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For our first guest on Dinner with the D'Amelio's, we have... wait... we can't tell you that, we didn't even know who was coming. Make sure you watch to see who joined us for dinner in the first episode of our new series, Dinner With the D'Amelios.
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Krishanu Singha
Krishanu Singha 2 daqiqa oldin
Man I'm losing brain cells watching this video. Can anyone mention the time stamp where James roasts that annoying girl?
luke mueller
luke mueller 11 daqiqa oldin
James charles the only one who actually has manners
Conexion Ivanuski
Conexion Ivanuski 13 daqiqa oldin
First of all: Snails aren't tipical of the Valencian Paella, that chef is a bit crazy
Javed Iqbal
Javed Iqbal 14 daqiqa oldin
Dixie : ate the snail because the chef said it brings good luck Charli : Liar
cyra• LauraTM
cyra• LauraTM 24 daqiqa oldin
aku yg kesini karna baru tau sama kak tnny dan ga ngerti pada ngomong apa di komen hhe
Miles K
Miles K 31 daqiqa oldin
James was SO polite! Dixie and Charlie were honestly SOOO rude, that food looked really good. 😌
Koun daanh
Koun daanh 36 daqiqa oldin
ايش الأسلوب الزبال دا الحق علية إلى يطبخلكم 😒
what a disgusting family
UselessNewbie YT
UselessNewbie YT 38 daqiqa oldin
Uhh i just disliked and unsubbed from that..
Kruzzles 48 daqiqa oldin
15:08 I was just thinking even numbers The number 95 million is even
Luz Ocampos
Luz Ocampos 54 daqiqa oldin
Salute hi sister
Ab_golden_1 / Abdou
Ab_golden_1 / Abdou 56 daqiqa oldin
Shamma Mohammed
Shamma Mohammed Soat oldin
Just stop the hate guys James was joking when he said 95 is not enough for you Charli doesn’t deserve this she just said that it would be cool to hit 100m in the same month she is human being too she has feelings like us STOP THE HATE!!! 🛑✋🏻😔
hen ko
hen ko Soat oldin
James carried the dinner, the parents were very sweet to him and the chef and Dixie and Charli need to understand they’re not 8 and they need to have respect..that’s my opin
Fux Soat oldin
the audacity for you to throw up infront of the chef and his work-wow and you to say "dont judge someone from a 15 second clip" nah, from those 15 seconds i saw how shit your attitude has been for the past 15 years or how long youve been living wasting oxygen because no one in the right mind (if you had one ) would consider disrespecting someone like a chef in a way like that youre perfect candidate for dog food, at least theyre grateful even if their food is shit or used to be a shitty living being,
Rainanne Abalos
Rainanne Abalos Soat oldin
Ali mog davao pang sagpaon tamog durian
Rainanne Abalos
Rainanne Abalos Soat oldin
Rag mga yawa
hen ko
hen ko Soat oldin
not impressed at all. I will watch until the snail gagging I heard about on another video. I do not care for or about anyone in this dull family. At some point in live those girkls wil
Maya Nunez
Maya Nunez Soat oldin
Daniel Smith
Daniel Smith Soat oldin
James would be the best person to have dinner with
albert huamanquispe
albert huamanquispe Soat oldin
why everyone who is with James Charles is going or is cancelled?
Charlotte Smith
Charlotte Smith Soat oldin
You see in her parents faces they are ashamed of the daughter acting dramatic and throwing up dramatacly in front of all
lildeathx Soat oldin
Dixie: throwing up Charli: Do we have any dino nuggets? 7:45
Chasity Acton
Chasity Acton Soat oldin
I like pop corn shrimp.
americclaur 2 soat oldin
⬇️ Who’s here after finding out charli lost 1M+ followers!!
xHadi YT
xHadi YT 2 soat oldin
Is it me or did dixie had the feeling james feels inside 🤣
jhaymie nicole
jhaymie nicole 2 soat oldin
Florence Belle
Florence Belle 2 soat oldin
Like their parents are so damn supportive
Florence Belle
Florence Belle 2 soat oldin
People like this don’t deserve a platform if they’re just going to run it like a reality tv show. Before they’ve even done a anything to make a name for themselves.
Florence Belle
Florence Belle 2 soat oldin
Dixie you couldn’t have tried to be respectful even a little... like at all
Florence Belle
Florence Belle 2 soat oldin
James trying to save it over and over again 😰 👏🏽 James this video shows your growth. Her parents were so embarrassed.... It’s like she doesn’t appreciate anything that’s going on... the way she tried to end the FIRST EPISODE. AND PUTTING DOWN HER MOTHER ABOUT COOKING. Are you kidding me... are we 13...
James Salvacion
James Salvacion 2 soat oldin
Respect the chef
How Way
How Way 2 soat oldin
The snail was to get a reaction. The chef said he didn't get offended
δquip 2 soat oldin
you're family seems chill bro that is dope and brush the haters man keep yo head up whatever it takes :)))
Darla Elliott
Darla Elliott 2 soat oldin
Trying to decide if I should waste my time-I already know I cannot stand these two girl children I find them dull and dimwitted on other videos and boringly unattractive so figure they must have parents who give them nothing but EVERYTHING they ask for. After reading the comments first there was only one person defending them and everyone else is not impressed at all. I will watch until the snail gagging I heard about on another video. I do not care for or about anyone in this dull family. At some point in live those girkls will have something horrible wake them up and they will be 100 percent unprepared to deal with life on life's terms. Thank god my children never ever ever came even close to this crappy behavior. They are all embarrassing. James is cool.
Braydon James Bailey
Braydon James Bailey 3 soat oldin
can we clap for James for carrying on the video but the hate charil has been getting needs to stop PERIOD! but yaĺl really need to keep throwing shade n hate comments but the thing that makes me angry is when all yaĺl haters tell charil kill herself uh no huni get a trash bag and trash can that where u belong haters :P
Tec Phin
Tec Phin 3 soat oldin
Professionally expects alot of comments roasting this video
Mssred 3 soat oldin
This kids are so shameful !!!
Mssred 3 soat oldin
James is so nice here
Marlyn Sangi
Marlyn Sangi 3 soat oldin
I hate these people,what do they think of themselves.I feel bad for the chef.
Sophie 3 soat oldin
Love y'all ❤
Sophie 3 soat oldin
Hey ❤
Konoki Trolls peoples
Konoki Trolls peoples 3 soat oldin
Dixie: *throws up* Charli: Do we have any Dino nuggets???
m a n i s h
m a n i s h 3 soat oldin
_Imagine how they treat people when the cameras are off_
Zayuri Grisales
Zayuri Grisales 3 soat oldin
Why yall tryna cancel them,they haven’t done anything just because dixie did not like the snail SMH i bet some of you dont like some foods and will probably react in the same way (tbh i would) except i wouldnt throw up on camera but yea.
Aven Official
Aven Official 3 soat oldin
I was waiting for the content part 2 and Dixie made a clarifying video with a sad expression again🤗.Can you guys do it?
Lisadie Bluker
Lisadie Bluker 3 soat oldin
Les escargots i don't like
Manav Prasher
Manav Prasher 3 soat oldin
We do love ungrateful people...
Vector 1299
Vector 1299 3 soat oldin
Always remember, you are nothing but numbers and income source for these people.
Malika Sanaz Tanjung
Malika Sanaz Tanjung 4 soat oldin
I hate you charli, i love you Dixie
Jaja Nool
Jaja Nool 4 soat oldin
A snail is a favourite food of Filipinos
Roham Milani
Roham Milani 4 soat oldin
My dog has more manners than Dixie and charli
A Goose
A Goose 4 soat oldin
Please stop hating on people just because it's trendy. Cancel culture is dumb.
David Doivilus
David Doivilus 4 soat oldin
No Hate but James is the only adult
nemoye 4 soat oldin
This is so cringe. James is the only one who is acting like a human. Like wtf were those charlis fake laughs. This is why i dont use tik tok
David Doivilus
David Doivilus 4 soat oldin
Don't forget manners
GM FM 4 soat oldin
If entitlement was a group of people..
Elsa Moro
Elsa Moro 4 soat oldin
dixie just disrespected james when he was trying to talk how rude
Yvo Evangelista
Yvo Evangelista 5 soat oldin
So spoiled lol poor chef
•Dum Dum Gacha•
•Dum Dum Gacha• 5 soat oldin
There prob gonna turn off comments like how all famous people do😐
ѕσfí 5 soat oldin
She could just put the snail away and stay quiet 😓
Maleah Watley
Maleah Watley 5 soat oldin
It is upsetting how people are reacting I thought this video was good interesting and funny
Nuria 5 soat oldin
I only give this video a like, because of the chef. Like.. PROBS TO HIM👏🏻👏🏻
Mariel Calles
Mariel Calles 5 soat oldin
Beauty is useless if you dont have manners. Tsk tsk kids nowadays😒
jessica howard
jessica howard 5 soat oldin
James i know bc I saw the tictok before I watched this
Rosario Chacón
Rosario Chacón 5 soat oldin
Dixie just irritates me, and charli seems lowkey fake .
Lisa Takarangi
Lisa Takarangi 5 soat oldin
I. Love. Chicken. Nuggets. Also. And. I. Kinda. Like. Macaroni. And. Cheese
Joel Rodriguez
Joel Rodriguez 5 soat oldin
That food looks hella good I wanna hire him
Nancy Kanongataa
Nancy Kanongataa 6 soat oldin
I am a fan but did dixie just eat her bugger
Nancy Kanongataa
Nancy Kanongataa 6 soat oldin
If James wasn't There everything is about to go down
Blanket Girl409
Blanket Girl409 6 soat oldin
Lmaoo Charli: do we have any Dino nuggets 😂😂😂
Gwen Valentine
Gwen Valentine 6 soat oldin
I feel so bad for James and how awkward this is
lauren weinberger
lauren weinberger 6 soat oldin
james seemed bothered by charli’s comment about hitting 100 mil. i mean it rlly bothers me too bc it seems like she just cares about the numbers.
Keskisah Clips
Keskisah Clips 6 soat oldin
14.55 stfu
Lynisk 6 soat oldin
u should be thankful that ur chef cooked everything for u
CHOOOU ML 7 soat oldin
Utak pagong ka GOrL atlis may chef ka na tagapag luto mo?? Alam mo ba gano kahirap mag luto?? Syempre hindi kasi utak pagong ka at di mo kaya sarili mo?? Respecto din naman
Jercel09 Latumbo
Jercel09 Latumbo 7 soat oldin
if you want to apologise to your inta live not to people its probably in your chief girl.. attitude thats why i dont follow you on tiktok ..
Ainsley Haselfeld
Ainsley Haselfeld 7 soat oldin
Aww she taking about maddie
Jim Berry
Jim Berry 7 soat oldin
Never make a video again this was a piece of shit to watch for someone with little money watching a couple of spoilt brats gag at good food
kaylie A
kaylie A 7 soat oldin
Everyone's so mad about what ? They weren't even that bad, a little dramatic but they're close with the chef I don't think he thought for one min they were trying to be rude about anything. Hrs around them often Im sure he knows how they are, so Dixie didn't like the snail and gagged and was dramatic ? That's not being rude. People will pick apart anything these days.
William West
William West 7 soat oldin
you have some good food and charli dO wE HaVe DinO NuGgEsT?
Rebeca Assis
Rebeca Assis 7 soat oldin
Nossa nem parece aquelas garotas fofas e adoráveis do Tik Tok
obi '
obi ' 7 soat oldin
I don’t even know why I’m watching a bunch of rich people eat and talk about famous people problems like we people understand.
Hannah Hartlage
Hannah Hartlage 7 soat oldin
Need some more Christmas list ideas? My last video may help! God bless 🤟🏼🥵
Jaaliyah Mason
Jaaliyah Mason 7 soat oldin
Because all I see is that you read the title but you didn't read the full book
Jaaliyah Mason
Jaaliyah Mason 7 soat oldin
Half of the people here need to get their act together you can't judge a book by its cover
Jaaliyah Mason
Jaaliyah Mason 7 soat oldin
Whoever can think about getting mad at this girl about what she said is messed up because you don't even know if she meant it like that and I know this video is like a little way back and this comment is like really late but the other video that I was watching is really sad because you guys were telling her to commit suicide and suicide is not a game and you shouldn't mess with that people die every single day and I'm not talking about the coronavirus I'm talking about cyberbullying what happens if she really takes that to heart what are you going to do then just say "oh I didn't mean it I'm really sorry for your loss" there is no sorry because you told her to do it and when I watch that video I started crying because no one should have to go through that
Taycan 7 soat oldin
Dang those 174k dislikes still love charli lmfao
Games Memes
Games Memes 7 soat oldin
She ate a snail..
Yukinna Anako
Yukinna Anako 7 soat oldin
Ah mantap ya momz
Paige Watkins berry
Paige Watkins berry 8 soat oldin
Who ever is hateing y’all need to stop it’s not like she is as mean as Gordon Ramsay so stop the hating plz
Nisha 8 soat oldin
Wtf and you guys call them influencers WOW the way Dixie just went off on the snail hun you don't do that you just put it to the side but don't start overreacting like wtf is this family, I mean James is the most mature in this HOW is happening
Kira Maxiliera
Kira Maxiliera 8 soat oldin
Where's the manners? that so ewww, throwing up in front of people who's eating.
Adriana Irizarry
Adriana Irizarry 8 soat oldin
I wish they would lose all the fame they have , for being that rude , they dont deserve anything , James is the ONLY one that is speaking like an actual adult , my respect for him 📈📈📈
Kimberly Gray
Kimberly Gray 8 soat oldin
95 million is a lot to almost everyone
reyna feliz
reyna feliz 8 soat oldin
Okay I never watched video but I was reading some comments and 🤨
Josh Taylor
Josh Taylor 8 soat oldin
Ok but what are these fake smiles Charlie is making in the beginning 2:36-2:40
Laura S
Laura S 8 soat oldin
And y'all wonder why I dislike Dixie and Charli
Alyssa Errey
Alyssa Errey 8 soat oldin
Imagine being a D'Amelio and reading through all of these comments!!!! all the haters are talking about them having no respect, but its the ones that are in this comment section that are the ones with bad parents!!!! the reason dixie threw up is because the chef pranked her with the snail, they are completely respectful! they worked to get where they are!!!!! all the hatters go bugger off to someplace where you can be annoying rather them a family channel where they can read all the hateful comments your saying about them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reanne Dsouza
Reanne Dsouza 8 soat oldin
14:59 is what you’re looking for
Pina's World
Pina's World 8 soat oldin
Aquajude 8 soat oldin
This is the problem when people blow up too fast
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