Repaint! Easter Bunny BJD (My first ball jointed doll from scratch!!) Custom OOAK Doll

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Could it be?? Dollightful’s first ever ball jointed doll is here! Simple and cute, this little bunny BJD was designed by yours truly and brought to life with the help of my wonderful husband!
Here are the free STL files!
Mentioned in video:
Dive.hara “Bisque Dolls” Maker:
Instagram: dive.h
Doll clothing patterns here:
Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest: @dollightfully
Home-made Bunny ball jointed doll! See above link for STL files.
Sculpting kit from
Elastic - 1mm
Fabric - cotton
Ribbon - 3/8 inch/9.5 mm
Paints - Acrylic (Liquitex)
Paints - Gouache (Caran D’ache)
Water Color Pencils (Faber Castell)
Varnish (DuraClear)
Resin - 2-Part Jewel Resin (
Gram Scale
Resin Eye Molds (Padico) I used the 10mm size hemisphere.
Paint for eye whites - Game Air “Dead White” (Vallejo)
Glue (205 OKONG 오공본드)
Musical tracks from:
Dylan the Druid:
Musical tracks from:
Squeaky Clean by Josh Leake
Grind and Skip by Bamtone
Cheerful by Bamtone
Brand New Toy by Ty Simon
Baby Smile by Lux Inspira
Logo and other graphics designed by:
#OOAK #BJD #doll

Reanna Washburn
Reanna Washburn 47 daqiqa oldin
Amazing work Katherine
Terrific Tylah :D
Terrific Tylah :D Soat oldin
oh make a clown doll small enough to fit it
Abby Foley
Abby Foley 2 soat oldin
aww i love it
Kit Weaver
Kit Weaver 4 soat oldin
I like to think of the bunny as the cat's apprentice. Apprentice for what? Well, maybe the cat is tired of doing a certain bunny's job every spring, lol.
Ferbiebunny 5 soat oldin
I really want to know what type of sketchbook you're using! I love the bordered paper.
Yukina Shitori
Yukina Shitori 5 soat oldin
Kinda wish the eyes were pink for a good contrast
EchosGrove 6 soat oldin
You could start calling it a face-up. like putting on makeup.
MinxTwo 6 soat oldin
Reminds me of a how its made episode lol
CookiexxRoblox RobloxFan
CookiexxRoblox RobloxFan 7 soat oldin
Omg!i love your vids! And all your dolls! But im going to try and get pinned, Dollightful Dollightful Dollightful ♡
Nola 7 soat oldin
this video was in markiplier's new video 'where does youtube send new canadian viewers' lol
Avian Wyche
Avian Wyche 8 soat oldin
Can you make a steam punk owl
Red Cedar
Red Cedar 8 soat oldin
Trans bunny? Trans bunny 🐰 😎
*•.꧁𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧 Owl Adventures꧂.•*
*•.꧁𝐌𝐨𝐨𝐧 Owl Adventures꧂.•* 9 soat oldin
You could make a pastel owl or bird like a parrot I think the kitty and the rabbit would be great friends with the bird. :D
Mizzlinq 9 soat oldin
Ooooh I’ve got an idea for the unused onesie. You can make a bear doll. (This is a suggest you don’t have to do it lol)
resverie 9 soat oldin
super excited to (hopefully) see more custom dollightful BJDs in the future! this one came out super adorable ☺️ (tho... after watching utopia, anthropomorphic rabbits definitely creep me out a bit xD)
Curtis Ruffin
Curtis Ruffin 9 soat oldin
How much money would it cost for you to make me a fox
Aimia Martinez
Aimia Martinez 9 soat oldin
Make a Coraline Doll
Mary anne clavey
Mary anne clavey 9 soat oldin
You should've added a puff ball on the back of the onesie to make a bun bun tail :O
taylorrr 12 soat oldin
AAAAA im so proud of you, ive been around for a while on my old accounts :D you've come so far!
Lenzie Shirey
Lenzie Shirey 12 soat oldin
crazy how ms dollightful keeps on getting more and more powerful
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 13 soat oldin
Мне нравится думать, что рано или поздно может появиться третья зверушка, которой наконец подойдёт тот костюмчик💚
Robby Morning
Robby Morning 13 soat oldin
And as it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment: (Heb 9:27) For the love of money is the root of all evil: which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows. (1 Timothy 6:10) And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelation 20:15) For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul? (Mark 8:36)
Simona Gorgieva
Simona Gorgieva 15 soat oldin
Finaly she made a doll from skratch its bin like what 2-3 years😂
Matildo1212 16 soat oldin
This video was in markipliers video about the UZpost algorithm and it reminded me how much I enjoyed your videos and so, here we go for another doll binge!
vbddfy euuyt
vbddfy euuyt 13 soat oldin
Hey where is the cottontail 🥺😟
tessa 16 soat oldin
PLEASE START SELLING THESE OH MY GOD it turned out so amazing
PERUMAL S 17 soat oldin
Dolls plsss❤️
PERUMAL S 17 soat oldin
Can u do BTS inspired solls pls❤️❤️❤️
Xylia Mai Marden
Xylia Mai Marden 18 soat oldin
Gosh darn it! I wish I had the stuff because I so want a doll made by her and her husband!!! It's so cute!
PunkStar49 18 soat oldin
Dollightful you moonlight jewel, and the doll fairy have been my biggest inspiration when I draw so I decided to draw you guys as cloud keeper
Darkhellia DarkFire
Darkhellia DarkFire 19 soat oldin
The vast majority of your channels are legitimate repainting jobs on pre-existing dolls you own. Currently on your channel you have Box opening videos, customizations of toys besides dolls, doll customizations that are also repaints, a few How-To videos, art/sketch videos, tutorial videos on doll customization plus supply videos, channel update and news videos, doll reviews, overview videos containing thoughts about certain projects you've worked on, tour videos of your dolls and studio, showcasing videos, and Q&A videos. For any video involving dolls you should retitle them if needed, for example if you are modifying an existing doll through customization work than titling the video as a Repaint is appropriate but a video like this where you construct a doll from scratch should be titled Original Custom Doll or something similar to that effect. For the Stockbox Repaints keeping them titled that way is fine, for regular doll customizations keeping them titled with Repaint is also acceptable. I would also make playlists to seperate your various different videos into similar catagory groups for example have all of your Sketch With Me series in one orderly playlist, all your repaints in another playlist, your stockbox repaints in their own playlist, original custom dolls in another one, and so on and so forth.
michaela humphries
michaela humphries 19 soat oldin
before she put the eyes in it kind of looked like a fanaf animatronic
Oliver M
Oliver M 21 soat oldin
Oh no you might have to make a dog bgd for the original onesie /sar
King K.O.
King K.O. 22 soat oldin
U could use “custom + repaint” if u don’t just wanna use repaint anymore! I think that’d fit pretty well !
Eliška_Technoblade for_LIFE
Eliška_Technoblade for_LIFE 23 soat oldin
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Kun oldin
T la meilleur, on t adore ???
Mar Jiménez
Mar Jiménez Kun oldin
Can you make a Harry Potter-inspired doll! Like a half hippogriff, dementor, a patronus or thestral?
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Kun oldin
We've always joked that you'd make a doll completely from scratch, but we didn't actually expected you to do it
Alex-editsanime Kun oldin
Plot twist: the bunny was actually glitchtrap wearing lenses
•Bambix• Kun oldin
Hey where is the cottontail 🥺😟
•Bambix• 12 soat oldin
@sehhi vooty lmao
sehhi vooty
sehhi vooty Kun oldin
who else saw her thumbnail in markipliers video and came rushing.
Anthony Mcbride
Anthony Mcbride Kun oldin
love your vids :D
Anthony Mcbride
Anthony Mcbride Kun oldin
hey dollightful wanna do a video with moriah elizabeth another rainbow lover?
serdy ximi
serdy ximi Kun oldin
Random Vids but I have fun
Random Vids but I have fun Kun oldin
You should make like a animal holiday family
Silver Song
Silver Song Kun oldin
You should have used the original one it actually looked so cute like a baby putting on it’s mother’s clothes or something
Claudia Freeman
Claudia Freeman Kun oldin
its toy Bonnie!
Jessi C.
Jessi C. Kun oldin
Next up : Tiny Bird! Lols cute doll and faceup, great work you two!
LITTLE Kun oldin
That's pretty cute.
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Kun oldin
and it shows in the simplicity of this video. Props to her husband as well!
Rosia Aguilar
Rosia Aguilar Kun oldin
She makes me smile 🥺💃
Gigi Marie
Gigi Marie Kun oldin
Alien next please!
The Gray Lady
The Gray Lady Kun oldin
Should give the bunny a cute little fluffy ball tail!
Bella Chua
Bella Chua Kun oldin
yuitr loing
yuitr loing Kun oldin
1 and 3
ege maddison
ege maddison Kun oldin
Make a tiny squirrel for the onsie
Elizabeth Kierere
Elizabeth Kierere Kun oldin
who else saw her thumbnail in markipliers video and came rushing.
alice in playful land
alice in playful land Kun oldin
The cat and bunny are furrys lol
Stitchwyck Creations
Stitchwyck Creations Kun oldin
He's utterly adorable. now to find someone to print me a little bunny
Spiritual Potato
Spiritual Potato Kun oldin
Ben Elma
Ben Elma Kun oldin
Oh how far we’ve come
Selen Kun oldin
You should work on a bigger doll project, like the ones that are child sized
EdieBird Kun oldin
Honestly, I would keep the "repaint" descriptor. It's not entirely accurate, but it does still fit in that you ARE still customizing and changing the doll. It's similar to how "reborn" dolls used to mean a commercially produced baby doll that had been stripped, repainted, rooted, and weighted, but NOW, it means a doll made from a blank kit that has been painted, weighted, and rooted. Newer artists even try to claim that the old school dolls aren't "real' reborns. (pardon me while I go yell at some clouds for a while since I've been making reborn dolls longer than some of these particular artists have been alive and it makes me feel very very old)
Judy Shikho
Judy Shikho Kun oldin
Is taht your bfs hand
Ronnachi Kun oldin
I think you should start your own doll line
Ronnachi Kun oldin
I mean as you should make more of these and sell them
Selma Kun oldin
Hey! Love your videos so much and I really enjoy matching every new update and especially see how you evolve your style and techniques! I also really love how you are so open and honest about what influenced or inspired you in the moment of a dolls creation. I'm usually a quiet watcher of yours but I thought that since you finally started getting some well deserved (and earned) confidence with resin, that I might add some fun facts about eyes! As a RN I finally have something I can add in this comment section. You see, as people get older the 'muscle' of the iris in our eyes get stiffer and has a harder time focusing, just like camera lenses. As a result the irises tend to be much lighter in our later years. The color of the irises don't necessarily change as much as the overall but this has to do more with what is called the limbal ring. The limbal ring is a slightly darker ring around the irises and marks the edges between the sclera and the iris. As we age this line disappears almost entirely, resulting in a lighter appearing eye color. So! My tip to you is that you might try to run a marker or some darker paint along the edge of paper cutouts you use for your doll irises, especially in younger characters. I think this might add a subconscious yet really nice and youthful effect to your dolls. :) Thank you for sharing your talent!
Madeline Tetrault
Madeline Tetrault Kun oldin
Smol bunny?
Madeline Tetrault
Madeline Tetrault Kun oldin
So sweet and lovely! I can't think of names! (Why)
Zoey McCormack
Zoey McCormack Kun oldin
1 and 3
Ice cream Ice cream
Ice cream Ice cream Kun oldin
You should make a unicorn doll next
Madeline Inscoe
Madeline Inscoe Kun oldin
Umm this is kinda different but i think it would be cool to make a disabled doll of some kind
DarjeelingJelly Kun oldin
I'm here for this ...I stans...🥲❤❤❤ ...we are extremely fortunate to have such a generous creator to offer stl files for the masses. I love you ma'am and sir, thank you. I'm going to cry and go print dolls now! I'll finally have a bjd doll!
Veerle Van Merwijk
Veerle Van Merwijk Kun oldin
Loved it when the original onesie was too big haha, your doll is extremely tiny, so cute!
Michiresu Kun oldin
Any chance The sliced files of the bunny will be available too? I'm not that good supporting it to print :p
Ashleigh Little
Ashleigh Little Kun oldin
This video is being promoted in Canada! I just saw you in Markipliers newest video!!!
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Kun oldin
Мне нравится думать, что рано или поздно может появиться третья зверушка, которой наконец подойдёт тот костюмчик💚
historias de LPS
historias de LPS Kun oldin
Puedes hacer una muñeca de qué es un perro 😃 porfi
Satine Marie
Satine Marie Kun oldin
guess you have to make another doll to fit the original onesie
Hero Sakurako
Hero Sakurako Kun oldin
Omg, this video popped up in one of Markipliers videos XD
Dina pancake
Dina pancake Kun oldin
I saw you in a Markiplier UZpost video!
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv Kun oldin
Who’s hear from markiplier?
UMIZUMI :D Kun oldin
oh crap, easter was 2 months ago in my country....
UMIZUMI :D Kun oldin
wow its beautiful! well.......... would’ve fit better for easter BUT WHO CARES ITS PASTEL
Ace of Spades
Ace of Spades Kun oldin
Yo, you were just on Markipliers most recent video!
Cheese_Lemon 2 kun oldin
“A new doll to fit the outfit” :ends up needing a new outfit:
P Anika
P Anika 2 kun oldin
I didn’t realize how small that bunny was until a doll held it omg
Mara Smith
Mara Smith 2 kun oldin
The thumbnail and video title of this video showed up in Markiplier's new video about where new viewers are sent on youtube. I think that so cool that this gets recommend to people and got a little feature!
Leon 2 kun oldin
i actually think the onesie being shorter on the legs is a good look for a rabbit doll! i imagine they need some extra leg room for hopping and running around
Chocolate Cat
Chocolate Cat 2 kun oldin
you did such an awesome job Dollightful! i like the cat and the bunny doll and i'm so impressed that creating the doll was so simple, good job
Eevis 2 kun oldin
This bunny is so adorable! But I do wish it would've had the iconic pompom tail!
Mi-Mi Peachy!
Mi-Mi Peachy! 2 kun oldin
Wait, what if you made a mouse? Then the sizes would make sense AND you use that small onsie! Just figure the size of the outfit and THEN the doll 😁 Btw, this looks AMAZING-
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 2 kun oldin
I simply adore the fact that you have a 3D printer and then your uv lamp is an old bucket with uv lights strung in it
Azalia Nieuwenhuys
Azalia Nieuwenhuys 2 kun oldin
Can I have the bunny
ellie witham
ellie witham 2 kun oldin
Stick a Pom Pom on the back as well for a tail
O.L.A 2 kun oldin
Who’s hear from markiplier?
Oxel Hox
Oxel Hox 2 kun oldin
I'd say keep the repaint label, as that's kinda what this genre is defined as.
nijuo joing
nijuo joing 2 kun oldin
I didn’t understand Hal father thing she said
DeadEyedDoll 2 kun oldin
Just wanted to add... this video showed up in Markiplier's new video about UZpost's recommendeds. I was just watching his new video today and suddenly I see this thumbnail on his UZpost screen. I was like, "Wait, I know that!" XD
Kiibouma 2 kun oldin
나는 당신이 내 코멘트를 볼 수 있기를 바랍니다 ,나는 말할 중요한 것이 있습니다 ! 나는 너를 몇 년 동안 지켜 보았다 동영상을 업로드할 때마다 그것은 내 하루를 훨씬 더 밝게 만들었습니다 ! 세월이 흐르면서, 나는 내가 관심을 잃기 시작했다는 것을 깨달았다 나는 종류의 깊은 슬픔에 빠졌다 내 모든 문제 후에도 나는이 채널로 돌아 오는 길을 발견했다 감사합니다 ,내 하루를 더 좋게 만들어 주셔서 감사합니다 나는 당신과 함께 성장하고 당신이 성장하는 것을 지켜봐야한다는 것을 기쁘게 생각합니다 of society of society 2 kun oldin
I love you so much💖
Pink Bear
Pink Bear 2 kun oldin
yall remember when she used to use the hand drill 😭
Chuck Bayfong
Chuck Bayfong 2 kun oldin
Do you make custom dolls for people to buy? If not then you should you could charge 30-50$ for one of them and you would make a lot of money, and if you want more money then charge how ever much supplies is and add 10$ to that then what ever number that is would be the price and if that is under 50$ then just have people pay 50$ because TRUST ME they WOULD, you could have people give you a picture or sketch and colors of what they want it to look like then you could make it and it would make people who aren’t very good at doll art (like me) very happy!
The internet weeb
The internet weeb 2 kun oldin
I really love your doll I thought it cool detail could be if you added a white tuff of far between they're ears
Anastasia Romanov
Anastasia Romanov 2 kun oldin
I kinda want to see a Snake doll like with a mermaid no legs but a tail, tho the arms can stay that would look too creepy but something like Phoenix or Aquarien with a super long tail Or a Centaur doll with a horse body or maybe an Avian-hybrid with wings and talons or a Mage/Wizard/Witch doll with LED's in their hands and a bunch of glitter HP/Gandalf style or a detective doll with a sherlock holmes 1890's style clothes or maybe even a Robot doll where you can see the gears in the body A teacher doll would be interesting aswell with a little blackboard and chalk and all that would be my ideas
Cathi P.
Cathi P. 2 kun oldin
This is so cute!!! I love all of your customs. Also, I had an idea for a series; you could make pride flags as characters! I think it would be really fun, but please don't feel pressured into doing it if you don't want to. I love your work!
Kind Ichigoイチゴ
Kind Ichigoイチゴ 2 kun oldin
I was watching a gacha tutorial and then see you. I HAVEN'T WATCHED YOU SINCE MONTHS OR A YEAR AGO
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