Painting My Entire Room With The World's Brightest Paint...Then Turning on a 100,000 Lumen Light!

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The Action Lab

Oy oldin

In this video I show you what it looked like when you paint an entire room with the world's brightest paint, called LIT. This is a continuation of the first video I did in which I painted my room with the darkest paint in the world (Musou Black). Watch how bright a room can glow on it's own!
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The Action Lab
The Action Lab Oy oldin
You are given the choice to live in the LIT room or the Musou Black room...what do you choose?
Grandfather_Din_Racket 24 kun oldin
Can you see how both rooms effect the liquid crystal grown from water inside a hydrophilic container? (Including a capillary?) See Gerald Pollack's video, from U. Washington's Physics dept.: "A Fresh View From The Water's Edge" me on this, if you haven't seen it.
Battulga Bat-Erdene
Battulga Bat-Erdene Oy oldin
Im not sure which room causes more vision damage. Im guessing the lit room?
NotDifficult Oy oldin
Last coment here!
pro pro
pro pro Oy oldin
TraffikJam Oy oldin
LIT room
Harrison John
Harrison John 40 daqiqa oldin
Superman can't live in this rooms
Ksywygzy Soat oldin
But these things shouldn't even glow in the first place. Why? Here's the thing. This paint glows in the dark, right? So since it glows in the dark, but the entire room is painted with it, all the walls glow, so the room is not dark anymore, so the paint shouldn't glow.
Christ power
Christ power 4 soat oldin
Andika P
Andika P 4 soat oldin
what happend if you throw flashbang on that room
Swapnil Sharma
Swapnil Sharma 5 soat oldin
He is so happy doing all this! He is having funnnn!
Milford 11
Milford 11 7 soat oldin
People watching this at night:MY EYES BURNS
Mark John Pareja
Mark John Pareja 8 soat oldin
is this what crisqo art using
Nico Johnston
Nico Johnston 14 soat oldin
For every Vanta Black video, there’s a LIT counterpart
dror ben uliel
dror ben uliel 14 soat oldin
7:45 thank me later
Angry Sord
Angry Sord 15 soat oldin
I got flash banged irl 😭
Guyjin 17 soat oldin
lmao flashbang
Fathan Abda
Fathan Abda 18 soat oldin
This channel getting better and better each time I wacth it.
Jiin .Valencia
Jiin .Valencia 19 soat oldin
Xray hand
miskee11 19 soat oldin
hol up.. this paint can always be "recharged"? i just googled it and it isn't even expensive.. so i guess i'll just paint my sauna with this stuff and see how the 100 degree celsius temperature affects it.
[De Frox]
[De Frox] 20 soat oldin
"Spectrulon is the whitest thing in the world" White dads in socks and sandels: "Am I a Joke to you?"
Lucas 21 soat oldin
I wonder how long that will last... months...years... how many times can it charge up like that?
Ragman 21 soat oldin
"Am i dead", is the first thought when i see those room
Rabbet Kun oldin
This that room on gm_construct
BRUH Kun oldin
You know,you can like...Choose the normal room to live in
Gewoon Sandor
Gewoon Sandor Kun oldin
Discord light mode be like
Michel _
Michel _ Kun oldin
5:00 seems like the shadows in Hiroshima
vincent deleon
vincent deleon Kun oldin
4:01 flashbang in real life
Datler der Drecksadler
Datler der Drecksadler Kun oldin
imagine you want to sleep but your whole room is glowing green
Plague Kun oldin
Wonder what this is made out of
MetalNick Kun oldin
Should have went back to using light in the room for a few seconds to see how bright the white is.
MetalNick Kun oldin
Alright, so what about creating a room with 2 opposite walls mirrors, 2 opposite walls blackest black, ceiling and floor whitest white..
CleanDinosaur 28
CleanDinosaur 28 Kun oldin
the perfect solution to children drawing on walls
Reuben Sandwich
Reuben Sandwich Kun oldin
"Whitest thing in the world." *Nazis want to know your location.*
Mic Sokoli
Mic Sokoli 22 soat oldin
Yea man, been looking for his location
Renee S
Renee S Kun oldin
Any chance you tested a 60 watt bulb in there?
Renee S
Renee S Kun oldin
by chance did the room become warmer or hold warmth better?
WHITEY Kun oldin
Stop killing our aliens! we don’t want to be paint! this is a joke
hasnain khan
hasnain khan 2 kun oldin
My hole life was lie. How much this paint?
マド 2 kun oldin
well thats a nice room for tiktokers
Jacksonimations 2 kun oldin
No joke the lit pigment hurt my eyes
Alexis G
Alexis G 2 kun oldin
This video was so calming lol
Brandon Mckenney
Brandon Mckenney 2 kun oldin
What about doing the blackest black as a base, then tape designs and spray the brightest. The contrast would have your mind tripping
the Shanga
the Shanga 2 kun oldin
Omgg i always imagined what it whould a white room looks like
I WILL CONSUME 3 kun oldin
im more towards the beginning of the video but i feel like he should be wearing welding goggles
Moteeph73 3 kun oldin
Guaranteed all 2k of those thumbs down were because of the noise at 6:20 ... like nails on a chalk board my guy.
Becky Zimmerman
Becky Zimmerman 3 kun oldin
His grandma: IM SEEING THE LIGHT IM GOING TOWARD IT Him: no grandma you just walked into the wrong room
BEATSWOLF 3 kun oldin
This was pretty satisfying to watch... Thank you... 🤍
Aryan Chanpa
Aryan Chanpa 3 kun oldin
amazing video especially the laser thing
Aviation Nation
Aviation Nation 3 kun oldin
4:01, discord light mode activated
Stefan Snyders
Stefan Snyders 3 kun oldin
The real question is if the whole room is lit wouldn't it's own glow then light it self and never go out??
FireyDeath4 4 kun oldin
what about just standard white paint
MadAxe 4 kun oldin
There you we just found out where aliens live....
Mad Harambe
Mad Harambe 4 kun oldin
Don't worry guys, he is just making a prototype of the dyson sphere
Mohamed Nagi
Mohamed Nagi 4 kun oldin
“Worlds brightest thing” Discord light mode: you dare challenge me you little peasant?
Willie Snyder
Willie Snyder 4 kun oldin
Contagious enthusiasm! Very cool!
Brandon 4 kun oldin
Pretty much like walking outside in a sunny day with snow on the ground.
Mrbeaster 6000
Mrbeaster 6000 4 kun oldin
Its like your in a minecraft emerald glowing but rtx
Japheth ANS
Japheth ANS 4 kun oldin
Infinity room.
Chris Wambles
Chris Wambles 4 kun oldin
The black with sprinkles of glow= starry ✨ night
Adam Lupher
Adam Lupher 4 kun oldin
Can you try this glow room with a tesla coil lol.
Johan Cahyadi
Johan Cahyadi 7 kun oldin
I think we can save alot of electrical energy by designing this kind of chamber for each house
Mačak u čizmama
Mačak u čizmama 7 kun oldin
I would actually use it in the house lol
Mačak u čizmama
Mačak u čizmama 7 kun oldin
Interesting, they should use this on watches.
Prashant Shelke
Prashant Shelke 7 kun oldin
how did i not know about this channel, just awesome !!
Aeril Farihan
Aeril Farihan 7 kun oldin
I have a board also lit but also like not something white and works the same as the green light thing
i have nothing to lose
i have nothing to lose 7 kun oldin
Ooohhh im blinded by the lights
lestrange 7 kun oldin
After the large power failures in portions of the country recently, I think it would be useful to have some of this glow stuff painted on boards or canvases and use them as emergency lights. You'd still need to charge it but then you can turn off your flashlights or lanterns to conserve your batteries. Or if it's sunny enough you can leave them in a window to charge during the day and then have an all-night light source. It would be good for camping too.
Kaelyn Terry
Kaelyn Terry 8 kun oldin
i like it😄😄😄
Charles Tanner
Charles Tanner 10 kun oldin
Mix LIT and Musou black.
Samarth Goel
Samarth Goel 10 kun oldin
7:50 lightbulb: why am i still here, just to suffer
iNiCoFox 10 kun oldin
Why don't you just paint the brightest paint on the previous black paint?
dontaskiwasbored2008 10 kun oldin
Put the Lit pigment in the Musou Black! It's the darkest room until you let light in. Then it's lit.
victor castañeda
victor castañeda 10 kun oldin
I saw that your laser burns wood... What happens if you try to burn wood that has been painted with lit and the blackest Black? Does the wood resist more or less?
NGU_Wafflz 12 kun oldin
Try led lights strip in green with the luminescent walls, i have custms that out off a black light
Derker 12 kun oldin
what is the real name of the product so I can buy it from Amazon? Can you put the link?
Cristian Delpiero
Cristian Delpiero 13 kun oldin
So is that mean light speed is not always 300km/sc?
daikan 13 kun oldin
How expensive is this paint
kestrel archer
kestrel archer 14 kun oldin
They can actually found a practical purposes of this whitest paint in the world. You can line use it to absorb sun rays and heat during the day and put it on top of the Solar Panels at night, thereby allowing solar panel to work at night
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko 14 kun oldin
These would be such cool exhibits at museums like the Franklin institute.
Christian Luczejko
Christian Luczejko 14 kun oldin
It would trip me out to no end to walk into a room light up like that and be wondering where tf the light source was.
Ember Gates
Ember Gates 14 kun oldin
This is one of the best things I've ever seen
theRiTTzer 15 kun oldin
Spends hundreds on black paint... Rips it off instead of changing panels.
israel carbajal
israel carbajal 15 kun oldin
Next I wash myself with the wetest water...
Kollective Björk
Kollective Björk 15 kun oldin
BIG MAN 15 kun oldin
The Holy Light Exe
Ace 12
Ace 12 15 kun oldin
Action lab:“Spectrolon is the whitest thing in the world” My skin tone: am I a joke to you?
Nile 16 kun oldin
Imagine painting ceilings like that
平DARKO 16 kun oldin
White theme Discord: *pathetic*
Don Mauro di Boghari
Don Mauro di Boghari 16 kun oldin
Is this process really a light painting
Nicholas Furious
Nicholas Furious 17 kun oldin
Whoa! This is amazing!
Chris Parker
Chris Parker 17 kun oldin
Can you make an optical illusion using both colors. The darkest and the brightest
Bubblezov Love
Bubblezov Love 18 kun oldin
That t-shirt makes him look like he's just escaped a hospital somewhere.... lol
Có ý thức đi
Có ý thức đi 18 kun oldin
this is a seris right?
ZamoraGaming 18 kun oldin
The Musou Black Room is like a black hole. But more like SQUARE HOLE.
Llaveroja27 18 kun oldin
It's like the lighting in video games... you destroy the source and can still see.
Mark Knight
Mark Knight 18 kun oldin
This could have potential for being used in life saving situations, where there is no light source available.
Joshua Greene
Joshua Greene 18 kun oldin
Am I the only one who wanted to see what it looks like with the lights on?
tinklepants82 19 kun oldin
I'm thinking autism sensory room ideas
James V4lnu
James V4lnu 19 kun oldin
Please tell me how big is the temperature difference between black and white room, after opening the flashlight
Kyle L
Kyle L 19 kun oldin
Aw man it’s green
Narayan Dhimal
Narayan Dhimal 20 kun oldin
Sanchit Malik
Sanchit Malik 20 kun oldin
6:42 Action's Lab LIT Fluorescent room finger ASMR
Kevin McDonough
Kevin McDonough 20 kun oldin
I have only one question. WHERE DO ALL THE ROOMS GO?!!
Richard Keene
Richard Keene 20 kun oldin
You should turn on the 100,000 lumen light in the darkest room
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