San Francisco 49ers had a PERFECT 2021 NFL Draft | CBS Sports HQ

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Our Draft experts Emory Hunt and Ryan Wilson each give their draft grades for the 49ers.
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Houston Asterisks
Houston Asterisks Kun oldin
Huganga! PAC 12 defensive player of the year!
Horatio Major
Horatio Major 2 kun oldin
Lifelong 9ers fan, and I'm 72, we don't deserve an A+ period. We take a qb who's thrown 318 career passes in the MVC, get real. They're hoping for another Patrick Mahomes.
pathnativejam 2 kun oldin
These kids haven't done anything yet! how can you give grades on 0 production in the NFL. the 49ers all kinds of stupid right now. sad how we wasted a great defense on dumb asses in the front office. and 3rd rate QB in Jimmy G.
Carl Potter
Carl Potter 3 kun oldin
You had a great QB. I don’t see how they did, need to protect the WB you had.
djsausagebiscuits 3 kun oldin
I kind of wish we'd stop with photoshopping new jerseys on to players... it takes the excitement away.
Anthony Clement
Anthony Clement 3 kun oldin
This is our year
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 3 kun oldin
Zone scheme is gone moment trey takes over. He can't run that they will have to design more ravens style builds. Dont lie about it all.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 3 kun oldin
Ok show me the evidence of action production that your idea is based on. Put it in my hands lol
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Banks is a huge reach
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Lance was good but this wasn’t an A+, particularly because of the Aaron Banks reach
Joel 3 kun oldin
B+ not an A+
Dark 8 Prince
Dark 8 Prince 4 kun oldin
Biggest project in the first round, there is no way he is ready for NFL defenses. At 20 years old hasn't seen enough coverages.
KippinCollars 4 kun oldin
Why are those two guys at some outdoor music festival?
MagicalBread 4 kun oldin
As a Niners fan, I’d rate our draft class an A-/B+. It all banks on how Trey performs at the pro level. I am hyped, and extremely optimistic about the future of this team, and Trey Lance! #Faithful
Luis Mazier
Luis Mazier 4 kun oldin
I thought you gave the Niners like a C-
afix 22
afix 22 4 kun oldin
As a fan I loved this draft, but I'd give it an A- personally. I wished we drafted a WR 3 after Bourne left and perhaps drafted a corner at 155. Other than that everything was perfect
show 3 kun oldin
Austin Watkins we got him I drafted this year Kendrick was undeaftwd
49mk G
49mk G 3 kun oldin
I believe they’ll get a good deal on a number 3 wideout with the June cuts looming... we are obviously playing in win now mode while getting younger... I believe Lynch and Shanahan are trying to make a special franchise...
AMARE MOULDER 4 kun oldin
Why did we draft 2 RBs though
49mk G
49mk G 3 kun oldin
Because other than Wilson all of our backs are on 1 year deals and these 2 backs have shown to be durable!
Guillermo Blanco
Guillermo Blanco 4 kun oldin
It’s not 3 first round picks. The Niners didn’t give up 3 first round picks. It’s 2. When you swap a first round pick you don’t lose a first round pick.... math is hard I guess.
Lito Iglesias
Lito Iglesias 4 kun oldin
My boy the Czar Emory Hunt! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 I've leaned on Football gameplan for years, happy to see him on CBS. Respect.
Land of the Dread Heads
Land of the Dread Heads 4 kun oldin
Love that Trey Trey combination
Cesar Alexander
Cesar Alexander 4 kun oldin
Talanoa Hufanga and Trey sermon are steals 😂
Jory Lafountain
Jory Lafountain 4 kun oldin
Why does everyone keep saying they gave up 3 first round picks to move up??? They gave up 2 come on man.
Mike B
Mike B 4 kun oldin
Gotta say, this is why you have to take college quarterback talents with a grain of salt ... defenses just do stupid things. at the 0:13 mark #45 is standing almost on the end zone looking right at him, then for some reason instead of moving up for the tackle of the QB that was already well beyond the line of scrimmage he turns sideways like he's confused.
Ruben Lugo jr
Ruben Lugo jr 4 kun oldin
Covid happened.. that's why
deedsoflegend 4 kun oldin
Joon Pak
Joon Pak 4 kun oldin
I would’ve preferred the higher ranked DBs before getting Sermon but hope it works out. I also really hope Hufanga can stay healthy! 🤞🏼
Brandon J. Garcia
Brandon J. Garcia 4 kun oldin
Emm Diggy!!!!!!!
New Lion
New Lion 4 kun oldin
First it was C- now an A+ from fake news cbs😂🤣
NRG 4 kun oldin
Can’t wait til trey lance is a bust and the niners suck this year and I’ll come back and say I told you so.
Rob D
Rob D 4 kun oldin
Love my 49ers but every draft pick is a overrated until they play in the NFL
NRG 4 kun oldin
Okay seriously Trey lance is one of the most overrated prospects ever. Dude has literally played less than any first round QB in 40 years yet, they take him pick number 3??? And they say that’s an A+? Bull shit.
NRG 2 kun oldin
@Michael Parker so you’re saying hes gonna be a glorified running back? Don’t think so.
Michael Parker
Michael Parker 2 kun oldin
Second behind him in least amount of passes thrown is mike that turn out bud? Trey will be fine.. you sound dumb
backwoodsbully 4 kun oldin
Didn't give 3 picks!! Swapped 1st and traded 2 first rounds!!
Richifornia 4 kun oldin
My guy Emory on cbs now ? What a come up been watching him for a while on UZpost
Nolesfan1231 4 kun oldin
Lol yeah right CBS
Chewable Orb
Chewable Orb 4 kun oldin
The crazy thing is the amount they gave up for a guy that has alot of question marks? Btw why did they need a couple more Rb’s......A+?
Scott Broyles
Scott Broyles 3 kun oldin
Last year they had to call up practice squad RBs & guys off the street because so many RBs went down. & their #1 RB Mostert is over 30. When you're a run 1st team you better be sure the RB spot is secure.
WPO Wolfpack International
WPO Wolfpack International 4 kun oldin
49er Empire got that feeling again this year all the pieces fall in line will be back in the playoffs this year and you know me Super Bowl every year my book real talk this big dog amp and ready let's go 49ers also the faithful represent
dabig 25
dabig 25 4 kun oldin
If Lance turns out to be a good QB than their entire draft was a Homerun
Rod Manhammer
Rod Manhammer 4 kun oldin
Emory Hunt. Man, I remember when he first started his youtube channel. Now, he's on CBS. Nice!
Sean Lee-Levins
Sean Lee-Levins 4 kun oldin
Damn, good for him!
The Map Crow
The Map Crow 4 kun oldin
Nobody is PERFECT. But I hope I am wrong.
Flea Market Mixtape
Flea Market Mixtape 4 kun oldin
we did great... 3 db's 2 o linemen and 2 running backs and the guy we needed the most... unbelievable draft!
Mario Fernandez
Mario Fernandez 4 kun oldin
I'm excited for that safety
KELLY 4 kun oldin
surprising they ain’t hatin
Rafael Fernandez
Rafael Fernandez 4 kun oldin
🤷🏻‍♂️That last 40 years stat got me worried.
Mustafa Halimi
Mustafa Halimi 4 kun oldin
Tanaloa Hufanga ***
Jhabari Owens
Jhabari Owens 4 kun oldin
This guy gives us a A+ plus but the other guy gave us a C- lol
Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall 4 kun oldin
You mean the 49's had the best 2021,22,23 draft all on the same day ??? Wait until reality BITES...
Peter Marshall
Peter Marshall 4 kun oldin
@Mario Fernandez He may be, but with 14 games on tape in an inferior conference I wouldn't take the bet...Shanahan/Lynch have bet there jobs on it though ???
Mario Fernandez
Mario Fernandez 4 kun oldin
If trey lance turns out it'll be a great move, franchise QBs are hard to come by
KOTJ412 4 kun oldin
This draft class is definitely one of the best....Niners are going to have some great depth this season.
Cartel Nines
Cartel Nines 4 kun oldin
Der Klavierspieler
Der Klavierspieler 4 kun oldin
Hope the 9ers get a real QB in the future. Lance grade is an F.
Charles Cunningham
Charles Cunningham 4 kun oldin
We had a A+ last year and was terrible
Art Trumbo
Art Trumbo 4 kun oldin
@Josh Cook Javon Kinlaw wasn't injured, he just didn't produce in his rooky season. We will see how he does this year.
Josh Cook
Josh Cook 4 kun oldin
The 49ers were also the most injured team in the league last year. If/when they are healthy, they will for sure make some noise.
Allan Arango
Allan Arango 4 kun oldin
I said lets go niiiiinnerss!!
NinerJTV 4 kun oldin
Lol wait a min your articles said the 49ers got a C-. Some slobs at CBS
49ERS FAITHFULL 4 kun oldin
Trey sermon and trey lance will both besides each other on sundays
Julius Lopez
Julius Lopez 4 kun oldin
Trey area!
Gfunk Henry
Gfunk Henry 4 kun oldin
49ERS FAITHFULL 4 kun oldin
I'm actually more amazed that we got Trey sermon so far up in the draft
Patrick Paris
Patrick Paris 4 kun oldin
Shows how much you know
Joon Pak
Joon Pak 4 kun oldin
@Luke Dortenzo sweet- a “running back that can get some yards” that works
justin2300 4 kun oldin
one of the Biggest steals of the draft
Ernest McKinnis
Ernest McKinnis 4 kun oldin
He has great hands too he could be great
Luke Dortenzo
Luke Dortenzo 4 kun oldin
@dabig 25 he will be solid nothing amazing but a running back that can get some yards
Stacy James
Stacy James 4 kun oldin
49ers draft was a B-
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only
JahNuhThun Dee The One And Only 4 kun oldin
No Pete Prisco…maybe that’s why CBS wasn’t hating on the 49ers in this segment
Dominik Winzer
Dominik Winzer 4 kun oldin
Someone has come around. Cudos
Will Brewster
Will Brewster 4 kun oldin
yet haven't played a game yet so this statement isn't completely true
SFreud 4 kun oldin
LOL - let's see how it turns out in 3-4 years - that is the bench mark.
Samuel2oh9 4 kun oldin
Unbelievable. CBS not hating on the 49ers and giving them the proper recognition they deserve???? 😱😱
gadzoo the sterile virus
gadzoo the sterile virus Kun oldin
Congrats 9ers ya got Rodgers
Michael Zintzun
Michael Zintzun 2 kun oldin
@NRG he had the same number of start as Mac Jones.
NRG 3 kun oldin
@AMARE MOULDER so two overrated prospects.
Dadson worldwide
Dadson worldwide 3 kun oldin
Lol yeah media loves them some matt Nagy and beats today to lol
ç.ã.? m
ç.ã.? m 4 kun oldin
@NRG talking all this shit but would bitch out and not come back to this comment if he becomes good.
Kim Vann
Kim Vann 4 kun oldin
Look good on draft that not mean they win Superbowl
King NKTW 4 kun oldin
Hufanga is special too. Ambry Thomas was a projected early round pick if he hadn’t opted out, stacked draft.
Kai 4 kun oldin
Lmao they had to correct themselves after they realized what they said was stupid.
PT - YT 4 kun oldin
lol he was about to say "without any weapons"
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 4 kun oldin
A Pacheco
A Pacheco 3 kun oldin
Baby Ward The 4th
Baby Ward The 4th 4 kun oldin
NinerEmpire f u c Raiders nation ... mayneee
freeweights101 4 kun oldin
What's a nation to a Empire
Vegas Eats speaks
Vegas Eats speaks 4 kun oldin
I would be mad as heck if I was a Niners fan. Every time these clowns give a A+ draft rating most the guys bust and the team sucks. EVERYTIME
Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever
Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever 4 kun oldin
@Big O your a funny guy🤣🤣🤣 but in all seriousness of course right now Jimmy is better but the athleticism and poise you will see.....just watch hexwill be a top 5 Qb in 5 years
Big O
Big O 4 kun oldin
@Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever you drunk if you think he’s better than jimmy g. Jimmy is just injury prone that’s it. Watch tape from 2017. That guy a beast he just needed to stay healthy
Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever
Ricochete Raw 90s the best decade ever 4 kun oldin
@Vegas Eats speaks all that superstition is cool and all but the niners had a 6 -10 record with mostly Mullins and cj bethard in a tough division Lance will definitely be way better then any Qbs we have now including goropollo ..the Shanahan schemes and play calling are too masterful.
Vegas Eats speaks
Vegas Eats speaks 4 kun oldin
@HurricaneStarang That’s fine and time will tell if trey was worth it. But I’m saying everytime these guys have gave out a A+ draft it lead to bust seasons and players. I hope for you fan sake it changes
HurricaneStarang 4 kun oldin
I'm a diehard niner fan, and believe me, I'm so unbelievably excited for this season, and the future of my organization. Real Niners know Treys the way, and the others we picked, along with the next polumalo, with be the future.
Legendary Games
Legendary Games 4 kun oldin
Wow! A+
Michael MacNeill Jr.
Michael MacNeill Jr. 4 kun oldin
Finally someone that's understands what the niners are doing.
Gus HQ
Gus HQ 4 kun oldin
@Vegas Eats speaks awww fuck bruh
Vegas Eats speaks
Vegas Eats speaks 4 kun oldin
They gave the Niners the curse I would be mad
Melly Mel
Melly Mel 4 kun oldin
Letssss go NINERSSSS!!!!!!
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