Resident Evil Village | Showcase teaser | PS5

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Tune in to the Resident Evil Showcase on January 21st at 2PM Pacific for all-new info on Resident Evil Village, including a first look at gameplay!
Watch at these links:

Lmbcmr Oy oldin
girl nameee ??
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Oy oldin
Chris be better have an explanation or Ethan would Toss a Boulder at him
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Oy oldin
That music is fantastic! Whenever I hear it, I cant get it out of my head.
eioshen boboi
eioshen boboi Oy oldin
Looking forward to this game, really enjoyed 7
asioe kiou
asioe kiou Oy oldin
can this thing be played on ps4 pro?
Handsome Nigga
Handsome Nigga Oy oldin
Mrs. Krueger kinda hot
James Geoghegan
James Geoghegan Oy oldin
E Scrolls Blades playability ... I hope not
Detective Angelo
Detective Angelo Oy oldin
Re:Verse is just meh
bocoy noiu
bocoy noiu Oy oldin
That music is fantastic! Whenever I hear it, I cant get it out of my head.
4Heed Indeed
4Heed Indeed Oy oldin
dong ding
dong ding Oy oldin
technically this is a tealer. It is a name I invented for teasers for trailers.
Uouo007 Os
Uouo007 Os Oy oldin
It’s iPhone game or what ???
Grey Taker Rev
Grey Taker Rev Oy oldin
The woman in the trailer looks to be based off of the Japanese mythological ghost called hacishakusama.
Anthony Morales
Anthony Morales Oy oldin
Hopefully one day we can actually see ps5s for sale
Dharma Irmansyah
Dharma Irmansyah Oy oldin
rule34 need to hurry *ASAP*
anonymous 0101tsb
anonymous 0101tsb Oy oldin
Turquoise Moss
Turquoise Moss Oy oldin
*has no ps5* This is useless to me :D
Eric Vazquez
Eric Vazquez Oy oldin
I just hope people aren't infected with the woke virus in this one like they're doing with every other game, movie, life, etc.
AHSU Gaming
AHSU Gaming Oy oldin
Where Is Leon S Kennedy !!???
Sniper Brothers
Sniper Brothers Oy oldin
Epic graphic!
Jakerz gaming
Jakerz gaming Oy oldin
can this thing be played on ps4 pro?
HeavenThird Oy oldin
Vampire appear: -Rule34 well guys we have work to do.
The Ringo & Monte Show
The Ringo & Monte Show Oy oldin
silent hill is better than RE ...thats why mentally speaking to myself...RE ...TO ME....never was the was SILENT HILL all the way!!.... .....why else are they laying low on the production or even thinking of tryna make one which wont happen to keep silent hill series alive?....pfff pathetic..all we got now for silent rumors..this n that .....thats just sick of that sh*t........and then u got RE moving further as the years go by when silent hill is stuck on a derailed system of the gaming .....sad...its as if they dont wanna give the silent hill franchise a chance anymore.....they know 100% silent hill will draw more game awards and people and fans far more than RE would...silent hill 1 2 and 3 were already combined as the greatest games of horror ..and RE never got that attention as much as silent hill did .......thats why they busted the konami business and stopped it .....that is the truth!
McFrigginChicken 64
McFrigginChicken 64 Oy oldin
0:04 Thank me later
Brayan Checo
Brayan Checo Oy oldin
Please release this game on ps4 too
Rollensgotgame Oy oldin
Ofc they will chill it's just a showcase
Nudli MàkosG
Nudli MàkosG Oy oldin
nice game ....but it not resident evil just like the 7 was just selling the name with re4 vibe
Dogboi76 Oy oldin
I'm starting to appreciate like nearly every game ever ever since Cyberpunks retail version released because these developers are showcasing their actual work and promo material
Caleb Fisher
Caleb Fisher Oy oldin
Please have vr support!!!
Ranja Oy oldin
Can definitely see the bloodborne influence here
ass cheeks
ass cheeks Oy oldin
Resident evil 8!..... on expensive hardware and systems poor people can’t own ;)
ass cheeks
ass cheeks Oy oldin
@Rollensgotgame who says I’m not poor?
Rollensgotgame Oy oldin
Why tf are you being toxic?
Vibhor Sethi
Vibhor Sethi Oy oldin
*Do you know that all the resident evil games that released in January and February went SUPERHIT.*
Voids Wrath
Voids Wrath Oy oldin
Victorian itch needs to be scratched
Kim D
Kim D Oy oldin
I hope it's not another short game lol
JacobOlli Oy oldin
@Rollensgotgame Don’t know if you misunderstood me but, RE3 Remake was developed by Red Works
Rollensgotgame Oy oldin
@JacobOlli Re3 remake was developed by capcom themselves , you sure? Plus what are you expecting from a remake?
JacobOlli Oy oldin
This is by Capcom themselves, so i think it will be a lot longer. RE3 Remake was by a developer called Red Works
Master BHomie
Master BHomie Oy oldin
Ich Liebe Resident Evil :-)
kent leonhart
kent leonhart Oy oldin
Too bad it's not gaming for the PS4....
Rollensgotgame Oy oldin
It is
Eddy Hobby Kepo
Eddy Hobby Kepo Oy oldin
ゲジお Oy oldin
Faizan Raza Official
Faizan Raza Official Oy oldin
prohelling Oy oldin
0:04 I love RE 😍
ShaneMP01 Oy oldin
That’s 5:00 PM EST for those who didn’t know.
Gilbert Tan
Gilbert Tan Oy oldin
5 hours trailer for 80 dollar?
عبدالله الجهني
عبدالله الجهني Oy oldin
Hansmatthew Luceni
Hansmatthew Luceni Oy oldin
Is this incoming new game available in ps4??
Krzysiek19861 Oy oldin
Nahhhhhh....Resident Evil ended long time ago.
ZetarOmicron Oy oldin
You going to loose so much sales for not releasing this on PS4 and XBOX One..That's millions of sales less. Untill all those million of people get a next Gen Console, your game will be on the recycling bin for 15$
Rollensgotgame Oy oldin
Dude it's just a showcase, they will release it on ps4 and pc later
Wut? ?
Wut? ? Oy oldin
No it won't. There are over 10 million ps5 in the world.
Akashdeep Singh
Akashdeep Singh Oy oldin
Can we see Ethan s face in this showcase
Mar KO
Mar KO Oy oldin
Ууу, какие ведьми красивые )
Faith Militant
Faith Militant Oy oldin
I forgot about this
黒髪のネコ Oy oldin
4 4
4 4 Oy oldin
exactly on my birthday
Kazi Saad
Kazi Saad Oy oldin
Please release in Ps4
Regalia M
Regalia M Oy oldin
Alexander Jr
Alexander Jr Oy oldin
Hopefully not dissapointed like cyberpunk 2077
Ghxst Oy oldin
Sad cause I start work at 1:45 I’ll definitely tune in when my shifts over though 😳
Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Ruiz Oy oldin
Resident Evil Code Veronica X please. 🥺🥺🥺
leonardo ghost
leonardo ghost Oy oldin
system requirements for pc?
Micah Cheng
Micah Cheng Oy oldin
Did I just see... a trailer for a trailer?
Javier Oy oldin
PS4/Xbox One version? What do you think?
Devil Z Wangan Midnight
Devil Z Wangan Midnight Oy oldin
Cococrash11 Oy oldin
Awesome Resident Evil Village Showcase Teaser.
افضل جزء re4
افضل جزء re4 Oy oldin
the game of the year 😍
Jacob Plays
Jacob Plays Oy oldin
I'm hyped. RE 7 was the only game to make me shriek.
Aran Erem
Aran Erem Oy oldin
Buying this game
Eargasm Mixes 714
Eargasm Mixes 714 Oy oldin
Ayeee right on my birthday! :D
Crazyman -_-
Crazyman -_- Oy oldin
Did y’all see she had to duck to go through the door way 😳
Diaz Evangga
Diaz Evangga Oy oldin
I can play in ps 5 Resident evil 8
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer Oy oldin
Can't wait to see what Resi 8 creations NSFW artists come up with!
Dylan Oy oldin
I like the vampire lady.
Pedro Parque
Pedro Parque Oy oldin
It's gonna be like RE3 Remake, so much hype and was a dissapointment at the end
JacobOlli Oy oldin
Doubt that, RE3 Remake was not made by Capcom but Red Works
Bamban Gamer
Bamban Gamer Oy oldin
Was there truly hype for that abomination though most I saw was concerned that it be a disappointment due to its short release window
Cyber Lycan
Cyber Lycan Oy oldin
Tall Vampire Lady must be very thirsty to keep up her nourishment. I'm sure many simps would happily oblige to help keep her stature.
gr8bit Oy oldin
RE engine has to be like one of the best in the industry
lTSREN Oy oldin
resident evil 8
The Chevy Ferrari
The Chevy Ferrari Oy oldin
It's nice that the Brigmore Witches are in Resident Evil as well as Dishonored.
0:12 I am someone I care about details The image of the herb is soft and has a great design We'll live the experience soon 4K 60FPS With DualSense controller.
Karir Ali
Karir Ali Oy oldin
We need games PS4 ples 🥺
cursemark 713
cursemark 713 Oy oldin
Tall lady single?? Asking for a friend
André Valdez
André Valdez Oy oldin
Please no stupid and unncessery multiplayer Resident Evil
John Doe
John Doe Oy oldin
PlayStation is nice and all, but can it run pong and pitfall at 24fps like the Nintendo switch can?
Booker Dong
Booker Dong Oy oldin
Tall mommy GF!!!!!
GSynCH Oy oldin
Wow that Vampire lady she got.. 👀
Will Parsons
Will Parsons Oy oldin
Looking forward to more Chris, more Ethan, more RE in general. Also hoping for some death animations where Tall Vampire Lady rips me in half with her bare hands.
Tasha Blue
Tasha Blue Oy oldin
A showcase about what though about what
Tasha Blue
Tasha Blue Oy oldin
I love resident evil you can play regular evil for the whole year the way they may run to the evil you play it it don't stop you just keep on playing playing playing your resident evil is litttttttttttt fire
I had my doubts about this game because I was so annoyed with how the RE3 remake turned out, but can't lie this looks frigging awesome! lol - can't wait for the new trailer
STILL Oy oldin
One doesn’t experience self-transcendence, the illusion of self only dissipates✌️
AME EMAG Oy oldin
منتظر بازی هستم عالی بود❤❤❤
MrTheDarkKnightFan Oy oldin
Hope RE4 remake teaser also comes in soon
Jeremy Potter
Jeremy Potter Oy oldin
I hope theirs more horror games this gen
Mø Kris
Mø Kris Oy oldin
The question is, will it have PSVR compatibility tho?
Jaylon Allen
Jaylon Allen Oy oldin
Can’t wait to see coryxkenshin play this😃
Gmoney_420 boss
Gmoney_420 boss Oy oldin
I’m not even excited don’t even have a PS five can’t get one so I don’t care
Vadim Kovalenko
Vadim Kovalenko Oy oldin
This is based on popularity of Resident Evil 3.5 demos.
J Oy oldin
Who remembers the original RE games? 😪
High Tier Loot
High Tier Loot Oy oldin
Ethan VS The Crones Witches
osiito lindo
osiito lindo Oy oldin
I want Dante's Inferno on PlayStation 5
Spacer’s Chosen
Spacer’s Chosen Oy oldin
Vampire booba OwO
jon wayne
jon wayne Oy oldin
You wouldn't want her legs wrapped around you, that's for sure! Or would you?
Delicashilous _
Delicashilous _ Oy oldin
"Rule34 RE8 Vampire Lady"
K&E Oy oldin
Can we just have a code Veronica remake...
Jack Sawyer
Jack Sawyer Oy oldin
The creepy vampire woman with the big..... hat..... is really hot. XD
Guts Oy oldin
Dead Meme
Dead Meme Oy oldin
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