NFL Draft Report Card: New York Jets get a 'C+' | CBS Sports HQ

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5 kun oldin

Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco join CBS Sports HQ to grade the New York Jets' 2021 NFL Draft.

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Dmejia430 6 soat oldin
Fake news
Michael West
Michael West 13 soat oldin
Wow. Check out Zack Wilson. (1) Looks Like NFL Rookie Zach Wilson Is A MAGA Lunatic - UZpost
earl raglin
earl raglin Kun oldin
CBS is a joke lmao
big al simmons
big al simmons Kun oldin
TakeThat! Kun oldin
I'm not even a jets fan and this grade pisses me off
cheick Kane
cheick Kane Kun oldin
JTaylor 1018
JTaylor 1018 2 kun oldin
Get Brady Quinn off TV dudes doing drugs on air
pete detraglia
pete detraglia 2 kun oldin
LOL, these guy must be Buffalo, New England, or Miami fans, and for Brady Quinn how well did he do in the NFL....Plus did they even look into the Jets UDFAs they picked up. 12 UDFA's with TE Yeboah who should of been drafted in the late 3rd or 4th round.
yomommatv1 2 kun oldin
Hey Brady Quinn, you're just as bad a draft analyst as you were an NFL QB. Yikes!!
Yimmyyy 2 kun oldin
denzel mims was a late second round pick not their first round pick
Shawn Bennet
Shawn Bennet 2 kun oldin
Jets haters
jayjya0613 2 kun oldin
These people don't know crap even if they smell it...
K III 2 kun oldin
C+???? They’re smoking coke
Ricky Tombstone
Ricky Tombstone 2 kun oldin
Does anyone know who will be the starting QB in September for the Jets? It will be Nick Foles. Douglas knows Foles from his time with the Eagles just like he knew Flacco.
Ricky Tombstone
Ricky Tombstone 2 kun oldin
@pete detraglia they are about to release crowder to free up the money
pete detraglia
pete detraglia 2 kun oldin
Foles is a good QB but at what price can we get him to come in on.
Presence Level
Presence Level 2 kun oldin
John Kadula
John Kadula 2 kun oldin
Yeah,....Quinn lost me with his Mims comment
Smoee Huncho
Smoee Huncho 2 kun oldin
Wait wait wait a d@mn minute so the Jets get a C for drafting need n player makers but the jags get a A for taking other than their Qb a RB who the coach says is only going to play 3rd down they didn’t need cuz last year Robinson ran for 1k n a Corner when they have Shaq griffin n cj henderson. How they hell is Brady Quinn allowed to give draft grades on players when he was a bust himself. 😂👍
Lindles J
Lindles J 3 kun oldin
Jet haters Giant lovers typical
cbrowndagod 3 kun oldin
🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡 🤡
Matthew Colòn
Matthew Colòn 3 kun oldin
Lol okay...
Dan Nolan
Dan Nolan 3 kun oldin
Brady Quinn is a draft bust and he's analyzing Team drafts now? wtf
pete detraglia
pete detraglia 2 kun oldin
Read my comment I said almost the same thing...LMAO
Vinny C
Vinny C 3 kun oldin
Lmaoo C+ someones made a mistake
jeff Sanders
jeff Sanders 3 kun oldin
yo cbs u dont read these but you need new hosts , also good 2 know the jets took mims in the first last year 😂 kap
Straight Fire
Straight Fire 3 kun oldin
C+ these guys are jokes. They did great with the right picks get him help and protection early fantastic. No such thing as giving up those two thirds when Vera tucker will be a pro bowler much needed. I’m sorry how good were u Brady Quinn oh I’m sorry you were horrible.
Matt A
Matt A 3 kun oldin
A C+......? Why do people hate the Jets so much? What did they ever do to everybody
Depressed Jets Fan
Depressed Jets Fan 3 kun oldin
Wow cbs must hate New York teams
MGTOW-Balance 3 kun oldin
i would say a B or B+. personally i would have drafted creed humphrey at 23 and wyatt davis at 34
Bspoor7482 3 kun oldin
Honestly y’all should just stop making videos and football content and focus on soccer or something🤣💀
George 3 kun oldin
Jets grade is an A- AT LEAST. Cmon CBS
theveezy350 3 kun oldin
Bad take Brady.
Breon Mitchell
Breon Mitchell 3 kun oldin
Jets should trade down Got extra picks Drafted Justin Fields
rafi sanders
rafi sanders 3 kun oldin
This is the same network that said the IQ pick was D+
Wavy Moe
Wavy Moe 3 kun oldin
CBS sports its a joke
Joshua Vega
Joshua Vega 3 kun oldin
CBS your grade is F. The Jets had a great draft. I’m not taking any advice or insight from Brady Bust
BillionDollarBiscuit 3 kun oldin
This is the only network I’ve seen give to the Jets anything lower than a B, bums
Zac Davis
Zac Davis 3 kun oldin
I assume they have the bears an A. I haven’t looked
Marauder Star
Marauder Star 3 kun oldin
Clowns 🤡
William Garcia
William Garcia 3 kun oldin
Every team was drafted with a winning grade by NFL and Anylst
Motivated T
Motivated T 3 kun oldin
C- these terrible analysts and their terrible takes are a joke
No Madd
No Madd 3 kun oldin
Joe D seems to know what he’s doing so I’m fucking pumped.
Michael West
Michael West 3 kun oldin
I still think it was a mistake not to take Justin Fields.
Michael West
Michael West Kun oldin
@pete detraglia Time will tell. It always does.
pete detraglia
pete detraglia 2 kun oldin
Fields fell like a brick and desperate Chicago came up to draft him. Why didn't other teams move up to select him higher??? Inquiring minds want to know...Why didn't New England move up to draft him as they are QB desperate also...
Donell Weaver
Donell Weaver 3 kun oldin
I give the Jets an A+ what the hell these guys was smoking on
Donell Weaver
Donell Weaver 3 kun oldin
@Raisethejollyrodger #1 oh I understand I am a big New York sports fan that watches local football 🏈 of the Jets and Giants
Raisethejollyrodger #1
Raisethejollyrodger #1 3 kun oldin
@Donell Weaver they dont hate us they laugh at us cause we have sucked forever and have usually been dissapointing in the draft but they dont understand we have a new coach a good new gm and a team thats getting better each year so i hope people stop with the its the jets shit.
Donell Weaver
Donell Weaver 3 kun oldin
@Eddie Blaze okay I understand that I have no idea why everyone hates or dislike the Jets
Eddie Blaze
Eddie Blaze 3 kun oldin
This grade is simply because it's the Jets.
Dan gilmore
Dan gilmore 3 kun oldin
Turn that c to an a. Wtf lol
Zachary Simon
Zachary Simon 3 kun oldin
So sick of the two thirds for AVT narrative. How many jets fans would have traded away to third round picks to lock down the left side with a pro bowl caliber talent? Plus you got back a fourth, not all these picks will work out AVT is a lock. So please shut the fuck up yo
DarkSouljah 3 kun oldin
If you're the only media outlet giving a team a grade lower than a B+...then I am sorry but it's're the issue..and it shows.
Zachary Simon
Zachary Simon 3 kun oldin
CBS should just give up on sports, it’s the worst.
thomas schuster
thomas schuster 3 kun oldin
Lmaooo shot
MikeyBoomBotzTV 3 kun oldin
CBS doesnt want to see us win 😢😔
Daniel ODell
Daniel ODell 3 kun oldin
Denzel mims was a second rounder not a first, dude doesn't even know what he si talking about.
Marcellus Monegro
Marcellus Monegro 3 kun oldin
They are trash
Thomas Mcqueen
Thomas Mcqueen 3 kun oldin
WOW!! Brady Quinn is as bad an analyst as he was at Quarterback! Stunningly stupid take! #firequinn
Arvin Zelaya
Arvin Zelaya 3 kun oldin
Jets had a top 10 best draft this year.... C+??😂😂
Dtor 2403
Dtor 2403 3 kun oldin
They’re smoking
Jean Pierre Mercedes
Jean Pierre Mercedes 3 kun oldin
Brady Quinn being a complete 🤡🤡🤡 lol
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Brady Quinn gets an F for this analysis
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
C+? This was more of an A-
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
I’m a Bills fan and this was a great draft, what are they talking about
Aidan Vitticore
Aidan Vitticore 3 kun oldin
Huh? Wtf is this
Simeon Jackson Davis
Simeon Jackson Davis 3 kun oldin
CBS sports goofy 😂😭
monsterKey 3 kun oldin
These shit isnt analyst so who cares💩
Ferd Chubb
Ferd Chubb 3 kun oldin
Didn’t address the edge at all??? We signed Carl Lawson in free agency you jamook. Brady Quinn is as shitty an analyst as he was a quarterback. Get a new job
Ferd Chubb
Ferd Chubb 3 kun oldin
Joshua Azenberg
Joshua Azenberg 3 kun oldin
The first mistake the C+guy said was he didn’t think Wilson was the second best QB in the draft. Whether this is true or not is irrelevant. Wilson fits their scheme the best so just because Fields may be better “on paper” doesn’t mean he’s going to do well in a particular system. I mean come on dude this isn’t rocket science at this point. Every other major sports media outlet I could find gave them an A.
Ab Gr
Ab Gr 3 kun oldin
Wilson isn’t gonna work out watch . Not really proven and injury prone . Risky pick if it was a late first round pick I would grade a B
Jiovanni Rosales
Jiovanni Rosales 3 kun oldin
@Ab Gr I’ll be back soon
Ab Gr
Ab Gr 3 kun oldin
@Jiovanni Rosales the jets will never win sorry 😢
Jiovanni Rosales
Jiovanni Rosales 3 kun oldin
Dude the surgery was almost 2 years ago...... he’s not injury prone. He has all the elite traits and he will be an MVP caliber player I guarantee it
Charles Johnson
Charles Johnson 3 kun oldin
The E Empire
The E Empire 3 kun oldin
The credibility goes out the window when the Broncos get an a plus
Sam Akin
Sam Akin 3 kun oldin
Day one starters get noticed in camp
Chidi Tuke
Chidi Tuke 3 kun oldin
I just knew they would do our Jets dirty in the rankings lol. The negative narrative on the Jets is hilarious. If you like the strategy that is what you're grading not the fact they didn't brake who you want. None of these players are proven yet. We had a really great draft nonetheless. They just love to hate on the Jets. See y'all in the playoffs next year.
dean31395 3 kun oldin
Brady Quinn is almost as bad as an analyst as he was a QB.
Leroy Lyne
Leroy Lyne 3 kun oldin
Said the same sports née organization who gave the Knicks a D for drafting Emanuel quickly
John McDavid
John McDavid 4 kun oldin
also mims was a 2nd rounder
John McDavid
John McDavid 4 kun oldin
these guys idiots u have to protect the qb avt is gonna be good a- b+
Matthew Heinrichs
Matthew Heinrichs 4 kun oldin
LOL CBS sports is awful
Andres Caiced
Andres Caiced 4 kun oldin
As a Dolphins fan, I hate the Jets. But they did really good this draft. AVT for protectionn and an amazing Slot WR in Elijah Moore. Dolphins still gonna whopp they ass lmaooo
KD 4 kun oldin
Gave it a bad grade because of his personal QB ranking.....
Garenthal 3 kun oldin
Same people gave Immanuel Quickley a D+
Gang Green
Gang Green 4 kun oldin
Jet haters
tony152 4 kun oldin
Brady Quinn C+ are you kidding me.
Brian Freel
Brian Freel 4 kun oldin
Dis guy from fla lol
Jimmy Mcnamara
Jimmy Mcnamara 4 kun oldin
Gotta give Brady quinn a F for his draft analysis. Denzel mims wasn't the jets 1st rd pick last year.
courteo 3 kun oldin
I thought I was going crazy when he said that. Becton was our 1st rounder last yr. He was a 2nd rounder.
Jack Sullivan
Jack Sullivan 3 kun oldin
that line made me turn the video off
Danny F
Danny F 4 kun oldin
The same network who graded Immanuel Quickley a D+, I think we’re safe boys 🤗
leon gorham
leon gorham 2 kun oldin
u beat me to this comment lol
Tony Banks
Tony Banks 3 kun oldin
After the Quickley evaluation they should've stop. Will they ever comeback and say, 'We got that Quickley grade wrong no credibility.
Lee da Hitman
Lee da Hitman 3 kun oldin
Great point
Parlay King Sports
Parlay King Sports 4 kun oldin
Lmfao C+🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Simeon Jackson Davis
Simeon Jackson Davis 3 kun oldin
Lol they are a jk
Darian Green
Darian Green 3 kun oldin
Let everyone keep on hating us
Wesley Walker
Wesley Walker 4 kun oldin
The fact that these two idiots can’t figure out trading for the best guard in the draft to pair with Becton for the next 15 years is universally considered a great move is besides the point.Brady Quinn Is àaaappart of NFL history. In 2007 he was considered the second best QB in what is widely considered the worst QB draft class in history only JaMarcus Russell was rated ahead of you. In the green Room as you were expected to go top 5 and slowly each GM picked another player just a reminder all the GM’s think you sucked. At 22 the Browns in the middle of their ineptitude draft you. Now it was your big chance to show them that they were wrong and you were good. Oops! They were right you sucked and was out of league in four years. The incredible part is when ESPN is cutting promos of the draft when they get to the part where they show the players getting their Souls crushed they always so you on the verge of tears waiting for your name to be called . Brady Quinn the agony of defeat.
Zak Horvath
Zak Horvath 4 kun oldin
Brady Quinn was shit in the NFL therefore knows nothing about grading drafts and its a better chance that Wilson will be better than him (I'm a Notre Dame fan so thats saying something). Also Pete you knock them for trading up to get arguably the best guard in the draft at a position of need. I never have heard of a team being knocked for taking the best guy at a position of need unless it was a reach. Vera Tucker was not going to be there at 23.
Robbie B
Robbie B 4 kun oldin
All Jets picks in the 1st 4 rounds, except for Zach Wilson, they drafted at value compared to the slotting. AVT was a top 10 that they got at 14. Moore was a mid 1st rounder thry got in 2nd round. And Carter was a 3rd round RB they got in the 4th round. And they were all positions of need. The Jets literally picked the best player available. How is that not an A?
pete detraglia
pete detraglia 2 kun oldin
They also got some great UDFAs. Yeboah the tight end is going to be a beast!
Frankie V
Frankie V 4 kun oldin
CBS sports blows
Ant Drums01
Ant Drums01 4 kun oldin
Bro didnt even know mims actual round... not only that but they got hybrid players for their defense because thats the scheme their running... they need versatility and the players that they wanna transition to OLB, or CB said they want it. Not only that but #32 offense last 2 yeArs honestly. Whaddya do? Build it up as high as possible. Defense will be fine.. they took countless swings so that a few will hit! And how likely is it a 3rd round guy becomes your starter rather than your 4/5/6 round guys? Bad take from quinn, imo.
SonicBoom 4 kun oldin
BrooklynAllDay BrooklynAllNight
BrooklynAllDay BrooklynAllNight 4 kun oldin
Pete graded them a B, who cares what Brady Quinn thinks lol
Tony Banks
Tony Banks 3 kun oldin
How can he say, the Jets gave up too much to move up. Those picks came from essence all they gave up was a third round pick.
stacc G
stacc G 4 kun oldin
So when there wrong Are they going 2 come back on air and say it??
Tony Banks
Tony Banks 3 kun oldin
No, they've yet to address the D grade they gave the knicks for drafting Quickley.
Ronnie Johnson
Ronnie Johnson 4 kun oldin
I never listen to these sports bobble heads, I like Fields but the offensive coordinator liked ZACK for the offense he's running, The last time I checked most teams pick players that fit what they're doing, obviously these bobble heads forgot that, FIELDS went #10 , Carolina and Denver passed on him,
justin rodriguez
justin rodriguez 4 kun oldin
Sal Spencer
Sal Spencer 4 kun oldin
You guys are a joke, every other NFL expert gives them no lower than a B+. Learn how to NFL.
Dean Thomas
Dean Thomas 4 kun oldin
We needed help all over the field and couldn't plug all the holes in a single year. I think we will be better but still a team with plenty of needs next year.
Dana Garrity
Dana Garrity 4 kun oldin
Okay, fellas...
Antonio Lazar
Antonio Lazar 4 kun oldin
CBS analysis on a NY team draft class and grading picks low?!? Haven’t we seen that before with a D to Immanuel Quickley? 🤡🤡 Wonder how bad this will age?
Sublime Music Channel
Sublime Music Channel 3 kun oldin
Vinny B
Vinny B 4 kun oldin
They should get at least a B. They got 4 offensive starters who are all ballers. Help off the edge? They signed the best pass rushing free agent in Carl Lawson. They also have Vinny Curry and JFM on the other side. Not to mention Quinnen Williams and Sheldon Rankins on the inside. Their pass rush is fine. They have no corners though you're right BUT supporting the rookie QB is priority number 1.
pete detraglia
pete detraglia 2 kun oldin
With the corners we got in the late rounds and in the UDFA market we should be set if they develop well prior to the start of this season.
MikeyBoomBotzTV 3 kun oldin
They picked up a ton of corners in the draft so im hoping at least 1 or 2 of them work out and that bryce hall has a break out year
The Internets
The Internets 4 kun oldin
People don't even see what's coming. Jonathan Marshall is going to shock the world.
Sal Sanchez
Sal Sanchez 4 kun oldin
NFL & PFF graded them A... 🤡
pete detraglia
pete detraglia 2 kun oldin
@Breon Mitchell Don't know were you got your stats but they are wrong.. 9 picks I don't think so...
Yimmyyy 2 kun oldin
@Breon Mitchell It's interesting that you're purely basing your opinion off his season from 2 years ago. Kind of hard to take your opinion seriously (as everyone else has pointed out) if that's case. Fields is a good prospect as well tho. Interesting to see him fall past teams that need a QB
Breon Mitchell
Breon Mitchell 2 kun oldin
@Yimmyyy Fields had 43td 3int 7 rush td as Sophomore better competition Wilson Last yr 11td 9int he had 1 decent yr He #2pick act surprise he bust Watch Byu games Wilson not pocket passer Fields Pocket Passer
Yimmyyy 2 kun oldin
@Breon Mitchell he went 33-3 with 10 rushing touchdowns last year
Andrew Hornick
Andrew Hornick 2 kun oldin
@Breon Mitchell please tell me what Joe Burrow did in 2018 compared to his breakout 2019 season. Oh, when was he drafted again? First overall? Got it...
Louis Cyfear
Louis Cyfear 4 kun oldin
I hit the subscribe button but I was already subscribed 🤭
Aman Ghuman
Aman Ghuman 4 kun oldin
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