Sandy Munro: "Tesla Lies"? | In Depth

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On today's episode of "In Depth" Zac & Jesse talk Tesla with Sandy Munro!
#Tesla #sandymunro #modely Huge thanks to Sandy Munro and his team!
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David Livings
David Livings 47 daqiqa oldin
Selling patented us tech to the chinese etc is criminal isn't it?
James Fortune
James Fortune Kun oldin
Sandy Munro: I have a particular set of skills. :)
Larry Schwartz
Larry Schwartz 4 kun oldin
Did he actually say that ice is going away? I think that is crazy and stupid.
44 Hawk
44 Hawk 4 kun oldin
Do you use an old school term, the Octo valve seems to be much like a valve body for an automatic transmission. It made the automatic transmission an automatic functioning transmission that was, with the right engineering Flawless for a hundred thousand miles or better. I like that you're working with Chrysler, they really need some help over there. I don't know who's making the decisions over there but some of them are quite atrocious. I've been registering a car since 1964 and I cannot figure out why they do some of the things that they do, and in that I'm talking about all of the auto companies. I don't know how however the Pacifica get such I Awards with a 9-speed transmission that is utterly unnecessary. There's no reason on this planet for a 9-speed transmission in a vehicle that goes less than 135 miles an hour for the vast majority of its existence. Quit change battery packs are going to be necessary for electric vehicles. And considering the fact that fossil fuels being applied to gasoline and oil is a lie and has been ever since they continue to propagate that misunderstanding of the physics of how oil is formed in the Earth signs that they've God. Is the basic reason why everybody wants to go to electric cars and for some reason they think that they are zero emission and by the way. All it's going to do is raise your electricity prices to a point where it will be a zero-sum game and probably even a loss . Especially considering the global warming BS is a hoax because it's predicated on an exact reversal of how the atmosphere actually functions.
asp music
asp music 5 kun oldin
Amazing! Thanks much for bringing out this interview guys.
tallwill38 5 kun oldin
Electric vehicles are basically an off loading of your ability to actually make any power at all unlike in a gas powered vehicle your relying on a utility company to make power in an electric vehicle and a battery is not a source of energy and it is actually a poor storage device for energy as well compared to a plain old cheaply made fuel tank. Imagine trying to see a buyer of a gas vehicle you can by a bigger capacity fuel tank and BTW your fuel tank will need replacing in ten to twenty years at an exorbitant cost Electric vehicles are dumb plain dumb as far I am concerned After we all adopt this junk electricity won't be cheap then either
tallwill38 5 kun oldin
All the battery packs suck compared to a gas tank
tallwill38 5 kun oldin
Yeah the Hyper Loop Tunnel is a fraud as well. Too many goober gobbling Musk fan boys, people brainwashed about energy and the environment to real Science is being hi-jacked as a replacement for religion unfortunately.
John Gordon
John Gordon 7 kun oldin
If he is such an expert, then why has he never made a car for his own company or why has his expertise not been used in the automotive industry that has been associated to him or his company in my meagre estimation he is not an expert witness other than a person that has had some engineering training and has had the opportunity to tear apart Tesla vehicles, I don’t see him taking apart GM or FORD car’s and giving a report on them is he afraid of them.
Dave Jones
Dave Jones 7 kun oldin
Elon is pushing the envelope at a pace that is astounding. Between alloy development, exclusive complete single piece frame (prior sub & line assembly required) now being 1 piece casting. His rocket engine development and choice of methane fuel, battrie's. I can,t list all i'm aware of. Space x is building flight craft at the speed of building a proto craft. His spacecraft seems to need little if any clean room time. I see assembly's on Launch pad being assembled thet NASA would have tied us up for life, yet he seems to have put them In a stand and watch position.
nickisghosty ghostyisnick
nickisghosty ghostyisnick 7 kun oldin
you should spread the sponsers out evenly spaced for the whole video instead all at the beginning. made me not want to watch having them all in a row like that.
challenger-rta 8 kun oldin
Want to save the planet! Stop making more cell phones. takes more resources then a SUV.
Danny Meske
Danny Meske 8 kun oldin
how much of your cost savings includes replacing people with robots?
Kevin 9 kun oldin
Build it cheaper, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, higher profits, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah, Higher return to the shareholders, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah.
Dieter Zerressen
Dieter Zerressen 11 kun oldin
Well, Battery Day didn't reveal a solid-state battery HOWEVER it was a close second with the tabless, cobalt-less and dry electrode 4680 cell design.
Zezenene Doma
Zezenene Doma 11 kun oldin
Guy hardly know word for capacitor and transistor. He's wondering why auto industry don't buy his report and records hours of videos here on youtube. But auto industry cheap and stupid, yes?
Jason Brooks
Jason Brooks 11 kun oldin
I love kenedy tool boxes
Dick Ritchie
Dick Ritchie 14 kun oldin
I got pushed out of DOE for illuminating environmental liabilities and appropriations theft. 🤣
fenderstratguy 15 kun oldin
The solid state battery is getting closer, Sandy... John Goodenough (the guy who invented the modern lithium battery in the first place) is also working on the solid state battery and has recently announced a breakthrough on it.
Robert Mecalis
Robert Mecalis 15 kun oldin
Steve Olson
Steve Olson 17 kun oldin
Electric cars are designed to limit your travel so your not gonna be making any road trips with family and friends. If you live more than 200 miles of the beaches or national parks forget about ever going there in your own personal vehicles or even going there period. All part of agenda 2020 and now 2030.ask paradise California about the new rules.they got destroyed because of bike lanes.and politics!!
Buddy 17 kun oldin
"FSD is finished in just a few weeks" ..... for the last four year ..... and a decade to come.
Shawn Lover
Shawn Lover 18 kun oldin
Great Ideas found, thank you for ideas to help me earn millions
abba dejo kim
abba dejo kim 19 kun oldin
tesla n apple use under age black kids in africa by gun point to mine their cobalt for their batteries. they use black under age slaves. n pay Chinese people 25 - 50 cents a day why apple has 800-1000% net profit. why are u brainwashed uneducated paying apple 800-1000% for something that should cost $10 not so smart logic dictates everything u say is wrong n unethical.
Curious George
Curious George 20 kun oldin
Well duh! Monetized societies, look at the Ferengi of next generation/deep space nine
Curious George
Curious George 20 kun oldin
What about fuel cells replacing battery packs?
Curious George
Curious George 20 kun oldin
Definitely proving Scotty Kilmer correct in many aspects,
ghr 20 kun oldin
Bla Bla Bla. I fast forward all your bullshit sponsors!
Jeri Acevedo
Jeri Acevedo 20 kun oldin
33:51 "Tesla lies"...."They understate continuously"
Mark Derlo
Mark Derlo 21 kun oldin
at ~23min he is asked a question about octovalve and ... keeps saying all kind of stuff about the design and its brilliance but says nothing about what the valve actually is and what it does. At Uni he would fail that question!
Jerson Cristuta
Jerson Cristuta 22 kun oldin
If theres ever a crash landed Alien ship found, send it straight to Sandy. Im sure thayll figure it out in a jiffy. :D
Knapweed 23 kun oldin
It's Quantity Surveying applied to vehicles.
Steve Fletcher
Steve Fletcher 24 kun oldin
I love the Americans passion for innovation, they are great Engineers, I've worked with them I'm from the UK
Jeremy Dysinger
Jeremy Dysinger 24 kun oldin
I'm pretty sure our Y, VIN 20xxx, has a 2 million mile battery in it! I'll let you know when we get there. :-) I am working on our winter wash plan to keep the salt off so we'll have the chance for 1 million miles. 👍🏼
mario zelaya
mario zelaya 25 kun oldin
were can I the the book? Thanks.
MountainManXXX 26 kun oldin
TY. /
moreseun 27 kun oldin
Lol lies?! More like the same strategy every industry leader uses. Case in point: Apple often releases tech that was previously understated or not mentioned at all. This is why there's an entire movement around predicting their next gen tech and future innovations. Not lies, maybe deception. But really it's just holding your cards close to your chest. I've got no love for these guys but they are leading the pack, and they know exactly what they're doing. Sandy's way too smart to really believe these are lies.
RevOlutiOn 27 kun oldin
Good video, but why push the "carbon negative" stuff? I know they're helping to fund you but they have no idea what they're on about, unless they're lying to the uninformed. CO2 levels were around 15x some 500 million years ago in the Cambrian (7000ppm - 0.7%) compared to what they are today (400ppm - 0.04%) and never a runaway greenhouse or exploded planet, which is why low-information and unscientific dogma seekers are easily swayed by the CO2 scam. Nature herself has always changed the climate through many mechanisms such as solar, ocean and Milankovitch cycles. Somehow the fraudulent "science" and tampered temp records emanating from the UN-IPCC, NASA GISS and NOAA are allowed to get away with such nonsense, likely because of the gravy train of funding and prestige that goes along with it.
A. BC 29 kun oldin
Tesla Never Lei, tesla is future.
Shamut on EV’s
Shamut on EV’s Oy oldin
Interesting analogy at the end with Swiss watchmakers- the analogue mechanisms still dominate the highest end of the market. Are luxury ICE cars here to stay as well? In tiny volumes of course.
Charles van der Hoog
Charles van der Hoog Oy oldin
The reason Sandy Muro does not hear anything from GM or Ford can be found in the remuneration packages (defiantly called 'compensation packages', compesnation for what?, they are rather dole-outs) that they have sent to the SEC. There is nothing there that would push the companies ahead in terms of quality or long-term survival. It is all about money for shareholders in the short-term. If I would be chairman of any of those companies, the first thing I would do is fire all the compensation package designers, without any delay, and cancel the compensation packages and put them up for review. As they are worded now, Ford and GM will have a very hard time competing with the Far East, Europe and Tesla.
Charles van der Hoog
Charles van der Hoog Oy oldin
sandy's stories of him being suppressed at Ford are so real for large companies. I found at four huge international companies, Unilever / Philips electronics and ABNAMRO bank and RABO bank, that the principal occupation of bosses was to cover their asses so thei could sail smoothly to an undeserved but well-funded pension. There were always one or two people, like me, who were so stupid to try to make some progress, but that was not appreciated at all. When I was young I could not understand it for I was still thinking, having been brought up with the lies of the GOP, that people cared for their work and employer and that hard work and an ethical attitude would get you ahead. Well, forget it, you get fired. The meanest ass-lickers, now we can say, Donald Trump-like people, got ahead and the rest was suppressed or did not get promoted. I know a smart-ass who never did a thing in his life (like the green six-haired coffe guzzler in Dilbert cartoons) but out of the blue one day pretended to know people at the EU offices in Brussels. So he travelled up and down, in Brussels pretending he was THE representative of RABO Bank (at that time the only Triple A bank in Europe). When at last, the big firing '"superfluous people"(read the people who actually did the work) started, he was saved although he had had zero advantage for the bank. But because everybody else was fired, in the end, he made it. His fake job became a real one. That is how it works. Don't try to say something smart. They hire people from outside for that, because is not menacing. So, I went outside, said exactly the same things as I had done inside, and made 5 times as much money without having the hassle of internal fights with morons.
Dustin Sequist
Dustin Sequist Oy oldin
I thought Samsung was already in the works for their solid state battery and were pretty far along with it
Shaun Ryan
Shaun Ryan Oy oldin
The only thing Tesla don't understate is the range of their vehicles.
Nathan King
Nathan King Oy oldin
So where is Sandy supposed to be talking about Tesla's lies? I spent the first five minutes of this video waiting for him to get into it --- and then I started skipping, and skipping, and skipping again, seeing and hearing more stuff that relates to conventional auto parts than to Tesla cars. You know what? I think Sandy is the liar --- at least in this video --- for talking about content that is unrelated to the title of this video. Buncha donkey do.... 33:51: Okay, okay, so after skipping to this point which has been time-referenced by another commenter, I see that Sandy does indeed talk about Tesla's lies --- but why did I have to wait till that far into the video --- and the information that Sandy presents that IS relative to what I thought I was coming to this video to see is buried in so much meaningless data; ramble on and on and on. Don't need a 37-minute video for this crap.
Bill Holder
Bill Holder Oy oldin
(hehe hehe I remember driving in Boston haha).....
Bill Holder
Bill Holder Oy oldin
Ooooh, nice tie in that "firing" shot, Sandy! hehe
Jordan A
Jordan A Oy oldin
so he tears down cars and sells the detailed analysis abroad for reverse engineering, so that foreign companies don't have to do it themselves. Beautiful.
Jordan A
Jordan A Oy oldin
Yea, hack into Tesla finance and rearrange some money, that will go over well.
Gary Bowen
Gary Bowen Oy oldin
What an interesting gentlemen. I learned a lot. Thank you.
ron5935 Oy oldin
It costs more but they will not sell it until competition forces.
Adrian Durn
Adrian Durn Oy oldin
5:21 what happens when you pour oil on a hot exhaust.
thenet0120002 Oy oldin
He backs up what i have said for years . American manufactures are so smart they think that only they have the power to create the ultimate idea , boy are they wrong. This is why other countries take over whole industries . Look at TV and Computers manufacturing Now it's Cars . They need to get their brains out of the clouds and realize they can be beat. This is the single reason American companies fold . They also have no place for critics or employees with ideas muchless their customers. I have told Japan and China more than any of them will ever listen to just so i can live in a world that is moving forwards.
TWR CREW Oy oldin
also... implementing EASIER AT THE FACTORY is not ALWAYS EASIER TO FIX AT HOME (think BMW). This is a dangerous complication for self-mechanics and tuners. You two don't think so because you don't work on your own car. you shouldn't assume everyone wants to be a slave to the operation.
TWR CREW Oy oldin
but it shouldn't ALWAYS be about making the parts cheaper and weaker to save money and "do good business" because you know it's going to break faster so you can force the customer to buy another one soon... Toyota used to build engines like the 2JZ EVEN THOUGH it wasn't "profitable" in and of itself to do so. make at least a SHOW of pride and give the customer some metal parts that will last as a good impression. it shouldn't always be flimsy and break. And sometimes a 3 piece item means you can restore the item rather than it be 1 piece and force you to throw it away from one little dent.
Andrew Adnix
Andrew Adnix Oy oldin
I wonder if Ford and GM are doing their own teardowns?
FairySox Oy oldin
31:30 Perhaps The Million mile battery would come in a little bit useful if it stored energy at cheap off peak hours and it fed power back into the grid at expensive peak hours using a computer built into the car. That way your car would actually be making you money literally while you sleep... But wait a minute, That's exactly what Teslas doing !!!
Shiro Lee
Shiro Lee Oy oldin
We need a paradigm shift.
Shiro Lee
Shiro Lee Oy oldin
HAHAHA. I love hearing these stories of Ford from Sandy...
Ian Clegg
Ian Clegg Oy oldin
mega casting in the giga tent - gonna keep 500 fiat back for some coal till i'm sure the leccy really on the roll
N V Oy oldin
Sandy has the unique ability to clearly explain engineering basics without sounding like an engineer. And he's an exceptional engineer.
CptWacko Oy oldin
How about Samsung solid state battery? Please Samsung, send it to that guy (if the prototype actually exist) Added: I've just watched another video with Sandy Munro after Tesla's battery day and this guy is clearly a Tesla shill lol. Now it looks like solid state batteries ain't shit because Tesla made their batteries wider instead of longer, when he said is this video that solid state batteries would put every other battery manufacturer out of business. He is bought and has no credibility!
Wrinkled Retainer
Wrinkled Retainer Oy oldin
Sponsorship Sponsorship Sponsorship Advert Advert Advert
Christoph Resmerowski
Christoph Resmerowski Oy oldin
What do Mormons, Scientologists & Musk's adorers have in common ??
Christoph Resmerowski
Christoph Resmerowski Oy oldin
Tesla doesn't lie - Musk does, and he knows it.
Lyfan Deth
Lyfan Deth Oy oldin
Kudos, Sandy!
Philip Seitz
Philip Seitz Oy oldin
28:00 J.D. power doesn’t really mean much
DeathByMisAventure Oy oldin
pffft!!!! Christ thought I was gonna watch a video, instead got bombarded with advertising....mental note, add this channel to the "avoid at all cost" list. and keep searching for some sort of channel filter add on type thingy...
Jonnes __
Jonnes __ Oy oldin
🐱‍👤Most car-companies have engineers, who think they are the best. So nobody can tell them what to do better. That way it works in Europe.
WaketheBarbarian Oy oldin
If Munro is so famous why isn't there a Wikipedia page on him? Stop the BS! But after listening to this interview I must say the guy is very likeable and knowledgable. I was curious how old his is. He's drinking Elon's koolaid though and thus his opinion can be discounted with the rest of the fanboys.
Paul Manning
Paul Manning Oy oldin
Elon Musk is my favourite African American. Fun Fact: Emanuel Swedenborg was actually born in Sweden. Download his latest book “Heaven & Hell” for free at You no it makes NO cents.
Jordon Berkove
Jordon Berkove Oy oldin
Solid state cooling (peltier I believe) terribly inefficient for PCs and Fridges.
CaptainRon1913 Oy oldin
Skip to 2:35 to avoid the self promotion and spam
Fred Pinczuk
Fred Pinczuk Oy oldin
"Jaguar heat pump design.......sad" Ouch. That has to hurt.
Fred Pinczuk
Fred Pinczuk Oy oldin
Munro is a gift, to all of us who appreciate engineering.
Michael Beck
Michael Beck Oy oldin
🤔 im pretty sure FORD will not be arround in 5 years ...and they wont understand they did it to them self...
Tom Ford
Tom Ford Oy oldin
I am curious about "what not" and would like to know more. This is just a bad infomercial for Munro. Waste of time.
Quaalude Charlie
Quaalude Charlie Oy oldin
Musk never has kept a promise , at least since he got his Pay Pal Money ..... Musk Fiction .
Jim Slaughter
Jim Slaughter Oy oldin
I wonder what all those plaques in the background are.
S. P. W.
S. P. W. Oy oldin
I'm still betting we're not going to see a Hyperloop anytime soon, or fusion power...
jim Parr
jim Parr 2 oy oldin
Thank you Sandy for somewhat validating my own situation. I have been fired 3 times during my 'maverick' career (different companies) and 'let-go' once - all for trying to do the right thing as you say. I am now semi-retired at almost 70 and still quite busy as Electronics Design Engineer from just my laptop. I guess some folks have decided to deal with my grumpy ol' fart demeanor because I can still deliver what they want - when they want it. Long live the truth... And I was delighted to hear how readily Tesla picked up on your recommendations. So heartening to hear such stories, because, many engineers can tell similar tales. A lot of my own credible efforts have wound up being swallowed by the ubiquitous 'bureaucratic black-hole' and come to nothing - until they mysteriously re- emerge years later. I do not think however, I am fit to polish your shoes in the engineering sense Sir.
CatiaProjects TV
CatiaProjects TV 2 oy oldin
All of this is because Elon works hard
Vladimir Cmero
Vladimir Cmero 2 oy oldin
Sandy Munro is right, you can be fired easily when you will present a good idea, improvement which will save the company money due to internal politics or somebody's fragile ego.
Tim Burke
Tim Burke 2 oy oldin
I've been fired for similar reasons, I'm a mechanical engineer. Also middle managers don't like people around who might take their job so they manipulate and sabotage.
Jonathan 2 oy oldin
How do you get the Shure SM7Bs to sound so bad?
TR Labs
TR Labs 2 oy oldin
You will never replace oil!
kcimos 2 oy oldin
wow its like one big ad.
TOPP10 2 oy oldin
Good interview!
Ka0sKontrol 2 oy oldin
Fiat Chrysler is a European country 🤣
Bill Davis
Bill Davis 2 oy oldin
If Tesla and BMW are not paying Sandy Munroe to evaluate their cars, I do not understand how he makes any money by selling his reports for only $10 each. Am I missing something?
Sam Boudreau
Sam Boudreau 2 oy oldin
sorry not into ads good luck with all of that
Mercot Singh
Mercot Singh 2 oy oldin
TSLA is sneaky....they have something big...coming out...i can c it on his smerky is the time to buy n hold TSLA..preminition by ARK ^ 15000...
nation of gandhis
nation of gandhis 2 oy oldin
multiplexing! Fiber optic comm. coming? wild dogs unite :)
Will Mathieson
Will Mathieson 2 oy oldin
I have an old Ford metal stamp used in production. About half inch wide stamping face with oval and Ford, about 3 inches long and a inch wide.. What parts would be marked with this? It;s #3 and has workers initials on it. Must be pre 80's, found at auction of a retired ford employee.
Peter Bowman
Peter Bowman 2 oy oldin
So good!!
Naiemaa 2 oy oldin
Inspiring a new Elon Musk that’s just fantastic man having this mentality is as important as having another Elon. 👍🏻
Naiemaa 2 oy oldin
A fantastic episode, thank you for all your efforts Z & J
Shah of Iran
Shah of Iran 2 oy oldin
Surprised Tesla doesn’t pay the two of you, being how frequently you shill their product.
suresh thota
suresh thota 2 oy oldin
was part 2 already posted?
Now You Know
Now You Know 2 oy oldin
Twin Turbo
Twin Turbo 2 oy oldin
Guess what , solid state batteries are here. Samsung is making them.
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