Real Madrid vs Barcelona | LALIGA HIGHLIGHTS | 4/10/2021 | beIN SPORTS USA

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Atletico Madrid were usurped at the summit of LaLiga by Real Madrid after Zinedine Zidane's men edged a pulsating El Clasico.
#LaLiga #RealMadrid #Barcelona
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edmund genfi
edmund genfi 7 kun oldin
After all this, we drew twice and everything seems to be slipping away
alexandre goncalves
alexandre goncalves 8 kun oldin
why does madrid steal carthage colors ..? madrid has nothing to do with carthage . barcelona is carthage.
Successful Life
Successful Life 14 kun oldin
Minute 9:05 look how the ball disappeared wtf
Thoron Byrd
Thoron Byrd 16 kun oldin
Ads in the middle of a highlight video, thumbs down.
Alex Aguilera
Alex Aguilera 18 kun oldin
You can hear how bad the commentator wants Barcelona to score smh
Ali Yaser Ramazani
Ali Yaser Ramazani 19 kun oldin
What a game!
Irwin Vasquez
Irwin Vasquez 19 kun oldin
La Liga is basically Barca, Real Madrid and Athletico Madrid.
Edrick Destine
Edrick Destine 19 kun oldin
For some reason the whole game look like a fifa game
Hiii 20 kun oldin
The el Classico’s aren’t as good as they used to be 😭, the excitement of Ronaldo playing against Messi, a bunch of the great Barcelona players left, and well Real Madrid is still an amazing club but Ronaldo made it complete
william mmm
william mmm 20 kun oldin
shoulda played griezzy from start
Antonio Medrano
Antonio Medrano 21 kun oldin
Florentino Pérez is smart , he let Ronaldo go because he knew Messi was no longer a threat and benzema and other mediocres is good enough until they can save $ for Mbappe or haland
Antonio Medrano
Antonio Medrano 21 kun oldin
I dont like Barcelona but mingueza seems like an okay player
Antonio Medrano
Antonio Medrano 21 kun oldin
Messi shivering , he’s cold 🥶, he doesn’t sweat for the shirt anymore . That’s why he’s cold
Ruben Perez
Ruben Perez 21 kun oldin
This Barca roster needs an upgrade I miss the good old days 😭
J H 21 kun oldin
Jordi Alba 🤦🏻‍♂️
goonymiami 21 kun oldin
Broadcasted by Christopher Walken.
Hellzangel 22 kun oldin
That shot Ter Steigen 18:32 took and Trincaó blocked triggered me. It wouldn’t have been wide or blocked by a defender imho I think, also there’s no possible way to know or tell anyways.. It rly looks like it could’ve actually been in for a goal, feelsbad rly wanted Ter Steigen to make that lol would’ve been epic. Alsooo, 15:14 Messi should’ve passed it to Mingueza far right instead of inside the middle, tbh he probably could’ve made another goal if Messi passed to him. But nah.. Literally tho, game shaved 5 years off of my life. Smh. Mingueza really impressed me in this game.
B E N E V O L E N T 22 kun oldin
This is the perfect game to show why Barca needs a proper striker and not a false 9 like Griezzman. How many goals do you think there would have been if Barca just had a damn finisher ?
LuckeeManiac 22 kun oldin
0:01 BENZEMA....let me fist bump with my FAKE INJURY wrapped hand that has been injured now since 2013
THE ASS BLASTER🇻🇦 21 kun oldin
Mehrdad 22 kun oldin
another brilliant el clasico from Real under massive rain. How impactful has Benz become?
V K 22 kun oldin
The coach's fault. Barca had mentality to attack but they don't need to get 3 points today to stay top. Should have done 4-4-2 only leave Messi and Dembeli at Front. Alba didn't make effort to block 1st goal.
Anjum Wajid
Anjum Wajid 22 kun oldin
Real Madrid winning even without Ronaldo 🤣
Gabriel Dussault
Gabriel Dussault 22 kun oldin
Barca deserved the w more than Madrid did.
Fran Florez
Fran Florez 22 kun oldin
Messi deserve a better team
memimo9 22 kun oldin
Benzema scoring amazing goals against barça 💯💯💯 definitely in the top 10 of best clasico goals!
Akash Patel
Akash Patel 23 kun oldin
I watched this match live but a 20 minute highlight video?!? That's more than 20% of the match time.
Geidy Martínez Falcón
Geidy Martínez Falcón 23 kun oldin
!!Hala Madrid!!
Sir Gum
Sir Gum 23 kun oldin
Only available in USA??? this highlight.
XxX One
XxX One 23 kun oldin
Imagine if ronaldo was there
Vini jr has been amazing lately
Jay C
Jay C 23 kun oldin
Fire Coheman
Miguel Vivanco
Miguel Vivanco 23 kun oldin
I rally don't care about this game enymore.......
Alex tom
Alex tom 23 kun oldin
The Karim always rises to the top
Israel G
Israel G 23 kun oldin
1-0 2:15 2-0 5:27 2-1 13:01
ray guzman
ray guzman 23 kun oldin
Mingueza with the goal.. Roy Hudson: OMG beautiful display from Messi.
Iam Noob1st
Iam Noob1st 23 kun oldin
Laugh out loud
James Brenan
James Brenan 23 kun oldin
Im a man city fan but I love real madris fan base because there never toxic
do we have milk?
do we have milk? 23 kun oldin
I miss ranaldo being on madrid
Disciple 1
Disciple 1 23 kun oldin
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Frank Wehrhahn
Frank Wehrhahn 24 kun oldin
Casemiro man of the match Vini jr flop of the match
lil box
lil box 24 kun oldin
Im neither fan of either but man i feel bad for messi and ter stegen one needs a better defense and another needs to join a new team
leoleo 24 kun oldin
Benzema for ball en dor
Roger Flores de Valgaz
Roger Flores de Valgaz 24 kun oldin
Why did it look like fifa 21 at the beginning
andrew catalana
andrew catalana 24 kun oldin
the video quality is awful. these highlights arent even hd
Franklin Garcia
Franklin Garcia 24 kun oldin
Penalty for braithwhaite
2530 angel number
Alexander K
Alexander K 24 kun oldin
Ter Stegan is such a troll 😂
God is Love
God is Love 24 kun oldin
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Manuel Carrillo
Manuel Carrillo 24 kun oldin
We got a penalty but they didn't count shit wtf no I want a rematch with a different refree cuz he is boughted
Aaron 24 kun oldin
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ConTourNext 24 kun oldin
Messi is done.
Basanta Pant
Basanta Pant 24 kun oldin
Bad luck for barca. The first goal was impossible to stop.
Ryan Schultz
Ryan Schultz 24 kun oldin
WOW! Madrid fans with their hearts in their throats. When that last shot smashed into the crossbar!?
Orest Alickolli
Orest Alickolli 24 kun oldin
20 minutes highlights 😒
Mohammad Zandsalimy
Mohammad Zandsalimy 24 kun oldin
عه، بارسا سوراخ شد که!
MaybeNick 24 kun oldin
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Marcos Ruiz
Marcos Ruiz 24 kun oldin
Imagine if Ter Stegen scored that banger at the end 😮😂
Royal K
Royal K 24 kun oldin
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Jeremy Thelen
Jeremy Thelen 24 kun oldin
It's amazing that both sides attacking very aggressively, but Barcelona's shots hit the goal posts instead going in.
Sour Swift
Sour Swift 24 kun oldin
This el Classico was great, all the goals were memorable, Barca got unlucky as a result of bad judgement and the woodwork not liking them too much, while Real focused full on penalizing every Barca mistake and playing very aggressive, while relying on their midfield and strong defense and they had much more confidence after demolishing Liverpool while the Barca players were tired and just wanted to get the ball, if Barca was more prepared they probably would’ve won, but all I can imagine is if Messi scored from that corner kick lol
Armando Dubon
Armando Dubon 24 kun oldin
The difference was messi.he didn't have a good game.those days are pretty much over.RM baby
Mariama lissa Diop
Mariama lissa Diop 24 kun oldin
Jesse Dishner
Jesse Dishner 24 kun oldin
Macdonald's commercials are much better in Spanish.
Simon George
Simon George 24 kun oldin
Revelation 19:21, NIV: "The rest were killed with the sword coming out of the mouth of the rider on the horse, and all the birds gorged themselves on their flesh."
Payal Shah
Payal Shah 24 kun oldin
Payal Shah
Payal Shah 24 kun oldin
What a goal by benzene wow
Roger Tapia
Roger Tapia 24 kun oldin
If they only will give Zidane a blank check to get the team he wants
Carlos Montes-Brito
Carlos Montes-Brito 24 kun oldin
Dest 🤢🤮
chilly FI
chilly FI 24 kun oldin
Giaco Lomelli
Giaco Lomelli 24 kun oldin
Antoine Griezmann and Dembele they need to back to France both suck
Giaco Lomelli
Giaco Lomelli 24 kun oldin
Dembele sucks send back to France
Francisco Barboza
Francisco Barboza 24 kun oldin
Barcelona’s defense is complete trash not including the keeper
Mau Perez
Mau Perez 24 kun oldin
1:03 se le olvidó que era árbitro y se puso a marcar al barca.
Hm 24 kun oldin
Roger Tapia
Roger Tapia 24 kun oldin
Who needs halaand when you have krim
Emperor Kossi
Emperor Kossi 24 kun oldin
10:42 lol looked like a when you're taking a corner in FIFA game
Foqus Lab
Foqus Lab 24 kun oldin
clásicos with Ronaldo were better
Jawad Beydoun
Jawad Beydoun 24 kun oldin
So many scandals in this game
j cabrera
j cabrera 24 kun oldin
This was no longer el Classico Come on . How in the world players like Dempele missed opportunities Why Coutinho still on bench ? It is disappointed
Angel Perez
Angel Perez 24 kun oldin
2:07 I knew Valverde was quick didn't know he was that fast, that was such a good goal with valverde, vasquez and the finish from benzema!
Dimitar Kominovski
Dimitar Kominovski 24 kun oldin
The weather beat barcelona as much as real madrid. Near the end barcelona had many chances to come back but they just looked cold and wet
Teofilo Da Silva
Teofilo Da Silva 25 kun oldin
Barca need better #28/7/11
Teofilo Da Silva
Teofilo Da Silva 25 kun oldin
Last barca kick was crazy 🤭😁🙄🤣 lucky
Teofilo Da Silva
Teofilo Da Silva 25 kun oldin
How can GirlZman miss that goal on mints 54?? 🤭😱😭😁🙄🤣
Teofilo Da Silva
Teofilo Da Silva 25 kun oldin
I think barca need other goolkeeper... T.stegen could got 1st goal easy. I'm 40 yrs old but there is no way that benzema kick go tho me. 🤔🤫🤣
Bruhstoise 25 kun oldin
Real Madrid and Barcelona players on the field have been such accurate representations of what’s happening with the board. Barcelona in disarray now and Real Madrid rebuilding... at the start of this season they seemed like a team with a lot of oof but nothing great but zidane once again has found the optimal 11 that really have that Madrid “fight to win” mentality that I remember seeing years ago. Barcelona need new heads at the top that allow Messi to leave and rebuild the club, so much drama there and it shows in the determination of the players, no one is willing to play for the badge
Chris Lira
Chris Lira 25 kun oldin
Still a barca fan, but disappointed in the team. They used to be so much better. Messi’s back must be aching trying to carry the whole team
Derrel Ramos
Derrel Ramos 25 kun oldin
at 2:39 you see Gordon Ramsey
Gabriel's Official Channel2
Gabriel's Official Channel2 25 kun oldin
It happened at the Camp Nou earlier this season and it happened again at the Di Stefano Stadium. This is a disgrace. Barca. got robbed. What was happening in the VAR room? Were they playing video games or what? Four penalties not given. The ref was clearly in favor of Real Madrid because his father started a Real Madrid fan club and after the match, Real Madrid gave him a goody bag.
lal sanga
lal sanga 25 kun oldin
Pretty sure RM got robbed multiple time in camp nou before, so it's even now and RM was also not given a penalty either cuz both team went down too softly as expected from football.
anonymous inc.
anonymous inc. 25 kun oldin
This is how many people think Messi should shave his beard 👇
James 25 kun oldin
Soccer is 💩
cleanxtouch vibe
cleanxtouch vibe 25 kun oldin
Roy Hudson is always barca's twelfth man😂😂😂
S N 25 kun oldin
Big Benz once again!
Locs 25 kun oldin
Quiero a Cristiano para tras de BLANCO 🤝
chief 1 redwolf
chief 1 redwolf 25 kun oldin
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Syed Mohammad Shabbir
Syed Mohammad Shabbir 25 kun oldin
Let's gooooooo
Greatest Ever
Greatest Ever 25 kun oldin
6:13 german engineering baby
J C 25 kun oldin
The second announcer is just annoying lol come on bro don’t take so long
El_mata21 25 kun oldin
My parents said if I reach 1k before 2022 I would get the ps5 please subscribe
bipin bhandari
bipin bhandari 25 kun oldin
Toni croos goal was just out of luck. Besides that Barca had many chances.
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