Sandy Munro: Model Y is the best EV Tesla makes

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Sean Mitchell

8 oy oldin

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Iiro Niinikoski
Iiro Niinikoski 29 kun oldin
It would be very interesting to hear about the Toyota fuel-cell car. Also, Daimler had the EQC out in Europe on 2019 - would be very interesting to hear what kind of solutions they have there. About Taycan - having this analyzed is very tempting as it is the flagship premium EV of VAG.
Proteslapower Oy oldin
I was going to wait it out for a dual motor cybertruck but now with Tesla shares increasing how they are I think I might be able to get a Tesla sooner. Maybe just a lease to start until the cybertruck comes out. I do have a business plan in mind and for those that do not own their own house for Tesla solar I think there is another option. As you well know SpaceX and starlink are run by Elon Musk he as well is the CEO of Tesla. Solar panels are tightly folded to expand once they are in orbit. Consider having a solar shelter you could quickly unfold and have it securely surrounding your vehicle and keeping you and it out of the dust heat or cold. If the parking lot had a place that you could connect your Tesla to the grid not only would the solar be charging your vehicle but the battery could also be charging the grid. Of course the vehicle to grid software would make it easy for your Tesla to be making you money when it's parked and your solar shelter could continue offering power to the grid if you don't need to bring it with you. Let me know what you think of these ideas or if you have some of your own to add. I do appreciate all of you and your comments. Now this is the time to fix our future fast!
Find Manny
Find Manny Oy oldin
I'd like to see Electric motorcycle comparisons
Sjef Van Merrienboer
Sjef Van Merrienboer Oy oldin
Do not spent money on a Mirai. This is a car that does not produce speed or fun . It is expensive in maintenance and H2 is hard/expensive to produce. Better put current in a battery. That saves 50% of energy once arriving on the wheels.
mike n
mike n 2 oy oldin
with all the defects that munro finds in the Tesla 3..does he still recommend it
Black Rose
Black Rose 2 oy oldin
Tear down a Nio model
J Hund
J Hund 2 oy oldin
What I'd like to see from Sandy and Tesla would be.... Tesla brings Sandy to the Cybertruck during development so he can make these suggestions BEFORE it's built so it becomes the greatest vehicle ever made. It has the potential!! Sandy's knowledge would guarantee it.
Kenneth O'Neill
Kenneth O'Neill 2 oy oldin
Fuel Cell
Kevin Xxx
Kevin Xxx 2 oy oldin
This reader is here only for the Tesla information, from someone I believe knows what he's talking about.
Rod Inatie
Rod Inatie 3 oy oldin
Doesn't the model 3 currently have the same build quality as a model y???
Dragan Bakema
Dragan Bakema 3 oy oldin
What an in depth interview!!! Great!!!
Anna Wei
Anna Wei 3 oy oldin
Glad I waited to order my car!
Anna Wei
Anna Wei 3 oy oldin
Have they replaced the heat pump since this video? That is what sets the Y from the 3.
Anna Wei
Anna Wei 3 oy oldin
Good to see you, Sandy Munro! Ordered my Model Y, LR about a month ago. Can’t wait to get it! 😊☺️👍
Neil Froese
Neil Froese 3 oy oldin
John de Haan
John de Haan 3 oy oldin
This is a sad video your watching Mr Monroe go broke. Out to pasture he goes.
John de Haan
John de Haan 3 oy oldin
Hydrogen is useless, how can a physical fuel commodity compare to a photon.
John de Haan
John de Haan 3 oy oldin
All vehicle manufacture at tesla is in a state vertigration. New word for vertical integration.
John de Haan
John de Haan 3 oy oldin
New battery tech will kill wiring loom length.
John de Haan
John de Haan 3 oy oldin
Paint quality is compromised because of california environmental restrictions. Thats why Elon is getting out of california. He cant source these ingredients from suppliers. This is not tesla problem. Its a suppliers problem in association with a beaurecratic nightmare..
John de Haan
John de Haan 3 oy oldin
Munro is so far out of his depth now.
Filho DaRosa
Filho DaRosa 3 oy oldin
2:00 “I don’t really understand why something like evacuation would be a problem” .....Sandy is simply not old enough yet.
Michael Fischbacher
Michael Fischbacher 3 oy oldin
I would like to see an analysis of new ICE technologies like Koenigsegg Freevalve technology or Scuderi engine and I would like to know if they are likely to save ICE cars.
Rob Wanless
Rob Wanless 3 oy oldin
Does Sandy have a Patreon account?
Rob Wanless
Rob Wanless 3 oy oldin
My suggestions: tear down a current Model 3 and compare to Model Y; and the new VW ID 4 Excellent video by both Sandy and Sean
True Oracle
True Oracle 3 oy oldin
How do you feel dirt “under the paint” thats crazy
Geoff Geoff
Geoff Geoff 3 oy oldin
Why is the interviewer's microphone volume sooo loud with crazy reverb, but the object of the interview, Sandy Munro's mike volume is set so low? Very annoying! Fix please.
Thary C
Thary C 4 oy oldin
bruh sandy is hilarious. protect this man
Muffinman012 4 oy oldin
Jesus dude, balance your audio!..
David M Robson
David M Robson 4 oy oldin
The Toyota Rav4 prime 2021.
Furry Rug
Furry Rug 4 oy oldin
As someone who extensive dealing(25yrs>) with body repairing Tesla’s and their high end German and Italian competitors, I can say their vehicle quality & after sales support was alarmingly poor. The quality of plastic replacement parts- particularly facias(bumpers) was so bad they looked like aftermarket / copy parts at best. We would often repair old fascia as new replacement one would arrive requiring hours of high building and spot repairs. Parts supply was always holding up key to key times. If customers Model# needed new door it would be supplied from Tilburg (5days shipping) even if one of my local SC had stock - we would have to prompt customer to complain to Tesla about parts delay. Some new vehicles looked like final stage QC / snagging was lacking or purposely left to dealer / customer sort issue between them. Our paint finishes caused original factory poor finish to be highlighted - orange peeling against nice fresh painted / polished glass like panel would frequently cause 4 way arguments customer x repairer x Tesla x insurance company. Panel gaps... No two cars had same specs. No chance gap gauges were in use. They did innovative and tech stuff amazingly well but old coach building and wet work was miles off the pace.
dalton knox
dalton knox 5 oy oldin
I'm coming to the conclusion that the Y frame is defective. When the Y was announced, Musk promised a one-piece cast aluminum frame. This didn't happen. There is a small rear casting, now one piece, but the rest is fabricated steel stampings and the result is clearly defective, hence the inability to get panels, doors, hatch, frunk to fit. If the plan is to gradually replace the steel fabrication with aluminum castings, that might explain why Tesla can't be bothered to fix the current frame, which is bad news for anyone planning to buy a Y.
Sherri Lynne Vonch
Sherri Lynne Vonch 5 oy oldin
I saved this so I can watch it later. And I am so glad I get to watch these videos.
ArmoredAnubis 5 oy oldin
Nice talk guys👍 Also I would like to see Sandy do a teardown on the Leaf. I got a new SL Plus Leaf for 30 K. It was 10k less than a similar model 3. The leafs also has pro pilot with is an autonomous drive assist feature. Another reason I would like to see a leaf teardown is because of its air cooled battery. Was that a good move to save costs??? Thanks!
John Warden
John Warden 5 oy oldin
Jack Rickard stated that hydrogen was not going to be a viable fuel because you can't contain it, he said it makes the metal brittle over a period of time and the gas would escape thru it. What's your thoughts.
Steven Gouletas
Steven Gouletas 5 oy oldin
Xping teardown compared to the model 3 or Y
mark H
mark H 5 oy oldin
tear down a chinese made volvo
Raph Ael
Raph Ael 5 oy oldin
Someone pls set up a meeting between Sandy and Elon.
drifter13 5 oy oldin
36:00 Porsche must give you one for free or maybe for half the price.
jim de nooij
jim de nooij 5 oy oldin
maybe dive deep in the Toyota Mirai, at least you charge hydrogen car a lot faster i think
Todd Marshall
Todd Marshall 5 oy oldin
I'd like to see a small electric vehicle that could pull a trailer (not a big trailer ... just something that can do what a Ford Ranger does in the way of a bed).
Todd Marshall
Todd Marshall 5 oy oldin
I would be interested in fuel cell study.
Paul Le Mars
Paul Le Mars 5 oy oldin
The Chinese are coming. I'd really like to see how good/bad they really are. A lot of people accuse the Chinese of copying or making substandard products, well it would be really interesting to actually get the data.
Corey Schmidt
Corey Schmidt 5 oy oldin
Mach E tear down!
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti 5 oy oldin
I am waiting for a compact economy car with little range! Just for running around the city. Surely there is a market for this! Or not....wudoiknow!!!!
Vincent Conti
Vincent Conti 5 oy oldin
Whenever I hear someone talking about leg room it reminds me of a few f100s and an Audi I had that had leg room all the way to the asphalt!!!! Ahh the fifties and sixties!!! They don't makem like that today! No siree!!!
pablo rages
pablo rages 5 oy oldin
Tesla are good at tech ...shit at constructing cars
D_ Mat
D_ Mat 5 oy oldin
Hello Munro, my suggestion for the next vehicle that's affordable to break down is the Hyundai Kano EV. I'm interested in how Hyundai manages getting so much kwh per mile. I live where there's no Tesla dealership and the Kano EV is the best kwh per mile that I can get my hands on. Thank you Mitchell & Munro for creating this video, it's great to learn how engineers think and how reverse engineering works.
Ross Nicholson
Ross Nicholson 5 oy oldin
Do rockets.
Air Dad
Air Dad 6 oy oldin
Fuel cells sound interesting. Don't know much about them.
Alan Rogers
Alan Rogers 6 oy oldin
Compare the older model Kia Soul EV to the new 2020 model which has twice the mileage per charge. That change would be interesting. (At least to me.)
PekkaHH 6 oy oldin
I really like to see Munro pick apart the VW ID.3. VW put all their know-how into this one to be the best selling mass market low/mid priced EV. Are they on par with Tesla, or at least Kia yet etc? Efficiency, quality, build, construction, good pats, bad parts etc, etc.
Richard Rigling
Richard Rigling 6 oy oldin
Look at a new Model 3 to see what has changed since the original review.
Eric Noort
Eric Noort 6 oy oldin
why fool cel???
Eric Noort
Eric Noort 6 oy oldin
das he know why elon calls them foulcells???
Danzig Andersson
Danzig Andersson 6 oy oldin
Sean: "there was 1500 meters of wiring" Sandy Monroe: "There was actually one and a half kilometers of wiring" 😂
Ryan Kozak
Ryan Kozak 6 oy oldin
@34:38 - "Hydrogen is the most plentiful substance in the universe." True, but irrelevant. You can't shovel it up off the ground. It is a fleeting gas. All our hydrogen comes from splitting water (H2O). This is done (inefficiently) with electricity. Electricity is the true "plentiful substance". We can generate it with ever increasing ease and renewably.
Daniel D
Daniel D 6 oy oldin
VW id4 when that comes out later this year.
Jozsef Izsak
Jozsef Izsak 6 oy oldin
Mirai would certainly be very interesting.
Paul Sasso
Paul Sasso 7 oy oldin
I’d like to see a tear down of the Toyota hydrogen car.
Sergiu Dan
Sergiu Dan 7 oy oldin
I would like to see some European electric car - like Peugeot e-208 tear down.
Gregory Murphy
Gregory Murphy 7 oy oldin
I'm sure a number of Model 3 parts have changed since they torn apart the Model 3.
P M 7 oy oldin
I vote for Electric bicycle motors
ElectraRC 7 oy oldin
Kona pull it apart.
Dennis 7 oy oldin
Toyota mirai i don't even know how its spelled haha but that would be interesting to see sandy take apart
Sanad Batarseh
Sanad Batarseh 7 oy oldin
Any chance we could get time stamps?
Michael 7 oy oldin
Sandy, do you recommend the FUV?
Allen Wilbur
Allen Wilbur 7 oy oldin
Whats an "ice vehicle"?
Johan Jigsved
Johan Jigsved 7 oy oldin
Hyundai Kona!
Oscar Teran
Oscar Teran 7 oy oldin
Yes. How are Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles so efficient??? That would be a great teardown. In particular the Kona EV. Cheers from AZ.
Pesho Ivanov
Pesho Ivanov 7 oy oldin
I'm for the Toyota Mirai! Unfortunately I have the same concern.
Jack Falker
Jack Falker 7 oy oldin
I would really like to know Sandy's take on the type of steel Tesla is using on the Model Y and its susceptibility to rust. All I've been able to determine by asking Tesla, when I ordered a Model Y several months ago, is that they dip the cars in a rust-proofing coating. My underlying question is whether they are using galvanized steel, as the US OEMs started doing in the early '80s (shortly after I left Chrysler in the late 70s). The stonewalling I got from Tesla on this caused me to cancel my Model Y order and I'm continuing to drive my 2006 Toyota Highlander hybrid with virtually no rust, here in snowy, salty Minnesota. Thanks, Jack Falker in Minneapolis
Craig Moritz
Craig Moritz 7 oy oldin
Sean likes the sound of his voice way too much. Cut pack on the EQ and levels please. Stop trying to sound like Barry White.
White Mocha Coffee
White Mocha Coffee 7 oy oldin
Please do fuel cell talk with Sandy, hoping it puts Nikola's business and tech into the spotlight
Beagood Human
Beagood Human 7 oy oldin
I vote for toyota mirai
Frankie Waggener
Frankie Waggener 7 oy oldin
08:27 03:06 42:27
Brian Reilly
Brian Reilly 7 oy oldin
Pleae tell Sandy that is a great idea; I personally would definitely be interested in an analysis of a hydrogen cell car,
Tim Yarrow
Tim Yarrow 7 oy oldin
Your prediction on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles is one that I held 20 years ago. In the year 2000 I had no concept that battery technology would advance so far. Today, I'm not at all certain of the hydrogen fuel cell future. Neat technology. But if low-cost solid state batteries capable of 5000 cycles with low degradation come to fruition, I can only imagine it's lights-out for ICE and FC vehicles.
gvwq1178 7 oy oldin
#1 problem: Paint stinks. Paint stinks. Paint stinks. Reiterated & reiterated & reiterated & repeated & repeated & repeated. Elon fixed the problem: "Elon Musk has appointed Richard Miller, a director of paint operations, as head of production at Tesla Inc.’s (NASDAQ: TSLA) Fremont, California factory." Now the whole car will stink. will stink. will stink. Gollee, thanks Elon!
William Martinez
William Martinez 7 oy oldin
Don’t be foolish Sandy the only reason why your videos had traction is because you were taking apart teslas.If you make a video series about any other brand of car you won’t get 1/10th of the views. Sorry just my honest opinion
Gian solomon
Gian solomon 7 oy oldin
Mr Monroe tapped into a unique ecosystem (Tesla/Space X/Elon excitement) just when the Y, arguably the best engineered e-car in history was unveiled. The cost of tearing down cars and trucks is extremely high given the relatively small pure engineering audience on UZpost. However, no one tears down and critiques relatively inexpensive e-bikes. The e-bike market is part of the electric battery revolution but as far as marketing is concerned is still waiting for its Moneyball moment to break free from the age old eye test analysis. Sandy would sell fewer reports at much cheaper prices but if he wants to increase his UZpost’s low hanging fruit.
Frank Marburger
Frank Marburger 7 oy oldin
Would love to see honesty about how you been true when it burns and creates water how many CO2 didn't it take great that had that's why it's not feasible at this time maybe in the future that would be awesome
Frank Marburger
Frank Marburger 7 oy oldin
Sorry to say makes no difference when you burn coal to produce the hydrogen nobody wins it cost more then what you get out of it and still not green wishes that we all think
Frank Marburger
Frank Marburger 7 oy oldin
You're right hydrogen is the most plentiful on Earth the problem is it cost more who produced the hydrogen then what you get out of it so you're burning carbon fuels to produce that's not a win-win situation
Frank Marburger
Frank Marburger 7 oy oldin
I would love to see the car manufacturers 4E donate cars to be with you guys to tear down inadequate truthfully tell the story that don't mean you getting a payment to do this just the car being doing the American people would love to know and if you get paid or I don't trust you
Jose Moreira
Jose Moreira 7 oy oldin
I would like to see is VW ID3
freaknas 7 oy oldin
electric motorcycle tear down and comparision
letsif 7 oy oldin
Yes, please give as much info on hydrogen as you can. Love your reviews. Thanks
Robert Pryor
Robert Pryor 7 oy oldin
Cyberhatch, paint problem solved!
pablo rages
pablo rages 8 oy oldin
WOW... Tesla might actually start to make money ... it's only taken 17 years
Ugly Cactus
Ugly Cactus 8 oy oldin
So. This guy takes the Tesla car, and sell information about it? And that's legal? Like the heck? Actual smart people invented stuff, made a product, and than comes this parasite... I realize all companies do it, but in my memory it was always corporate spionage hidden stuff or Chinese.
Lolke Dijkstra
Lolke Dijkstra 8 oy oldin
You may not recognize me, so this is what I really look like. LOL
Zahar 8 oy oldin
Mirai would be interesting
scott kircher
scott kircher 8 oy oldin
What was the exact month and year Sandy broke down the model 3 and do you think they have improved on the model 3?
Mike Hewitt
Mike Hewitt 8 oy oldin
do you have a steering wheel for sale
Benedikt 8 oy oldin
I would like to see why Sandy liked the Leaf-Motor so much! An other car that I hope he already preordered is the Volkswagen ID.3 - that MEB Platform is something I would love to see in detail.
Graham Sutton
Graham Sutton 8 oy oldin
Taycan or Etron next please, Real good show.
I Kaya
I Kaya 8 oy oldin
ID3 and also review plug in hybrid cars
Delano Jackson
Delano Jackson 8 oy oldin
Yes Sandy, lets do the hydrogen thing, lets learn about it more!
Soren Klinge
Soren Klinge 8 oy oldin
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