Nick Eh 30 reacts to NEW Invisibility Mythic Item!

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Nick Eh 30

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Reacting to Fortnite Season 5 update 15.21!
• New Predator Boss Character, Invisibility Mythic Item, Zero Point portals, Jungle Hunter Quests, and more!
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Azeri Boy 2020
Azeri Boy 2020 10 daqiqa oldin
It looks like the winter soldier’s arm
Angelito hernandez
Angelito hernandez 18 soat oldin
Me wondering y he didn't transform to pred when he was mystique
Benjamin_RKO 23 soat oldin
No leftovers for you billy.😂
jared osborne
jared osborne 2 kun oldin
wait I think this little porttales are hats of the next season chapter 3
Jacoxbz Games and animations
Jacoxbz Games and animations 2 kun oldin
You made my day my sister had to be a day ruiner
Michelle Elcock
Michelle Elcock 2 kun oldin
get the skin
Gaming With Drew
Gaming With Drew 2 kun oldin
That portal is terminater portal
Chicken fungai
Chicken fungai 4 kun oldin
That red jade was confused af when u stole the items
Umi Umi
Umi Umi 4 kun oldin
I sawwwwww freeeesh
Jason Grant
Jason Grant 5 kun oldin
Me when I get a six grade 22:48
Jason Grant
Jason Grant 5 kun oldin
I’m stupid 7:47
Jason Grant
Jason Grant 5 kun oldin
Me when I meme 22:48
Matriots Boys
Matriots Boys 5 kun oldin
Tom Baker
Tom Baker 6 kun oldin
I'm watching this while in a zoom call :)
BlazingCat22 _
BlazingCat22 _ 7 kun oldin
When you were choosing Orgs before you even decided I knew yous go to LG ! I thought cause of ninja sypher etc. Youd fit right in . Great choice man !
Mariam Rahimi
Mariam Rahimi 8 kun oldin
The two Shape shifters
The two Shape shifters 8 kun oldin
Sup boyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Dj Sqishy_Void
Dj Sqishy_Void 9 kun oldin
NickEh30: sees glowy eyes thats Kida Really Cool. 11:49
FNCS qwxz
FNCS qwxz 9 kun oldin
Jesus died on the cross for your sins Jesus loves you turn from sin and ask for forgivness for your sins Jesus is king
IPlaygames 123
IPlaygames 123 10 kun oldin
1:20 the trees are not loading in, maybe cuz nick's internet is dying
Arianna Hemann
Arianna Hemann 10 kun oldin
That thing when you first tried and got 83rd Pl. the thing that killed you was the newest bot
FatMemeGod 10 kun oldin
The first legendary picaxe in fortnite!!
Ben Aflac
Ben Aflac 11 kun oldin
And also if the predator had a second ability it would be a kamikaze
Ben Aflac
Ben Aflac 11 kun oldin
Let's be honest the scariest thing in this video is the ttv's
ELIJAH ESPINOZA 11 kun oldin
I hate you why do you bring Donnegal with you
Connor Strafaci
Connor Strafaci 12 kun oldin
I love this channel because of how Nick ENCOURAGES people to use manners when people donate in livestreams. This is an overall wholesome channel. Keep up the great vids.
Yozu nec
Yozu nec 13 kun oldin
Did you know if you kill pretedor and you go to loopy you get the skin
Y4COBY 13 kun oldin
Kymbat Omarova
Kymbat Omarova 14 kun oldin
I love your videos 👍👌 (not a robot seriously 😒)
Kymbat Omarova
Kymbat Omarova 14 kun oldin
Nick: *dances while he is invisible* Player: * visible confusion *
YouTube AbeL
YouTube AbeL 16 kun oldin
If you see this hope you have a good day!
Kentryll Carey
Kentryll Carey 17 kun oldin
Nick do you kind a good
Setareh ABULVERDI 17 kun oldin
To be invisible fully get predators mythic and then when it going blue take out your internet for 10 20 or 30 seconds then plug your internet back in and then you fully invisible
Carol Willett
Carol Willett 18 kun oldin
F I pop out
winnie webb
winnie webb 18 kun oldin
I love Uea nd I watched most of the day
saflix 19 kun oldin
"The lion king"😂
ALFREDO ABURTO 19 kun oldin
it was funny when nick did the emontes 22:44
Game Channel
Game Channel 19 kun oldin
I’m going out for dinner with my friends
Anshu Singh
Anshu Singh 19 kun oldin
Did anyone notice the hand in the thumbnail Or just me?
Malak Khan
Malak Khan 19 kun oldin
Why did he whisper at 6:23 did he think the person would hear him😂😂
Kasie Grunow
Kasie Grunow 19 kun oldin
I love your vids
Coliz- 20 kun oldin
1:52 aerieal assault trooper
Sync YT
Sync YT 20 kun oldin
Whitney Pagano
Whitney Pagano 20 kun oldin
You souned like Sponge Bob
Dawn Bernardo
Dawn Bernardo 21 kun oldin
Nicole McMurtry
Nicole McMurtry 22 kun oldin
Unkown Person
Unkown Person 22 kun oldin
Hey if you are still at the this Nick Vid the termanator is next Bye everyone! :3♡♡♡
Amy Vabderpols
Amy Vabderpols 23 kun oldin
JASMINE ROSADO 23 kun oldin
The portal probably is the five nights at Freddy. That explains the flickering lights so they will scare kids for what kids have done to them. (My brother told me there very sad story . Btw I love love love your Chanel and content keep up the good work. I’m a big fan🤩. Edit: btw love the puppy at the end so adorable 🥰
Exotic TaFfY !
Exotic TaFfY ! 24 kun oldin
Can you play with me on Fortnite
Exotic TaFfY !
Exotic TaFfY ! 24 kun oldin
What up brani
Bobcaty1 24 kun oldin
NOT GOOD AT ALLL I dont think he's mad
Dragon Is a SnM fan
Dragon Is a SnM fan 25 kun oldin
He dies to and Ariel assault trooper
KLLZ clan leader
KLLZ clan leader 25 kun oldin
Berry Fortnite
Berry Fortnite 25 kun oldin
22:42 I laughed so hard🤣🤣🤣
Cloudz Roman
Cloudz Roman 26 kun oldin
Nick you Inspire me
Dillon Cabot
Dillon Cabot 26 kun oldin
Hi nick I watch all of your videos and your live dreams I’m seven
Joelle Smith
Joelle Smith 26 kun oldin
I love your content but I'm only commenting is becuse im sad I lost my best friend😭😭😭
KAAPOGAMER4972 26 kun oldin
use code Nick eh 30!
Barns007 007
Barns007 007 26 kun oldin
I think the portal is London coming to fortnite i seen a Big Ben omg
Pug Queen
Pug Queen 26 kun oldin
I LOVE YOU! If I got in your game I would be as nice as I possibly could, and would love it
Sceptic Vibes
Sceptic Vibes 27 kun oldin
Hi nick I love your vids can I have a shout-out on twich I know what you are thinking but my parents don’t believe in me so please vibes0808 on twich
{•} 27 kun oldin
How predator get buuf Everytime he kill someone he do one push up
Darth Shield
Darth Shield 27 kun oldin
Hello there
Justin Akiens
Justin Akiens 27 kun oldin
And you
Ghani Plays
Ghani Plays 27 kun oldin
i like the predator mitic wepons and i like your vidio and use code Nick eh 30
rapper 27 kun oldin
When is Nick going to get a beard it's 2021 all ready (true)
MrDill 28 kun oldin
What is happening with the graphics lol
sHrEK IsAaMaZInG 28 kun oldin
I hope everyone that sees this as an amazing day :)
Avery March
Avery March 28 kun oldin
I use NICKEH30 no spaces in the item shop and I love Nick's attitude thanks Nick
Golden Turtle
Golden Turtle 28 kun oldin
New update
Absol Fr0st
Absol Fr0st 28 kun oldin
Hey nick its me off of instergram i love your youtube channel you inspiered me to start youtube myself
Misty 28 kun oldin
Nick I know you won’t see this comment but I just want to say that I love your vids and you are a great man. Keep on grinding all the way! I know you don’t accept friend requests but if you want to be my friend and play duos some time you can comment on my video and say that you want to play but you don’t have bye Nick!
Maribel Valenzuela
Maribel Valenzuela 29 kun oldin
Could we be friends in Fortnite please
insaneC1ipsFN _PlayZ
insaneC1ipsFN _PlayZ 29 kun oldin
Nick your good at fortnite I use your creator code NickEh30 no space use creator NickEh30
Nathan Velasco
Nathan Velasco 29 kun oldin
The door light could be Morse code
COBBRA KIA sninper god
COBBRA KIA sninper god 29 kun oldin
You too
COBBRA KIA sninper god
COBBRA KIA sninper god 29 kun oldin
Tiger Vegan
Tiger Vegan 29 kun oldin
We are gonna get lion king lol
Volts_Xhol 29 kun oldin
Anyone see he died to a Ariel assault trooper lol that’s kinda rare
Mateusz Maciejewski
Mateusz Maciejewski 29 kun oldin
NickEh30 code shop fortnite
little kid among among us
little kid among among us 29 kun oldin
He's scary so watch your back
Usogamer_ VR
Usogamer_ VR Oy oldin
Fact: The Predator is 300 Health.
chayce meadows
chayce meadows Oy oldin
I stalk his channel
Ben Souders
Ben Souders Oy oldin
1:24 super mario 64
Shadows Oy oldin
Loona the Shark
Loona the Shark Oy oldin
My friend ToastFn killed u in FoRtNiTe twice
Asmr Foodies
Asmr Foodies Oy oldin
what keyboard do you play with?
Hyper Spade
Hyper Spade Oy oldin
19:24 bruh nice flick my guy omg
Hyper Spade
Hyper Spade Oy oldin
Look closer
Mrblokling Oy oldin
I didn't know u were Canadian
BodhiTube Oy oldin
22:42 bruh
Arzu Evans
Arzu Evans Oy oldin
You should do a pistol only challenge
Fallen Knight
Fallen Knight Oy oldin
Fortnite should add a door that comes from stranger things
Fallen Knight
Fallen Knight Oy oldin
I love Nick Eh 30
ashkan zakerifar
ashkan zakerifar Oy oldin
Do u have regular program for playing ? And if u have could u tell us?
Angely Gomez
Angely Gomez Oy oldin
I was dying 22:44
Angela Linares
Angela Linares Oy oldin
Can you add me quick scopes
Adrian ryen
Adrian ryen Oy oldin
Adrian ryen
Adrian ryen Oy oldin
Can you do 1 gun challenge🤗
999 WRLD
999 WRLD Oy oldin
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