Overwatch Animated Short | “Dragons”

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Discover the story behind one of Overwatch’s biggest rivalries in our third animated short: Dragons! Then begin your watch May 24 on PC, PlayStation 4, or Xbox One: www.buyoverwatch.com
“Dragons” explores the history of conflict between the scions of the Shimada clan: Hanzo and Genji. In this episode, we follow Hanzo as he returns to the siblings’ family home in Hanamura to seek redemption . . . and confront the ghosts of the past.
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Nuala Bethell
Nuala Bethell 7 soat oldin
This was beyond amazing the people who made this are so talented
отец хентай
отец хентай 7 soat oldin
I can watch this 10000000 times and still cry
Collin Landschoot
Collin Landschoot 11 soat oldin
Dude this gets me hyped for a game I already own
Hun Kim
Hun Kim 11 soat oldin
@5:01 gotta luv the subtitles sometimes
Jam 13 soat oldin
How they present the story is just like ancient Japanese folk tales
dylis dylis
dylis dylis 15 soat oldin
Your soul will be mine!
TimeWizud 15 soat oldin
Please release 4K versions of these :(
P0sivity Eight
P0sivity Eight 20 soat oldin
3:02 is the best scene
Rsa Laxus
Rsa Laxus Kun oldin
Genji vs Hayabusa(Mobile legends)...... Who wins?
JJonas Kun oldin
watching this in 2021 and its still great.
C R I M S O N Kun oldin
Fun fact : everyone wants blizzard entertainment to make an overwatch movie
RapiDSpacE13 Kun oldin
Ah the scattering arrows.
Rumpus Kun oldin
"you know nothing of what happened" and neither do we five years later
Steenki Bom
Steenki Bom Kun oldin
Krosulhah Kun oldin
You know an animation/video is amazing when it gives you chills even after watching it over ten times. God-tier work on this.
Daenerys Targaryen
Daenerys Targaryen Kun oldin
Shimada control the dragons? No. A dragon is not a slave.
Slinkyyy Kun oldin
This can make a grown man cry
Uncle Hargle
Uncle Hargle Kun oldin
Notice how in every short, when someone actually gets hit by a bullet or arrow, it’s an omnic getting hit, not a real person. Stop omnic abuse.
Amia The little bleb OwO
Amia The little bleb OwO Kun oldin
Him:Gasp Me: Gasp HIM: HOW The dude : D Me: Gasp
yoongi boongs
yoongi boongs Kun oldin
Dr. Weil
Dr. Weil Kun oldin
How tf Hanzo has two dragons??
Shallow Kun oldin
The reason he has two is because he is trying to compensate his dragon in for Genji's, as the two dragons were stronger together, but both dragons are actually just himself.
Charley Herbo
Charley Herbo 2 kun oldin
I still get chills when they say there ults
ryuu 1
ryuu 1 2 kun oldin
quality animation
BERRY good!
BERRY good! 2 kun oldin
ゲンジ→龍神の剣をくらえ ハンゾー →龍が我が敵を喰らう
Mahesvara 2 kun oldin
Rip hanzo multi shot... ps by far my favorite short animation
hello hoomans
hello hoomans 2 kun oldin
Even though i dont play overwatch i still watched this over 50 times
hello hoomans
hello hoomans 2 kun oldin
only a Shimada can control the dragon uno revErse card
Nellyati Bossman
Nellyati Bossman 2 kun oldin
ah,yes my boy genji my fav hero...although I don't have the game but....genji's cool I make a lot of drawing lf genji...
NFH {GG} 2 kun oldin
4:58 My Favourite😂😂😂😂
Dayson N
Dayson N 3 kun oldin
First time i’m watching this and i’m gonna ball my eyes out wtfffff
maxxl04 3 kun oldin
I watch this on a daily basis
Clips Productions
Clips Productions 3 kun oldin
I still watch this to this day
あかりSoy 3 kun oldin
Thought was watching Avatar in the beginning
Emma Klor
Emma Klor 3 kun oldin
Me: oh cool it's Genji and Hanzo Genji: U THINK U HONOR UR BROTHER GENJI WITH INSENSE OFFERINGS!?!? Me: O_O
Emma Klor
Emma Klor 3 kun oldin
Lol it's fine (but how do u spell it????)
platonik filofOz
platonik filofOz 3 kun oldin
That not how you spell the word but i love you any way 🤣
Gabriel Isakov
Gabriel Isakov 3 kun oldin
Subtitles: Saturday night ukalaka Thank you al Okay okay
恵 真弓
恵 真弓 3 kun oldin
"Perhaps Im a fool to believe there is still hope for you. But I do"
ONoisy BoyO
ONoisy BoyO 4 kun oldin
Bruh who else wants this to be a movie
DRKSLZ 4 kun oldin
Blizzard: Real life is not like the story our father told us (papa Jeff) you were a fool for believing it so The overwatch community: Perhaps I am a fool to think there is still hope for you but I do
ok 4 kun oldin
man the wild kratts can never get along
ACE CLOP 3 kun oldin
the apex streamers spiral_verse
the apex streamers spiral_verse 4 kun oldin
That song tho!
Doof Network
Doof Network 4 kun oldin
So am I the only one half expecting the narrator to say "your soul is mine?"
Caboose 5 kun oldin
Overwatch Animated Short | “farts"
Collin Dao
Collin Dao 5 kun oldin
This has to be my favorite overwatch short
Mudalad12 5 kun oldin
1:30 he could have used his stand to heal genji
Roy Liu
Roy Liu 5 kun oldin
4:34 pause the video IMMEDIATELY and you can see that genji got some cake wait so genji and hanzo are reincarnations of the dragons?
Roy Liu
Roy Liu 4 kun oldin
@Bob the Sled team i think it's possible that the shimada are descended from the dragon and thats why they can control them. i only say reincarnations because Genji says "the world is changing once again" which makes me think that they've seen it change multiple times, through multiple lifetimes. idk that just me
Bob the Sled team
Bob the Sled team 5 kun oldin
No they control the dragons and/or are visual representations of the dragons
Hermione Granger
Hermione Granger 5 kun oldin
Still legand anime
RedHedgeHog 6 kun oldin
4:40 turn on captions and just enjoy
Isaac Lee Scott
Isaac Lee Scott 6 kun oldin
The overwatch devs care more about the animations than there game lmao.
JADE GAMING 6 kun oldin
Its not delivery it's the fact that genji is actually itachi
Gioele Montironi
Gioele Montironi 7 kun oldin
7:18 possible talent for overwatch 2?
Samz Nguyen
Samz Nguyen 7 kun oldin
Miss the old Hanzo ability :((
Adi Chatterjee
Adi Chatterjee 7 kun oldin
Reliving this beauty
damnboihefricc 7 kun oldin
I wish it was an ability for genji to vanish, and maybe teleport somewhere random where there was no nearby enemies
L0U13 __
L0U13 __ 7 kun oldin
I love the heroes that abilities are based on their culture and heritage
Amara ha
Amara ha 7 kun oldin
He could of doged that 100% his ult is so slow and he has a double jump 5:15
Cx 8 kun oldin
Mi brotha is d***
Antifreeze. 8 kun oldin
hanzo in short: *melee with bow* hanzo in game: -palm bash-
RUN gaming studio
RUN gaming studio 8 kun oldin
Annika Choi
Annika Choi 8 kun oldin
It took me a while to figure out the guy who was telling the story of the dragons was Hanzo and Genji's father. Not Hanzo which I thought.
Dino 8 kun oldin
Well u gotta update this because scatter is gone
Julian Seguin
Julian Seguin 8 kun oldin
Zenyatta: How was your reunion with your brother? Genji: He's still not ready for time to flow forwards again.
ea _0315
ea _0315 8 kun oldin
CoffeeGuy777 8 kun oldin
We need a mccree movie and a genji movie 🤦‍♂️😭😭
Visruth R.M
Visruth R.M 9 kun oldin
what did hanzo say when he used his spell
Lost Liberal
Lost Liberal 5 kun oldin
Ryuuga wagateki wo kurau
Josh F
Josh F 9 kun oldin
The narrator also played Shang Stung from MK (Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa)
A cup of tea,with some suga and a kookie
A cup of tea,with some suga and a kookie 9 kun oldin
Wow can’t believe it’s been 4 years since this released
Preston Hatcher
Preston Hatcher 9 kun oldin
Best overwatch animation in my opinion
FatRoro 9 kun oldin
lol he roast hanzo about honor when doesnt know it genji
Young Michalu
Young Michalu 9 kun oldin
Better than actual game
Yami Zetsubou
Yami Zetsubou 9 kun oldin
the caption says incest offerings, not the best thing to offer to your brother's shrine
Zíppëhr Mhān
Zíppëhr Mhān 9 kun oldin
“I have accepted what I am.”
starmanstriker 9 kun oldin
Who’s ready for Kanezaka Animation??? HYPE!!!!
Miguel Vina
Miguel Vina 9 kun oldin
Me, dont care about the map and the mode. Good place to chill lol
Sandcrakes 123
Sandcrakes 123 9 kun oldin
That scatter arrow, I missed it
FatRoro 9 kun oldin
really like yas and yone league
noam.yuvalor13 9 kun oldin
*literally goosebumps*
NotNoodles 10 kun oldin
RIP scatter arrows
suraj hawk
suraj hawk 10 kun oldin
still waiting for a new cinematic of hanzo joinig overwatch for overwatch 2
Hahny 10 kun oldin
I was here 2021
Luke Lanides
Luke Lanides 10 kun oldin
"Is that a pro genji?!" - Hanzo
Nguyenthanh Nhan
Nguyenthanh Nhan 11 kun oldin
Darius 11 kun oldin
In game hanzo has infinite arrows. However, cinematic hanzo just brings out the bow when he runs out
Anonymous 11 kun oldin
Yo I love this
Brian Gerba
Brian Gerba 11 kun oldin
Love this
Tehseen Saad
Tehseen Saad 11 kun oldin
the musicccc i want ittttttttt
GianKirby 11 kun oldin
"You are not worthy to Saturday Night!" - Hanzo's Captions 2016
Jonathan Sorbello
Jonathan Sorbello 11 kun oldin
“Real life is not like the story’s our father told us, your a fool for believing it so” That hit hard
platonik filofOz
platonik filofOz 9 kun oldin
Its funny that this comment comes right after the world has changed 😄 _"Art within an art is the only way_ _to become a real artist."_
Faze ZEZE 11 kun oldin
No cap we need a movie or a story mode
Ratibor Poganov
Ratibor Poganov 11 kun oldin
Oh ⭐️🥰
Malachi Lloyd
Malachi Lloyd 11 kun oldin
Everyone’s here for genji
CK 779
CK 779 11 kun oldin
Why do I keep coming back to this...
mak7t_ 11 kun oldin
6:43 I have accepted whar ri am. 👌🏻
nxmb 11 kun oldin
2021 still watching
Phantom XXIII
Phantom XXIII 12 kun oldin
Genji's sword normally: chop chop Genji's sword in this short: no u
Phamquoc Quangtrung
Phamquoc Quangtrung 12 kun oldin
Yang pilih Allah like yang pilih Dajjal abaikan.
Ed Pabalan
Ed Pabalan 12 kun oldin
very nice video keep it up blizzard. Thumbs up for me
Celina Pang
Celina Pang 12 kun oldin
Shang Tsung could read me the dictionary and I'd love every minute of it.
Lil Rascal
Lil Rascal 12 kun oldin
Four years and this is still amazing, hopefully Overwatch 2 brings back scatter shot for Hanzo
Nolan Grizzard
Nolan Grizzard 12 kun oldin
iv have come back to watch this so many times and i dont think ill ever stop
Boalol lal
Boalol lal 12 kun oldin
8 minutes and it's still better then most movies.
Miguel Osorio
Miguel Osorio 12 kun oldin
i search for yakuza stuff and this appear
derpy prince
derpy prince 12 kun oldin
The people who were far away but could see: 👁 👄 👁
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