NFL Draft Report Card: Indianapolis Colts get a 'B-' | CBS Sports HQ

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Ryan Wilson and Emory Hunt join CBS Sports HQ to grade the Indianapolis Colts' 2021 NFL Draft.

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merciless41582 18 soat oldin
Who the hell is Emory Hunt? His opinion on Chris Ballard and the Colts DOES NOT MATTER!! Ballard proves the media wrong every single year. These are the same people who said Darius Leonard was the worst pick in the draft.
BhBraaq Kun oldin
They act as if FA isn't still going on. Still good LTs left. Trust in Ballard. He doesn't always hit but he's consistent delivered studs every draft.
GenoSackDaddy 2 kun oldin
The worse colts draft since the days of Grigson
YoungSensation32 2 kun oldin
main problem with the colts is they draft blue collar players, and not talented players.. passed on so many talented athletes and they do it in every draft.
Brendon Allen
Brendon Allen 2 kun oldin
Did you forget about Buckner budV
Bars In The Tuck
Bars In The Tuck 2 kun oldin
The national media never knows what they’re talking about when it comes to the Colts.
BhBraaq Kun oldin
Thats what I was thinking
Peyton Duke
Peyton Duke 3 kun oldin
My boy Chris Ballard knows what he is doing
twe mcgraw
twe mcgraw 3 kun oldin
I peep the Steven A diss at the end cbs wassup man? 😂
Alburna86 3 kun oldin
He butchered several names and almost called us the Titans lol D- analysis
Adam Hasser
Adam Hasser 3 kun oldin
The Colts got 2 of the Top 5 DE's in class and a lot of analysts had S Shawn Davis as a Top 5 Safety as well. This defense is going to be very good. Turay was one of the highest rated guys on PFF before he got injured two years ago and last season he still wasn't right and got surgery this offseason. I think he can end up being the starter if he's healthy. Banogu is in a make or break year and has disappointed.
Drew Price
Drew Price 3 kun oldin
We literally drafted Will Fries a OL in the 7th rd who started 42 games and was 2nd all Big 10 last year but yet we didnt "address the ot spot" ok bud
Lex D'Alene
Lex D'Alene 3 kun oldin
Is this the B- broadcast team?
Langston Richardson
Langston Richardson 3 kun oldin
CBS can’t keep the kids off camera? Call ESPN or FOX!!
Phil Coulson
Phil Coulson 4 kun oldin
I love Paye but that’s about it. We could have gotten Little, Cosmi or even Jenkins and we got neither. Incredibly disappointing. Especially because if we resigned Autry, we wouldn’t have needed Dayo.
Julie Friend
Julie Friend Kun oldin
I agree
T S 3 kun oldin
Man you must be a great gm. You can predict a man's future before he even starts his career? Wow. I bet Chris ballard has a poster of you in his room
Garry Staggs
Garry Staggs 3 kun oldin
Will Fries plays every G and OT so he can move around and is way better in the run so more than likely he will play RG or RT
Drew Price
Drew Price 3 kun oldin
Will Fries is a very underrated pick
john regalia
john regalia 3 kun oldin
Cosmi and Jenkins were off the board. We went bpa still some good FA out there tevi is an ok stopgap if we sign fisher we will be a force
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