NFL Draft Report Card: New England Patriots get an 'A' | CBS Sports HQ

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Brady Quinn and Pete Prisco join CBS Sports HQ to grade the New England Patriots' 2021 NFL Draft.

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Oliver Phippen
Oliver Phippen 22 soat oldin
What can make Mac fail OL - OL -OL No plan - Remember Mac is not being graded on W / L he is being graded on how many ;points he puts up per game -He has no control over the "D"
Murray Spain
Murray Spain Kun oldin
I love the Patriots draft I disagree saying Buffalo gonna win the AFC east I got the Pats winning it they made a big turn from last season than any one in that division
Cisium 2 kun oldin
When sportswriters say, "didn't draft well" they usually mean, "didn't draft anybody we crowed about." Then in the next breath, they debate whether the 199th pick in 2000 is the greatest ever to play the game. I mean Jesus, these Einsteins forgot one of the picks.
Raymond Johnson
Raymond Johnson 2 kun oldin
I'm a Brady guy..but I'm a die hard Pats fan
Ozzie Loki
Ozzie Loki 3 kun oldin
Deserves an A. I'll judge someone not on the talent but on how they use the draft to better there team. QB,LB,S,DT all a position of need. They plugged that need. This is said among pat's fans, to be arguably the best draft, ever. Just a lot of quality players. I'd give them an A on FA too. Plugged a lot of other needs. Bill done a fine job so far. On paper this is a really good team. Capable of making the po.
santacruzer 3 kun oldin
Where's Tre Nixon?? 7th round pick from UCF
Chris Edward
Chris Edward 3 kun oldin
CBS is fake news.
Michael Tribbet
Michael Tribbet 3 kun oldin
I love how all of these guys think that drafting Mac Jones at 3 would be a felony but drafting him at 15 is a steal.... he’s the same fucking player either way guys, just a reminder
UNA SIB 2 kun oldin
Jonathan Lopez
Jonathan Lopez 3 kun oldin
CxTyler 3 kun oldin
Always ignoring Trey Nixon. He’s very under rate.
Richard Smoker
Richard Smoker 3 kun oldin
nice purple party hat
James Griffin
James Griffin 3 kun oldin
C- their second round pick was great. Mac jones is average QB and the LB Collins pick right after him would address a real need. Every other pick rounds 3-5 were reaches. Not a great draft good thing New England won free agency
MrWalkwaySc2 2 kun oldin
Perkins was a first round talent that got picked up round 3. Stevenson in the 4th is a value pick since he was probably the 2nd or 3rd best RB in this draft.
J 1
J 1 3 kun oldin
None of the picks were reaches your validity on this subject is highly questionable.
Zack Joubert
Zack Joubert 4 kun oldin
Few months ago it looked like bill was a bum. Now? Best GM im the game....🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️they will never get shit straight.
Smido83 3 kun oldin
Who sad something about best GM? They sad after some bad drafts he had some realy good pics this year... hell they even sad the Cowboys had a good draft... still no offensive scill player, but at least he got a realy realy good QB talent and bolstered the D-Line. Did Bill pick any good offensive scill players over the past years? That was allways his wheakness since he drafted Gronk and Hernandez in 2010. Picking 2 TE in the 3rd round last year, well theres a reason we spended tons of money on 2 TE free Agents. Picking Harry over D. K. Metcalf, Hollywood Brown, Mecole Hardman. Or Malcom Mitchell (is he still in the league?) Or taking Aaron Dobson in the 2nd Round while Travis Kelce and Keenan Allen were still on the board. And just to be sure Josh Boyce in the 4th... Bill allways had a pretty good hand on O-Line, D-Line and 2ndary... but offensive scill players?
Parlay King Sports
Parlay King Sports 4 kun oldin
Belicheck reloaded A.S.A.P. 😀 back to the playoffs
Joe King
Joe King 4 kun oldin
Seems like EVERY team is getting an 'A"! LOL!
One1enO 3 kun oldin
@mr bacchus yep fax
mr bacchus
mr bacchus 3 kun oldin
Nobody likes to hear how their team just messed up the draft lol Honestly draft grades right after the draft are dumb, I'd rather wait and evaluate years later.
Jay Vang
Jay Vang 4 kun oldin
They left out tre nixon in 7th round lol
Cisium 2 kun oldin
@Andi Dhimitri I'd say he has at least as good a chance of making the team as Bledsoe.
VikerMen 3 kun oldin
@Andi Dhimitri top three receivers in the Belichick era at New England are Gronk, Welker and Edelman. Edelman was a 7th rounder and Welker was undrafted. Bill loves his late round picks and ufas
Josh Ford F
Josh Ford F 3 kun oldin
U know Julian Edelman was a 7th round pick
Andi Dhimitri
Andi Dhimitri 3 kun oldin
Because he ain’t marking the team
justaguy123_ 4 kun oldin
Brady Quinn is extremely well spoken and smart, good to see him doing well in media
Maverick Saint
Maverick Saint 3 kun oldin
@Boden Carlos Yea, I've been watching on Flixzone for since december myself =)
Boden Carlos
Boden Carlos 3 kun oldin
A tip: watch movies at flixzone. I've been using them for watching loads of movies lately.
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 4 kun oldin
Patriots like to use fullbacks in some schemes. Maybe that's what they hope to use the big running back for.
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 3 kun oldin
@Donald Arnett Good point!
Donald Arnett
Donald Arnett 3 kun oldin
He will Prob. be more like L. Blount!!!!!!! Big, beast -mode, bruiser to change pace and make D-fences have to put eight or nine in the box! He is a BANGER!!!
Tank GreenThumb
Tank GreenThumb 4 kun oldin
That's cams new role 😅😂
Nowhere Man
Nowhere Man 4 kun oldin
How ridiculous is the Alabama football program? How many guys from Alabama were drafted in the first round? Does Alabama (in an average draft) have more first round players than the average NFL team?
anthony m
anthony m 4 kun oldin
It’s just a team full of 5* players .. at worst they have like 3 or 4, 4* recruits . The have the number one recruiting class every year
Sean Payne
Sean Payne 4 kun oldin
What is he talking about they had a really good draft just last year
Larry Grecko
Larry Grecko 3 kun oldin
@Vidhur Shankar - thx , I was pretty certain Harris wasn’t a part of last years draft class .
Vidhur Shankar
Vidhur Shankar 3 kun oldin
@Larry Grecko Yeah Harris missed his rook year. Pats usually redshirt their RBs only unless they don’t have a good “main” RB on the roster (like what happened with Sony Michel). Rhamondre Stevenson will be the same Harris case
Larry Grecko
Larry Grecko 4 kun oldin
@Cart Man - you right He was pretty good last Year
Cart Man
Cart Man 4 kun oldin
@Larry Grecko bro Onwenu was one of the top rookie Offensive lineman
Larry Grecko
Larry Grecko 4 kun oldin
@Wolf Clan247 - I like Harris , Dugger might be a player , the rest who knows ... honestly who knows about of em . It’s gonna take a couple years to see IMO none of em jumped out as “future starter” - I thought Harris was drafted 2 yrs ago - didn’t. He miss his Rook yr. ?
Arthas Menethil
Arthas Menethil 4 kun oldin
Pats still need receivers went from 32 to 31 lol. The only team that has worse is prolly the Lions.
Speedyreedy1218 3 kun oldin
@Arthas Menethil Brady was nobody to the entire league as a rookie. He was developed. This guy was already projected as good. So he may grow to be great. Haven't seen him yet. So you can't write him off before he gets started.
Speedyreedy1218 3 kun oldin
@Brett C Some reports list Mac at 6'3, some 6'2.
Speedyreedy1218 3 kun oldin
@Rhett Harmon Welker may be 5'9 and Danny Woodhead.
Sam Weis
Sam Weis 3 kun oldin
I really like it. I think since 2001 every Year the people tell us that the Patriots are not that good anymore... worked out pretty good the last decades and will workout pretty good the next decades. Probably as long as the knowledge and culture of some of the greatest minds in football come together in Foxborough.
Rhett Harmon
Rhett Harmon 4 kun oldin
@Speedyreedy1218 hes listed as 5'10 but he looks closer to 5'9 than 5'11 to me lol
elixir by nestrick
elixir by nestrick 4 kun oldin
I would agree
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