my hair: a comprehensive tutorial

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brian david gilbert

13 kun oldin

hello, this is my hair, and this is a video about what i do to it
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shot by karen han: karenyhan
this is where brian david gilbert is:

Skater Mars
Skater Mars 29 daqiqa oldin
why have you done this?
BeOriginal 2 soat oldin
you forgot bald
Pac 4 soat oldin
That Bowl Cut DO be kind of styling tho
rafagd 4 soat oldin
9:10 - Guybrush
Eli Mayes
Eli Mayes 6 soat oldin
What did you do?!?!?!?!
Alline Marjorie
Alline Marjorie 7 soat oldin
brian my love where can i buy that cute bandana of yours? the one you're using on your streams i really want it i would kill for it
Ratom_of_the_quellies 8 soat oldin
7:37 is glorious and is the utmost peak of humanity.
Spaghettaboutit 8 soat oldin
9:14 OH FUCK! He's the guys from Tears for Fears!
Ignacio GP
Ignacio GP 11 soat oldin
Since this video seems to be all about references, you missed the "Ain't nothing bad eva happened on this bed" at the end
SouljaBoy Owes Me Money
SouljaBoy Owes Me Money 19 soat oldin
He looks like a younger ProJared from certain angles.
Emily Daniels
Emily Daniels 19 soat oldin
it went from fine to AHH to fine to eHHHH at the speed of light
abra_escaped 23 soat oldin
I saw the bowl cut and my mind immediately jumped to Vector
Carolin Wagner
Carolin Wagner 23 soat oldin
This made me want to cut my hair and terrify me of it at the same time
JustJero Kun oldin
I'm watching this at 4 am and I'm sobbing
Peyton Mansfield
Peyton Mansfield Kun oldin
I was NOT ready for this, but I support it.
UnknownHost Kun oldin
Man that haircut at the end was a almost 10/10 if that last zoom in didn't show the party in the back XD
Regal Kun oldin
Kate Sterf
Kate Sterf Kun oldin
so are you gonna mail some o that hair to those top patrons tho
Amil Chenganakkattil
Amil Chenganakkattil Kun oldin
Normal haircut: Chaotic Good Mullet: Chaotic Neutral Bowl cut: Chaotic Evil
Roman Fedoseev
Roman Fedoseev Kun oldin
Thing is, that cowlick is amazing. It's just another case of people, in this case Brian, being concerned and anxious aabout a thing that makes them not just unique, but cool. That cowlick makes his hair look like a cyberpunk haircut, it looks like those lines people in Deus Ex have when they have augmentations installed in their head. I am so, so jealous of it. Brian, give me your cowlick. Not in a weird way (but maybe also in a weird way ;)
Princessorville Kun oldin
He looks just like jim Carey on dumb and dumber with the bowl cut
Grey Squirtle
Grey Squirtle Kun oldin
I can’t lie, I gasped at the ultimate reveal. After all hair styles in between, it came out BEAUTIFUL!!!
NoWindows Kun oldin
When people in the comments talked about how they started screaming in the second half, I assumed it couldn't be *that* bad. I should have known better about BDG.
Evalynn Castro
Evalynn Castro Kun oldin
karen cutting brian's hair is opposite yet similar energy to jenna cutting julien's hair
Angel Ataraxy
Angel Ataraxy Kun oldin
😳😳😳😂 ❤️
ouji Kun oldin
Weirden Kun oldin
Upside, he's on his way to being a Horror youtuber between the last video and this one.
Gabrielle Rosa
Gabrielle Rosa Kun oldin
the most shocking aspect of this video is that it turned out great in the end
alyssa anderson
alyssa anderson Kun oldin
Your hair looks great.
H Wr
H Wr Kun oldin
this was the most fucking anxiety inducing experience of my life but you know what it ended up pretty damn good so take from that what you will
Faceless Covers
Faceless Covers Kun oldin
brian’s hair looks like my therapist’s hair
EragonTheKing Slayer
EragonTheKing Slayer Kun oldin
Me, a black woman: he said I *might* use conditioner?? Might?!
Art 2 kun oldin
11:26 you look like vector from despicable me
Alskasaur 2 kun oldin
Wait, no, I actually really liked the mullet...
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton 2 kun oldin
Please keep the Bowl Cut next time your hair grows out OMG
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton 2 kun oldin
E...every hair style....
Jaz Helton
Jaz Helton 2 kun oldin
“If you saw that and said what’s the big deal... you’re correct.” Can I put that on my tombstone?
G C 2 kun oldin
"It's noon, but I'm unemployed so..." Me too buddy, me too.
Fuck Fuck
Fuck Fuck 2 kun oldin
Brian is so awesome, he's crazy, wears nail polish, talk about a sexy lezard and knows that the feet pics aren't free. I like to think that he support sex workers :3
Keldrif Darkflame
Keldrif Darkflame 2 kun oldin
I think BDG maybe like a reverse Samson because he really seemed to get more powerful as soon as he started cutting his hair.
Thndrstrike 2 kun oldin
wow the bowl cut look was incredible
Zoe Coombes
Zoe Coombes 2 kun oldin
Wow so you stopped doing unravelled and THIS is what we get in its place?? It's PERFECT. My year is better already!
Lily Tidwell
Lily Tidwell 2 kun oldin
flatmate thought I was having an asthma attack because of the noises I made at the bowlcut
Chiara J
Chiara J 2 kun oldin
saying that his hair tends to be too greasy and then demonstrating that he only sometimes uses conditioner but always shampoos 😔 thats because shampoo strips your hair of your natural oils and if you don't follow it with conditioner to compensate after cleaning it with shampoo your hair will overproduce oil to make up for it!!!! also using a hair dryer on high a lot can really fry your hair getting a diffuser attachment can help mitigate that
Smog Ghost
Smog Ghost 2 kun oldin
Does Brian not own a hair brush?
E Hale
E Hale 2 kun oldin
That moment he took that first unexpected cut and half of us said, "Oh!" in horror...
David Bernard Houck
David Bernard Houck 2 kun oldin
the mullet was good, actually
Crafty Kuko
Crafty Kuko 2 kun oldin
You didn't have to go that hard for us, but you did, and that's awesome. Committed to the bit. I can admire that.
hotsocks 2 kun oldin
the bowl cut makes you look exactly like vector from despicable me
Jstarstudios 2 kun oldin
Jillian 2 kun oldin
brian: *doesn’t use conditioner* me, with super curly hair: is that allowed?
Marie Reincarnate
Marie Reincarnate 2 kun oldin
Oh no
Nevernaut 2 kun oldin
With the mullet/ponytail, you looked like Guybrush Threepwood. I cannot give another human being a bigger compliment.
How to Comedy
How to Comedy 2 kun oldin
yo how do you do your hair?
TheSkywayBridge 2 kun oldin
you left out bald with shaved eyebrows
aimelle3 Kun oldin
There's a photoshop of that going around tumblr and trust me it's not something you want to see.
garrbageboy 2 kun oldin
I just realized. He's got Chris Hayes hair now
Thomas Wells
Thomas Wells 2 kun oldin
His hair looks exactly like mine. Exactly
XombieCrafter 2 kun oldin
me having long hair and seeing him chop it, I grab my own hair running my fingers through it in surprised shock
Gogomonow 2 kun oldin
He looks good.
Cameron Hale
Cameron Hale 2 kun oldin
I'm a big dunkus and I dont know shit about hair
TeaReesa26 2 kun oldin
Me, a curly-haired girl who only uses her hairdryer to seal plastic around her windows at the start of winter: 👀
Chris Powell
Chris Powell 2 kun oldin
oh my god just hit minute 8-
Kayde Darryl Owens
Kayde Darryl Owens 2 kun oldin
i was today years old when i learned i am five months older than this man. love the hair btw! long or short.
Daian Moi
Daian Moi 2 kun oldin
I got a hair in my mouth while watching this video.
Jason Giovannettone
Jason Giovannettone 2 kun oldin
I use the same Axe messy hair product and I try not to admit this to people, but screw it, it's good stuff!
Olivia Zepeda
Olivia Zepeda 2 kun oldin
why did the mullet look so good?/
CabbagePirate 2 kun oldin
He now looks like Steve from blues clues
Salma Wennekers
Salma Wennekers 2 kun oldin
Rango starr
Skorne13 2 kun oldin
I was waiting for a last minute rash decision to shave it completely off.
MarissaDay 2 kun oldin
watching u apply hair oil from root to end instead of end to root: this is fine he is trying .......... this is f i n e.......
Marian Averill
Marian Averill 2 kun oldin
Buzz it all, shave it smooth. Coward.
Marce Jones
Marce Jones 2 kun oldin
brian: mullet maintenance me w mullet: my time has come. i can have the brian flavor of mullet now
Lucky q
Lucky q 2 kun oldin
oh my god I basically got the Ringo but like chloe moriondo yesterday I’m having a stroke the amount of times I’ve been called one of the Beatles in the past day I-
Frankagator 3 kun oldin
lost it when you pulled out the lao gan ma
Sophia Fenger
Sophia Fenger 3 kun oldin
I was not expecting him to actually cut his hair, so 8:21 really caught me off-guard. Of course, I shouldn't have been surprised (especially with what he said leading up to that moment) but then theRE WERE SCISSORS IN HIS HANDS AND I WAS GASPING
Ninkira 3 kun oldin
Omg why did I put off watching this? First half: aw this is fun Second half: uncontrollable wheeze laughing and crying from the quality content
LeonardMeltsner 3 kun oldin
Speaking of Stranger Things, with that bowl cut, it's good to know where to go if netflix ever needs to timeskip Will Byers
MJ Loyet
MJ Loyet 3 kun oldin
and I thought the lao gan ma was gonna be the most out of pocket thing in this video
Astralura 3 kun oldin
Do not invoke the unholy scent of the middle school locker room. I'm in Australia (same age as you) and we have the exact same thing. The choking haze of Lynx haunts me over a decade later 😂
Shneable 3 kun oldin
Thank you brian, very cool
Cameron Tausch
Cameron Tausch 3 kun oldin
Really glad I took a semester of hairstyling and aesthetics in high school so when the rona happened I kind of sort of already knew how to cut my hair. Were still some harrowing "oh boy i definitely just made it worse" moments
walter malec
walter malec 3 kun oldin
You are the best! I enjoy you form of storytelling
Oakley Sanders
Oakley Sanders 3 kun oldin
I have the same type of hair and seeing you with long hair is giving me some longing feelings for when I had long hair like that. Then I got half way through this video...
Kyle Klatt
Kyle Klatt 3 kun oldin
You're my hair inspiration
Shepard 3 kun oldin
The mullet actually kinds works on him.
Trevor N.
Trevor N. 3 kun oldin
The mullet had you looking like the guy from Treasure Planet
Livin_weapon 3 kun oldin
Huzzah 1 more year and I too can have the BDG hair
thenipplerenaissance 3 kun oldin
this is honest to god what my first day at hair cuttery was like
Carl 3 kun oldin
9:12 Guybrush Threepwood
Graeme Kinder
Graeme Kinder 3 kun oldin
"Except.." -Rains of Castamere plays-
Morgan Searle
Morgan Searle 3 kun oldin
A definitely relatable quarantine experience
Khaos-is-online 3 kun oldin
You know what, could have been worse
LaneAtomic 3 kun oldin
You missed a golden opportunity to get the rat tail to have a comeback, just saying.
w/e 3 kun oldin
you forgot bald
Bluestrawberry 3 kun oldin
tbh i color my hair alot and this helps way more than i care to admit
Bluestrawberry 3 kun oldin
Karen is so cute, i wanna hug her
Laura H
Laura H 3 kun oldin
My hair is also greasy-yet-frizzy. It looks like straw when I blow dry it. I once let a hairdresser do it to see if maybe I was just doing it wrong, but she made it look terrible too. If I heap on the conditioner or add even small amounts of oil, it looks like a stringy matted mess. Winter is just not a good season for my hair.
bilishu aliss
bilishu aliss 3 kun oldin
This was like watching the scene from ATLA where Azula is chopping off her hair but your just worried about BDG the whole time and also screaming
Ali Oop
Ali Oop 3 kun oldin
The fact that he calls Karen by her full name is so funny to me
Keana 3 kun oldin
When he does the mullet and puts his hair in a ponytail, he gives me Guybrush Threepwood vibes
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