 oy oldin
alex, 500 miles(best) most likely 470 miles (real world) but convert to km is 756 km that is 9/10 of the way between melbourne and sydney(857 km) (australia's two major capitals) unless using full autonomy(LVL 5) i am going to be stopping every 250-300 km need roughly 400km(250 mi) range @ 100% and only charge to 80% or 320 km(200mi) range gives me that rest time but if i need to go through a region where no charging at all then yes i will want the extra range but that will only suit a small % of people that do remote touring e.g. hit me up on twitter(rjo71342) i will give you what a team of aussie are planning with a GROUP of cyber trucks are GOING to do ( expect to be mind blown)
Clive Marriott
Clive Marriott 3 oy oldin
Great answers from Sandy. He's going to take the design teams of all the EV car makers and slap them in to shape. Legendary stuff.
SandhoeFlyer 3 oy oldin
Re saving the planet California bullshit. A few facts, 94% of global warming has nothing to do with man, cars or anything. It’s H2O in the form of gas. Put simply,clouds! The remaining 6 % is not entirely man made. CO2, Natural Gas (methane) and a few other gasses make up this remaining 6%. We can not stop volcano’s spewing methane, or decomposition. Cows are an utter irrelevance. So what percentage of global warming is man responsible for? What percentage of the total. Something less than 1 percent! Now why do you never get this info from the IPCC? The IPCC is a campaigning political body inside the U.N. Their mandate restricts them to consider only man made global warming. They ignore everything else. They also manipulate data. This is indisputable. They call it “modelling” so raw data is altered. From this and this alone comes the global warming (now climate change) alarm and mass hysteria. Now if what they have been saying for over 20 years were true, how come not one single prediction of theirs has ever come true? Not one. This must scream “error” but they just change the danger window. Gore said all ice caps would be gone by 2015. Example. This was repeated around the world in every left wing school. They also under Obama received billions in research dollars and the result ? Nothing. The most laughable accidental experiment which proves my point? The pandemic shut down almost all aviation, almost all cars, for months. Right, just what the alarmists wanted. This should have produced a slight measurable reduction in global temperature. Think about it, the alarmist got everything they ever dreamed of, for free. Notice the utter silence from this lobby group. Had there been a measurable reduction this would have been trumpeted from every roof top. But please note total silence. As for California? I say let technology drive the change not legislation. So stop repeating the climate bullshit it’s like a virus.
Sébastien Fraggl
Sébastien Fraggl 3 oy oldin
the real questions are : when will it be in store and for how much ? Will it be cheaper or more expensive than Liion ?
powerofpickle 3 oy oldin
27:27 Who's proposing an electric car that runs on 48V? I don't mean cars using 48V instead of 12V for LV stuff
Bradley Fox
Bradley Fox 3 oy oldin
Enterprise the original don't forget Scotty the Enterprise engineer. He always exaggerated the workload or repair time. That was his show of excellence. Food for thought.
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EEVblog #1340 - New Tesla 4680 Battery Cell EXPLAINED
Cybertruck E1 - Body Structure Comparison
Munro Live
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3 Takeaways from Tesla's Battery Day - Hint: it's not just batteries
Undecided with Matt Ferrell
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Compilation: Best of Sandy Munro on Tesla
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5 New Battery Technologies That Could CHANGE EVERYTHING
Electric Future
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Sandy’s Tesla Battery Day Follow-up. Plus More!
Munro Live
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My Rescue Puppies React to Food for the Very First Time!
Joey Graceffa Vlogs
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Kamala Harris and Douglas Emhoff on breaking new ground
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I bought a new $54k Hellcat just to destroy it
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I bought the WORST Lamborghini Murcielago on Earth
Xtreme Off Roading my 6x6 m35A2 Army Truck!!!
JH Diesel and 4X4
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Welcome to Gardena 13 and Paybacc Crips hood
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Fixing the weakest link on my LS3 Miata. (surprise damage)
Tracked 6x6 VS Tracked Raptor- Stradman Almost DIED!
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Building a 4x4 Cummins Diesel Barracuda....... Part 1
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