Kens and Karens: A Tribute to Unnecessarily Calling the Cops | The Daily Show

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Let’s not forget all the Kens and Karens that made this year special. Here’s our coverage of white people unnecessarily calling the cops on Black people. #DailyShow
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Tommy Lane
Tommy Lane 17 daqiqa oldin
Big thumbs down!!!!!!
Murat Stardustmedia
Murat Stardustmedia 25 daqiqa oldin
All those white madness makes me cry. I barely can imagine how it must be for african american in the US.
Solar Shido
Solar Shido 2 soat oldin
All the racists are not whites against blacks. Every racists whatever the color of their skins are despicable
Samantha Stevens
Samantha Stevens 2 soat oldin
I love this man.... 😂
ADekoB pro max ultra
ADekoB pro max ultra 5 soat oldin
Shit. I wrote whit and it auto corrected to shit. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Just Kyllie
Just Kyllie 5 soat oldin
This is crazy!!!
Kristen Price
Kristen Price 8 soat oldin
Girl bye! Love it!!!
MakiMaki 10 soat oldin
Jesus christ man, did these people just sleep through deescalation tactics class?
Cora Castro
Cora Castro 10 soat oldin
Oh well that is why some blacks are hating the white!
Ebi 10 soat oldin
dulce is so pretty 🥰
Robert Schmidt
Robert Schmidt 12 soat oldin
And the great divide continues. Smh.
Mark Stein
Mark Stein 12 soat oldin
White People: I hate them Bruno Mars: *Then catch a grenade on you!*
Moon Children
Moon Children 12 soat oldin
Fuck going abroad, im not leaving here in Palawan.
Jacob Ogbara
Jacob Ogbara 13 soat oldin
This guy funny
Mark K.
Mark K. 20 soat oldin
How dare you give credit to a "god" for a human being's actions? I was on board with everything in this video until you decided to pretend like an imaginary magical man in the sky bought four tickets to Disneyland instead of the actual human being that did it. Don't say thank God. Thank the human being that was kind enough to take that action. How disrespectful of you to give away credit like that. What a shame.
Noyouthe troll
Noyouthe troll 22 soat oldin
"Why do white people call the cops on criminals when they're black? What about my black privilege?"
Jean Pires
Jean Pires 23 soat oldin
The more I watch this kind of content, the more I’m thankful for not living in America.
K B 23 soat oldin
We had these 2 bike cops pull up ALL THE TIME at this club I used to work at. Every time I would point and laugh and be super immature about it. It’s just so incredibly funny to me. They would hang their heads and sadly bike away. Imagine wanting to be a cop, for whatever reason: power, money..... idk any other reasons anyone would want to be a cop lmfao- and being assigned bike duty. 😂😂😂😂😂 shit cracks me up
Pink Peonies
Pink Peonies Kun oldin
Those racist people who called the cops are an embarrassment to society. I feel so terrible for the African Americans that had to deal with those situations. I am very grateful that Trevor Noah knows how to properly ROAST those racist idiots and does it well. He makes me laugh 🤣 Thank you Trevor!
Terrisann Brooks
Terrisann Brooks Kun oldin
This pisses me off everytime I see this video. Arresting blacks for foolishness
Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues
Tobias Rörvall Rodrigues Kun oldin
Is there anything worse than white privileged women acting like they are victims?
Was geht
Was geht Kun oldin
that's america
Michael Hugi
Michael Hugi Kun oldin
All you ppl see is the color of ppl skin it’s always a black person or a white never just a person😒 this man does amazing job diverging humans because of their color and making it seem funny and you ppl love it and let it affect how you think
Sadistic Neo nazi
Sadistic Neo nazi Kun oldin
Probably Karen's
Eleanor Wilson
Eleanor Wilson Kun oldin
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Aradhya Gujar
Aradhya Gujar Kun oldin
For some reason I just think all of these guys must be Trump voters
Mary Samson
Mary Samson Kun oldin
alishaochoa31 Kun oldin
That woman looks like Amy Schumer. Lol.
Jerry Kun oldin
The Starbucks Manager or whoever called the police on these gentlemen should be arrested themselves for racial profiling. These gentleman should file a lawsuit or call out the location for doing such an abhorrent thing. These gentlemen, according to the video were were courteous, minding their own business while waiting for a friend. i’m going to call out the manager in regards to their restroom policy. I have gone to my local Starbucks and have use the restroom and have also used their Internet and did not purchase anything. (I’m also Caucasian) that why the police were not called on me? So I’m going to call BS out Starbucks on this one. The owner should apologize to the gentlemen, send their employees to some sort of sensitivity training so that they may serve their customers and community better. They also need to be updated with the current statutes and comply with state laws. I am truly frustrated by humiliating these gentlemen in public!! Nobody should be racially profiled period because of the color of your skin or race. This is just disgusting and appalling. You probably lost a lot of business due to this incident because of someone’s stupidity. let them use the damn bathroom next time, it’s not hurting anyone and the prices you charge for a cup of coffee, tea and even water, using the bathroom should be a courtesy not a privilege from Starbucks. SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!
Slingshot Chicken
Slingshot Chicken Kun oldin
There are some tough things to see and hear but he still manages to report well and also be really funny, he is talented
Slingshot Chicken
Slingshot Chicken Kun oldin
Trevor and his entourage are HILARIOUS!
RJ McFarjay
RJ McFarjay Kun oldin
So little white kids can sell lemonade with no problems but a black girl selling sealed, brand name water. SMH at least her product is sealed. Her product can't hurt anyone. But homemade lemonade can have something accidently put in it that makes someone sick
Sunshine_ girl
Sunshine_ girl Kun oldin
I wished there was a job to go around and collect Karens and just smack the shit out of them.
grace Ross
grace Ross Kun oldin
It's not about the money, it's about her attacking a minor, acting like she's the only one to have a iPhone. Shame on her, it's time for all of those that do the things they do to be charged convicted. Yes they need to know that their supporter of misbehavioring is not in office anymore. Stop stop the ugliness!😕😔😴
Charlene Woods
Charlene Woods Kun oldin
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Alicia Murguia
Alicia Murguia Kun oldin
This is horrible it's not even funny ..
Shanice Causby
Shanice Causby Kun oldin
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DeeDee Gordon
DeeDee Gordon Kun oldin
-Gearvash -
-Gearvash - Kun oldin
Fear is pushed to the public on every level, ignorance eats this fear and makes a monster. Just love those around you. Try to understand and find a happy middle ground. Don’t wish harm on those around you, don’t inflict harm on those around you.
Mobius Blitz
Mobius Blitz 12 soat oldin
Yoda does have a point when he says "Fear is the path to the dark side. What's morbidly funny to me is he tends to be right.
Kissma Tukus
Kissma Tukus Kun oldin
Me: Chillin, reading my horoscope. Caroline: I wAs JuSt SeXuAlLy AsSaUlTeD bY a ChIlD Me: excuse me, *fucking what*
manyy maldonado
manyy maldonado Kun oldin
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john bhangal
john bhangal 2 kun oldin
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Christopher Day
Christopher Day 2 kun oldin
Because they fear us
Masonix_Angel_ Equinoxes
Masonix_Angel_ Equinoxes 2 kun oldin
A pregnant woman and her kids ... and a barbie?And SWAT came?????SMH
Abdullah Mahir
Abdullah Mahir 21 soat oldin
Masonix_Angel_ Equinoxes
Masonix_Angel_ Equinoxes 2 kun oldin
Weed for animals???? 😄😄😄 Never thought I'd see the day
Masonix_Angel_ Equinoxes
Masonix_Angel_ Equinoxes 2 kun oldin
You made a good bicycle joke out of the Starbucks situation
Gabe 2 kun oldin
“And everyone assumes the police version is the true version of events” have you really just thought about that? I’ve known police have an unfair advantage to lock you away for almost my whole life. Their credibility is naturally higher than any normal civilian.
Gabe 2 kun oldin
Bruh I slapped a lady on the ass when I was like 8 at a soccer game. She never did call the cops on me.
Samson Jackson
Samson Jackson 2 kun oldin
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Curious Legend
Curious Legend 2 kun oldin
So heart breaking
E K 2 kun oldin
They should reverse charge those luna-bitches who call the police. Quadruple the time and cost and be made stand atop a lecturn and publicly apologise via judges order when their craziness is shown for what it is. I literally can't believe the plain audacity and utter lack of self awareness. Christ Black Americans i am sorry. Love from Ireland x
Derrick Libroia
Derrick Libroia 2 kun oldin
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Maryooma Aziz
Maryooma Aziz 2 kun oldin
Wow their hearts are so full of hate and envy they are willing to attack and traumatize little kids for life just because they are black???? I just can not believe these people... they are so disgusting and they have such rotten hearts. Absolutely sickening i wanna cry for these kids and what they experienced, they’ll be traumatized for life.
Maryooma Aziz
Maryooma Aziz 2 kun oldin
We all know 3.2K karens and kevins disliked this💀👀🏃‍♀️
TheGirlOfStories 2 kun oldin
"put a f***ing cap in your head" to a pregnant woman and her young children. I'm SORRY???
Insu Kang
Insu Kang Kun oldin
that is just wrong WRONG
Sandy Lane
Sandy Lane 2 kun oldin
This video was hecka funny!!! Loved it!!! But also seriously relevant!!! Well played!
Darren Jones
Darren Jones 2 kun oldin
The dislikes are all the white ppl that like to call the police
mr i
mr i 2 kun oldin
U black and white! Read 2000year indian history!
F.B.I. 2 kun oldin
Imagine the karens watching this
Maryooma Aziz
Maryooma Aziz 2 kun oldin
It don’t matter they ain’t self aware😂
Ashli T.
Ashli T. 2 kun oldin
5:22 are we not gonna talk about all the sun glasses
Engelsjr Polanco
Engelsjr Polanco 2 kun oldin
imagine your a police officer you got some missing kids calls and then you get a call you throw away your cigarette and pick up the phone and then you hear the scariest thing ever "HELP BLACK PEOPLE ARE HERE AHHHHHHH"
Raymond Modolo
Raymond Modolo 2 kun oldin
TheWard1ne 2 kun oldin
Everyone is doing nothing
Jean Persad
Jean Persad 3 kun oldin
The police is acting like criminal s
Jean Persad
Jean Persad 3 kun oldin
Y don't they just mind their own business
Christy Tanner
Christy Tanner 3 kun oldin
Ppl like them should be banned from public. I probably would have decked the sexual assault lady bc it too reminded me of precious Emmett Till. This entitlement of wealthy ppl is disgusting. They act as if the world belongs to them screw that arrest them for wasting cops time & bringing about all this racist violence. The arizona cops should all be fired & charged
RealTalk 3 kun oldin
The most scary thing isn't them calling the cops, but the cops being unreasonable and aggressive towards black people. Here in Germany cops are usually the mediator trying to resolve things, then again we usually never get pulled guns on unless someone actually has a weapon (like a knife) in their hand and acts aggressive. This is actually mindblowing.
Amal Sulfi
Amal Sulfi 3 kun oldin
*Why is she tryin' to crouch behind that wall like a white-privileged ninja?* I'm dead 😂😂
Cutie O
Cutie O 3 kun oldin
Seriously, what is wrong with you Americans
A Chimpanzee
A Chimpanzee 16 soat oldin
@Axel smh I'll never understand racism, why cant we all just hate each other equally?
Axel Kun oldin
People are actually fighting because of SKIN COLORS AND IT'S RIDICULOUS.
Lauren Keener
Lauren Keener Kun oldin
Too much. I'm sorry our country is like this smh
P.S. Kim
P.S. Kim 3 kun oldin
national PDs must hate Trevor Noah 😄
P.S. Kim
P.S. Kim 3 kun oldin
I feel like far future generations will look back on these compilations and think we were the stupidest generation in history
Jeff Cabo
Jeff Cabo 3 kun oldin
There are a lot of whites that are not racist but there are still a lot of them who are. Bad thing more police officers are.
leo scamander
leo scamander 3 kun oldin
The barbie doll incident made me frikin sick...just goes to show how low humanity can stoop...thank good lord for the video recording and for the person who thought of doing that
Maryooma Aziz
Maryooma Aziz 2 kun oldin
Ikr... i can not believe that video absolutely horrific like I actually wanna cry they probably traumatized these kids and their mom forever!
Adi Yusuf
Adi Yusuf 3 kun oldin
What's wrong with the US police? I think they're wanted to become a police so that they can play with guns without breaking the law..
Michael Rief
Michael Rief 3 kun oldin
This reminds me of one morning when I had just pumped gas and went inside to get a coffee and some snacks. The white lady in front of me couldn’t get her credit card to work and she became irate. She turned around and looked directly at me and asked me what I was looking at. I told her I was just waiting in line like everyone else. She literally blew up because she couldn’t make her purchase. I tried to defuse the situation and I offered to pay for her Pop, Cigarettes and Snacks and she then blew up and cussed me out for being rude. The guy behind the counter pointed to the Door and told her to leave immediately.
Friday Anighoro
Friday Anighoro 3 kun oldin
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Jessica Peters
Jessica Peters 3 kun oldin
The only and I mean ONLY reason to have killed that groundhog would have been if he had rabies which maybe the cop thought by the animal acting in an unusual manner but the poor dear wasn't even acting that out of the norm.
C Adler
C Adler 3 kun oldin
i came here to laugh. Now i just feel sick to my stomach and sad. This is so upsetting.
Carlton Martinez
Carlton Martinez 3 kun oldin
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Shannon Vizzo
Shannon Vizzo 3 kun oldin
Lol 😂 this video and commentary is hilarious!
Bellr Vlogs
Bellr Vlogs 3 kun oldin
Racism is a poor reflection of the American educational system. Because what biology teacher teaches you that melanin is directly or indirectly related to violence tendencies?🤦🏽‍♀️
Phung Ngoc Quynh
Phung Ngoc Quynh 3 kun oldin
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Mohit9torres 3 kun oldin
I felt so effin" sad for that groundhog!
Ericd Denison
Ericd Denison 3 kun oldin
Good question: Are police "versions of events" complete and factual? Can we take them at their words? maybe most, but not all.
Mimsi e
Mimsi e 4 kun oldin
The interesting thing is she said 2 black men .why we should call human beings by their skin color.
Calcium Crusader
Calcium Crusader 22 soat oldin
I think its cause skin tone is a good indetifying charactereristic because I'm sure the cops wouldn't know their names
ranjith menon
ranjith menon 4 kun oldin
Maybe cops out there r not educated as much as that common person there....maybe those cops might be a failure in life...shame on racial discrimination done by such cops
Zanele Bukali
Zanele Bukali 2 kun oldin
Nope they just want black people to feel their superiority complex
Bob TheBuilder
Bob TheBuilder 4 kun oldin
Trigger happy
Armando Fernandez
Armando Fernandez 4 kun oldin
This here just gets me so SICK how did our great Country get to this? A bunch of trained officers acting like GANG MEMBERS this is so Wrong.
Liquid L
Liquid L 4 kun oldin
White people being scared at anything ⊙_⊙
Abul Azlan Abul Barakath
Abul Azlan Abul Barakath 4 kun oldin
Feel free to come Malaysia
Kate A.
Kate A. 4 kun oldin
Poor groundhog😢 doesnt deverve that
Wake Up
Wake Up 4 kun oldin
Are most people toxic and programed?
ongeziwe xinishe
ongeziwe xinishe 4 kun oldin
"I'm a groundhog, I hog the ground, that's what I do". Looool
Eran Bosman
Eran Bosman 4 kun oldin
They should make it illegal to call the cops for nothing in America.
A Chimpanzee
A Chimpanzee 16 soat oldin
@Eran Bosman because people dont like following the law.
Eran Bosman
Eran Bosman Kun oldin
@Christopher Day why do American call the police for stupid shit than.
Christopher Day
Christopher Day 2 kun oldin is....
Jamie Lillard
Jamie Lillard 4 kun oldin
I avoid police at all cost.. but ur right it’s white women who call them.
Joe p
Joe p 4 kun oldin
We are losing white women names left and right here. I want to have girls and I'm going to have to dig deep to name them. Luckily so far it's just the already crap names, Karen, Patty, Caroline. Actually Caroline is okay but can't use it now.
Jeff Reynolds
Jeff Reynolds 4 kun oldin
The ugliest grenade bizarrely stitch because japan disconcertingly frighten since a likeable half-sister. selfish, obtainable police
kozak2010998 4 kun oldin
Why black people calling cops?
Sabrina Slater-Warren
Sabrina Slater-Warren 5 kun oldin
Show up late! You get taken away when you are early.
woahitsnix's videos
woahitsnix's videos 5 kun oldin
so only white people are innocent until proven guilty
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