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Today's solved true crime case is on Rebecca Koster from Long Island, New York & the murderer that played a sick, creepy, text message game with his victim's parents after the murder.
Edited by Jack - hodgack
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Lisa Gentry
Lisa Gentry 15 soat oldin
Girl I could listen to your accent all day, oh wait I do listen to your accent all day hahaha
Brittany 18 soat oldin
So I feel like he might have gotten her attention by saying something along the lines of. I got that fire weed or something.... and then she gave him her phone to get his contact so she could get some later.... She came out to the car to get it from him and I believe he attacked her after he hit on her and she rebutted his advances... I mean this is all in the assumption but I can't imagine she'd want to go hook up with some strange man she just met, she doesn't seem like that type of personality. Not that there's anything wrong with casual sex if that's your thing. But I don't believe she was planning on leaving the house, because she already told her mom she was staying in.
Kally Surbeck
Kally Surbeck Kun oldin
Foaming at the mouth? Think maybe he drugged up a beverage with something like GHB? Make her more agreeable.
Linda Unique
Linda Unique Kun oldin
As a true crime fan, I immediately thought of her dental records when Eleanor was describing how he got rid of features that would ID her. Sick individual.
Kaela s
Kaela s Kun oldin
i think on the way to evans house, she sobered up, realized what she was doing, and told him no because she had a boyfriend. next i think he got jealous and hated being rejected so he killed her and tried to frame the boyfriend she wanted to go back home to. just a theory 🤷🏼‍♀️
Cee Cee
Cee Cee Kun oldin
This case was on fatal attraction.
Angelo Keaton
Angelo Keaton Kun oldin
I recently watched the Fatal Attraction episode about this.
Lick my bootyhole in and out
Lick my bootyhole in and out Kun oldin
Am I the only that doesn’t feel bad about her dying
Fehér Boglárka
Fehér Boglárka 2 kun oldin
If only she was loyal she wpuld still be alive. Poor boyfriend got too much on him yuck
Emilio Lola
Emilio Lola 3 kun oldin
thanks lira_hacks on Instagram he help me an spy on my cheating wife message an all calls without she noticing when I show her she was so cool I never knew my baby could cheat on me with another. Thank you hero for saving me from this evil woman. I will keep recommending until everybody knows who is the legit hacker ever..
real clown girl shi
real clown girl shi 3 kun oldin
in conclusion don’t cheat or you will get karma 😍
Allure 2999
Allure 2999 4 kun oldin
As I watched this video, I thought there could have been another way he could have got her. He could have followed them home, then called from the car, just as a ruse to make sure she was alone and somehow got her to the front door. I can't see her leaving without her purse and having no money on her in case she had to get herself home, but grabbing her when she opened the door meant it was just her with the phone in her hand.
LilyBelle The Fucking Gay Goose
LilyBelle The Fucking Gay Goose 5 kun oldin
If it was an accident (which it obviously wasn't, it must've been in his car), he should have instantly called an ambulance even if she wasn't breathing, not just fucking mutilate her beyond recognition and burn her body. And of course I'm not saying it was an accident, he had intent on murdering her. He is a fucked up guy who murdered Rebecca and emotionally and mentally hurt her family and made them believe she was alive.
Valerie Anne
Valerie Anne 5 kun oldin
OMFG! The sheer brutality n evil done to that poor girl is shocking! I have no words, NO ONE IDC who you are or what you did deserves such a horrific end to their life, my heart and deepest condolences go out to her family n loved ones
Kitty Moore
Kitty Moore 6 kun oldin
PLEASE DO ANATOLY YURYEVICH MOSKVIN !!!!!!! Anatoly Yuryevich Moskvin is a Russian linguist and philologist from Nizhny Novgorod who was arrested in 2011 after the mummified bodies of twenty-six girls between the ages of 3 and 25 were discovered in his apartment.
Silvia Borges
Silvia Borges 7 kun oldin
I feel sorry for the boyfriend! Being accused of murder while he was cheated and had nothing to do with it!
Ana Banana
Ana Banana 9 kun oldin
Okay bro that’s why I hate these fake psychic people giving out false hope! Like if you are a fake psychic giving out “love advice” or whatever kinda innocent stuff to give people hope fine whatever that’s the persons problem but actually going off and giving a family hope their daughter is alive and that all will be well is disgusting
Audrone Bielskyte
Audrone Bielskyte 9 kun oldin
Even if his story is true ( which I believe is not) why would you have to mutilate her....
Promise ramos
Promise ramos 9 kun oldin
How did he know her boyfriends name
Wallart pops
Wallart pops 10 kun oldin
How on earth did this guy only get charged with SECOND degree manslaughter??? There are no extenuating circumstances when you plan and carry out the horrific death of a young woman you don't even know. This was pre-meditated murder if I ever heard it. He should be locked away for life. 😡
Jessica E
Jessica E 10 kun oldin
June 12thhh ??? That's my birthday ! Long live pretty 🖤
Jessica E
Jessica E 10 kun oldin
Gemini gang ♊
Jisu Yuna
Jisu Yuna 10 kun oldin
Plot twist: The bartender was the boyfriends friend to see if he would she would cheat and the boyfriend payed him to kill her.
Crystal Pollio
Crystal Pollio 11 kun oldin
Him trying to manipulate her family through those texts says all you need to know about him
Texas baby ktea
Texas baby ktea 11 kun oldin
Parole in 15 years WTF!!!! That's insane! But someone who sold weed.. 20 years no parole!
brianna Jimimez
brianna Jimimez 12 kun oldin
the fact that you could stoop so low and mess with people's heads months after they take someone's just beyond sickening and you have to be beyond level of fucked up to do that. rip rebecca, you didn't deserve it, happy star shopping.🕊❤
Amy Van Rijn
Amy Van Rijn 12 kun oldin
It’s how she says Garage for me
_ void _
_ void _ 12 kun oldin
jan rees
jan rees 13 kun oldin
Lesson to all (although I don't believe this guy's story) If anyone dies near you by accident, call the cops immediately and tell the truth.
jan rees
jan rees 13 kun oldin
Ugh, I hate these "Psycics" who exploit desperate and grieving families. How heartless do you have to be?
jsjg fdhgfsf
jsjg fdhgfsf 12 kun oldin
witch here, i completely agree no actual practitioner will sell those kinds of workings especially in that situation, its simply not moral and its fucking cruel
jan rees
jan rees 13 kun oldin
I'd really love to try Function of Beauty but do they ship to South Africa?
The ghetto dog
The ghetto dog 14 kun oldin
Thank god she didn’t use creepy music 😭😔
maddi noel
maddi noel 16 kun oldin
why is everyone in the comments only talking about dan when rebecca was literally MURDERED. y’all get SO sappy over a dude snd forget about the ACTUAL victim.
chea mea
chea mea 16 kun oldin
Natalie Connor
Natalie Connor 16 kun oldin
it’s hard to feel sorry for an Unloyal cheater :(
Erika Olivia
Erika Olivia 17 kun oldin
I would really love if you would insert real footage/news clippings
M311y X
M311y X 17 kun oldin
June 12 2009 is my birthday
Hana Behl-Lecter
Hana Behl-Lecter 18 kun oldin
I always feel absolutely awful for victims' loved ones but christ....this one especially. I can't imagine hearing what absolutely horrific things happened to someone you love. Her mother most of all...
courtney adam
courtney adam 18 kun oldin
i think he spiked her at the bar
Jada Cousin
Jada Cousin 16 kun oldin
Me too
Lizzây Onfroy
Lizzây Onfroy 18 kun oldin
skip passes sponsor bit: 2:08
Jessica Evans
Jessica Evans 18 kun oldin
Personally I think he planned to do it when he agreed to go pick her up. He stabbed her in the car so he had to have taken some kind of knife out in the car with him - why, if not to use it? And I think the text messages were done to try and frame the boyfriend as the murderer, I guess he didn't count on or know the police could check phone records without having the actual phone.
CHERRYXCHROLLO :D 19 kun oldin
im never gonna understand why they dont call an ambulance LIKE if someone fell and went unconscious and a possibility could be that they're dead call an ambulance?!? yeah u could possibly be blamed but they need evidence dont go and fucking mutilate their body and hide it because then youve just literally murdered someone... im not saying the murderer is in any way good im just saying its simple common sense and im 13-
Noe Monae
Noe Monae 19 kun oldin
I remember this case. It was so sad.
Marina Chappell-Pike
Marina Chappell-Pike 19 kun oldin
Please cover Leonarda cianculli !!
Let'sGetGlam !
Let'sGetGlam ! 19 kun oldin
Please do some cases on Native American people. Some of the Missing Murdered Indigenous Women.
San Thinzar Ei
San Thinzar Ei 20 kun oldin
That’s why you don’t cheat
Sarah Wheeler
Sarah Wheeler 20 kun oldin
he mutilates her body but forgets the teeth which was a mistake because they would be able to find out that it's her. Plus his excuse wasn't well thought out. I mean he says that she fell and died but the police knew that she was stapped multiple times and her fatal wound was her liver. He should have known that the police knew how she died. And why didn't he clean up the blood>
BabyI Wasn’tEvenHere
BabyI Wasn’tEvenHere 20 kun oldin
Cases like these make me not want to meet other ppl 😃
Tashmi Sabah
Tashmi Sabah 21 kun oldin
How did he know who Dan was?
Kat Doc
Kat Doc 21 kun oldin
That's horrible, the whole thing. That guy is sick, I will never understand why criminals think that they are smarter than technology, scientist, Drs and detectives/cops...SMH
Mama KayRock420
Mama KayRock420 21 kun oldin
Ooohh do the Cierra Sutton case..I worked with her briefly..yikes.
Gravitq 22 kun oldin
It’s scary to know you could possibly be on this channel someday
Christopher Whiteside
Christopher Whiteside 22 kun oldin
Moral of the story. Don't be a cheat
Madee Rathburn
Madee Rathburn 22 kun oldin
You should do Jeffery Dahmer
Nicoleox7 24 kun oldin
I saw a criminal minds episode where the serial killer would kill people that he believed deserved it because they would do things such as cheat, lie , and steal and he would set them up in situations to test them and see if they would “cheat” and if they did he would kill them because in his mind they were bad people and deserved karma for what they did. Just a theory but maybe this is what was going through this guys mind and why he killed her . Or maybe the killer was cheated on in the past and he really hated women for it.
Jemma G
Jemma G 24 kun oldin
Strange how people feel bad for the boyfriend but not the woman who was murdered...
Taka-Kevz 24 kun oldin
Morale of the story: Cheaters never win
PolarBearGirl2 Marquette
PolarBearGirl2 Marquette 24 kun oldin
Please please please do Matthew shepard! I was in the play The Laramie Project, which is a play written by the reporters who were on the scene about his murder. He was murdered in a LGBTQ hate crime, and i think it would be beneficial to teach about these things especially in these times. ILY eleanor
Phoenix 24 kun oldin
Holy fuck. Her murderer wasn't a person. He was a monster disguised as one. Rest in peace, Rebecca. Your name and story does not go untold.
Rose Pedrosa
Rose Pedrosa 24 kun oldin
Worst part is black cases get less coverage then white and us Latinos don't get much at all
lucy walsh
lucy walsh 25 kun oldin
Can you do the grace Millane case ?
Lauren Simcock
Lauren Simcock 25 kun oldin
Do the Villisca Ax Murders case
alyzabeth oexner
alyzabeth oexner 25 kun oldin
i could pay him to kill me
Rhiannon Anne O'Donnell
Rhiannon Anne O'Donnell 25 kun oldin
Well this one hits dangerously close to home . I live on Long Island and I haven't even heard of this story . Like I have family in some of the towns said and I knew the exact ferry you were talking about . Its crazy to phatom the thought of something as brutal as this playing out in your own backyard .
Maxayla 26 kun oldin
Please do a video about jassi sidhus murder case please
Wonder Cat
Wonder Cat 26 kun oldin
Jaci Hundley
Jaci Hundley 26 kun oldin
You could add a little intro with music right after you say “let’s get into the case” and it would make the video more interesting and professional! Great research, I love your videos
Arsha Nijah
Arsha Nijah 26 kun oldin
that man is sick and weird, he didn't want to be blamed for her death, so he goes and does something to her that he can get charged for.
Peace Love and Paws
Peace Love and Paws 27 kun oldin
Wow homeboy brave hitting on a girl with her boyfriend in the same bar and you know he had been watching her and saw she was with a dude, homegirl is brave too that's dangerous as tragically and horrifically she found out
Jupiter X
Jupiter X 27 kun oldin
Whats even scarier is if he had used gloves and not used her phone, he could've probably have gotten away with it
AI K05
AI K05 27 kun oldin
That poor woman. Oh my god, how horrible! You really retell these crimes with so much respect for the victims. Thank you.
Charmaine Crumby
Charmaine Crumby 28 kun oldin
Jus gettin here.. n I like this channel... its some cases I've never heard of. I subscribed 👍🏿
Random One
Random One 28 kun oldin
The facts that she is from Medford the same as me is pretty sad hearing about this case
Lauren 29 kun oldin
It seems suspicious how he thought about how to kill and mutilate her body are we sure this was his first murder?
Texas baby ktea
Texas baby ktea 11 kun oldin
Najla Abdo
Najla Abdo 29 kun oldin
UZpost keeps unsubscribing me :/
Cintia Gál
Cintia Gál 29 kun oldin
i knew it wasn’t the bf
Kara Oy oldin
To torture the family like that.. just sick.
lily benton
lily benton Oy oldin
The shivering subway finallly print because book accidentally employ apropos a neat green. acoustic, unbecoming coffee
Megan’s World
Megan’s World Oy oldin
not by where i live please 😭
human beeing
human beeing Oy oldin
I LOVE your videos, but you spend like 5 minutes talking about bs that doesn't matter. WHO CARES if she gets "boy attention"? cut to the damn chase already.
human beeing
human beeing Oy oldin
@Rise of The noodles -that doesnt atter, its just random bullshit.
Rise of The noodles
Rise of The noodles Oy oldin
It’s background information about the victim jeez
Fla Fla
Fla Fla Oy oldin
How did anyone believe those texts? As she said, the victim was sending texts to her friends and family... instead of calling 911, dispatchers are trained to follow silent call protocols. Anyway maybe this helps, (not applicable to this story) but if you feel that you are in danger (got in a cab, you're being followed etc, but don't want to alert your attacker) call 911 and leave it on. It may differ from country to country how the protocol works and if they have such a protocol, but make sure you stay safe. Maybe you can even share location with your loved ones, our phones could save our lives.
Cori Givens
Cori Givens Oy oldin
I use fob & it works on my crazy untamable hair & I love it. If it works on my hair it’ll work on anybody’s. I even got my boyfriend using it & he loves it too
hailey pfeifer
hailey pfeifer Oy oldin
can you do research and maybe a video about nicole tessa. murder by joesph jones.
Aliçia Ayala
Aliçia Ayala Oy oldin
Hi, Miss Neale... relatively new subscriber and truly LOVE your work! Excellent job 👏🏽
Brianna Chen
Brianna Chen Oy oldin
Why are there so many creepy crazy weirdos out there
Maria Martinez18
Maria Martinez18 Oy oldin
I would ruled him out because she was already dead when the text messages was sent.
Littlerockgirls Oy oldin
Damn we found beccy with the good hair she's stunning
Emmy Heller
Emmy Heller Oy oldin
I beg you to do a case from Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 x
Saturn Sheppard
Saturn Sheppard Oy oldin
He knew he did it because if he didn’t why was there tape on her mouth if she was already dead
Chyla Lewis
Chyla Lewis Oy oldin
His story never explains how there was blood pooled under the passenger side seat... so sad that he’s the only one who will ever know the truth of what happened to her
Abbigail Shropshire
Abbigail Shropshire Oy oldin
Running low on time? play on 1.25 thank me later!
TheBekkahBug Oy oldin
this video was different to watch, it’s weird hearing my name in a murder case.
Charlotte bullock
Charlotte bullock Oy oldin
v sorry
A girl has no name
A girl has no name Oy oldin
How did the killer know the name of her boyfriend?
Rosie Owen
Rosie Owen Oy oldin
Can you do the victorija sokolova case. It hits very very close to home to me
Desire lol
Desire lol Oy oldin
*girl accidentally dies* oh i know to make sure it’s not pinned on me i’ll mutilate her body beyond recognition and set her one fire
Daniek K.
Daniek K. Oy oldin
how do you trip and get a stab wound in your liver? he’s a shitty liar he killed her and he’s guilty
LxvelyAva Oy oldin
I just took a look at their website and oh my god they're so expensive
LxvelyAva Oy oldin
You Are Absolutely S T U N N I N G😍
Maggie W.
Maggie W. Oy oldin
This case is so devastating. I feel so bad for the boyfriend because not only did he get cheated on but he lost the women he loved to the guy who was trying to screw her. And the whole family blamed him for it through all his grief and confusion. This dude was going through the same things her family was and he barely tried to defend himself because he is so confused and scared. The fact that he knew how painful it was and even if it was him who had to suffer he was barely trying to deny her family some sort of piece of mind.
Homer Simpson's Doughnut
Homer Simpson's Doughnut Oy oldin
y is it always the nicest ppl that get murdered :(
bella marques
bella marques Oy oldin
by the way, the people in the comments more upset about the cheating than about the murder? cheating is unforgivable, but in no way should it be a death sentence. y’all blaming her make me siiiiiiick.
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