OSP ANIMATED: Journey to the west!

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happy 1st of april dear people. can't believe i actually decided to make this it might have taken a year to learn to draw but i 'd say it was worth it
OSP MINECRAFT: uzpost.info/vision/video/hrWQs6iWeYimoqM.html
OSP MINECRAFT bonus: uzpost.info/vision/video/k5ejlMqLopV_hac.html

Khyler Bane
Khyler Bane 56 daqiqa oldin
Alternate title: Tripitaka feels worthless and Monkey is making it worse.
Vinx .909
Vinx .909 20 soat oldin
thank you, that was amazing.
MrAwsomenoob 21 soat oldin
Tripataka with a glock.. So tripaglocka, or triggataka?
Adonis Sued
Adonis Sued 16 kun oldin
Uldihaa 16 kun oldin
1:38 Every escort mission in video games EVER.
Last Minute Wonder
Last Minute Wonder 17 kun oldin
Please finish the journy to the west !!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺😭😭! I am begging you its like my favorite anima is on hold with no idea if it will start again!
Steven Brawley
Steven Brawley 17 kun oldin
Why am I just now finding this little gem?
Amy Rice
Amy Rice 18 kun oldin
Samantha Powell
Samantha Powell 19 kun oldin
Are we sure that Red isn't the reincarnation of Sun Wukong?
Obvious Ninja
Obvious Ninja 20 kun oldin
thank you for making this I have been wanting this for so long. When I saw this in my recommended, I immediately made popcorn because this video is definitely popcorn worthy
Dragonkingeevee Gen1
Dragonkingeevee Gen1 20 kun oldin
(0:06) logic
Carson Rush
Carson Rush 20 kun oldin
I feel like you guys are playing Minecraft together, and just treating it like Journey to the West. It would seem that Blue is very bad at Minecraft.
matthew trujillo
matthew trujillo 20 kun oldin
"Flying is more of an art than a science" "You're thinking of baking!" "I might be thinking of baking."
Nix 191
Nix 191 21 kun oldin
I just realized nearly half the video they are playing Minecraft XD AHHAHAHHA
fishy 21 kun oldin
Naheal 21 kun oldin
The real question is... how long do you delay Journey to the West whenever someone COMMENTS that they're wondering when the next Journey to the West video is? Not that I'm doing that. Nor would I do that. Ever. Stop looking at me like that.
Bente Huizer
Bente Huizer 21 kun oldin
Amazing! 🤩❤️❤️❤️
Sketchbook Online
Sketchbook Online 22 kun oldin
2:55 “If you want your spot in heaven, Dante...” *loud plastic chair squeak* “Then you’ll have to take it.”
FA Riesz
FA Riesz 22 kun oldin
a hitting-stuff stick.. ..a hitting staff
Anna Murphy
Anna Murphy 22 kun oldin
Hey did you know that the show The New Legends if the Monkey King got all of their info and names from your videos?
MASTER0FTHEARTS 22 kun oldin
Red is really suited to being Sub Wukong. She just *gets* the chaotic energy of MONKE.
Aziz 22 kun oldin
2:37 “It’s a dungeon.” Idk why but this part is so cute to me xD
Allison Stone
Allison Stone 22 kun oldin
we got rickrolled
Leaf&Co. 22 kun oldin
This is a very nice video that made me laugh. Thank you for posting it.
Paul Butler
Paul Butler 22 kun oldin
My goodness. How long did that take?
Kirsty Thompson
Kirsty Thompson 22 kun oldin
You know what my fave bit in this series is? Back in episode 2 : They come across a nice peaceful flowing river... when suddenly out pops A GINORMOUS FUCK YOU DRAGON! I loved it soooo much, I use it every time I see a dragon 🐉
nebulan 23 kun oldin
Journey to the west-divine comedy crossover!
Melody snow
Melody snow 23 kun oldin
This is so cool!
Cloud Snipe
Cloud Snipe 23 kun oldin
i love how it took me half the video to realise this was commentary from a minecraft stream lol
Dreamer Rose
Dreamer Rose 23 kun oldin
Jack Bumgarner
Jack Bumgarner 23 kun oldin
Quality work mate
Ruby Rangitsch
Ruby Rangitsch 23 kun oldin
1:50 Did you just get me to willingly rickroll myself because I didn't want to quit before the end?
Jack Snowe
Jack Snowe 23 kun oldin
Cordelia Explains It All
Cordelia Explains It All 23 kun oldin
"sight of fire!" "you don't like the Shadowy death canyon?? :("
The MulToyVerse
The MulToyVerse 23 kun oldin
Where did he get the Flying Nimbus?
Omni Cupid
Omni Cupid 23 kun oldin
1:51, I just got Rick Rolled. Red, you absolute mad lad. I am not disappointed.
Nathan Dobbin
Nathan Dobbin 24 kun oldin
There are only a handful of times I will admit to being rickrolled. This video joins that ranks.
Helena Madsox
Helena Madsox 24 kun oldin
The vibe from red here is just “What are you doing with that big bat? You gonna hit me? Better make it count. Better make it hurt. Better kill me in one shot.”
Quagsire Mcgee
Quagsire Mcgee 24 kun oldin
Comment gang
Justas 24 kun oldin
It took me awhile to realize it was the Minecraft April Fools thing.
John Kenneth Delos Reyes -Personal-
John Kenneth Delos Reyes -Personal- 24 kun oldin
The fact that you added this 2:55 makes me love this even more. I feel the power and motivation in this one.
Taha Moukhliss
Taha Moukhliss 24 kun oldin
2:55 Vergil: I'm motivated
BetaMonkey 24 kun oldin
XD They don't call me "Pi Ma Wen" for nothin! *fails at horse taming* I'm dying! XD
Karak Dalík
Karak Dalík 24 kun oldin
I think you captured the spirit of OSP animated, I took me a while to realise it's not. That aside, the visual jokes were great, animation fit the dialog and good scene choice. Also the demons are adorable. I'm not sure if it's a compliment, so please take this as a compliment.
Soul Index
Soul Index 24 kun oldin
This is so perfect. Really want to see more :D
frank cusack
frank cusack 24 kun oldin
De pretty video
domilontano 24 kun oldin
why did i like this so much
Kassandra McKelvey
Kassandra McKelvey 24 kun oldin
Virgil in the chair killed me, lmao.
MissySprite777 24 kun oldin
Love how the monolgue turns into a rick roll
Michelle Ignatowski
Michelle Ignatowski 24 kun oldin
Good job at mimicking the style, my dude. Well done. I saw this and thought, "wait a minute, its not Friday! How do they already have a new video!?" *looks down at who posted it* "oh wait"
Sparksol 25 kun oldin
Excellently done!
Jason Blalock
Jason Blalock 25 kun oldin
I've been making my way through the book off and on for awhile and, yeah, Tripitaka really is just insufferable. He's good at dispensing sutras and literally NOTHING ELSE. When he isn't doing absolutely nothing, he's wandering off like a child - straight into danger, every goddamn time. And he never figures out that Pigsy is completely full of shit, which leads to endless drama. Seriously, I sympathize with Monkey SO MUCH. He and Sandy are the only ones on the quest with a lick of sense. Wrangling Tripitaka would be absolutely exhausting.
Cathryn Martin
Cathryn Martin 25 kun oldin
Omg this is amazing 😍
Joshua Mogle
Joshua Mogle 25 kun oldin
were you playing Minecraft?
Amber Lyn Mills
Amber Lyn Mills 24 kun oldin
Yeah, OSP were playing Minecraft, roleplaying Journey to the West like a year ago for April Fools. Here you go: uzpost.info/vision/video/hrWQs6iWeYimoqM.html&ab_channel=OverlySarcasticProductions
Talleywa 25 kun oldin
Top ten characters that can beat Goku: 1. T posing Wukong 2. T posing Wukong 3. T posing Wukong 4. T posing Wukong 5. T posing Wukong 6. T posing Wukong 7.T posing Wukong 8. T posing Wukong 9. T posing Wukong 10. T posing Wukong
Kris Hoyt
Kris Hoyt 25 kun oldin
Given that Son Goku is the Japanese name of Sun Wukong, does it really count?
Alexis Dowers
Alexis Dowers 25 kun oldin
Sheev Palpatine
Sheev Palpatine 25 kun oldin
0:12 even more useless than the horse?
Sol 25 kun oldin
Prizmar MEMES
Prizmar MEMES 25 kun oldin
This is gold
David Walter
David Walter 26 kun oldin
1:50 Well played.
Emily J
Emily J 26 kun oldin
Looool i love Halloween Red at the end ^-^
General Zeta
General Zeta 26 kun oldin
When the next ep of Journey to the west? now you got anther week to work on it so you can do other things you need to do.
SpaceCat Scribbles
SpaceCat Scribbles 26 kun oldin
Wow this is amazing! I thought it was osp official when I saw the thumbnail
Bobbywhite98 26 kun oldin
2:54 Now that's a reference I can get behind
EPS Reborn
EPS Reborn 27 kun oldin
I think I appreciate the attention to detail in terms of emulating the style and appearances of the characters from OSP’s stuff so much so that I didn’t realize it was a fan animation until if started. Nice work!!
Taxima 27 kun oldin
The fact that the mountain villain's monologue turns into the lyrics for "Never Gonna Give You Up"...
pyrosianheir 27 kun oldin
Took me longer than I'm happy with to realize what was happening here, lol. but also, I LOVE that frame at 1:50, with the Aurora reference and the other thing. XD
Pretty P Johnson
Pretty P Johnson 27 kun oldin
It was posted on the same day as the original too lol.
Quotoligest #1
Quotoligest #1 27 kun oldin
YAS! This is amazing and everyone should see it!!! Thank you for working so hard on it!
Khalil Coates
Khalil Coates 27 kun oldin
I like how this has become the channel's longest bit
Camilo Camacho
Camilo Camacho 27 kun oldin
Thank you for this thank you this is so beautiful
Tatiana Ballen
Tatiana Ballen 28 kun oldin
what was that song called at the end?
AnAverageJoey 28 kun oldin
In the Hall of the Mountain King
P0nyl0ve 28 kun oldin
Can't pick a favourite scene. Amazing!
Benjamin moen Falstad
Benjamin moen Falstad 28 kun oldin
Ace Healer
Ace Healer 28 kun oldin
I love Red/Monkey's Steven Universe star eyes! Also the gosh darned Rick Roll!
Matthew Walton
Matthew Walton 28 kun oldin
I also want to see the crossover where Virgil shows up and tells them to go to Hell.
Pureheart352 28 kun oldin
I love that Wukong is acting out the How to Train Your Dragon bonding scene with the horse...that is also a dragon.
Pureheart352 9 kun oldin
@Spider Doctor Oh right, Red just had to use a normal horse, lol. Still makes sense story wise!
Spider Doctor
Spider Doctor 9 kun oldin
No that's not a dragon horse! Sun wu Kong couldn't figure out how to do that, remember?
Katherine Hartner
Katherine Hartner 28 kun oldin
Max Smith
Max Smith 28 kun oldin
Are you guys playing minecraft?
Vanessa Walsh
Vanessa Walsh 28 kun oldin
0:24 *To Be Continued*
Catherine Austin
Catherine Austin 28 kun oldin
"Every time you email me about it, I delay it for another week" BWA HA HA HA!!!!
Peter Windhorst
Peter Windhorst 21 kun oldin
Thanks for reminding me - I was about to do that....
floricel_112 28 kun oldin
1:35-1:42 journey to the west in a nutshell
Ghostwolf 2.0
Ghostwolf 2.0 28 kun oldin
You guys are one of the only two youtubers I can safely watch on April 1st cuz you guys put out actually funny content on that day, where as other youtubers put up a "F*** you for clicking on this video" kinds of crap.
Clockwork Kirlia
Clockwork Kirlia 28 kun oldin
Quotoligest #1
Quotoligest #1 27 kun oldin
This made my WEEK! Thank you!!!
Alison O'Connor
Alison O'Connor 29 kun oldin
"where did you go and I followed the trail of _fire_ "
Filip Procházka
Filip Procházka 29 kun oldin
2:32 HOLY CARP. Good thing I didn't see that later during the day.
Fif Gallag
Fif Gallag 29 kun oldin
This isnt even clickbait i love it
Alyssa Baney
Alyssa Baney 29 kun oldin
This. Is absolutely beautiful and made my day.
Scott Keeter
Scott Keeter 29 kun oldin
how did u get this to look like the actual OSP art style
AnAverageJoey 2 kun oldin
​@DragonQueen Guilty as charged
DragonQueen 2 kun oldin
@AnAverageJoey "after that i tried to take characters from Red's webcomic "Aurora" and turn them into chibis" Is that why the lady monologuing looks like The Collector? neat...
Dio Brando
Dio Brando 25 kun oldin
Wait you made me realize this wasn’t made by red
AnAverageJoey 27 kun oldin
Here’s a link hopefully it works comicaurora.com/about/
TheSchultinator 27 kun oldin
@AnAverageJoey Where can you find Red's webcomic?
Hail Ghidorah
Hail Ghidorah 29 kun oldin
Oh god...
Victoria Varela
Victoria Varela Oy oldin
For a moment i thought I was watching OSP!!!!! xDD and i was very confused when i saw the channel had a different name xD
Kreutz Wulf
Kreutz Wulf Oy oldin
Alexis Bosques
Alexis Bosques 27 kun oldin
Micaerys Oy oldin
This was hilarious! About the reasons behind it... Last JTTW video was just three months ago, people need to be patient 😂
ScriptKeeper Oy oldin
I never knew I needed this... That's a lie, i knew i needed this but didn't think I'd get it! I love this soooo MUCH!!!! Thank you for making my day!
J hart
J hart Oy oldin
Perfect :D
SuzakuNoia Oy oldin
I loved this.
Matthew Opalinski
Matthew Opalinski Oy oldin
This is an amazing recreation of the animated recaps they make for their lets plays. Well done.
GothicDancer45 Oy oldin
This is amazing
Vanic Blackrose
Vanic Blackrose Oy oldin
Man, stuff like this REALLY makes me want to hangout with these two for just one day. That or I'm just lonely and bored, probably both. Lol ^_^
Connor Bingham-Davis
Connor Bingham-Davis 27 kun oldin
Cabin fever in a pandemic is a hell of a drug my dude.
The_NC Oy oldin
i love blue's innocent smile at 3:15 as he stands on a pile of dead demons
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